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PlayStation Move really is great, from the first touch you get with it you know your going to have fun with this controller.

The feel of it is extremely comfortable, it fits perfectly into you hand and it has a very nice weight too it. The Main controller looks rather sleek and cool, and although the ball may look alil odd at first, but when you actually get in the game and it changes colour, it really does look pretty awesome.

The controller comes with a wrist band, so if you think you may get over excited when playing then I suggest you attach it to avoid any broken TV's :)
It doesn't come with a USB lead, but you should already have one anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Setting up the controller is easy as counting 1,2,3:
1) Plug in the USB cable to the rear end of the controller.
2) Press the 'PS' Button to sync your controller with the PS3.
3) Make sure your PlayStation Eye is connected and is either at the top of your TV or bottom. (Set to Wide-angle view)

The controller consists of a few buttons; The four basic buttons of Square, Circle, Square and 'X' at the front along with the 'PS' button and the new "Move" button, which is basically the confirm button, and at the sides you have the Start & Select Buttons. On the reverse side near the top is the Trigger button, which is also known as button "T".

Scrolling through the XMB with this controller is very easy, hold the "T" button and move the direction you want to go, please note that it's very sensitive and will require a bit of practice to get used too.

As for games, at the moment their isn't a lot of titles out that are compatible with PlayStation Move at this very point of time, however the ones out are extremely fun! There are some updates for games which can be downloaded for free on the PSN Store that will let you use PlayStation Move on them such as "High Velocity Bowling" and "Eye Pet". The Sports Champions game so far has been the best to play with, encase you were wondering what game to get first.

The enjoyment I've had with using this product so far has been outstanding, I was amazed after a quick calibration on how accurate the controller is.
If you've played with the Wii before you will notice it's a lot smoother, more accurate and definitely more comfortable to play with and an even bigger bonus the games you play are in High-Definition, which is something the Wii is not capable of doing.

Overall this is a fantastic product, I would recommend getting another Playstation Move Controller - Black (PS3) if you have the extra money, as I believe some games (not all) require two.
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VINE VOICEon 17 December 2013
Sony have got some nerve putting out a product like this. The PlayStation Move controller IS a lot of fun, but you won't get to experience that from this package.

Here's what you will need to fully enjoy PlayStation Move:

PlayStation Eye Camera (included)
PlayStation Move Controller (included)
Navigation Controller (NOT INCLUDED)

Even the basic Wii Sports was included with the Wii console. The Move Controller and Navigation controller are a lot like the Wii Nunchuck (but better). Nintendo were kind enough to include Wii Sports when buying their product so why couldn't Sony do the same? You need the four items listed above to properly experience PlayStation Move but this package only includes two of them. That's HALF of what you need. Hardly a 'Starter Pack' is it?

Unfortunately you WILL have to buy the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller (PS3) at extra cost. Sony never fully supported the Move controller or encouraged developers to take advantage of it. I can honestly say that there are only about 10 worthy Move games out there.

Just keep in mind that this package only gives you HALF of what you need.
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on 22 August 2012
This is quite a difficult one to review really. I got it free as part of a bundle, so I can't really comment on it's value. However, I do not think I would have paid the asking price for it if it didn't come as part of the package.

Quite frankly this is an expensive starter pack, especially since it only comes with one orb controller and a camera (although to buy them both seperately will still set you back more). But then to get the full experience you will have to go out and buy a navigation controller (about £15 - £20) and a clip to attach your camera to the TV. Which is a lot of money combined.

However saying that, I'm glad I did get it as part of the bundle, as it is a lot of fun. It essentially turns your PS3 into a Wii, and you can play similar type games (such as sports games etc) with the rest of your family/friends. So for those people who want that experience as well as having the PS3 to yourself for more traditional games, then it is an excellent buy. (Certainly cheaper than buying a seperate wii, and the games are much, much superior.)

I'd say getting this controller at this point in time is more an investment for the future. Past titles for the PS3 move have been bland at best, sticking to the Wii route of bland family orientated games that people can play at parties or at christmas when the family are round, sports titles, move fitness, start the party and the like. However, there are a number of mainstream games now that are beginning to incorporate the move within their games as well as being able to use the traditional controller, Amazing Spiderman for example, or the horror title until dawn, which uniquely uses the move as an in game torch. Their are a number of really big name titles coming out in the future which will either incorporate or require the move, so for those who are thinking of getting one, then I'd say it will probably be worth it over time for that reason alone. (I still think they missed a trick by not having a move harry potter game where you could shout expeliarmus at the TV, but still).

As for the quality, I cannot fault it in that department. The camera is great, solid and good looking, even on top of your TV (and it has a lot more uses too if you want to skype with your TV over the internet for example). The controller is excellent and well built. It is ergonomically designed and fits comfortably in your hand and feels natural (unlike the blocky and uncomfortable Wii ones), and is solid and well built, from squeezing this quite tightly during gameplay (and even accidentally chucking it across the room because I didn't have the attached lanyard on), I think it will take a fair bit of punishment to damage it.

Overall, wether you get one of these or not depends on what you want to use it for. It is by no means an essential purchase or a necessity, but it is a fun accessory if you have the cash. If you are thinking of getting a wii for those family get togethers as well as a PS3, I'd say this will be the better choice. For mainstream gamers who want their family to leave them the hell alone while they shoot zombies or aliens or whatever, then this will be a good buy if you like the look of the games that will incorporate it in the future. If you don't then I'd say leave it and stick with the six axis.
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on 26 November 2012
It does what it should but my two kids 4 and 7 prefer the Wii much more and found the 'move' too difficult (sports champions).

The graphics are better than the wii and it all works okay but I prefer to use the PS3 for regular gaming without 'move'. I just feel that the PS3 was designed to be comfortable to play lounging around with a highly polished game such as God of war, GT, Fifa or COD, etc. - and I feel the move accessory does not allow you to do that. I tried Killzone 3 with the sharpshooter - but after all the hassle and expense I was disappointed and uncomfortable after 20 mins. Much preferred Killzone 3 in the normal way with the regular PS3 dual shock controller. Sorcery came with the 'move', it was played for 4-5 minutes then placed back in to its box where it has lived ever since. Prefer the PS3 for regular high quality gaming, leave all the jumping around to Nintendo Wii.
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on 19 March 2012
Great accuracy and great fun for children. Worked better than the wii as the controller as it does not need to be pointed directly at the camera, something that young children sometimes find tricky. Start the party a recommended game.
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on 2 January 2012
This is a great product if you are stuck for cash in buying the products separately. You get the eye camera and move controller within the pack and also a demo disc on how to use the eye camera and move controller. The only downside to this product is that you do not get the navigation controller with it so you do have to get this seperately. If you are thinking of buying this then i would advise you to invest in getting a stand/clip for the camera as with the usb cable being long and strong the camera does move occasionally. But apart from that this is a great package at a great price.
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on 26 March 2015
Worked out marginally cheaper than buying the items separately, plus it comes with a demo disc for lots of software so you cna test them out before buying the full versions.

Honestly I believe the kit should've come with a full version of Start The Party rather than just a bunch of limited demos, but everything works great.

I do wish the camera was better designed so that it could be more permanently fixed below the tv. As the cable is so heavy, the camera will keep being dragged. I tried to pinch the camera in place by putting the tv on top of the camera's feet, but as the feet are so small it doesn't work so well.
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on 16 April 2013
Very good kit but my initial experience was that it would be recognized on slim with latest o/s updates. Web searched and found similar probs. A system restore (not factory restore) that leaves all your data intact apart from the network connections sorts this problem out and all works as it should.
Good build quality and good fun, worthwhile purchase at this price.

Would have given 4 stars for Sony's inadequate response to this problem but that would be unfair to the seller.
Absolute lightning dispatch - order yesterday eve, rec'd this morn!
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on 2 January 2013
Was delighted when I saw this on amazon a lot cheaper than what it costs in the shops, would have loved to given a five star for this product but unfortunately it arrived without the box which I was disappointed about especially as it was a Christmas present, lucky I wrapped it along side a game so my son wasn't too bothered, other than no box they both worked perfectly and as I say an amazing prize, really happy with this buy.
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on 24 September 2013
It's the official Sony product so you know what you're getting. As for the Move as a controller option, it compares pretty well with the Wii controller and is a pleasant alternative to the Dualshock. I've been using it mostly for shooters and it is excellent for aiming, if a little tiresome for navigating. It won't be replacing the Dualshock 3 as my controller of choice but is a welcome addition to my console experience.
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