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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars112
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 27 November 2011
There were several ingredients that I would say made `Star Trek: Voyager' one of the best Star Trek series (I can't say it's the absolute best, since The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 are similarly superb), but Voyager was aided more than any other Star Trek series by its incredible premise devised by Jeri Taylor. A spaceship flung so far out in to space, as to be beyond the reach of all that the crew know and love, and as a result of the actions of an ethically-minded Captain who struggles with that decision for the duration of the series, proved to be a goldmine of material for the writers over seven fantastic seasons.

Of course the glaring incongruity of Voyager was that, unlike The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, it didn't come full circle in quite the same fashion. The series proved so good at action that the original premise fell by the wayside- the Caretaker storyline was not continued beyond season three and the Borg became the familiar go-to alien species to maintain the show's high viewing figures. Ironically, the season seven finale episode- `Endgame' was one the show's best episodes, but if I'd had a say in the final episode I would have lobbied for the return of the Caretaker, or his mate, or other members of their species, even though I suspect for many viewers that plot thread had long grown stale.

The Next Generation began and ended with Q and with a question about the meaning of space travel and humanity, Deep Space Nine began and ended with the worm-hole aliens and the sacrifice of an individual for the greater good of the universe...Voyager didn't quite manage the same symmetry, which I think is more than partly due to the departure of Kes and the connection she provided between the crew of Voyager and the Caretaker aliens, but the show's finale was at least able to resolve the inner turmoil that had been a major attribute of the Captain Janeway since the pilot episode and which proved to be so integral to the credibility of the series.

Across each of the seven seasons, my personal favourite episodes were those that explored this inner turmoil to Janeway's character, as well as exploiting the crew's desperate need to return home:

`Caretaker' (episode 1, season 1)
`Eye of the Needle' (episode 6, season 1)
`Resolutions' (episode 25, season 2)
`Distant Origin' (episode 23, season 3)
`Displaced' (episode 24, season 3)
`Worse Case Scenario' (episode 25, season 3)
`Year of Hell, Parts 1 & 2' (episodes 8 & 9, season 4)
`Message in a Bottle' (episode 14, season 4)
`The Omega Directive' (episode 21, season 4)
`Unforgettable' (episode 22, season 4)
`Living Witness' (episode 23, season 4)
`Hope & Fear' (episode 26, season 4)
`Night' (episode 1, season 5)
`Course: Oblivion' (episode 18, season 5)
`Think Tank' (episode 20, season 5)
`11:59' (episode 23, season 5)
`Relativity' (episode 24, season 5)
`Equinox, Part 1' (episode 25, season 5)
`Equinox, Part 2' (episode 1, season 6)
`Blink of an Eye' (episode 12, season 6)
`Repression' (episode 4, season 7)
`Shattered' (episode 11, season 7)
`Endgame' (episode 25, season 7)

There are some excellent reviews of the packaging of these new release Star Trek series box-sets (Original Series, Next Gen, DS9 and Voyager), especially on the DS9 box-set page. My own opinion is that I happen to prefer the type of packaging with the card interior in comparison to the clear plastic packaging. I prefer this style of presentation, not only for the compactness it allows, but also for the aesthetic. The downside of course is that through regular use the corners of the apertures can begin to tear unless you're careful and the discs are a little more easily scuffed/scratched whether you're careful or not. So far that hasn't happened with my box-set and even though it may do when I continue to re-watch the series over time, I would still prefer this card interior, as opposed to clunkily-moulded plastic.

Whatever your opinion of the interior of the box-set, I would be very surprised if anyone could find fault with the exterior- the overall size is superbly compact; the same length and width as a single DVD case (with a depth of approx. 4 inches) and I'm really impressed by the Star Trek communicator logo design, which is especially cool when you line up every series side by side. The only real disappointment for me with this box-set is the picture quality; the pilot episode in particular is quite poor, but by the second episode of season one there's a marked improvement. Even so, the subsequent episodes obviously aren't of Blu-ray quality, which is format that is long over-due in my opinion for Star Trek series.

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.
Subtitles: English, English SDH, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish.
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on 10 January 2006
Great box set and all the extras at the end of each season give you great insight into the making of the series if you are a hardened fan, but disappointed with the pakaging for the price.
When I bought the Next Gen collection you got a certificate and a clock which made it worth the extra money, but the individual seasons of this collection come in cardboard packaging not the proper hard plastic boxes that you get when you buy the seasons individually and considering the individual series are now cheaper to collect you would think you would get better value for money.
Thus, unless you are a collector I suggest you just buy the individual seasons boxsets.
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on 10 April 2013
Bought this for my husband's 36th Wedding Anniversary we have seen the series many times and never get bored with it.Hubby wanted the series as fed up of renting.This is the best Star Trek series ever! Unfortunately at least part of an episode on each disc freezes, quality not good for price! Bought as Brand New! For the price should have been in Pristeen Condition seems as long as you've parted with your money Who Cares! Too expensive to send back so will have to make do! Very Disappointed!
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on 1 December 2011
The only criticism I can bring against this box set is that it didn't come out sooner. All seven seasons of Voyager packed in the equivalent of seven normal-sized DVD boxes makes this so much more compact than the old slim-line box sets. Each season is in its own cardboard fold-out which slot into this very sturdy and rather stylish outer box. If you don't already own the individual boxes this is well worth considering, though I wouldn't pay more than, say, £70 for it, considering how cheap the slimline sets have become.
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on 9 December 2012
This review is purely for those worried about the possibility of dvd's being corrupt, or not playing well.
I too have found this problem, but only in the first three seasons. There were a few episodes in each of those seasons where the DVD stuttered. This was all towards the end of each episode, never in the middle or beginning. So while it was less than desirable, it certainly was not as bad as it's been described on here. For the price, I'm still happy with this collection.

I still don't think it's acceptable to release a faulty product, so I won't be buying any other of these star trek collections. But I can't be bothered returning this item, and get one that's possibly worse.
Summarized; buy at your own risk.
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on 21 May 2013
I bought this as a present for my wife and we've found that nearly every dvd freezes during at least one of the episodes. I've tried it on several different players and we get the same results. The dvds don't look damaged - no scratches etc. They are just unplayable.

To anyone considering buying this, I would seriously advise you not to.
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on 25 October 2013
I am returning Enterprise and Voyager, the picture is not very good and the storage cases are appalling. Yes it is a compact set, but picture quality is far more important and i hate the flimsy cases.
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on 26 May 2013
Just got round to watching this set, and have to say I'm disappointed to say the least, towards the end of the episode the dvd sticks and freezes, very, very annoying. I'm sure that Amazon would not knowingly sell copies but i suggest they check their supplier out, the quality of the discs suggests that they could be Chinese copies.
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on 15 August 2011
The Box looks impressive - but once you open it - all the disc for all 7 seasons are laying in a one big heap - with only cheap plastic pockets to protect them.

I thought I'd ordered the genuine Voyagers Series - and was very surprised and apprehensive - when I received a package from China! Clearly copies of the real thing.

I didn't know that this was legal - and I'm surprised that Amazon condone selling copies!

Maybe I was unlucky and got the Monday copy, but the disc won't play in either my regular DVD player or my bluray player.

I've bought a very cheap DVD player - that should be able to play just about anything. Sometimes it'll play en episode or two, but then the picture freezes or turns into "squares" - and I can forget playing that disc. So I've tried so watch those episodes that all my equipment actually is able to. But that's no way to watch Voyager - so (very frustrating) I've now ordered all the 7 seasons again - and this time I hope, I get the real thing!
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on 26 October 2013
I love Voyager but unfortunately this compact set has faulty discs. About every 4th episode will freeze toward the end. Very frustrating. I had the same issue with the equivalent Deep Space Nine set and was able to return it. Why are these sets still being sold! Beware.
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