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4.8 out of 5 stars212
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2008
If you're a fan of anything supernatural, scary or just a bit 'strange', then this is the show for you. The leads are well cast, both playing off each other perfectly, most of the time with humour, but when it's needed with incredible sensitivity.

The best example of this is the episode 'Heart' which sees the boys tackle the problem of werewolves, and how to cure a person of lycanthropy. If you only watch one episode, watch this one - But make sure the lights are down, and you won't be embarassed to shed a tear! For something lighter, try 'Tall Tales' or 'Folsom Prison Blues'.

One good thing about the Season 2 box set is that is has all the extra features on - In the season one (UK version) these were left out, but they're firmly in place this time round, just to confirm for those wondering :)

With Season 3 starting next Sunday, you should have enough time to watch it all to either catch up or refresh your memory before it starts up again. Definatly worth the money!
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on 28 September 2007
So season one was great, but season two was absolutely, 100%, out of this world. Many TV shows fail to live up to their first series (Lost anyone?) But Supernatural's second season out does it's predecessor providing us with more scares, thrills and this time it brings the tears too. This season also had me in stiches, particular episodes to note are 'Tall Tales', 'Hollywood Babylon' and 'Folsom Prison Blues'. The boys are on top form too. Ackles, particularly stands out though with his brilliant comic timing and heart wrenching family scenes. Padalecki also brings the goods, showing many more sides to the sensitive Sam we all love, the general character development is fantastic! Another episode to note is 'Heart' at the end of which you will be sobbing and marvelling at the great acting and chemistry between the two leads.
Definitely buy this season because it is the best show on air at the moment! Similarly to the season 1 boxset, there are not as many extras as i would have liked, however the commentaries and other various goodies are worth a watch and the gag reel will definitely have you laughing!
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on 6 May 2012
Well if you think Season One was good, Season Two is the perfect season. We pick up from the extreme cliff-hanger of Season One's finale, which is solved with a very heart-breaking conclusion. This season shows us how the brothers deal with tragedy, while fighting more monsters. Season Two has some very important revelations that come to light, a lot of questions answered, and even more posed. The introduction of characters Ellen, Jo & Ash is wonderful, and often hilarious. The acting is as ever, superb, the stories are clever, scary and often leave you on the edge of your seat. There are some truly heart-breaking moments in this season, guaranteed to get the tears flowing! Whereas some of the episodes were so funny, I didn't think I'd ever stop laughing (2x15, 'Tall Tales', for example). There are a lot of new things introduced this season, and the 20th episode 'What is and what should never be', in my personal opinion, is the best episode of Supernatural throughout all the seasons. Ackles & Padalecki's acting in this is simply amazing. There was not a single episode in this season that I disliked. We learn a lot more of what is happening to Sam, and we see another side to both of the brothers, with the leads acting all sides of their personalities excellently. I have seen 6 seasons of Supernatural, and this season is unbeatable in quality. If you loved Season One, then watch this as soon as possible. The advice I would offer is to watch it from the beginning of Season One, as this is not the kind of show to get into halfway through, you need to know about the characters and their situation. This season will not disappoint fans. This is the season that introduces vampires, other hunters, and new demons. Exciting from start to finish. The season raises a lot of interesting questions and moral dilemmas that will leave you hungry for more.

My personal 5 stand-out episodes of Supernatural Season Two-
. In My Time of Dying
. Tall Tales
. Roadkill
. Born Under a Bad Sign
. What is and what should never be

and it was very difficult to decide, because every episode is brilliant, but these are unforgettable episodes.
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on 2 July 2009
After the excellent season 1, Supernatural season 2 only appears to get better. The main draw of Supernatural is the chemistry between the two leads. Believable as brothers, their inter-play and acting is a huge attraction to the show. Excellent one-off episodes complimented by the story arc of the yellow eyed demon make for an interesting season. The humorous episodes are hilarious, laughing out loud hilarious. 'Nightshifter', 'Tall Tales' and 'Folsom Prison Blues' are very funny episodes, but are all very close together in the season, meaning the overall menace of the yellow-eyed demon plotline is lost slightly.
The final three episodes are very strong and slightly frightening, and the best of the season. However there are some problems (which are actually addressed by the end of the season!). The concept of the roadhouse, for a show based around travelling by car, doesn't suit the show. An unsatisfying first episode death is wrapped up nicely in the last episode. The episode 'Croatoan' didn't really have an ending, and felt rushed and badly written. And Ellen Harvelle's daughter, Jo, whilst being extremely attractive, isn't believeable as a potential demon-hunter, so her appearances are cut short. But these are my only main 'gripes'.
The last disc has some great and insightful extra features, and overall a brilliant season, can't wait for season 3.
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It's difficult to explain what Season 2 of Supernatural is about to those who haven't seen it yet, as what happens in the first episode of the second series shapes the overall story arc you will be watching. What I can say without spoiling the first episode for you is that there is tension between the two brothers arising from a revelation hinted at in episode one and revealed a few episodes in.

There's loads of action of course, and some funny moments too. It's also a more emotional series than the first, not just because of the two brothers talking about their feelings (in a manly way, of course); there are some very moving scenes early on but also three episodes in the second half of the series - Roadkill, Heart and What Is And What Should Never Be - have some powerfully emotional moments. Sam and Dean also gain some new friends and enemies, and we start to learn more about the lives and activities of "hunters". It all builds up to a series conclusion that is probably the one all fans hold up as the most memorable and defining of the whole series - one that closes one storyline whilst setting up a larger one that will shape the tone of every season that follows.

Oh and here's a fun drinking game for you - fill your glass and take a shot every time Dean stuffs his face with food this season!
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on 3 November 2010
This season builds on the excellent 1st and carries on straight after it left off. Without spoiling the content, the first episode is poignant for the departure of one of the cast and does a great job of being an arc story as well as a monster-of-the-week story. And with great twists in both. And by the end of the final episode there's a whole new set of dangers and predicaments happening that manage to all tie in with the overall remit.

Supernatural is never truly great TV but always feels comfortable and is great fun to watch. It does get better with every season and Season 2 is no exception. It deals with all manner of ghouls and critters that doesn't encroach old ground from the 1st season which is truly astounding for the type of show - even The X-Files did occasionally. As with season 1 there are too many great episodes here to point out any one or two, but I'll try. 'Bloodlust', 'Simon Said', 'Crossroad Blues'(excellent), 'Croatoan', 'Tall Tales' (hilarious), 'Roadkill' (great twist), 'Heart'(stunning characterisation), 'Hollywood Babylon'(also hilarious) and the finale.

Roll on season 3 and better and better episodes.
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on 11 January 2008
I really don't get to watch that much TV but I really love the CW shows, One Tree Hill, Smallville and especially Supernatural. So much so that it's the first time I have bought a season in 2 parts. Why do Brits have to wait so long for an entire season to be released????

Anyway, all the elements are there and the guys really deliver the goods. Laughs, scares and of course the now obligatory brother dying at the end season finale. LOVE IT!
It doesn't hurt that the 2 leads are gorgeous but they are really getting into their roles by the end of the season. Jensen as Dean plays big bro with a vengeance and Jared as Sam gets tempted to the darkside. There are also some great in-jokes particularly in Hollywood Babylon.

I love so much about the show but one of the main things is the music. I have rediscovered a few golden oldies as a result of watching this and can often be found rocking to Kansas on my MP3.

I am currently getting into season 3 and if possible it's improved on the formula.
Hoorah, as long as there's the Winchesters, women everywhere will get their rocks off!
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on 26 May 2010
I have been addicted to this series since it first hit the screen. I love the humour, the scariness, the wacky storylines and the amazing relationship that these two brothers share. The first time I saw Jensen Ackles cry on-screen I wanted to jump into the telly and kiss away his tears! Phwoar! Tough, sassy, sexy AND sensitive? What more could a girl want?

Okay, seriously; the series ticks boxes when it comes to humour and the ability to convey stories that we might consider urban myths with interesting and amusing ease. The lead characters are likeable and the productions are not too high tech that one loses the sense of being lost in the moment of fear or laughter. And I have indeed laughed at many of the stories - usually after coming out from behind the sofa!

I love Supernatural and am mad as hell that Bravo stole my boys from terrestrial (did I spell that right?) television! I am just going to have to find room on my shelves for every episode of this fantastic series at home.
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VINE VOICEon 3 January 2011
This season starts exactly where the first one left off.
It starts with a bang and the hits just keep coming.

This season was definitely more coordinated and confident than the first, and promises great things to come.
If you seen the first season and wasn't convinced, I really recommend keep going because this is better than the first.

Scary, funny, charming, paranormal - what more could you ask for??

I'd really recommend it, but first you need to watch the first season. And i'll let you in on a secret - the show just gets better and better!! I'm on the third season right now and the twists and turns in the plot are mind blowing.
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on 13 July 2015
Supernatural is an America paranormal drama television series created by Eric Kripke, that follows two brothers as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings in the world. but this is season 2 and if you're here then you already know what it is. You're already in love with Dean and Sam and the rest of the characters and storylines.
Season 2 premiered in September 2006 and aired 22 episodes. The season focuses on protagonists Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) as they track down Azazel, the demon responsible for the deaths of their mother Mary and father John. They attempt to discover the demon's plan for Sam and other psychic children—young adults who were visited by Azazel as infants and given abilities, and whose mothers often then died in a fire. During their travels, they use their father's journal to help them carry on the family business—saving people and hunting supernatural creatures.

Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle (6 episodes)
Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer (5 episodes)
Chad Lindberg as Ash (4 episodes)
Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle (4 episodes)
Fredric Lehne as Azazel (3 episodes)
Sterling K. Brown as Gordon Walker (2 episodes)
Aldis Hodge as Jake Talley (2 episodes)
Katharine Isabelle as Ava Wilson (2 episodes)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester (2 episodes)
Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester (2 episodes)
Gabriel Tigerman as Andrew Gallagher (2 episodes)
Charles Malik Whitfield as FBI Agent Victor Henriksen (2 episodes)
Amber Benson as Lenore (1 episode)
Lindsey McKeon as Tessa (1 episode)
Adrianne Palicki as Jessica Moore (1 episode)
Richard Speight, Jr. as the Trickster (1 episode)

Episode One - "In My Time of Dying"
As the season opens, the Winchesters are taken to a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee following a car wreck caused by one of the demon Azazel's henchmen. Though Sam (Padalecki) and his father John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) make it out of the crash with minor injuries, a dying Dean (Ackles) is in a coma. He has an out-of-body experience, and is approached by a Reaper (Lindsey McKeon) who tries to take his soul. She reveals that if he refuses to move on, he will one day become a vengeful spirit. Meanwhile, Sam tries without success to save his brother, so John contacts Azazel (Fredric Lehne) and offers to make a deal; in exchange for saving Dean's life: he will give up his own life, his immortal soul, and the mystical Colt—a gun capable of killing anything. Dean is saved before he can die, but after making peace with his sons, John dies.
Episode 2 -"Everybody Loves a Clown"
Episode 3 -"Bloodlust"
Episode 4 -"Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things"
As Sam buries their father's dog tags at their mother's grave, Dean suspicions are aroused when they notice dead plants over the nearby grave of the recently deceased young woman Angela Mason (Tamara Feldman). They soon discover that the woman's cheating boyfriend was murdered the previous night. Sam and Dean dig up her grave and find the coffin empty. They deduce that her close friend Neil (Christopher Jacot), who was secretly in love with her, resurrected her as a zombie. Having killed her boyfriend, her next target is her roommate, with whom her boyfriend had been cheating. However, Sam and Dean save the woman and kill the zombie with a silver stake. Dean later apologizes to Sam for his recent behavior, and reveals he has had trouble coping with his guilt over their father's death.
Episode 5 -"Simon Said"
Episode 6 -"No Exit"
Episode 7 -"The Usual Suspects"
Episode 8 -"Crossroad Blues"
Episode 9 -"Croatoan"
After Sam has a premonition of Dean killing a defenseless man, the brothers head to Rivergrove, Oregon to investigate. There, Sam notices "CROATOAN" carved into a pole, reminding him of the lost colony of Roanoke. They soon find that all forms of communication have been shut down, and extremely violent townspeople are blocking the roads out. They go to a local doctor's office, where a doctor finds that the blood of the violent people has been infected by a virus containing sulfur, leading Sam to believe his father's theory of Croatoan being a demonic plague. A woman in the office suddenly turns violent and attacks Sam. She infects him with her blood before Dean is able to kill her. Sam tries to kill himself, but Dean stops him. Moments later, it is learned that all of the infected people have suddenly vanished, leaving the town deserted. Sam has his blood tested, and finds out that he was not infected. After the brothers leave town, one of the survivors is revealed to be a demon; it contacts someone to inform him that Sam is immune to the virus, "as expected." After leaving, Dean pulls to the side of the road and finally starts to reveal to Sam what their father told him before dying
Episode 10 -"Hunted"
Episode 11 -"Playthings"
Episode 12 -"Nightshifter"
Episode 13 -"Houses of the Holy"
Episode 14 -"Born Under a Bad Sign"Dean finds Sam, who has been missing for a week, covered in blood and with no memory of what has happened. Security footage depicts Sam murdering a hunter. Sam tries to force Dean to kill him before he hurts someone else. When Dean refuses, Sam knocks him unconscious and leaves. He then track downs Jo at her job in Duluth, Minnesota, and begins to sadistically play mind games with her, but Dean arrives before he can physically hurt her. Sam again tries to convince Dean to shoot him, but Dean throws holy water on him, revealing a case of demonic possession. Sam shoots Dean and flees to the South Dakota home of fellow hunter Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver). However, Bobby tricks him into drinking holy water, and ties him up under a devil's trap. After Dean's wound is treated by Jo, he joins Bobby in an attempt to exorcise the demon. The ritual does not work, and Bobby learns that the demon used a binding ritual to bind itself to Sam's body. As the demon frees itself and attacks Dean, it reveals that it is the same demon which had formerly resided within Meg Masters, wanting revenge for their exorcising it. Bobby slashes the binding mark on Sam with a hot iron poker, and the demon is forced to flee though it is not sent back to Hell. To prevent further possession by the demon or any others, Bobby gives Sam and Dean charms to protect against possession and warns them to keep quiet about their role in the hunter's death.
Episode 15 -"Tall Tales"
Episode 16 -"Roadkill"
Episode 17 -"Heart"
Episode 18 -"Hollywood Babylon"
Episode 19 -"Folsom Prison Blues"
Episode 20 -"What Is and What Should Never Be"
Episode 21 -"All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1)"
Sam is abducted by Azazel and taken to an abandoned town. Also placed there are Azazel's other psychic children—Andy Gallagher and Ava Wilson, as well as newcomers Lily (Jessica Harmon) and Jake Talley (Aldis Hodge). As Dean and Bobby head to the Roadhouse for help and find it burned to the ground with the body of Ash buried in the wreckage, Andy uses his mind-control abilities to send Dean his location telepathically. That night, Sam is visited in a dream by Azazel, who explains that he has brought them together so that they can fight to the death, with the sole survivor becoming the leader of his army of demons. He reveals why he killed Sam's girlfriend, Jessica: she was in the way and shows Sam the source of the psychic children's abilities—his own demon blood. When he shows Sam the vision of the night of his mother's death, who Azazel explains he killed as she got in the way, Sam discovers to his shock that Mary recognized Azazel. Meanwhile, Ava uses a new demon-controlling ability and forces an Acheri demon to kill Lily and Andy. She then reveals to Sam that she has been in the town since she went missing, killing off other psychic children that Azazel has sent there. She sets the Acheri demon on him, but Jake sneaks up behind her and uses his superhuman strength to break her neck, causing the demon to flee. Jake attacks Sam as Azazel told him only one of them is getting out alive, but Sam gains the upper hand and apparently knocks him unconscious. However, as Sam is distracted by an arriving Dean and Bobby, Jake regains consciousness and fatally stabs him. Sam dies in Dean's arms.
Episode 22 -"All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 2)"
Dean, devastated by Sam's death, sells his soul to a Crossroads Demon (Ona Grauer) in exchange for Sam's resurrection, and is given only one year before collection is due. Ellen later arrives at Bobby's home, and gives them a map of Wyoming that Ash had left in the Roadhouse's safe. Research reveals that Samuel Colt—creator of the Colt gun—created a giant devil's trap using railway lines. At the trap's center is an old cowboy cemetery, which Azazel forces Jake to go to. The hunters are there to meet him, but Jake subdues them long enough to use the Colt as a key to open a mausoleum. Sam then shoots Jake in the back, and finishes him off with multiple shots as he begs for mercy. As the mausoleum doors begin to open, they realize that it is a Devil's Gate —a doorway to Hell. A rush of demons escape and break the iron railway lines of the devil's trap, allowing Azazel to enter. As Ellen and Bobby try to close the gateway, Sam and Dean take the Colt to confront Azazel. Unfortunately, the demon catches them by surprise and takes the gun. He taunts Dean's demonic pact and questions if what came back was "one hundred percent pure Sam". Azazel prepares to kill them, but the escaped spirit of John Winchester grabs him. This distraction allows Dean to take back the Colt and shoot the demon in the heart, finally killing him. As Bobby and Ellen manage to close the gates, John's spirit moves on. However, while Azazel is now dead, hundreds of other demons escaped, an army's worth and their work is not done yet. Sam also promises to find a way to save Dean after he admits to him about his deal.

Principal photography took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The crew used two cameras simultaneously for each scene, which allowed for two different angles to be filmed of the same sequence.The series usually has a dark atmosphere, though production purposefully created a contrasting appearance for certain episodes. "Hollywood Babylon" details the filming of a fake horror movie, and the use of two filming styles helped make a distinction; scenes of the fake film used more saturated colors, while scenes for the actual episode were "down to reality". To depict the perfect world of "What Is and What Should Never Be", the usual shadows and "moody lighting" more made colorful and warm.
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