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3.8 out of 5 stars33
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 18 April 2011
It seems out of character for a Gorillaz album to materialise so soon after its predecessor. There was a four year gap between the 'self-titled' album and 'Demon Days' and five years between that and 'Plastic Beach'. So many of us are still digesting Plastic Beach and 'pop' there's a new album. The reason being, 'The Fall' is not really a conventional album in the true sense of the word. What Albarn has essentially done is produced an almost solo effort "recorded between Montreal and Vancouver over 32 days last autumn in North America". The album has been completely created on an iPad using various applications.

So off the bat this is worlds apart from what was experienced with 'Plastic Beach'. The album is far, far more relaxed and effortless to listen to. It could easily fall into the category of 'easy listening'. It's an interesting concept. The album feels like a stream of musing and influence by a musician, it feels buoyant and unrestrained, there is no over-exertion and no hint of any track being contrived and over thought. It is dream like, you can almost anticipate that curious loneliness, tumble weed-curiosity; being somewhere else intrigued by a different culture. The more you listen to it the more it feels like the album is capturing steps of a journey; effectively a diary. The album is a series of auditory reflections, it feels as if Albarn is using music in the way most people would write a conventional day-to-day diary.

What Albarn has done takes gumption by the barrel load. It will be met with criticism I don't doubt. However looking back the initial intention of forming the Gorillaz as a band was to create something entertaining that cuts through a lot of unnecessary nonsense the music industry is plagued by and Albarn is doing just that. There is no conformation present and he is not bowing with the stress induced weight that success can bring. The album is consistent, solid, humble and a true reflection of how sharp a songwriter Albarn can be.

Don't get me wrong you won't find any 'Clint Eastwood's' or 'Dare's' on the album, that's not the direction the album has taken. But it is solid and it is consistent. The beauty of the album is that its deeper appeal is something set to slow release, it will work its way in slowly. 'Joplin Spider' is brilliant and 'Revolving Doors' is one of the highlights of the album. You will find yourself singing "Revolving door in London to a foggy day in Boston" on loop for a very long time, it's ferociously addictive.

All in all there is far less pressure involved, it is not as epic, it is simply Albarn doing what Albarn does best. Through the guise of 2-D Albarn gives us a pre-cursory hint "the Fall is mostly just me...something more gentle and's just me and an iPad really mucking about...trying out some stuff. Just looking at America and then tapping on the screen...I'm not really concentrating too hard on it". And that is exactly how it should be anticipated. Don't over expect and you will be pleasantly surprised.
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on 27 April 2011
Don't expect this to be the full bells-and-whistles extravaganza of a full Gorillaz album release. It makes more sense to compare it to the D-Sides and G-Sides collections in feel because it is a disparate collection of short songs and musical sketches that are relatively unpolished rather than designed for chart success. It is a mini album really, weighing in at only 43 minutes despite the 15 tracks.

Recorded on iPads as a series of reflections on touring and places visited on the way, it actually makes a surprisingly coherent whole. Even though the order of the tracks was dictated purely by the order that the songs were written and recorded, the sequencing is nevertheless very effective, and often tracks segue into each other seamlessly as the album shifts scenes and moods. The obvious standout tracks for me are Revolving Doors, which is furiously addictive and always leaves you wanting more after it's finished, and Amarillo, a glorious shimmering roman candle of a song. But there are plenty of other standouts: The Joplin Spider, HillBilly Man, Shy-Town, Aspen Forest and many others. In fact only two tracks seem surplus to requirements, The Speak it Mountains and Seattle Yodel, which are perhaps a noodle too far.

Over all then, a collection of mood pieces and scenes interspersed with a some really fine songs, this is a sunny laid back road trip of an album. It's a tribute too to Damon Albarn's inspiration and output, these songs were all written and recorded no more than a couple of days apart in the space of a few weeks, something I can't imagine anyone else doing these days.
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on 25 April 2011
Hey, stop treating this as a traditional 'album'. It's not just a collection of individual tracks put in some order, it's a road trip. You know road movies? You don't pull out individual scenes (though there may be good ones that stand alone). You relax and sink in to the whole journey. Do that with this album. Relax, listen, switch off criticism for a while, and just soak in the sounds of a journey. It's great! Not the best album ever laid down, but worth listening to many times.
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on 5 May 2011
I don't know what software Damon has on his iPad, but it's definitely better than mine - and Garageband wasn't out when this was recorded!

It's not the software anyway (just like owning a nice Stratocaster doesn't turn you into a good guitarist) - it's the inventiveness and creativity - in Damon's case, the almost constant stream of it - that floors you. Always has. I'm personally really happy to have been able to hear the audio diary of one of this age's greatest musical talents on a major world tour (which I imagine must be pretty exhausting in itself). Recommended.
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on 30 May 2011
Really glad I bought this album, but am a big Damon fan so I may be a little biased. I cannot fault its musical content although it perhaps lacks some of the depth of Plastic Beach. Lovely stuff.
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on 21 July 2012
I recently brought this album very hesitantly as after hearing Phoner To Arzona I was not impressed.
The album is a good listen but it is not like other Gorillaz work and is a very experimental album. It sounds more like a movie score that an album, neither the less it was a good album.

Although I was not impressed with the packaging, it comes in a cardboard case which is bent very easily and it does not contain a booklet at all which is very displeasing.

- Music 6/10 Good, but not the Gorillaz we all know and love
- Product 4/10 Enjoyed the artwork but the rest is quite bland and the lack of booklet lets it down
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on 5 September 2013
"...and yes, it's a diary of a sort of sonic journey around America. [...] It's another record from Gorillaz, but I don't think you could classify it as THE NEXT Gorillaz album." I just quoted Damon Albarn from one of his interviews (French one, you can look it up) and this album is exactly what he says it is.

Short, very interesting tracks that flow fluently from one into the other and have a very distinct American feel to them that is transferred via musical samples, instruments and lyrics. The album definitely doesn't go whole hog with guest appearances, orchestras, fancy equipment or heart-stopping back-up vocals. It's 2D's album: simple and melancholic. And many reviewers seem to have overlooked these facts.

I had to listen to it several times before I actually got the feel to it and it grew on me. Tracks like Revolving Doors, The Joplin Spider, The Snake in Dallas and of course, the highlight of the album (imho) Amarillo - are very, very captivating. I bought the CD copy which was also available as a free MP3 download and I feel that I've done the right thing. I really hope Gorillaz continue making music!

About the physical copy of the CD: it comes in a thin cardboard case, inside it you are given information which musical instruments were used, who performed the and wrote the songs, where and when each song was written.
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on 24 May 2011
I was bitterly disappointed when I first heard this album. However, was it fair of me to expect it to be a carbon copy of albums past? After a few listens, I think it's not a bad album at all, great background music or for in the car. If you're new to the Gorillaz, visit the earlier stuff first, but for anyone else, this album is well worth the price and is another interesting aspect of the Gorillaz' evolution.
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on 20 February 2013
I had heard an album by Gorillaz prior to listening to this one, and it did nothing for me at all; i have a recollection of it being cacophonous noise; however, "the fall", is, for me at least, a wonderful expression of musical talent and creativity; it is quirky, varied, and highly melodic with some truly beautiful vibes in amongst generous scatterings of thrillingly adventurous musical explorations. i love it and get really moved by some of the sublime vocal work that can only extend from a singer that is coming from the heart.
There one flaw in this otherwise 5 star worthy collection, and that is the truly baffling addition of a short yodel track right at the end which is akin to being served a raw clove of garlic to chew on after a sumptuous meal; i don't know what the logic was here and i m making no effort to find out; the yodeling had to go; i couldn't get rid of it fast enough; without it, this is one of the most refreshing and interesting albums that has come my way in years and i am filled with admiration for the musicians responsible every time i listen to it.
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on 8 June 2011
As a long-standing Gorillaz fan, I felt that this one was not up to the normal standard. Whilst re-invention is a key part of the Gorillaz appeal, this seems to have gone a little too far left-field. It will probably not get much air time in my house or car.
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