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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars102
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 January 2012
I totally enjoyed reading this book and gripping story that will keep you coming back for more; this is the first of the book in this trilogy. You can also buy them all in one book, I highly recommend them to you.
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on 12 February 2012
I think this could have been a good book if the author had gone through a couple more redrafts, but as it was, it was disappointing. On the positive side it was well written and the sufficiently engaging to keep the pages turning. However for me there were two key issues: plot; and characterisation.

In terms of the plot aside from the initial action the core plot until at least 80% of the way through was simply a progressive reveal of the protagonist's back-story. The authors maintained the suspense by having characters refuse to tell the protagonist what was going on i.e. scene one, a character tells the protagonist something, but refuses to tell her more; scene two, move to another location and another character tells the protagonist something, but holds back on something else; scene three, move to a new location and first character tells protagonist a bit more, but still holds something back etc. Three quarters of the way through the book I was still wondering when the actual story was going to start and I'd say the vast majority of the novel was simply characters explaining the protagonist's situation.

The second issue was that few of the characters were fully developed. The protagonist was merely shaped by the events that happened around her and I had no sense of what she was like as a person. As she holds the story together the book really suffered from this weak characterisation and it she has not piqued my interest enough to want to read on in the series. Another main character, her grandmother, was confusing, seeming to flit between personalities in the way she responded to events. A further irritation was that whenever a character was surprised or scared they started to stammer, so throughout the book at least four different characters stammered in very unnatural-sounding dialogue.

By the end of the book I realised that this book was actually simply a set-up for the series and the back-story to pave the way for being able to now start the action. It's a shame because I do feel there are elements here that lend themselves to a promising series and with further editing this could have been a great book, but I'm afraid I'm not invested enough in the characters or this world to want to read on.
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on 12 December 2012
In this book you find a mixture of stress, love, surprises and fright! Grey eyes is a brilliant book for 12+. I loved this book becaue, although it was a romance book, it alsp put on the twist of vampires and witches.
Most books are hard to get into, meaning you sort of put the book down after reading the beginning because it's not that intresting. However in this book it has such a brilliant start that you can't put it down!
It is all about a teenage girl called Anastasia, who although thinks she is normal, hates the way her mother keeps her like a prisoner. Ana, as nick named in the book, later finds out n unbelievable secret about herself. Instead of falling inlove with a nomall human,getting married and hving children, Ana finds herself falling in love with a diffrent kinds of people.
After finding out that she was supposedly born evil, Ana wants to make a diffrence for her repution and others who are like her.
I read this book in a week or so because I could NOT put it down!!!!!
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on 25 January 2013
I thought this was a great book and extremely unpredictable! At one point you are completely convinced one thing will happen and then something completely unexpected happens! I advise people to read this book if they like vampire or witch romances.
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on 18 April 2012
Grey Eyes unleashes fantasy and reality in a distinct way that makes you want to continue to read. I recommend this book to girls form the age of twelve and over. The description of all the characters were very vivid - enough to display a scene in your head. However, at times, I seemed to lose target of the plot of the book, and it seemed to lavish connection with the audience. The author's style was clear, and perfect for teenagers - as it contained humorous, sad, awkward, happy and romantic moments. All in all Grey Eyes is was a brilliant and enjoyable book to read and it is worth recommending.
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on 13 February 2012
I really enjoyed the story line of the 1st 2 books, you have the making of a great book. It needs more embellishment, there is so much more to each character that could have and should have been included. Book 2 is very short and could have been so much more. I am dallying over whether to buy the 3rd, I do so want to find out what happens but don't want to be disappointed by not enough substance. Its also let down by all the mistakes i.e. missing words, needs better proof reading.
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on 14 October 2012
This book is the perfect adventure/paranormal romance. The main character Ana really tells the story and even in the first chapter her tales grip you. This book I could not put down (apart from when I had to go to school!)Ana really expresses her torn love for Tristan and for Darren and one really gets caught up in the story. Over all I think this is a thrilling story and if you like the genre of books then this is a must read.
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on 31 July 2013
First of all this book was very unpredictable , I mean how often do you find a book about a normal teenager who then find out she is a witch who has been reincarnated for hundreds of years who then turns of to be an angel!?

What I kind of disliked was Ana's decision of choosing Darren over Tristan. Darren: Knows barely anything about him and doesn't know him for a long time. Tristan: Someone she has know for hundreds of years who let himself be tortured for her..

What I also dislike was that the author didn't really describe Ana's feeling that well when she was about to be burned! I mean in just a few paragraphs the author described what its like to have people who only a few days ago worshiped you, turned against you and wanted to burn you alive! And then she was saved by the love of her (multiple lives)and then her family hugs her and they are all LAUGHING!!

Although I really enjoyed the first book I will not buy the sequel as I just like to leave the story were is says 'He took me into his arms and we disappeared into the night. A simple romantic ending what else could I ask for? I will leave the Forever Trilogy at that.
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on 23 August 2012
amazing. truley amazing. i don't normally get hooked on books nor have i finished many,due to the plain boring story lines however this is not to be said for 'grey eyes'. just after one page i couldn't stop reading! the intence romance left you hanging, and the humour made you smile. i would recomend this to anyone.and this is a definate 'must read' !
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on 8 August 2013
I chose this rating because this book is just perfect. The tension and the romance is fantastic. Like my title says this is better than twilight. This book has the potential to be a movie. I would recommend this to twilight fans and other people who like paranormal.

Anastasia is a girl who has been forced to be dragged around places with her mother running away from who knows what. Then one night, a vampire breaks into her house searching for her. As he reaches out for her, an unknown saviour dragshim out. Her mother gives orders to a house. There Ana finds out she's a witch who is heir to the throne. When Ana goes to Brighton she finds out odd things and meets lots of people. Apparently she was reincarnated for around seven lives and each one she spend with her vampire sweetheart Tristan. Ana meets Derek who captures her heart. She has to choose between the two and faces more difficulties along the way.
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