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4.7 out of 5 stars25
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2011
Graphics = Stunningly beautiful. Amazing lighting, textures, art-style, scale, animations and amazing attention to detail. All that with use of proper object-based motion-blur, MLAA for minimal jaggies, depth of field and fantastic volumetric lighting running at around 60fps makes this undoubtedly still the best looking console game out now. 10/10

Gameplay = The gameplay has been tweaked and perfected from previous games in the GOW series. There's four excellent main weapons at your disposal, each with its own unique combat style and magic attacks to prevent the game feeling repetitive. Also, there's three awesome sub-weapons to use. Gameplay is smooth, dynamic, responsive and extremely satisfying. 10/10

Sound = The orchestral score throughout the game is phenomenal, voice-acting is top notch, enemies/weapons/environment all sound incredible. 10/10

Content = God of War III takes around 11-12 hours to complete first time, once the single player is done you have the combat arena challenges to play through and you can create custom combat arena games. There's also hours of 'The making of God of War III' videos to watch. In terms of replayability you'll have to play through at least 2/3 times to get the most out of it. (I've played it 7 times now! I just can't get enough of this outstanding game.) 10/10

The story in God of War III is amazing but to fully appreciate it you must've played GOW 1&2 first. My advice to anyone who owns a PS3 is to get the God of War Collection (especially if you haven't already played GOW 1&2) and God of War III, even if you don't particularly like action-adventure/hack 'n' slash games you will not regret it, it's a mind-blowing masterpiece that no-one should miss out on.
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on 6 June 2011
God of war 3 is quite simpily the greates graphical game i have ever played, and this is proven in the 1st 10 mins into the game when kratos meets posiedon, in battle. unbielievable, i played this before the first 2 games on ps2, and its still the best game i have ever played, not very long but enough to keep you locked onto it you wont put the pad down. kratos final battle to free himself from the gods, and has he says himself, 'my vengance ends now! the story is gripping the characters you meet and battle against are brillianly done, hades has a aura about him, wich makes you in no rush to reach him in tartaris, zeus also a menacing beast, the final battle is something special, i seriouly recomend this game it was cheap at 40 pound when it came out at 15 pound its more or less the steal of the centtury class game.
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on 7 December 2012
God of War has always been a very popular franchise, if you haven't played a game in the series before or more appropriately for this review 'God of War III' then let me tell you why you should buy this game and play through one of the mot critically acclaimed and best-selling series in the history of gaming.

The gameplay is polished to perfection, from the platforming to the deep-yet-accessible combat this game is practically perfect in the gameplay department. It has a lot of variation too, over the course of the game you'll be facing giant monsters, fighting a lot of different enemies, flying, swimming and solving puzzles.

The visuals will blow you away from start to finish, there are many moments in this game which you would be forgiven for mistaking as CGI, coupled with the excellent technical graphics of this game it also has a beautiful art-style inspired by ancient Greece with fantasy elements thrown in. Also the camera-work is absolutely remarkable for a game, it's all controlled by the game and is brilliant because of that, the cinematography is just brilliant.

The story is the final 1/3 of the main trilogy so you need to have played the first two games to truly appreciate and comprehend the story in God of War III but let me say I loved the story in this game, the way it's presented and the writing is fantastic and it's a lot more interesting than most games today thanks to it's inspiration being the fantastic realm of Greek Mythology. Some parts of this game require you to analyse what's going on and consider the motivations for the characters and trust me, the ending is not as simple as it may first appear thanks to some imagery present which I won't spoil.

The game will take at least 10+ hours on your first play-through and it demands multiple playthroughs. There's a lot of other content on disc as well such the the Godly Challenges and the custom arena battles where you can chose out of all of the game enemies to fight and customise the settings and then practice your combos. for those interested in game development I highly recommend watching all the making of videos.

This game is a must play for any PS3 games mature enough to play it (it's not for young children). I recommend buying the God of War Collection to catch up on the story and how the games play before playing through God of War III. Also now is a perfect time to get into the God of War series with the new game God of War: Ascension releasing early next year which is set to be another masterpiece from the development team Sony Santa Monica.
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on 11 February 2013
It was a ground breaker for its genre when the first GOW game came to the shelves . Through its different instalments we have come to know and enjoy kratos and company whilst accumulating enough blood that would make any bloodthirsty god shout enough!!! The game is good in the respects that it has what you would expect from a GOW game , unfortunately( and for me it's a true tragedy) the ending of the so called story is abrupt and doesn't tie in well with the first scenes that we were exposed to during the first game of the series. But nonetheless it's a good stress reliever and a darn good game
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on 18 November 2011
Excellent game, a little slow to start with at the low levels, but gradually improves with upgrades etc. but throws you in with pressure added from the beginning. has some great aspects, sometimes the camera controllers can be a little but irritating when attacking from one camera area to the next, but overall a good 3rd person platform with enough destruction as the Olympians allow.

Its a very good game for any price lower than £20 well worth renting if even just to try it. If you like this game you should also check out Dark Siders & the rest of the God of War collection.
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on 29 August 2012
One of the most visually stunning games you're likely to see on the current generation of consoles, enemies look amazing, bosses and Titans are exeptionally outstanding and Kratos himself is very detailed even down to the pores on his skin. Gameplay is excellent, fluid controls tons of Gore and plenty of puzzles to work out. This really is one of the best games I've ever played...
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on 6 January 2012
another amazing instalment. in keeping with its predecessors, the game presents theatrical scenes, a real sense of magnitude, fantastic end of level fights & more bloody carnage. at the heart of it all is our blood stained, merciless hero out for revenge. compelling stuff - if you enjoyed the previous instalments, this is a must buy
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on 8 January 2012
Kratos has never been more clearly defined but it appears that the extra care Kratos has taken in his appearance has made him an even harder being, one that is hard to empathise with. The GoW games have always been games with gargantuan feats of poetic justice, providing all the conflicting emotions and unpredictability of a truly nuanced and established story. But the choice to emphasise on Kratos' need for vengeance, instead of the reason for his vengeance is a damning one. This unflinching quest for vengeance truly creates a backdrop to a missed opportunity, to ask why I must go on, who truly is to blame are all question untapped and could have provided an emotional repertoire to the aggressive harsh tone the game is relentless in dishing out. Without contrasting feelings his quest for vengeance seems possessive and inconsequential and with that the charm of the story is lost. But tell a tale it does and whilst inferior to its precursors it is still head and shoulders above many others in the genre.

OH and yes this game does come with gameplay and it is one of its redeeming features, many have come to praise GOW for its accessibility but somehow it always felt like it stumbled a step or two further into providing a button mashed experience as oppose a technical one, well I'm glad to report that penance has been paid and with a thoroughly tight and expansive gameplay experience. The depth in gameplay makes replay-ability a joy as you continually discover new mechanics and moves. Tight and responsive have rarely been so exquisitely interrelated in a hack n slash.

To finish a GoW3 review without truly talking about its graphics would be nothing short of heresy. The graphics are hit or miss but when it hits you feel the air leave your mouth as you gasp at the beauty you behold. Its inconsistencies are of its own volition, literally acquiring new feats and setting benchmarks means that for the less inspired stages they are the first to be scrutinised by this new yard stick. But either way, blind or seeing God of War 3 is one glorious assault on the senses.
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on 27 March 2013
absolutely amazing game everything about it is brilliant, great weapons great fight setups good puzzles nice upgrade layout and lots of little extras that you earn throughout the game and unlock after you complete it, so it's not a complete it once and put it away game.
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on 30 May 2011
This game is good.

Excellent graphics, interesting combat style.
Sometimes too brutal, but it ok.

Of course, there is very interesting "thing" with Aphrodite (who played knows, who not played yet - will know ;)).
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