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on 17 June 2011
Arcadia ACD66 Power Bank

The ACD66 was delivered with Amazon's usual promptness. Ordered on 26th May, delivered early on 31st, and that included a weekend and a Bank Holiday. Well packaged.

The ACD66 is supplied in a hard plastic case, which includes the ACD66, a brief, but adequate, instruction leaflet, a coiled cable, and a couple of adaptors.

The supplied cable combines with the two adaptors to give you either a USB A to USB micro, or USB A to USB mini cable.

USB A is the larger USB port that you will have on your PC, the USB mini is extremely common on portable devices, including many `phones. The USB micro is the newly adopted standard for `phones, and is the one used by all `phones that I have access to.

The ACD66 is a very attractive unit and appears to be well made. The upper surface is glossy piano-black, the underside has a slightly rubberized texture, so it should not slip about. The edge is surrounded by a silver strip. It is a little larger than I had anticipated, but considering the declared capacity, that should not have been a surprise.

The unit has two USB outlets rated at 1A and 2.1A. Although it is not mentioned in the instructions, the packaging declares a 3.1A output, implying that both outlets may be used simultaneously. There is a micro USB socket for charging, an ON/OFF switch and four blue LEDs to indicate charge status. This all combines to give a very clean and attractive design.

The unit arrived partially charged and took about 4 hours to be fully charged when connected to my laptop.

I bought this unit on the strength of its claimed current capacity. I have previously used similar devices from Kensington and iDol, but they were both unable to supply sufficient current to charge a smartphone, they cope with a DS but are not much use otherwise. Well I have not been disappointed the ACD66 has plenty of `muscle'. I don't have an iPad, but in order to see how the 2.1A outlet would cope I connected a passive USB hub and was able to simultaneously charge three smartphones (Orange San Francisco, Moto Defy and an iPhone 3GS). I have also left the unit unused for a week and there was no apparent loss of charge.

All in all an excellent device, which perfectly meets my needs for reliable, solid standby power? Thoroughly recommended.
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on 12 June 2011
This is my second portable battery, and it's as equally useful as the previous one I had brought (

The ACD66 weighs about 190g, as opposed to the IMP1000 at 280g. This is fine, as the ACD66 is about 2/3rds the weight and capacity of the larger unit. The unit has two outputs - 1A and 2.1A. Although the 2.1A is meant to be for tablets and the like, there is nothing wrong with using the 2.1A for phones, as they only draw the amount of amps they need. Therefore, this unit has a distinct advantage over the other battery I have, as it can charge two phones at the same time. A downside is that this unit can only be charged via USB - this does take a long time so best to do this overnight.

Another nice benefit of this battery is the "telephone cord" type cable which comes with it (see uploaded photo) - this is great for using when travelling. The LEDs have plenty of different states, so it is easy to approximate how much capacity is left in the unit. The unit is very shiny, so this attracts fingerprints easily. I'd have preferred the whole unit to be a matt slightly rubbery texture as the base is.

Overall this is a great battery, and would make a great gift for someone who is into their technology, as it really is very handy.
review image
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on 20 July 2011
The product was out of the box use. Weight 197 g for the battery pack itself. Nice and solid design of the Battery Pack, and for my purpose nice with the twisted USB cord- but the adaptor peaces was of poor quality(and only two - so limited use of different devices, but no surprise for the buyer in this regard). Actually I have already broken the Micro USB adaptor, and looking for a replacement.
Before this happened, the device did it's thing well, quick charge of cell phone from 5-100% in approx. 1:30 (wildfire), and long duration (approx. 5-6 full recharges of the phone). But to me the most important thing was that I could let my phone run Bluetooth, GPS, Full screen light, and all signal for hours while using it for both HR-monitoring, GPS and sports-tracker while on my road bike, and the ACD66 capacity by far out-ran my endurance on the bike..
Just a shame about the adaptor quality - as it is a device made for keeping you portable device power on the go, everything in the pack and not just the battery pack itself should be made for this purpose.
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on 1 September 2011
I purchased this product to charge my iphone 3GS, during a two week camping holiday with no available electricity supply.
The battery pack is of very high quality and approximately 1.5 times larger than an iphone 4. Charging the unit is done with a small USB lead that connects to your iphone (or similar) charger. Charging takes a while, as is to be expected with such a large capacity battery and is probably best done overnight. I charged my iphone from approximately 10% to fully charged, four times and there was still enough power in the unit for a part charge on the way home. I was very pleased with the quality of this product, and it's functionality is second to none.
This is very much a two part review as the service I received from the retailer has also been exceptional. I received my order within 48hrs on standard delivery and although very pleased with this, I expected this to be the end of my dealings with the company unless I ordered from them again in the future. However, on returning from my holiday I discovered that I had lost the charging lead for the battery pack. I emailed Naphos through the contact facility on the Amazon website, enquiring about the cost of a replacement. I received a reply within a few hours from Hannah at Naphos, stating that if I could provide a few details, as a valued customer they would send out a replacement lead free of charge.
I feel that this level of customer care is rare and made the whole situation very pleasant. I will certainly buy from them again in the future and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality battery pack.
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on 10 September 2012
I just returned from a weekend trip, and this external battery saved me twice. Well, it saved me once and it also saved my friend once. I was out in the hills of Oregon running the Warrior Dash (google it - it's awesome), and filming with my digital waterproof camera. 3/4 of the way through filming, my camera ran out of charge. So what do I do? I ran to my car and grabbed my iCurve, plugged it in, and kept on filming. And if anyone doubts this, just go to and search for Warrior Dash 2012 videos. The one from Oregon is mine. And it wouldn't be nearly as cool a video if I didn't have my iCurve.
Sure, it's not something I use every day. I rarely need this. But when I do need it, it's INVALUABLE. I've used this at concerts, or during long sporting events, and ESPECIALLY during long flights. Everyone needs at least one of these things.
The cool thing that sets this one apart from others is the two different voltages - one for tablets and one for phones. It's amazing that you can charge up an iPad with one of these things.
So again, not to beat a dead horse, but everyone these days is wired. We all have electronic devices, and if short battery life is chaining you down, for the love of all things Holy get yourself an iCurve.
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on 29 December 2012
I received NewTrent NT70T a few days ago. It has a very sleek design that connects to PCs for charging without the need for any additional wiring. An extremely portable device. However, it does take quite a while to fully charge using a PC. I tried charging with the USB power outlet adapter that came with my IPAD to connect to a power outlet. This enabled me charge the NT70T in just a few hours. NewTrent should probably include a USB power adapter. It has four convenient LED lights indicating the charge level. It is a very handy item to have. Especially if you travel frequently. When my wife & I took a trip to Charlotte to visit my daughter, I noticed people scrambling for the nearest power outlet in the airport to charge their cell phones. This is when the NT70T shines. I was on a very important phone call when I noticed my HTC android (a battery hog) was warning me that there was less then 10% of power remaining. I pulled out the NT70T connected it to the phone and was able to complete the call without loosing beat! It completely charged my phone in a few hours. On the other hand, I was expecting a little bit more charging power for my IPAD. My IPAD had about 20% battery power remaining when I thought it might be a good opportunity to see how the NT70T does charging an IPAD. When I connected the NT70T the forth LED was flashing indicating at least 80% charging power. After a few hours, it charged my IPAD from 20% to 60%. When I checked the NT70T, the last LED was flashing, indicating that its charging capacity was almost depleted. I would have expected it to charge my IPAD completely. However, to be fair, the NT70T gave my IPAD several more hours of run time. Pretty good for an external battery the size of my cell phone. I am the system administrator for a major world wide corporation. I would not hesitate to recommend the NT70T to any of my colleagues. It will definitely have it in my car and in my PC case for my next business trip. All in all, I would probably give NewTrent NT70T external battery pack 5 stars.
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on 6 September 2012
In terms of the IMP70D, for its price and function, it works very well. Charging both an iPad via its 2.1A output and my HTC Sensation 4G phone via the 1A output (labeled as iPhone 4S), both devices charged without issue, and at a solid rate. For a 7000mAh battery however, I found it to discharge faster than my IMP60D for whatever reason. Though the 60D is the 6000mAh battery, it seems (in my opinion) to be a stronger device.

I have to admit that my 60D is the standard to which I am my other tests of the 70D. The functionality is great, but there are just certain things that I wish the 70D had. It seems like the 70D has cut some corners -- there wasn't a pouch included with the 70D (which I know I'll end up scuffing up the 70D much faster once I remove the protective plastic front shield), the USB cable with the mini and micro USB adapters are great, but only wish that the retractable USB cord was included, instead of a normal springy-type cable. Again, without a pouch, if I don't leave this cable plugged in constantly, I know it'll disappear.

Operating the 70D seems simple enough - hold down the power button and devices that are plugged into it begin to charge. However, after a short amount of time, the blue light disppears, and you have no idea if it's on or not, unless you look at the indicator light on the devices that you are charging. I also didn't find a way to turn it off -- though the manual does state that it turns off on its own. Personally, I'd like to have the option of verifying that the unit has been turned off.

The blue LED lights are functional, but not as easy as say, the IMP60D. The LEDs on the 60D are fairly bright (little too bright when charing at night in a dark room), and it takes just an extra second to determine charge status. I'm used to the 60D's indicator lights: Low, Mid, High, and Full, along with one light that stays lit when the unit is on (Use).

All in all, this is a decent device for its purpose -- but for regular use, I'll be leaning towards my 60D.

My review -- 4/5 stars.
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on 26 March 2012
The product arrived on the stated date. I have to say that the product is beter than I expected, what wasn't much for only 25 pounds.

The arcadia pack charges itself in 6 hours and the blue leds on top of the arcadia pack show the charging progress.

After I fully charged the arcadia pack, I used the arcadia pack to charge my phone. it took 1,5 hour to charge my HTC Desire HD/ace to charge from 5%-100%, whitch is a normal cahrging time.

I have charged my phone 3 times now and the arcadia pack shows it is still 50%-75% full, indicated by the leds on top of the arcadia pack.

To start charging, plug in the phone and press the on button. to stop charging, just pull out the USB and the arcadia pack automatically turns off.
one usb ports is for charging your phone with 1A and one is for you tablet or ipad with 2.1A, but you can also charge your phone on the Tablet/Ipad usb port. The arcadia pack can charge 2 phones at once by using its own USB ports, but can charge more phones if you plug in a usb splitter. But take notice that this will result in a longer charging time.

The Arcadia pack isn't that small. Its about the same size as a WD mini 2.5" external HDD.
Some would say that this is to big, but I think its perfect. Its not to big to drag around and its not to small to deliver the stated specs.
Its delivered with 2 connectors:
1: a modern sumsung/htc/blackberry charger plug
2: a mini usb plug

The arcadia pack seems to be of good quallity, not as a plastic toy kind a way as I actually expected.

overall I think this is a perfect buy! and I reccomend buying this product to everyone with a smartphone!!!!

I live in the Netherlands, so please forgive me for my spelling etc.
But even though I live here, the Delivery of the arcadia pack went quick and smooth!

To bad I needed to pay for the delivery, since the free delivery is from 25 pounds and ofcourse the arcadia pack is 24,95!
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on 10 November 2011
I've tested out several different external USB battery packs for my various mobile devices and have been disappointed with all of them in one way or another - they were too big/heavy, or the ports were flakey or didn't provide enough juice, they required a bulky wall charger, etc. Then I stumbled across the New Trent IMP70D and discovered that it fits my needs to a T.

The IMP70D packs a lot of juice (7000 mAh) in a surprisingly slim package - the device is fairly close in dimension to an iPhone 4/4S, except wider. It doesn't feel like I'm carrying around a brick when I slip it in my bag, unlike a similar 8000-mAh battery pack from i.Sound. It provides two USB ports for charging, one 1a port (for iPhones and other lower-power devices) and a 2a for iPads and other larger devices that require more power. I've been very happy with the amount of power the unit provides, and it will simultaneously charge an iPhone and iPad without hiccuping.

Even better, the IMP70D doesn't require a separate wall wart to charge its internal battery - it charges off mini-USB and works perfectly with the stock iPhone/iPad chargers, and presumably other mobile device wall chargers that accept USB. This means you don't need to lug around multiple chargers, which is an important consideration for me.

I've seen some people complain about the LED lights on the unit - you hit the power button and the LEDs light up to show you the device's current battery level, but they switch off after a few seconds. Personally I prefer it this way - other battery packs I've tried leave their LEDs on whenever the device is powered up, and they're often so bright that they're distracting. I do think the LEDs on the New Trent could stand to be larger and/or more distinct, though - they are four tiny LEDs in a blue glowing strip, and it can be difficult to tell at a glance how many are lit up.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with the IMP70D; it took some searching, but I finally found an external battery pack that does exactly what I need it to and is small and light enough to carry around easily. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in traveling as light as possible.
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on 19 August 2011
I bought this product to keep the lights burning on a myriad of gadgets and toys I needed with me whilst travelling in early August. The device boasts two USB output ports which allow charging at 1A and 2.1A respectively, the latter being perfect for big-hitters like the iPad whilst the former looks after most phones, iPods and handheld games consoles.

The pack is very leightweight. I was expecting it to be like a brick, to be honest I barely noticed it was in the bag. It has a solid, reliable feel to it and looks very stylish. There is a simple recessed button to turn it on and a band of four blue LEDs to give you feedback on charge level.

The pack arrived with around 80% charge in it already. I plugged it into my iPod charger (plugs into a USB mini socket on the pack) and within an hour I was fully charged and good to go!

The supplied USB cable feels like an afterthought and won't last five minutes in my opinion. I recommend you use your own cables.

Used in anger, I was very impressed with the performance. I mananged several charges of my HTC Desire HD and a full recharge of my iPod Touch and the battery still had over 50% in it. I even got my iPad fully recharged and still - I felt - had more juice left if I had needed it!

This was the first main trial of this product as I've only had it a few weeks but I am mighty impressed with it. I keep this charged up and ready for the call to action, and feel confident that when I need access to a reliable source of power when 'in the field', that this battery pack will deliver again and again. Excellent!
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