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on 25 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My old electric strimmer was only fit for the bin so I decided to go for the petrol option. This seemed to be a good choice.

being used to a lightweight electric strimmer I was quite surprised at the weight of this one. There is a harness that goes with it which you will definitely need to use. Obviously a petrol engined strimmer is going to be heavier but it was still a surprise. It is also quite noisy. OK at tickover but when you start strimming it is noisy (and smokey but hopefully that will reduce with usage).

It works very well and seems of reasonable quality but you won't be popular with the neighbours if you like to strim early on a Sunday morning.
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on 11 April 2013
I bought this machine recently on a whim really as i needed to clear some area in the garden that had grown heavy brush material in the garden (dont ask!) - which i couldnt for the life of me get rid of! So i was looking for a good way of removing this so i could get some neat and tidyness back to the garden with what i hope will be a good summer (fingers crossed!)- i saw a good article recently about brushcutters and how they can clear areas in the garden with dense garden shrubs and weeds.I didnt want to spend too much and was a bit nervous about a company i had never heard of before - but then again i have hardly heard of any others apart from Flymo and Bosch - But this was a good buy!

This product arrived in quick time and has been an absolute saviour over the last 3 weeks! I have never used a petrol product before but the autochoke system which took a little time to get used to seems to have converted me into a petrol garden head (if there is such a thing!). This machine started and stopped with great ease and generated enough power to clear through the heavy shrub and weeds with no problem whatsoever. The controls on the handle was a great thing which meant i could start and stop as i pleased. The harness strap it came with was a god-send as it strapped me up nicely so i could walk around the garden and clear all the garden clutter in my way - i felt like a real gardener pro!

What i wasn't expecting which came as a very nice suprise was the fact that i could convert it to a grass edger as it came with a string spool which i could attached and do some neat edging as well! It made my electric Bosch grass edger redundant ;(

All in all a very fun product to use and a very practical garden accessory with the 2-in-1 action.

I never heard of Einhell before - but i visited their website and saw that i could get lots of little bits for this machine in the future in case there are any problems - which up to now there hasnt been (touch wood) - so all in all i am a happy man!

I'm now looking to get a petrol lawnmower to see how i get on with that! Wish me luck.
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on 10 July 2012
If you just have soft grass of around 100 - 200mm long, then this product is ideal.
As soon as you put it into clumps of Yorkshire Fog grass, Bull Rushes, nettles, thistles, wild rose or blackberry bushes forget it, as it simply does not have the power to chew through.
If you plan to use it in this thicker, denser material then my advice would be to go for the slightly more expensive 43cc machine, which at around £170 isn't too badly priced, when you consider getting into the professional stuff, something like a 45cc Efco starts at around £350+ and an extra £100 on top of that for a basic Husqvarna or Stihl.
Obviously the Einhell isn't designed to be used everyday by the likes of a grass cutting contractor or landscape gardener, but for home use the 25cc or the 43cc Einhell will be ideal.
One other point I would stress is to ensure that you - as should always be the case - use clean fresh petrol, because these strimmers sold on the domestic market require nothing else but.
Spare Parts are readily available, and if you do end up taking it to a repair shop either for a service or repair, check on the website for prices of parts that those niggly non-starting, or running like a bag of spanners problems require, to make sure your repair shop isn't ripping you off. Examples of things that are most likely after a year or two to tend to go wrong, are the ignition coil or carburettor. This is even the case in the professional market, and is a common fault with these types of machines, regardless of manufacturer. A new carburettor for example for a Einhell is around £27, a coil is around £22, and get this - a new piston is around a tenner! So you can't really go wrong with that.
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on 25 November 2013
I'm usually delighted with Amazon, but this time everything seems to have gone wrong.

Reading the reviews of Einhell brushcutters, I decided to go for the 'big brother' of the 25cc, the Einhell 43/1 43cc model. One thing that particularly reassured me was the 2 year warranty and the back-up of Einhell UK offering spares if anything went wrong.

Delivery was unusually slow, it took something like 10 days- the slowest I've had from Amazon. Product looked good, and although assembly instructions were a bit pigeon Sino-English, it wasn't rocket science to get it assembled. It started easily, and the performance was excellent, at this point I was delighted. Then after about 3 hours use I found the cutting head was starting to rotate out of position. Looking down it was apparent the 'locking lever' which unites the upper and lower drive-shafts had simply sheared at the base and sprung off into the undergrowth. It appears to have been made from very brittle low grade metal. (A quality users of Chinese made items may be familiar with). German designed, built by Trotter's Trading?

Reassured by Einhells back-up, I rang Einhell UK and a nice scouse lady promised to send out the part. 2 days later she e-mailed to say they didn't have one and couldn't get it. They suggested I asked Amazon for another new machine. Ridiculous I thought, having to have a whole new machine for want of a small part. Applied for another machine and 'presto'- we are out of stock, but you can have a full refund. Great, not only was there no spares, there was no replacement machine. Rather glad I found this out before the warranty ran out. I'd question how genuine Einhells claimed spares and back up service is. Was told they do carry 'parts' like the trimming line and cutting head- well that's not what I call 'spares', more like consumables. Seems if it goes wrong they prefer you to chuck it and buy another.

Amazon's return process seems straightforward, but for the human factor. I wrapped it well, printed the returns label, was told a day and then a one hour slot when 'DPD' would collect it. Rearranged my day to wait for them.... and waited....and waited... and eventually gave up waiting as it was well past the alloted pick up time and went out leaving a somewhat terse note on the door to the effect of 'you didn't turn up, I've gone out'.

So here we are, late delivery, broken machine, no spares, no replacement, no pick-up, no refund yet. Not the best experience so far, reckon I'll be buying a 'proper' machine from a Stihl or Hudqvarna dealer; they do have a genuine after sales service, good build quality and do carry spares. Very disappointing.
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Having never used a strimmer / brushcutter before, I was forced to look into buying one when we moved to our new place and found that we has about 100 metres of dense brambles to clear as well as some overgrown weeds around fencing and various trees. Reviews looked good and price was reasonable, so went for the Einhell. Have listed below pros & cons.

Good Points:

Starts easily


Cuts through dense brambles with ease

Bad Points

Instruction manual is terrible with no wording, just some grainy black & white pics showing assembly

Harness is badly designed and hard to fathom

Putting in new one is a major pain and not intuitive.


After a month or so, it developed a terribly bad vibration that just about shook my fillings out, so have t used again.
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on 23 July 2013
I've only had this machine a few days but so far I like this strimmer. As usual the manual could have been written better but assembly was straightforward and the instructions largely unnecessary. Once built it felt sturdy and well designed.

It tackled a 200 sq m area of rough ground without problems and was easy to start hot or cold. Brushcutter in particular was the most useful easily taking out 2cm thick saplings. The line cutter seemed a bit less effective and the head tended to become tangled in the long grass which is annoying having to clean it regularly - even a few stalks around the head tended to slow down the machine making it less effective and probably not doing the clutch much good either. However that comes down to choosing the right tool for the job - my fault. I haven't had to refill the line spool yet. The procedure looks easy enough in the manual but we'll see.

Likes: feels solid; starts easy; not too heavy
Dislikes: weeds tangling around the head
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on 14 July 2013
if you have ever been to Hell and Back, you may have noticed that Satan's back garden is sometimes very overgrown and other times it looks like its been napalmed. Well, that is because he uses one of these strimmers, which with the three bladed cutter fitted is extremely effective and is so much fun to use that the Prince of Darkness never bothers to change to the wimpy nylon thing. Starting is not that easy, but the choke kicks off efficiently and idle is smooth. It is easy to assemble and does not take very long and the instructions are fine, no matter what some of the others say. The only drawback is the vibration is phenomenal and I strongly recommend that you take frequent breaks to avoid losing all feeling in your hands for about 20 mins. Whilst this does not bother the Evil One, I don't think it would be suitable for use by humans as a gardening tool for your business for this reason. You could improvise foamy gloves or something and i am experimenting with that, but apart from that it is very effective and good value compared with the usual Chinese products whcih are very hit and miss on quality control. This looks like it has been efficiently overseen by the Germans who have for once taken advantage of the lo-cost Chinese manufacture but sorted the poor build and assembly quality. It is not smoky at 40:1 and will even dismantle for storage. The carrying strap is very effective once you work it out and it makes using too comfortable as then it gets you with the vibration. So keep the revs down to minimize that problem. I now have regained control of my garden (800 square yards) so its almost all good, apart from the vibes
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on 16 June 2014
After some research identified this item as being most ideal for work I planned to do in France. Ordered it and on receipt checked all parts were in place, unpacked it and loaded it into my car. Assembled it in France, fueled it up and primed (as per instructions and it fired up OK. My wife then started to use it and it cut out after a couple of minutes. Thought no more of it, fired it back up again and it started to make a different noise (metallic rattling) and cut out after a minute or two. This time I couldn't start it at all, seemed like the starter was not engaging with the motor. Very frustrating! Had to continue the work using manual tools!! But not as frustrating as the after sales service which was practically non-existent... Re-packaged and returned item and to add insult to injury had to pay to return it.
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on 23 June 2014
I bought this machine in March and have used around two times with as many visits to the local dealer- I say local, it is a round trip of 36 miles!! No one in my town-Uttoxeter, Staffs touches Einhel and the dealer that the customer services dept gave me don't want to deal any more so I paid each time- the after sales service is useless. The mix of petrol/oil that the manual gives is completely wrong and I had to get the garden machinery man to re-adjust the carburetor and once I had the correct mix, he had to adjust to compensate!! Getting any work done under warranty is hopeless as the dealers don't want to deal with Einhel- wish I had never bought the machine- Einhel- One Hell!!!!
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on 23 September 2013
Arrived within time period advised. Arrived with no damage to box or item. Took a while to assemble , mainly the harness, but solved the mystery and does the job well.
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