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4.4 out of 5 stars123
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 4 October 2011
The very first review I ever wrote on Amazon was a couple of months ago for Dirt 3 - I just had to write in to tell everyone why Dirt 3 was so bad in so many ways. Today I'm moved to write a second review - of another codemasters game - but this time to rave about F1 2011; the game that beat my every expectation. Do yourself a favour, stop reading this and just buy it - you won't be disappointed!

Alright, lets give this game a full breakdown. Unlike Dirt 3, F1 2011 opens with a terrific introduction sequence which really heighens the players enthusiasm for the game. The menus are basic to begin with, but functional, and unlike Dirt 3 they don't detract from the experience. There are only 4 options: single player, multiplayer, proving grounds (time trials etc) and the options. The single player career mode is so much more thought-out than Dirt 3, and the player really does get the sense of starting from the bottom - to rise majestically as a champ only after showing a significant degree of talent. The cars on 'Easy' mode are not exactly a push over, and choosing 'intermediate' or higher opponent intelligence means the player is in for a very tough time. This is in contrast to Dirt 3 - which was very easy in all modes except the very hardest. The player gets to tune the car with a simple slider, or they can tweek the car and fine tune it to perfection in the hope of gaining that bit more of an edge.

The player is then able to drive out onto the track - and at this point the heart rate goes up higher than any other game I have ever played. I chose to play using the 'Cockpit' view - which is very rare for me as I tend to use the bumper camera on all my other games - and I never use the 'Chase' view. As such, I was pleasantly surprised by the detail in the cockpit, all the buttons and readouts are faithfully repoduced, and even the angle at which the drivers sits is absolutely authentic - and really gives the driver a sense of what it must be like to drive a Formula One car. I could almost hear Paul DiResta saying "...and you can't always see where you're going because the gloves get in the way. Sometimes you have to turn the wheel and hope the road stays underneith you, because you can't always see it..." - and this sums up the cockpit view perfectly!

The graphics are superb in their every detail, the sounds are immaculate to the extreme, the weather effects are simply magnificent, the speed is palpable and ultra smooth, and everything else comes together perfectly. Using an Xbox steering wheel, the player gets to feel every lump of gravel, every blade of grass, and even the way the tires start off cold can be felt in absolute detail - giving the player unparallelled control. Overall, the handling and feel of the car (with an xbox wheel) is staggering! - sooo much better than Dirt 3.

When the race is over, the player gets a very impressive victory animation, and this really does give the driver a terrific sense of acheivement (again, unlike Dirt 3), and you even get to be interviewed by the press. A champagne drenched podium is the only noticable ommission, but the victory animation more than makes up for that. It will take several seasons before the player gets to fight for survival in the very best cars, but even so, it is always possible to beat the other drivers with grit determination (and no mistakes!) using just about any car.

I played this for the first time several days ago and I must say my overall impression was MIND BLOWING! I was so blown away by this title that I could still feel my head hurting several days after. My breath was literally taken away - rendering anything beyond blasphemous exclamatory expletives all but impossible.

Some people have commented that this is only for F1 fans who have a good knowledge of the sport. That is often used as a critisism; but to be honest, the level of difficulty in F1 2011 and the depth of the F1 experience appears to have been coded absolutely flawlessly. Unlike Dirt 3, this is a big-boys game. There is no hand-holding, no 'driving school', no stunts or other silly things like that, just pure, frenzied, exhilerating F1 action! Highly recommended!!!

Presentaion = 8
Playability = 10
Sound = 10
Graphics = 10
Value for money = 10
Longevity = 10
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on 23 September 2011
F1 2011 is absolutley fantastic but when you get down to the very nitty gritty of the game you might think it's not that different apart from 2 new tracks, a few new drivers, 12 new liveries and a safety car there isn't much difference

Firstly the handling is massively different. Fans of F1 2010 would expect little change, but it is hugely different, thanks to a new suspension sytem You can feel bumps in corners a lot better an allows you to throw everything into a corner, lob it over the kerb and not spin around (unlike F1 2010).

Now i think I'll say what is better and worse about F1 2011 compared to 2010

-handling allows you to attack the kurbs
-Much better choice of helmet designs
-Cars feel much more slippery and lively (although some might think that's a bad thing)
-New time attack scenario mode is great
-KERS and DRS makes the racing far more exciting (especially when your zipping the wing open and powersliding through the 130r at almost 200mph!!)
-The 16 car online grid makes online racing feel more intense
-Pirelli tyres are ace!!!
-No more pit stop glitch, you'll be happy to know!!!
-Safety car makes strategy more exciting (although it is painfully hard to cause an incident to bring out the safety car and stay in the race yourself without getting a penalty)
-Displays interesting stats on screen when the game is loading.
-split-screen racing
...and possibly quite a few more things budding F1 fans!!

-Hud and game menu design is pratically the same as last year is practically the same
-Boring, typical main menu instead of the great interactive paddock
-Career is hardly improved (since nearly all of codies effort has been focused on multiplayer)
-Same boring press confrence questions
-New handling can be hard to grasp at first
-Engineer, driver, and general people animations are rubbish (although drivers are recognisable and thank heaven they got rid of that horribly annoying agent!!)
There are several other things I could say but then I'm just getting picky!

Also the car designs are immensely sleek, and I couldn't write a review on F1 2011 without saying that the new India track is very fun to drive with lots of quick changes of direction. The 2011 game as a whole, when you add up all the tiny little tweaks and improvments that codemasters have made, is already a lap ahead of F1 2010 and with each race you do you pick it up more and more, and it gets better and better...

F1 2011? Definitley for better!!!!
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on 1 February 2012
Firstly, I have not played an F1 game since 2004 (for PS2) so my review is in no way a comparison to last years game.

Well this is F1 2011 by codemasters. At a glance, the game appears to offer all any F1 fan could want; we have a career mode, grand prix simulation mode, multiplayer and time attack (including some scenarios for you to play out). That brings me to the good points:

-Safety car returns!!! (Rarely makes an appearance though and only you seem to be able to get it out after you have a 200mph collision with another car).
-Weather can change during a race (you can start a race in the dry and finish it in the wet simple idea huge benefit for the game)
-Introduction of DRS and KERS. (DRS I have never managed to get working in a race yet, this is probably down to my abilities to be fair)
-Career mode in an F1 game is new to me and a great feature for any racing game (bit flat and uneventful in fairness but its there and that's important)
-Graphics both on track and off are too a high quality.

Cons (and I have a few...)
-Qualifying times of opponents very unrealistic (cars out on track when you are on your flying lap seem to put in unbeatable times every now and again and I'm not just talking a few tenths quicker no no... try seconds, worse of it is the drivers doing these super quick laps are often in the worst cars).
-Damage is terrible. You would think that after a decade of these games the damage simulation would be alot better than what f1 2011 offers... sadly not. Drive 200 mph into a wall and a wheel will come off... hmmmm not convinced.
-Career mode. Yes I love the idea of a career mode but this one seems to have been left hugely underdeveloped, in fact, other than the fact your name is on the side of the car, I fail to see the difference between career and grand prix.
-Press conferences. If you are going to put these in a game, at least let them serve a purpose, there is no point in having these in the game as they have no impact on anything at all but if they did influence the game it would be a great little feature.
-The 'AI' cars I have yet to see crash out, retire, receive penalties or suffer engine failures. Another reviewer advised me this does occur but once in a blue moon (real life at least one of the above happens per race I would say).
-The 'AI' driving style. 'AI' cars cannot overtake for love or money and when they do attempt to pass you 9/10 times you end up colliding with them or braking heavily to avoid doing exactly that allowing another 3 cars to pas you in the process pffftttt.
-Frame rate. Probably the biggest issue I have currently is the frame rate. If you notice, on slow corners, after you push the joypad left or right there is a half a second or so delay before the car actually does anything (THIS IS NOT TYRE SLIP AS I WAS ORIGINALLY ADVISED) this is only noticeable on slow corners really but it does effect the gameplay only slightly though.

Gameplay itself is good, cars handle as you would expect an F1 car to handle (twitchy and incredibly quick). Take off the traction control and car becomes rather unstable just like in real life but nearly impossible to drive again this is how I imagine an F1 car to be in real life so no lost marks there.

Overall I still find myself losing countless hours on this game that said I am a racing nut so this was inevitable regardless of the quality of the game. Its a shame that almost 10 years since my last F1 game we are still seeing the same glitches but this game is still a must have for all you racing enthusiasts and if anything a platform to which codemasters can only improve. (I have lots of faith in codemasters games and I look forward to F1 2012.) As always, you have to be a racing fan to truly appreciate this game (or the vast majority of racing games out there), if that is not you this game will have a short lifespan as all racing games seem to (in the same way I could not play fifa for more than 10 minutes as I'm not a footie fan).
For those of you who like your comparisons, this game is better than F1 2004 for the PS2 lol (last one I bothered with).

My rating: 77% Recommended (Good, but plenty of room for improvement)
Genre: Racing simulator, Motorsport, Racing

Thanks for reading :)
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on 13 November 2011
I'm not a huge fan of actual F1, but I must say this game does make me want to watch it.

Having previously owned F1 2010 I can honestly say that this game is a huge improvement.

- AI Massively improved
- Car handling is much better, no more constant spins on corners
- You can now feel the weight of your car thanks to improved suspension
- Huge graphical improvements, for instance you can see the front wind bend and flex as you hit the apex.
- More immersive campaign
- Cutscenes now play when you finish a race, showing your driver in the parc de feme or garage
- Engineer is actually helpful and provides useful info as you race, even online too
- 16 player online, with AI making up the remaining spots to make a 24 car race
- Co-OP championship

- Mouths don't even move, seems a bit effortless to me
- When returning to the garage, the lifting jack for the front of your car stays in place, making it look like the guy lifts your car with his arms.
- FPS drops momentarily as you leave the garage to go on track
- 11/11 Bug, Placing suspension on this setting causes the car to stick to the track like glue. Confirmed fixed in upcoming patch
- In the paddock, AI will walk through eachother due to bad spawning
- AI Times still seem faked seeing as the fast forward time option is still there
- KERS can only be used online

Overall, this game is a great purchase, the AI are now more challenging and with the inclusion of DRS, KERS and improved handling this game is the challenge that the first one should have been. I highly suggest using a wheel when playing, I've run off the track a fair few times so I'm looking to purchase a wheel.
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on 26 September 2011
This is a very good game, a definite improvement on the last game. The graphics are for more solid, except for the slight niggles however those little blips are not during the racing, only during off track moments.

I find it difficult to rate the steering as I bought a new steering wheel ( Official Microsoft Wireless Wheel ) and that has made the game a lot more realistic and enjoyable.

You can now attack curbs with a lot more ease than in the past game and if you do slide out of control it is a lot easier to regain control unlike in the last game if you spun off your race was destroyed.

The career mode has hardly changed disappointingly and I was expecting more fun with the whole career off the race track. The interviews unfortunately do not very little except add more realism to the game.

Now for the Online! By God has this improved. On Xbox live, even with a bad internet connection it takes me a second to join and online game, literally! However there is a 30 second lobby wait just like any other online game (Cod and all that stuff). there is relatively no lag for me and it is an altogether fun experience. Codies have scrapped the leveling up system and now you have a rank which can increase and decrease accordingly to whether or not you meet objectives or rage quit and winning races.

I have yet to see an AI driver crash and bring out the safety car, although I have caused a crash on purposely to see the safety car in game and it is very enjoyable, trying to get in the extra pit stop, weaving around the keep up the tyre temperature. It adds to the realism.

The crash are not particularly realistic and that should be improved. I have yet to try split screen or co op championship but I have tried Time attack, where you set times to try and beat improving "ghost" cars.

But all in all this game is very enjoyable and if you are a fan of F1 then definitely buy this game and possibly a steering wheel. If you are not mad keen then it is your choice. Look at game plays as there many on youtube!
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on 7 November 2011
I am a racing fan boy. I liked 2010 but the handling and strategy of 2011 is a step up. I just really love driving the cars in this game. The kers and drs really increase the fun too. I find it quite difficult compared to oters like GT5 and Forza 4 but a game should be fun and this has it in huge quantities. I love it.
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on 12 October 2011
I owned the 2010 f1 game and i honestly didnt think 2011 would be much better but i was plesantly suprised. Here are some of the best features and some of the small niggles.

-new handling gives less feel for the car but is much more realistic and oversteer can now be countered.
-new helmet designs are excellant.
-Career home is now now in your teams motorhome not the trailer.
-New years cars are perfectly copied but force india are missing main sponsor whyte and mackay??
-shed rubber (marbles) are now noticable on track
-kers and drs work well and make races much more interesting.
-new 16 player online is superb.
-much more feedback from race engineer.
-new videos of your driver in career mode in the garage and when you finish top 3 in a race are good.

-please codemasters sort out the drivers names on the side of cars in career mode.
-some stuttering when leaving pit lane
-very muted sound when pit limiter is on in pit lane
-very dissapointed that instead of improving post race press conferance it was removed completely.
-now that some videos of your driver are shown i wonder could these be stretched to showing the podium celebrations.
-safety car attempt was pretty poor to be honest.
-In my own opinion career mode is still much to easy even in legend difficulty
-would be nice to do the out lap behind the safety car at race start and victory lap at end?

i have been quite critical of the game but if youve owned 2010 or a big fan of f1 then this is a must buy.
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on 9 January 2012
What a Game! Codemasters have pulled out another cracker and that is: F1 2011

When you start up F1 2011, you have to submit a name, country and the team you will be driving for, then the world is your oyster. You can jump into a quick race, start your career with your team or join the new gaming experiance on Xbox LIVE or for the first time on Split Screen.

In the Career Mode, you have a laptop, which is your main hub for standings, emails from your agent and info about the track you are racing at. You can then choose difficulty, including AI Difficulty, I personally have it on Professional and it is great fun, and the driving assists like Traction Control and ABS.

You attempt R&D Objectives in the Practice Sessions, trust me if you don't do them you will fall behind, and qualifying and race objectives. And also, the main aim is to beat your team mate and this game does a good job of encouraging you to improve each and every session.

DESIGN = 9/10

An improvement on last year's game, where you would spin out for attacking kerbs. Now you can ride them and feel the car fly around the racetrack. This year, the regulations in real life are incorperated into the game as we see the additions of KERS (A 6 Second Boost each lap) and DRS (Moveable rear wing, opening at certain points to give speed advantage). As seen on the TV, it adds to the drama and the action of a race weekend.

This year also, there is the arrival of Pireli Tyres. This year you have to manage your tyres and therefore not do a Hot lap every single lap, as you will pay making more pit stops, and there is an option to use more fuel and go faster, or to go slow and save fuel.

Also, the rewind feature returns, which is a real God Send if losing your front wing whilst lapping a back marker

Gameplay = 10/10

Once again, the visuals on F1 with Codemasters are superb, topping last year's game. The Rain is a special highlights of the graphics and it is truly incredible watching your visor get sprayed with water and blinded down a long straight. Front wings flex over the kerbs the sounds of the cars are trully exilerating.

Presentation: 9.5/10

As mentioned in the title, F1 2011 is another awesome game by Codemasters. With the arrival of Kimi Raikkonen in 2012 and the arrival of new tracks in America, the Return of Hockenheim and Bahrain, we have plenty to look forward to.
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on 31 December 2011
Got the game for christmas and has been huge fun playing it.

The game still haves the same game modes but a massive improvement for me is the co-op multiplayer mode. This is what i wanted in 2010 but wasn't around. In this mode you and your friend are on the same team and have to fight to gain the championship and first driver status.

The controls are pretty much the same with only the introduction of KERS and DRS. Both of which took a while to get used to. Both are useful when used, and can gain quick overtaking. Should be warned you cannot have the DRS open in all the corners as you will crash.

Some of the possible crashes can be recovered due to quick corrections. The back-end of the car steps out sometimes so have to have quick reactions to counter the movement. When i used no traction control i just spun at every corner so i may need some practice with it.

When it rains it does seem more clearer than 2010 and when you begin to loose grip you will begin to spin more often. On a note of spinning it doesn't happen as often as 2010 which is a great improvement and means you can attack the corners more!

While the game loads it provides many new statistics which makes for interesting reading. Not really any bad points at the moment, the engineer says more things and still gives you the finger to go out. Looks way more realistic when in drivers perspective and seems to me more easier to drive using it so i may use that camera angle.

Great game massive improvement and worth the money 5/5
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on 21 October 2011
If you haven't bought F1 2011 yet, then I suggest you do so immediately. It is a hundred times better than it's predecessor, F1 2010. It includes the official teams, drivers and tracks, including the new Indian track at New Delhi and also includes the Nurburgring track which alternates with Hockenheim as the German Grand Prix.

Everything about the gameplay is better than F1 2010 - you no longer have your agent sitting in your motor home talking to you after every session, but instead she sends you emails which you read on the laptop. You also get emails from your engineer before every race weekend giving information about the track and what the weather will be like that weekend. As before, when you start a race weekend you go to the garage, but before you do you actually see your driver getting into the cockpit of the car which is a nice touch and makes it feel more personal as if you are actually climbing into the car!

Once in the garage it is pretty much the same as 2010, the only difference being on the timing screen during practice and qualifying, you see the sector times from the fastest lap you have set during the session instead of the sector times from your most previous run which is what happened last year. This is a lot better as you can find out where you are losing time and may have to go a bit faster.

Once you hit the track everything is better again. You immediately feel the handling of the car is 100 times better and the brakes are more responsive. The car is also better while cornering, as before when you put the power down on exit, 50% of the time you would end up in a spin but this doesn't happen as often now.

Another difference is the competitiveness of the AI cars. In 2010 you could move the difficulty level up to expert and still put a back of the grid car on pole position, do that this year and you will end up on the back row of the grid, six or seven seconds off the pace! After the first two races I went from expert, to professional, and I now play on intermediate where the AI cars don't speed off into the distance but you still struggle a bit with race pace, which is what the game should be like as it's more life like. I don't know about anyone else, but I find winning with a Lotus or HRT a bit boring and unrealistic!

In the race the AI cars are also more life like in that they respond more to what you are doing, so if you try and dive down the inside, they will actually try to cover the line, or sometimes you don't get the chance to do this as they will move before you and force you to go on the outside.

KERS and DRS are also included, although if you choose one of the three 'new' teams (Lotus, HRT or Virgin), you don't get the KERS power boost as these teams didn't run them during the 2011 season. Another welcome edition is the Safety Car, although it doesn't show very often and in my first full season it only appeared twice, in Monaco and Singapore. You can also use the 'Race Director' option in the pause menu when you are out on track, this basically shows the classification so you can view who is where during the race. Go a bit deeper and you can view the lap times of each driver, yourself included, and if there have been any incidents during the race which are being investigated, or if a driver has been given a penalty, and what for.

All in all, I recommend this game to anyone who has played F1 2010 but not the new game, you won't regret it.

PS I may sound like I am talking down F1 2010 in this review, but I am not. I enjoyed playing the game but F1 2011 is just so much better in every aspect!
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