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on 12 April 2011
This Bosch Rotak 34 is the latest of a number of electric rotary mowers I have owned over the past 40 years and it is up there with the best. Out of the box is the mower body, the handle assembly in 3 pieces, the grass box in 2 pieces and the cable.

Fitting the handle was easy although I did overlook the step for putting the cable retainer plate under the right hand handle release lever and had to reassemble that. I missed seeing it on the diagram.

I've had trouble assembling the grass boxes of many of my past mowers and this was no exception. It requires the alignment of 11 locking tabs on the top section with the equivalent slots in the bottom section and, with the plastic tending to bend a little, this requires a bit of patience. If a tabs is not properly aligned before you apply pressure to lock the tabs in place it is almost impossible to dismantle the box again to resolve the problem. Do it in bright light because you have to peer inside the box to see the alignment.

Having assembled everything the only other snag I found was that the cable is not very flexible. It could have been covered with a softer plastic and I foresee problems with kinks when the weather is cold.

I had left my grass to grow to about 100 mm before the mower arrived so I was able to try it out with various cutting heights before settling on the one which suits my rather uneven grass. I was delighted with the ease of using the single lever height adjustment after my previous mower which required altering all 4 wheels. It took me some experimentation with the Ergoflex handle before I hit on my most comfortable position which was holding the 2 uprights for straight runs and moving one hand to the horizontal handle for turning - but each to his own. The motor is very powerful, the finished cut is excellent and the grass collection cannot be faulted. With plenty of ventilation along the sides of the grass box the grass is blown right to the back with no spillage. The side combs really do work as well.

This mower is certainly worth 5 stars and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

March 2013

Cut the grass yesterday on a very chilly morning. My reservations about the stiffness of the cable proved to be correct. It was impossible to straighten the cable which then reduced the moverability of the mower. Still pleased with the cutting performance. Just had the blade re-sharpened.
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on 17 April 2011
Have just done the first cut of the year and this mower has done it in a quarter of the time that our old Flymo would have done it in.

Easy to put together. Easy to push. Easy to mow. Easy to clean up after itself too - hardly any of the cut grass has been left on the garden, as opposed to how much the previous mower used to take as long to clean up after the mow, then it took to do it in the first place.........

In fact, so little was being left behind that I walked straight into the kitchen after the mow and didn't find any grass stuck to my trainers - or halfway up my calf.

The blade height adjustment is pretty easy to change, but don't lean on the mower while you do it - which I wouldn't have done if I'd read the instructions before doing it!

It did cut up to the edges of 95% of the garden - some parts of the borders remained uncut even with me trying a few times - but that has more to do with the flowers/grass border and angle of the grass at the edge that the mower's ability.

The hardest thing I found with this mower was putting the grass bucket together - it's a two-piece arrangement that you only have to put together once (just as well really).

It packs away reasonably easily too. And there was virtually no mess inside the 'blade chamber' at the end of the mowing.

All-in-all I'm really impressed with it.

Delivery was within a few days of it's launch, so no complaints there either. :)

Oh. And the price was as good as I could find anywhere.
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on 22 April 2011
Bosch Rotak 34 Ergoflex Electric Rotary Lawnmower
I didn't expect a rotary mower to give me the same close cut as my ageing electric cylinder mower... but it did! More than delighted with the shortest cut finish. My new Bosch collected EVERY blade of cuttings and the side comb feature makes life so much easier near border edgings. It really works, not just a gimmick!
I am 6'4" tall and the adjustable handle means I no longer have to stoop. The ergonomic grips are a boon to my arthritic fingers and I can use either grip to keep the power on.
One word of warning... I assembled the mower in under 15 minutes but it took 2 people 30 minutes to clip the 2 halves of the grass box together!! (My only complaint) Simple once you figure out the best way to go about it... the instructions should include a "How to build the grass box".
However, mowing is a delight and I would recommend this model above any other. Hover? Don't bother!Long grass or short, this mower is value for money, don't buy anything cheaper.
So,one small niggle but lots of A* features and an ace performance.
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on 12 April 2011
I have had many many mowers over the years from rotary's to flymo's. My top of the range flymo broke a few weeks ago so I bought the Bosch Rotak 43 Ergoflex rotary lawnmower. I have used it twice since it arrived on Saturday on tough uneven lawns and it made simple work of it. The Grass collection is amazing and the best I have seen on any mower. The mower has put the best looking lines on the lawn that I have ever been able to achieve. I tend to struggle pushing a mower but this is by far easier to push than any of the flymo's I have owned in the past. I would recommend this mower to anyone a truly excellent mower.
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on 19 April 2011
After hours and days of research on-line for a decent midrange mower, I finally decided on this one, so you can imagine my disappointment when I came to purchase and they were out of stock :( luckily I found it on another site, for near enough the same price, but as they don't have a review facility, I thought I might leave my comments on here.
I took my time to read all the reviews on-line, and so was aware of the pitfalls of assembly, so armed with this and the instruction book, set about it. I must say found the task rather simple. The grass box I put on the table, got on my kness, and looked into the box to line up all the tabs.I then got to my feet and applied firm even pressure "popping" each one into place one at a time.
the handles were just as simple, you can hold one side in place with your knee while fixing the other side together as it isn't heavy.
The whole process took me about quarter of an hour.
Mower together I took it out to the lumpy front lawn, which is about 4 meter square, and almost as high!!, it had no trouble and glided through and over it with ease.
I have raised sleeper borders around the lawn, and it did cut right up to the edge, but due to the hight of the sleepers, it missed the corners,this is a design fault of my garden and NOT the mower.
so onto the back lawn which is about 15 meters long and 4 wide, and newly turfed a week and a half ago, so this was to be its first cut. it has done a fantastic job, and as per the title, I am very pleased.
It is as light as they claim it to be and really easy to carry from place to place
I have kept its box to store it in the shed, and with the handle folded down and the grass box on top, it just about fits and looks a little neater too.
I have never owned, bought or used a mower in my life, so take what you will from this review. I will say though that I would recommend this mower to anyone that will listen
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on 9 April 2011
I'm writing this review less than 24 hours after having ordered this mower from Amazon, and have paused 'mid-mow' to do so, so impressed am I with it's performance. I detest lawnmowing, not least because of the sheer effort involved with my Flymo. In fact, having cut the front lawn yesterday I simply could not face the prospect of doing the back garden also. Which is why after extensive net-research I settled on this model.

The back garden was LONG overdue for a trim (as I say, the previous mower did not encourage!). Having just popped out with the tape-measure I can say that the grass is actually 23cms long! Well it was. The Bosch Rotak 34 Ergoflex Electric Rotary Lawnmower has just powered it's way through without so much as a hiccup!

It is absurdly easy to manage. Even with my overlong grass the effort involved in pushing the mower through it is scarcely greater than that required to simply push the mower along the patio. At no point have I heard the familiar 'groan' the Flymo used to make when required to deal with a tougher section of lawn. It just cuts. And collects. ALL the cuttings. Right up to the edges.

Assembling the machine out of the box is childs play. Just follow the little pictures.

The 'Ergoflex' part of its name refers to the redesigned handle (as compared to the previous model) and I find that I am using the protruding handles. Very comfortable, with no effort required to maintain 'on-switch-pressure'. Additionally, for those operators taller than I (I'm 5' 8") there is an option to affix the upper part of the handle further away from the machine. Excellent.

I've only had this mower for a few hours, so longevity remains a question. However it does appear to be very robust and I am not anticipating any problems.

Look, if you're a Bosch fan already you'll know what to expect, and wont be disappointed I'm sure. If like me you're fed up with the bovver of a hover and looking for something better, you'll be over the moon.
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on 17 June 2011
I reviewed lots of lawnmowers before decideing on this product.
Within my price range so that was the first target.
Nice and easy to assemble, took no time at all.
First use was a little fustrating thou, my grass was a little high and I tried cutting it on the lowest setting.
It kep on cutting out which meant it wouldn't start for 60 seconds.
When I eventually worked this out and raised the cutting setting it was much easier.
The box collected "a lot" of the grass cuttings but I did have to do some raking when I had finished.
It cut close to my rear fence also.

Overall I am more than happy with this product and would recommend to others.
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on 10 May 2011
Purchased on Friday and paid for Saturday delivery it arrived 9.30am Saturday morning, brilliant service. Took about half an hour to unbox and put together, no problems. Wife mowed back lawn Saturday afternoon, hit a stone and took a chunk out of the blade. Monday when wife went out I decided to cut the front lawn, went up once and back down, then sliced through the cable. Supposed it takes a bit of getting use to as our previous mower was a petrol one. It weighed about ten times the Bosch one. Have bought quite a few Bosch garden tools and am very happy with the quality of their products. Think I will leave the mowing to the wife.
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on 28 April 2013
I've been putting off the first cut of the season, partly because of the horrible weather we've been having and partly because towards the end of last season I retired my old motor mower and bought a highly inappropriately named "Flymo" Yes, I know they're crap. At least I know that now. Flymo? Scrapemo more like.

So, knowing that the pile of orange crap had no chance of dealing with the grass in my back garden which was now approaching 8 inches long I started looking for something not too expensive but good enough to deal with the fact that I tend to cut my grass as infrequently as I can get away with without my beloved moaning that she can't get to the washing line or that the cat is lost in the undergrowth.

Encouraged by the reviews on here we duly bought the Bosch. I've always liked Bosch to be honest. We're still using the Bosch fridge/freezer we bought when we were first married back in the dim and distant past of the early '90s.

So, it arrived and I set about putting it together. First impressions were that it is definitely built down to a price. Don't expect to pass this one on to your grandchildren as a family heirloom. But that's not a criticism. It is what it is. It's a cheap lawn mower at a cheap price.

As others have said putting the grass box together is a little fiddly but it only took me a few minutes to line the tabs up and snap the parts together. If you are elderly or don't have much strength in your fingers just invite your grandchildren over for Sunday lunch and get one of them to do it.

One review I read said about the holes in the handle not being big enough for the provided screws. Maybe that was a one off problem. I certainly didn't have any trouble. It all went together very easily and I was up and running in less than 5 minutes.

The most pleasant surprise came after I'd put it together and tried it out for the first time. It breezed through the 8-10 inch grass as if it wasn't there. The motor hardly slowed down even in the really long bits. My old petrol mower wouldn't have coped half as well. It even chewed up and spat out one of my wife's plastic flower pots which I ran over by accident without any drama at all. (at least not until she finds out about it)

The mower is nice and light which makes maneuvering it around the garden a doddle and the grass box holds a reasonable amount.

I read the advertised "cuts right up to the edge" claim with a certain degree of cynicism. Yeah, right, I'll believe that when I see it. But it does. It's really quite clever. There's some kind of guiding blade that brings the grass away from whatever you're cutting up to. In my case it was a raised flower bed. That guide blade pushes the grass towards a sort of fluted arrangement which then directs the grass down to the cutting blade. It works really well and does exactly what it says.

So to sum up. It's not an industrial strength machine but it'll keep my grass looking respectable for 4 or 5 years and I don't think you can say fairer than that for a hundred quid.
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on 6 June 2011
After our Flymo unceremoniously blew up after 2.5 years of basically shredding rather than cutting the grass (thanks Which? that was the worst purchase ever), I did a bit of research (ignoring Which?), and settled on the Bosch.

By this time, I was in danger of losing my smallest child in the grass so I was eager to get the mower out of the box and get to work - I had an hour spare and decided to start with the grass box, which some had said was tricky to get right. 5 minutes in, the grass box was done, and I was feeling rather pleased with myself. "Just the handles to do, and then I'm ready", I thought smugly. The concept of the handle is very simple - slot the bottom part in, line up the hole on the handle with the hole on the outside of the mower, insert the provided screw and tighten. Sounds simple doesn't it? Half an hour later I was a sweaty mess with dangerously high blood pressure - the bl**dy screw was miles too big for the hole (or if you prefer, the hole was too small for the screw). I resorted to calling the Bosch customer helpline, to be told that I definitely had the correct screws, but they are "self-threading" and I needed to "put in a bit of effort" to get them to screw in, or "perhaps get your husband to do it" (just what I needed - unhelpful AND patronising on so many levels). As it turns out, my (well-built) husband HAD tried, with a battery powered drill screwdriver, with no luck at all. Despite my protestations that it was clear that the screw was NEVER going to fit into the hole, that was the extent of the advice offered by Bosch. Brilliant. Here's an idea Bosch - why not just give us normal screws that fit? In the end, following a fruitless trip to the local hardware store with half the handle to look for a screw that would fit, my husband had to use a drill to make the holes ever so slightly bigger, and we managed to get the job finished (and have a huge row), but it took about an hour.

So, on to the mowing - I have to say it is very easy to use, much lighter than my old flymo which involved a lot of pushing to get it up the slightest incline, this takes hardly any effort even on my very uneven back lawn. The double handled switch means that you can take one hand off to pick stuff up, move the wire or repel annoying children, without the mower stopping. The combs at the side really do cut almost right up to the edges, and it leaves a very neat finish - if my grass was half decent the stripes would no doubt look more impressive. The grass box is plenty big enough, though it does take a bit of shaking to completely empty it, and there are plenty of nooks and crannies for cut grass to collect in, which tends to result in a load of grass falling out of the mower when you remove the box. The height adjustment is very easy to set - just push or pull the adjuster towards the centre of the mower and push or pull the body of the mower to lower or raise it. I used the number 3 setting on my front lawn, and 3.5 on the back and it was a pretty short cut, so suspect that any lower would only be useful for those lucky gardeners with perfectly flat ornamental lawns.

I've only used it 3 times so far on dry grass, so will reserve further judgement until I've tested it a bit more. First impressions then get 3 stars from me - mainly due to the initial construction experience, and the fact is is just a lawnmower - it mows lawns well, but I'm not blown away by it. If you can put it together without having a nervous breakdown or getting divorced, you could do worse than buy one of these.
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