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on 27 August 2012
Bought this based on price and its good reviews.

It's small, and i like it.

I am a recording engineer of a good few years and have always associated 'wireless audio' and 'bluetooth' with horrific crap sounding mush that you shouldn't waste your time on.

however, having done some simple tests (using a nexus 7 i might add) with a wired connection and then switching to this bluetooth wireless receiver, i couldn't reliably tell the difference between tracks i had personally recorded mixed and mastered.

i also went a bit further and placed a 24bit 48k pink noise .wav file on my N7 and played it and recorded the sound into my laptop with decent quality soundcard attached.

i recorded once through the wired headphone out, then again over bluetooth.

comparing these two 'pink noise' sounds (thats all freqs playing together, sounds nasty but good for testing) and boosting certain freqs with EQ, etc. i couldn't spot any differences. i expected some graviliness up top for example, but not really.

maybe just maybe a tiny bit of roughness around 10k if your volume levels from sending device aren't set up right. i doubt that is reliable to be honest, its so marginal.

this test doesn't check noise-floor, but its minimal to barely noticably unless your hifi is set to crazy loud. not a worry.

from googling the quality is ~ 320-350kbps over A2DP, which effectively is nigh-on CD quality less a few frequencies only 17yr olds and below can hear well..

so don't worry about it, basically!

using this with a nice tablet to select tunes and do other things is total musical jukeboxy freedom.

remember most of the 'i can hear the difference' stuff your expert chums might say is mostly perception/expectation bias, test it properly and most folk won't know imo.
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on 15 January 2014
I've had this for a number of months now and have used it a fair few times and it does work and the sound seems pretty good. So why only 3 stars?

Well, it's the battery life, the description states up-to 12 hours, I can't believe this for a second, my maximum has been 2 hours at most and that's the very reason for the 3 stars because you can't charge and use it at the same time so essentially it's now become redundant in my car and I'll need to look for another option.

If you can be sure you'll only need short bursts of music and will have it constantly charged up then I would give this a go but for me I need an option that will allow me to charge it via my car cigarette lighter and still be able to use the device as well, if it did this it would be absolutely perfect.
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on 1 December 2013
I wanted a bluetooth adapter for my Bose Wave system so I could stream music from my phone. Bose are charging an eye watering £129 for one. This is a great alternative. Easy to pair and no break up of sound in the same room. Would recommend this.
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on 15 January 2013
If you're looking for something to plug in to your hifi and forget about then bingo - you've found a really great way to stream sound from a bluetooth device. Quality is absolutely fine - I'm not an audiophile and neither are 99% of music listeners so let's not get hung up on perfection. It's easy to connect and, once connected continues to pick up my iphone / ipad so long as the device is charged. The reason I've not given it a five star review is simply that the wire connecting the jack plug to the device is very, very delicate. I bought the device to go with a set of travel speakers and have concerns about slinging this little thing around. If you're looking to buy this for the car / travel etc I'd maybe recommend spending an extra tenner and buying a slightly more robust alternative. Ditto if you expect it to be stuffed down the back of the stereo in a place where you might need to be less than delicate when it comes to pulling the plug out (or buy an extension cable). If you're going to be using it at home in an easily accessible place to plug in and out between charges then fill your boots - it'll be just what you're after.
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on 22 April 2011
This tiny device lets you play music from an iPhone/iPod or a bluetooth-enabled laptop to a stereo, active speakers, or anything that has an 'AUX IN' connector.

It pairs straight away with both my iPhone and laptop, and lets me play and control music from wherever I want to be. I've just used it to play my music from my IPhone over my camper-van audio system while on holiday for a week, and it worked flawelessly. It was liberating to be able to move about inside and outside the van and be able to skip tracks and change what was playing.

Charging: a One-hour charge with the supplied USB lead lasted for ages - I played music for an hour or so a day for six days.
Sound Quality: Awesome
Build Quality: Very good.
Ergonomics: It's very small and quite fiddly to press the pair/power button, but you don't do this often, so no big problem.
Range: I used it within a 10 metre range with no problems.
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on 18 January 2014
Smaller than expected but in a good way! This is a lot smaller than it looks in the advert. The fly lead is quite short which makes limits your options for where to position it. Rather than leave it dangling which is guaranteed to put strain on the lead and break it over time, secured it using some 3m double sided tape. Sound quality is better than I had expected. Have tried these things before and picked up awful hums and buzzes from the cars electrical system. Not a hint with this, just crystal clear sound. (You do get sum hum if you plug the supplied charging lead in) the interal battery is good for several hours on a charge.
review image
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on 29 June 2013
I got my receiver today and it connected up easily from an iPhone when connected to the aux port on a Tivoli Radio. Sound quality was good, not quite hifi but I wasn't expecting that from a phone. The connection seems reliable and the range is great, phone in bedroom, radio in bathroom and still had a signal.

I had hoped to get better quality from music files on my MacBook but was unable to connect to the receiver, I got a message saying it was incompatible. I nearly started to write a crummy review but did a quick search online first. It seems that MacBooks have many problems with a2dp Bluetooth connections, the forums are full of complaints going back years. Apple has obviously been sitting around on its very expensive butt rather than fixing it and there don't seem to be any easy workarounds.

Anyway, the receiver is very good, well worth the few quid to give a new lease of life to my old radio. The £1500.00 I spent on the MacBook Pro, maybe not such a good buy!
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on 9 December 2011
I've been looking for a tidy solution for playing my I-Phone music in the car since I bought my current vehicle (they seem to have gone out of their way to design a dashboard to which nothing can be attached). Cables pick up ignition interference. FM transmitters need re-tuned about every ten miles as local stations drift in an out. Docks compete with sat-nav for the "cigarette lighter" socket. This simple and tiny little gadget is exactly what I was looking for.

It's powered by an internal rechargeable battery, which can be re-charged with a supplied leed from a USB power source. This is a detail which should be more prominent on the specs. The power source is not generally mentioned in the adds, and it was something I needed to know before purchasing. It's great - not being lumbered with yet another redundant transformer plug.

It's about the size of a large postage stamp (if a tad thicker). You plug its very short leed into the aux socket on you car stereo, and let it dangle. That's all the wiring involved.

Get in the car, set the radio to "aux", push the button on the receiver until the blue light appears. Then just fire up your music app, and put the phone back into your pocket. When I leave the car the i-phone detects the lost connection and halts the playback. Audio cues from the phone (incoming messages etc.) don't come through deafening loud as used to happen with a wired system.
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on 14 June 2013
What a fantastic device,it works with the ipad straight out of the box...ok...had to charge it first,done in 3 hrs,lasted all night when we had it linked to pad at party,playing playlists we had made the day before,cannot fault this item,or any 7 dayshop items that I am using,highly recommend...10/10
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on 13 April 2012
I don't often feel compelled to write a review--but this product is so much better than I was expecting.

It paired effortlessly with iphone and ipad, works easily within any room, and through my Jamo speakers the sound seems the same as a wired connection. No doubt it can't be truly audiphile quality, but the bass and treble are all great--I would have to really want to listen for differences to criticise.

It charges in about 2 hours, and lasts for 12. The only caveat is that you cant charge it and use it at the same time-but being bettery powered means you can use it anywhere!

I use it to..

stream internet radio from my iphone to decent speakers
improve the sound quality on gaming apps without having to be tethered to a wire
play audio in the car through a standard 3.5mm input (my car doesn't have bluetooth built in-that would be even better!)

In conjuntion with a bluetooth transmitter I could also connect my TV wirellesly to my home hi-fi for movies and games!

If you are hesitating over what the quality will be like, for 14.99 this is a bargain!
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