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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars4,161
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 11 December 2011
I bought these as an early birthday prezzy for my 15yr old son after much deliberation & reading of various reviews on here for all manner & makes of earphones.
He's had a few sets over the past year (including SkullCandys) that just don't seem to be able to take the frequent use.
He uses them every day on route to school or for a little gaming on his iPod Touch.
He told me that the sound quality when listening to music is very good (particularly with the dubstep that he enjoys),the bass pick-up is great,and what he said to me was "Mum,my new headphones are beast! Thankyou so much" :)

Our conclusion is that for a cheaper but quality & pretty robust set of earphones you really can't go far wrong with these ones :)

**7 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE: These earphones did finally succumb to the constant day in,day out nigh on 24/7 use that my son inflicted on them. One of the earphones did fall off of the cord completely. However my son loves them so much he has requested a 2nd pair. We'd still recommend them as you can't help just general wear & tear & pretty hard handling from a 15yr old.** :)
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on 25 October 2011
These headphones are simply amazing.

- Their technical details are very close to that of the Dr. Dre headphones at only the 1/6 of its hefty £120 price tag.
- Their noise cancelling is very good while the music produced is simply breath-taking.
- Its rich deep bass sound produced is as good at higher pitches.
- Its appearance is very aesthetically pleasing even quite cool.
- It is very comfortable even after long periods and it stays in your ears unlike many other headphones.

Very pleased with it and would recommend to everyone else who is looking for any great decent headphones at a low cost.
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on 29 November 2012
Needed some new earphones as my portable headphones were irritating my ear. Earphones tend to fall out of my ears due to them being small my siblings told me that ear canal earphones were much better in terms of sound quality but after having cheap ones and trying No Fear ones I discovered they still fall out (but this was slow and I could feel them moving which tickled my ears). After reading some reviews and having experience with JVC headphones before and liking them (Gummy Air and HA-RX300)I decided to take the plunge and buy the HAFX1X. I'm so glad I did, they came earlier so I walked to the supermarket wearing them, the noise isolating is amazing and with the smallest bud size they fit so snugly in my ears and only started falling out when I caught the cable!
I like the design especially the red cable which feels quite strong and sturdy. I love the slight curve of the ear pieces which appear to be helping them stay in my ears. I'm not an expert in sounds but I like listening to my music through earphones/headphones as I can hear slightly more, to me these sound great, definitely the best earphones I've had. The drums seem to have more depth than they used to.
The packaging they came in was annoying to get into but I managed it I like the addition of the case it appears to be quite sturdy (time will tell) and with careful folding the wire and ear pieces do fit in the case. For the price these really are worth it and I would recommend them.

UPDATE March 2013
I am gutted I went to use the headphones for a song and noticed that the sound was quieter and that I wasn't hearing all parts of the song. On closer inspection I found the wires had pulled away from the jack a bit I shall try and find my warranty and see what I can do but they haven't even lasted the year I also noticed that the casing on the right ear has a crack, I don't know how it happened as I don't abuse my headphones :( because of this I have taken a star away it's really knocked my trust in JVC.
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on 23 July 2012
Received mine within 3 days
Music Listened: R¡¦n¡¦B, Pop, Blues, Dance Floor Remixes etc etc
Player: Ipod Touch

Built and looks

Built quality is simply first class ... really sturdy with a thick cable, (tangle free to some level), I used to spent a lot of time un tangling my old earphones
The carry case is a nice addition to the value
It has a little ¡¥Bling¡¦ look with the red and black colour combination ... just like dr.dre ... but some may think of it as dr,dre¡¦s Chinese brother !!!
Over all the built and looks are really satisfying (the packing is a weapon proof one i think... u will be burning a few 100 calories to open it)

Sound quality and performance

The bass response is simply awesome, Rich, deep and not at all distorting
I¡¦ve seen many critics say that the bass is over powering,,,, come on guys, what u expect from an earphone which is marketed for a bass blast (as the name suggest... explosive)
In my personal opinion, if u hear songs in the mid or upper mid region of the volume level, its superb,,, I can hear all the Rich Bass, Generous Mids and crisp highs, without losing any thing
But if u go higher in volume, It can hurt you ,,, the bass and treble becomes unbearable ... U can adjust the equaliser a bit to overcome this to some extent, and surprisingly I found the eq setting ¡¥loudness¡¦ as comfortable one
These are like 2 sum woofers in your ears with proper song and a good music player ... i believe it will explode even more with sony walkman than ipod
It can easily go loud to louder and keep going without destortion

Overall its a superb product
Don¡¦t here to the critics if you are a normal guy who love to listen music without worrying all the frequency, mid range technical stuffs bla blah blah and all
It won¡¦t disappoint you fact it will blow your head away º
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on 30 August 2013
I chose 4 stars as they are not perfect but are very good, they are better than the earphones I owned previously - have great bass and the vocals are very clear!
I would recommend these to a friend!
review image review image
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on 3 October 2012
I purchased these to replace a set of Sony in ear headphones that I bought about 5 years ago. The ads and the 'feedback' all give the indication that deep bass is gained through these headphones. (Especially given that they have a 10mm driver!) They look great, they fit in the ear beautifully, the case is , well, good for storing them in. The down side to this is the sound output. I can't really explain how disappointed I was when I first listened to music through these headphones. There is bass, but not the deep rich sound I was expecting, I tried different sizes of bud to no avail and the original fitted ones were the most comfortable, and they did indeed cut out all of the external sound. But, there was just no depth to the bass, and the treble was just..... too trebley (if that's a word). I swapped between these and pair that I got with my Blackberry phone, and they were much deeper in bass and richer in sound, and now I'm looking at these thinking, what will I use them for, they just don't have the sound output I was expecting. I know they were, well, cheap, and that in reality, you get what you pay for, but I have to say the feedback and advertising is a wee bit misleading. OK sound output but not great, and don't be looking for the booming bass depth, it's just not there.
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on 11 April 2013
While I am by no means an audiophile, I have certainly owned my fair share of Sony's and Sennheisers over the years. These have been brilliant, the base is as punchy as any in ear head phones I have ever heard. The noise isolation is good, i wear these whenever flying and watching in flight entertainment, and they have worked great.
They knock the socks off the one pair of beats by dre in-ear headphones I have listened to. I recently listened to a pair of Beats by Dre Studio over-ear headphones. While they do sound great, I was non-plussed in comparison to these, especially when considering they cost 20 times the price and require batteries.
My boss's Atomic Floyd headphones broke after 18 months, and he was lamenting to me about spending another £100 or so on more. I told him to buy these, and said I would buy them off him for more than he paid if he was not happy. He bought them and is happy with them.
I notice the newer generation of these are smaller, and get less favourable reviews so i intend to buy more pairs of these before JVC stops production.
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on 14 July 2012
Usually i don't write product reviews but it just goes to show how amazing these headphones are.

i mean the bass is amazing you can actually compare them to beats by Dre (i mean the £250 ones not the in ear ones) and also lets don't forget the quality of the music. With these ear phones even though there's a lot of bass you would also get good clarity with good highs and mediums. so the bass does not interfere with this. well it depends on how sensitive your ears are.

some people will say that the Beats have more bass, the reason may well be because the headphones start shaking when you raise it to a certain volume (which does feel nice if i may add) but in terms of low bass frequencies (used s-class riddim for this since it got low bass frequencies but not extremely low) they were more or less the same.

And lastly just look at the price, its actually quite tearfully amazing how cheap it is considering what you get with it. Honestly the type of people who would by these headphones are the people who love bass and are also on a budget. And for all of those who would want to see how amazing the bass is just listen to Nelly ft T-pain move that body i mean WOW and i never really use to like the song until i heard it with the JVC's.

if yo want to buy in ear phone buy these NOW!!! dont hesitate or you will regret it. Just by looking at the reviews that these headphones are amazing and that the price of these are bound to increase in the future (inflation & the theory of Supply and Demand) that just reminds me i'm gonnna have to order another pair of these AAAMAZING headphones just in case.
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on 2 May 2012
Well, originally i owned an Creative EP-630, and that Earphone alone was top notch. Compared to my old earphones and headphones that doesn't provide any noise cancelling ear buds, the Creative EP-630 had a really top of the category sound and is really worth the price. And originally buying it at the price of 7 quid, now its at 10 quid looking at how high the demand of the existing headphone created by Creative Tech.

But sadly mine got broken, still works but you need to spin the earphone around and around until it starts to work again and i thought it was mainly caused by being pulled up. And was literally my own fault for sleeping while using it knowing i really move alot while asleep i probably pulled the wires connected to the earphone's causing it to malfunction.

Thats when i though of buying new Earphones and said, why not try something new? then i found this JVC HAFX1X Xtreme as a recommendation.

And in my opinion it is a decent headphone together with the EP 630 that i used to use. Although it has it draw backs compared to the EP 630.

Mainly the HAFX1X Pro's:

>Aesthetically it looks really nice together with that red and black color's

>>The wire is decent in length and the wire is solid copper and pretty stiff they havent tangled that much for me so far which is good

>>>The sound quality is good as well and its as good as the EP 630

>>>> Originally both this JVC HAFX1X and the the EP 630 had the same price so i guess it was just a matter of changing the prices but both earphones perform great!

>>>>and the Noise cancelling works pretty well! but avoid using them while crossing the road! or riding a bicycle/motorcycle

Yes i think this is a good value for money, But together with The pro's on all existing products, they will most of the time also have the Con's, but this con's are mainly things that i found after using it now for 2 weeks.


>well ive read some stuff on the reviews section and did found people saying the bass is rather too much, and i guess i have to agree with this. Depending on the soundtrack's i play and mostly they are Progressive rock, Melodic Rock, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic rock, etc. etc. and mostly instrumental's mainly listening to them while walking or doing something and making the things i do (walking, reading, Jogging etc) as the vocal for t he instrumental i mostly listen. The Bass is too much that the other sound and tunes are being overshadowed by the base. Also when i do have soundtracks with vocal, again that vocal is overshadowed by the bass, you barely hear other sound since the bass is beating that hard. But in some of the tracks i listen too the Bass doesn't act up to them.

>> the wire is probably too stiff and as always i try to tape the wire on the 3.5mm audio jack to avoid it being strained when accidentally being pulled or pressed, since its the main reasons why my headphones or earphones starts to stop working. Mainly because of the wire getting pulled. Its just that i feel its more prone to getting damage from the inside from getting pulled because the wire is more stiff (solid copper) and that its also stiff on the 3.5mm audio jack to wire connection.

Anyways its just me, overall this Earphones are good! Currently using it but still gonna get myself a new Pair of Creative EP 630 though before that version ran's out and before its prices sky rockets!

But yes both Earphones are of top quality!

And ! i don't suggest using earphones listening to soothing soundtracks while falling asleep! its imminent death for the good earphones! :<
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on 4 April 2012
I ordered these due to the high amount of good reviews and the low price. I also read some of the bad reviews but still purchased as the good vastly outweighed the bad. Firstly, shipping was swift and the headphones arrived after 2 days. The packaging was an absolute nightmare to open, it took a scalpel and a steady hand to cut through the tough plastic without damaging the headphones. You get a cheap and cheerful plastic case to store them and the standard small, medium and large earpieces that you get with most in-ear headphones. The 3.5mm jack has a really neat small plastic surround which is great, and the cord is nice and sturdy.

As for the quality... not sure what I was expecting but there are a few major problems with these headphones. I'm a bit of an audiophile so please excuse my probably over-critical review. At low volume they are good quality and have a rich overall sound. But I'm guessing most of you are looking at buying these (like I did) because you want the bass to blow you away and have pendulum make your day once more. The fact is that the audio quality at high volume on an MP3 player or iPod or phone with these headphones is worthy of about 2 maybe 2 and a half stars. I tried it in my Creative Zen and on my Samsung Galaxy S2. The Zen usually gives brilliant quality with all of my other headphones and the SGS2 is about middle of the road in terms of its audio output.

The problem these headphones have is that the treble is sometimes painfully forced and spikes way to high above the volume it should be. If for example you're listening to a track with a some kind of snare drum beat or similar 'clapping' sound which usually sits comfortably within the periphery of your ears, with these headphones it is somehow brought forward and forced right into view causing a very uncomfortable sensation in your head. This is a great shame as it blocks out the lovely rich bass that now sits in the background barely audible. I tried customizing the equalizer on both devices but no combination got rid of the problem.

The reason for 3 stars is that playing through a laptop seems to be much, much better. I have Realtek HD Audio Manager installed so maybe it's this software ironing out all the kinks. All I know is that I will now only be using them with my laptop. Now they have a rich overall sound which is far better balanced than before. And yes, the incredible bass is now audible even at high volume.
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