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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 November 2011
In 40 years of using SLR cameras I have never found a camera strap that works. Sticking a strap on an SLR may free two hands but what to do with the camera. Round the neck, over the shoulder, swing it by hand. Nothing really works, if the camera is not being used its in the way and ready to swing into the nearest solid object. if the camera is being used the damned strap is in the way. Every time I buy a new camera I fit the included strap. Why I bother I don't know as I always take it off again within 24 hours.

Until I found the SpiderPro the nearest thing to a practical solution I had found was the Black Rapid strap which at least fitted to the tripod bush so the camera did not swing round when heavy lenses or a flash gun was fitted but now I have a Spider Pro does anyone want a second hand Black Rapid.

OK it's not actually a strap but all I want is somewhere to safety put my camera when I am not using it, something that is reasonably safe and secure and something that does not strain neck, shoulders or camera and this thing ticks all the boxes. I have tried my Nikon D7000 with battery grip, heavy wide zoom tele, lens hood and large flash. Hang this lot round the neck and its unstable and extremely uncomfortable, hang it from a SpiderPro and the only problem is remembering its hanging from your waist when walking through doorways. Yes it really is that comfortable.

The camera part screws into the tripod slot so yet something else that needs taking off when I want to fit a tripod bracket, No. The bracket has five standard screw threads, one takes the SpiderPro "pin" that clips in the belt holder and the other four can be used to permanently fix tripod bracket, wrist strap, etc. The belt part is beautifully engineered and very easy to use. Drop the camera pin in the slot and the camera locks in, press small catch with other hand and camera lifts out. Even if the facility to lock the catch open is used it is hard for the camera to come out of the clip by accident.

I thought about this strap for weeks as over £100 for a belt to carry the camera seems really hard to justify. Now I wonder why I waited.
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on 25 August 2011
used this piece of equipment for the first time on my walk up snowden in north wales what can i say where do i start it was absolutly brilliant my hands were free no dragging on my neck and it fitted my not so slim waist comfortably the action to release is great and the camera was at my eye level within a second stunning photos taken would highly recommend to anybody.
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on 17 February 2015
This was right at the top of my Christmas list following hours of research into what should finally replace the OEM camera strap on my Nikon D7100. I was in the market for a system specifically suited to hiking trips, that wouldn't interfere with taking off a backpack or removing/putting on a jacket like the strap did; yet be generally more comfortable - taking the weight off a single shoulder - while also offering more security. No small ask!

When I came across the Spider Pro online I was a bit skeptical at first, but after reading and watching lots of reviews (most of which were nothing short of glowing) I decided it was easily worth the gamble. If it worked out then that was hiking sorted; but, for just grabbing the camera quickly I'd still need something a bit simpler and more discrete. More on this later...

So I found this thing works exactly as described. Initially this doesn't sound that flattering, but when you read the claims from the manufacturer and all the rave reviews out there that's actually quite a feat. It's comfortable and, because it's on your hip, the weight of a mid-weight DSLR just becomes irrelevant. Unhooking the camera from the holster to shoot and replacing it is smooth and seemless, and the camera feels extremely secure when in it's back in place on the holster.

I've found only a few minor 'flaws' with the Spider Pro. Firstly, a few people have said it looks 'good' or 'cool'. No, it really doesn't; only us camera buffs who appreciates solid gear could ever think that! It looks exactly like the geeky, secure piece of camera gadgetry that it is. The most redeeming fashion feature is that your (t-)shirt will cover the thick strap as long as you wear one long and loose enough to cover a regular belt. Then it's just the camera on show, which isn't half as bad. The second 'flaw' is that once the camera is off the holster it's just you and your trusty hands with no additional always-present security that a camera strap offers by design. If you drop your camera now there is no fail-safe! And lastly, once the tripod mount system is place it's awkward to sit the camera down on a flat surface, but you just have to think it through a little as you're laying it down.

So, what about those 'grab the camera and go' scenarios that seem to be more frequent than planned hikes? I decided to pick up a wrist strap and I couldn't have planned how well this combination works together! When I'm out with the camera and not using the Spider Pro I just carry the camera in my hand, ready to shoot with the wrist strap attached for security. When not in use I'll also let the camera hang down and grip the wrist strap taught so the camera isn't swinging about. It's completely comfortable and secure, and both me and the camera are ALWAYS ready this way. If I need a rest the camera just goes straight back in my bag. When used with the Spider Pro, the wrist strap adds that extra layer of security that is missing when the camera isn't on the holster. The wrist strap I bought has a clip so I can detach myself from the camera when it's securely on the holster again. Perfect! So if you're going for a Spider Pro (which I highly recommend), then I strongly recommend also spending a few pounds on a decent and comfortable wrist strap with a detachable clip for added security. I seriously think Spider should consider bundling one with the Spider Pro!

In my days of research I didn't come across anything better suited to my specific needs (isn't that just what camera gear purchases should be all about - catering to your shooting style?). It's elegant in its execution, comfortable and secure. 5 stars.
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on 21 September 2014
I recently bought one of these after extensive research into various types of camera carrying straps etc. I can only re-iterate some of the previous comments. It takes a while to get used to but its is so easy to use and takes all the strain off your shoulders and neck.

A couple of negatives though: be very careful when the camera is attached when you squat down to pick something up. you might end up banging the lens / camera on the floor. I would recommend using your lens hood at all times to protect the lens. Also after two weeks of using the belt, the clip / release mechanism failed. I can no longer turn the lock off. It hasn't been a problem though as I quite like the security of knowing the lock is always securing your camera to your side without having to think about it.
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on 15 May 2011
I have found this product to be incredibly good. Carrying your DSLR camera on your hip feels odd for the first 30mins then you forget it is there. The build quality of the holster is excellent and the camera sits securly within it. Removing the camera is very easy. I have both the Black Widdow and the Spider Pro - I recomend you get the Spider Pro because it feels less obtrusive and is much better made. I purchased this for carrying my camera around theme parks - this is a situation where the camera can easily become a burden. However with this that never happens. Try it out - you will not regret it!
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on 1 July 2012
This is really a great product. Maybe a trifle over-priced, but then so is most photo kit these days.
This is far superior to any similar product (including Spider's cheaper Black Spider), simply because of the mounting plate - this shifts the centre of balance of the camera so it hangs horizontally rather than letting the lens hang down . This stops the lens being vulnerable, and also stops a zoom from winding its way out and getting in the way. Also, the pad attached to the belt stops the camera rubbing on your hip.
With the camera at your right hip, you simply take hold of the grip part of the camera and lift it to your eye in one movement, finger already in place on the shutter release. (You can lock it into the holster for extra security, but you only need to do this if you're bending down or climbing about - or if you expect a thief to come up behind you). Well worth having for those occasions when you don't have time to get the camera out of its bag between shots.
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on 24 January 2014
Just purchased the spider pro and needed to remove the pin to fit the other side, on using the wrench just by hand it bent in half and still did not remove the pin, which means I'm stuck, the only way out for me is to purchase another pin. Not really on for an item of this priceh
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on 22 April 2015
I've used Black Rapid shoulder straps but found in some situations the strap could get in the way.
A new solution needed.
Tested with a Canon 1Dx and 70-200 F2.8.
In with the Pro system (it includes all necessary bits to start plus a spare Allen key and screws).
Build - Solid. The metal parts are all high quality and seem to be machined from single blocks, including the main bolt.
The the belt is again high quality and is easily adjusted.
Initially it seems strange to wear but this soon disappears.
The camera and lens sit as described flush with the body.
Release and lock of the camera is simple but efficient.
Very little movement when walking, no bouncing against the body and surprisingly comfortable.
However with several grands worth hanging on it I tend to hold the camera not quite ready to trust it completely.....
I suspect I'm being very, very cautious.
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on 5 March 2012
The belt works perfectly. Simple to use and comfortable to wear and well constructed. I use it with a canon 5d
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on 3 November 2012
I love this belt, reduced the apparent weight of my 7D and is very comfortable. Does not provide any security against dropping the camera when not in the belt so fit a D ring so you can use a wrist or shoulder strap. I use both with the shoulder strap being a single loop allowing the camera to sit in the belt without being tight.
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