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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 28 October 2011
I bought this as a protection for my disabled sons Ipad2 which we bought for him as a comunication aide. He is apt to drop things and bang them down, so a good all round protection is needed.
The Griffin GB02480 Survivor Military Duty Case with Stand for iPad 2 meets all our needs and I would recomend it to anyone with simular needs.
Griffin GB02480 Survivor Military Duty Case with Stand for iPad 2
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on 23 August 2011
Been using this for about three weeks now, a breakdown on my thoughts in this time...

Build quality: it comes as a two piece item. An internal plastic cage with a clear screen protector holds the iPad, and a thick rubber shell fits very snuggly around this. It has been designed to fit together very well. I do take the claims on water, sand and wind with a pinch of salt, but I would say that I am a lot less worried about damaging it now.

Access to buttons: there are flaps to the various sockets and these are easy enough to open. I am not 100% sure on the one for the mic at the top, as it seems a little flimsy compared to the others. However, the buttons for volume, sleep and menu have been engineered very well indeed. In fact, altering the volume is much easier than without the case on. The front camera is permanently available, and the rear one has a flap you need to hold back if you want to take a shot (but as the weakest feature of the iPad, it's only good for videos). One big drawback for me is that although you can get the standard dock connector on fine, you cannot get the camera connector kit on without dismantling the whole thing. A right royal pain as I use this quite regularly.

Look and feel: ok, so you can get rid of the "look at my ipad2, isn't it slim and light" attitude with this. However, you can replace it with a "look this bad beast" smugness. It looks secure, it looks safe, and, in my opinion, it looks kind of cool in a rugged way. The rubber feels great and grippy, it's textured well with a soft, tactile surface.

Screen protector: I like the idea of a screen protector, but it was a bit `squeaky' when using the device, and it seemed to offer some resistance. I had read on one review that it could scratch easily. Looking at the material I could well believe that. My laughable solution? I cut down a regular screen protector and put this on top! So now I have a screen protector, the case's screen protector and another screen protector. Is my mild autism showing now?

Stand: it also comes with a clip on stand that attaches to the sides when in portrait mode (and so top/bottom) in landscape. A useful extra. It's not the most well-engineered piece of plastic I have ever seen, but it does what is needed and grips very well. It gives a good angle for typing as well as a more vertical one for resting/viewing on a desk or similar flat surface.

Price: it is in the range of what seem higher-quality cases. I treat this as part damage insurance, so don't mind the extra premium if it saves the device from destruction.

Summary: as a protective case, this does exactly what is needed. It has combined sturdiness with a terrific design. I feel that I can put this down anywhere, in any bag and even out and about in dodgy weather. I am less worried now.

For a mobile device, protection is what I wanted. 9/10 (1 off for the camera connector issue)
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on 16 April 2012
I have 2 children with autism and wanted the most robust case I could find to protect their ipads. As the have severe learning disabilities, they dont understand the concept of being careful with things yet.
In the 2 weeks they have been using their ipads with the survivor case, it has been dropped a fair few times on both carpeted and a tiled floor and on stairs, with no damage to the ipad.
I am so relieved to have found something that lets them use the ipad as a communication and learning tool, without having to be a nervous wreck about them handling it.
I would recommend it to anyone with young children or children with special needs.
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on 7 January 2013
I went for this Griffin Survivor Ipad cover for my 4th Gen New Ipad. My Ipad did fit the cover but it wasnt as secure as I had hoped. I was after the outer screen protective layer to fit with clamshell type claspings to the body of the cover. I returned this product because I felt it was a cheap design with not much thought gone into the construction despite claiming to hold military spec durability. I later learnt through Griffin customer services that they have updated their model for 2012 and they recommended product code GB35108 that held the ipad in place with the 4 clamshell type claspings. I have ordered GB35108 and we'll see soon how it stands up to the hype.
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on 1 April 2012
We got this to protect the household iPad from the whims of a 5 year old girl who runs when she can walk and falls over & drops things as readily as hold them as 5 year olds do. However all that dropping banging, being sat on & being used to correct teddy whilst it's being naught would, I think, have killed the iPad had it not been protected in such a manner.

OK this doesn't provide the excellent design aesthetics of the 'nude' version, however no longer do I have to wince when my daughter drops it or spills her drink over it or generally acts with a 5 year old with it.


...... So great in fact that I've ordered one in black for my one :), no i dont chastise teddys or daughter with it, or spill drinks over it, all i do is accently drop it or miss putting it into the bag and end up with it falling on the the floor corner first - except noe I don't panic as I know I am totally secure
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on 11 September 2012
This is an impressive case offering significant protection with a two-layer design, however be warned that it adds quite a bit of bulk and weight to the new ipad. The quality is high and the fit is perfect with dedicated cut outs or flaps for cameras (Front and back), volume rocker, on/off switch, speaker and dock connector. Whilst I have not tested it, I am inclined to believe that it would remain dry if exposed to rain.

There is a plastic screen protector built into the front. It succeeds in protecting the Ipad from the rain but it reduces the responsiveness of the ipad screen somewhat - it works perfectly if you apply a little greater force than normal but if you expect to use feather light touches, I would say that around 20% of the time, gestures are missed through the built in protector.

More problematic however is that the screen protector occludes the sharpness and clarity of the retina display - the screen is still clearly visible but the crispness and beauty of the retina display is lost somewhat.

Whilst the screen protector protects the ipad screen from fingerprints, it picks up fingerprints itself. The other issue is that it marks very easily and once this has happened, there is no way to repair this.

The one great thing however is that the screen protector can be removed as it is attached to the front of the case with double sided sticky tape. If you buy a dedicated screen protector that does not reduce responsiveness or cloud the retina display, you can remove the plastic one built in the case. This would however make it less waterproof.

If you drop your ipad with this case, it would be protected most of the time, the rubber will absorb much of the force and even if dropped screen side down onto the floor, the rubber lip would serve its purpose. However, if you dropped it onto a protrusion that hits the screen directly however, the screen will feel the full force of the impact. The built in screen protector will not help for this.

There is a stand built into the case which clips on and can be removed if required. It is rather limited as it has only two positions, open (0 degrees) and closed (approx 40 degrees). It does the job and is useful but I would not trust its stability in a moving vehicle. One other issue is that the way it clips onto the rubber case seems to have loosened a little since I bought it. It is not really a problem but maybe down the line it could become an issue.

Finally, the new Ipad seems to produce significant amounts of heat at times and this case prevents proper ventilation. This has not caused a problem for me but just be aware of this if you spend hours playing GPU intensive games, it might become an issue.

To conclude, this is a heavy duty case that offers substantial protection but results in added bulk and weight. The quality of the main case is high, the fit is perfect and there are dedicated cut-outs/flaps so that everything is accessible. The screen protector may protect against dust and water and a degree of scratching to the ipad screen, but it reduces responsiveness, clarity and marks easily. It however can be removed easily. The removable stand is useful but limited in its diversity of positions and whilst is reasonably stable for everyday use, it will fall if you knock a table with sufficient force. A good purchase for the price. Whether it is actually military duty, is open to opinion. It is certainly the most protective type of case I have encountered and I would feel comfortable letting little children use my ipad in the way that a child would. Thank you Griffin and Amazon.
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on 8 March 2012
Just got my cover today...could not be happier!!! Smashed my iPad screen after I bought it so was looking for a product that would really protect my iPad and this is definitely it!! The built in screen protector is genius because I am useless putting on screen protectors and despise air bubbles!! I don't think the cover makes it very bulky....just easier to grip....I don't worry when I hold it or when I let other people hold it anymore. I was a bit dubious when I read some bad reviews and I personally never review products but really felt this is one worth talking about. Well worth the money and would recommend!!! Also I have no problem opening the little covers......and don't even think its necessary to open them for sound because the sound is perfect!! You won't regret this purchase!
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on 10 November 2014
I bought this 2 years ago for my iPad2 as I was looking for a solid case for it.

When the product arrived and I realised how much time and effort was involved in setting it up I immediately regretted buying it.

When I did eventually install it, it looked much more heavy duty than I expected and I was very impressed by its quality.

Its made of a high grade extremely thick rubber material and there is a transparent clear perspex screen that comes with it. The product is very heavy and will significantly increase the weight of your iPad2.

Its design allows you to grip it very firmly and it does not slip off your lap like an iPad does without the case. There are ruber hole openings for the MIC, charger, cameras etc which allows you to access all areas of your iPad and the only hassle I found was when you try taking photos with it.

To say that this product is heavy duty would be an understatement and I must admit that it has saved my device on a number of occasions: 2 Full Coffee Spills and 2 Full drops on the floor from waist height.

Although many will not want such a heavy case on their lap, I believe that this product is more geared towards careers and intrests that offer greater risk to dropping / liquid spillages such as farmers / military / cooks / gardeners / artists/ oil rig workers and mechanics etc.

If you wish to provide feedback on this review please follow the link below. Thanks.
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on 11 September 2013
My advice is be very very careful when buying a 'Griffin' case on Amazon. I am now 100% convinced I have a fake.

I have kept my original review below. Having had time to have a close look I am now in no doubt that this is a fake Griffin case. The screen protector is glued very badly to the holder. Just looking at the join it is easy to see where there is no or little adhesive. Also there is no uniformity as to how the glue has been applied as in some places excessive glue has been applied. On looking at the screen protector even before it was applied I could see scratch marks in the form of swirls. The packaging as mentioned below caused me concern.

I have a Griffin case for my iPhone and I can tell the difference with the quality.

The simple answer is you cannot buy a genuine Griffin at a cheap price.

I also find it a challenge that the suppliers of these cases change on a regular basis. Some appear to have UK names but when you check their details that are based in China.


I have given this three stars as I am not totally convinced that it is a genuine Griffin case.

The item arrived with the packaging damaged, although the Griffin case was totally undamaged. On looking at the packing the barcode was in the wrong place. It is on the bottom of the packaging rather than being on the back, bottom right corner. The bar code number matched. This gives me some concerns at it could possibly be a fake. The iPad 2 fits well into the case. Another thing is the instructions on how to open the case were inside the case and I had to go on the Griffin website to check to make sure I didn't cause any damage when I opened it. There are plenty of websites that give advice of spotting fake Griffin cases. Over the next month or so I will see how it performs and compare any issues to these websites and update this review as necessary.

I cannot comment yet on how well it protects my iPad yet.
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on 14 December 2013
This product is a fake and as a result I have another smashed ipad ! Really disappointed that amazon allows fake goods to sold on its site. An expensive lesson but one learnt, I'll now be buying direct from Griffin. Shame on you for exploiting people like this :(
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