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on 11 August 2011
This review is for anyone who is not technical and just wants to know what the TV is like to set up and use.

The TV arrived today (on the dot - very impressed with DPD's email/delivery slot service - which was free with this purchase for some reason).

Anyway the TV. I am not at all technically minded and usually get other people to sort this sort of thing out for me. But I decided to have a go myself. Fortunately, I do happen to have a basic toolkit as you need a cross-head screwdriver to assemble the base and attach it to the TV. That done, it was time to get connected - I plugged the scart into the back (from my V+ box), plugged in the power and switched it on. And I wasn't overly impressed with the picture! Very "pixelated". Of course it turned out that this was because my previous TV was not HD and so I had to use an HD cable (which my brother had conveniently provided me with a while ago) and also switch my V+ box and the TV itself over to HD. All of this is explained on the TV and on V+ so it was easy enough to do. The picture is excellent now.

I then wanted to test out how easy it was to connect to my laptop. I attached an HD cable to my laptop and then to the TV. Instant connection! Truly marvellous. I love it when things are dead simple and just work as soon as you plug them in. The TV has an abundance of other connection points (ports?) of different shapes - most of which I will never use I expect, but it's nice to know I can if I want to! Some are on the side, and some on the back - all are on the right side of the unit (useful to know if you are tight for space).

The TV itself is quite elegant. I really like the "glass" edge and the clean smooth lines. Even the stand is attractive and the swivel feature is useful.

Things to note: As mentioned, you need a cross-head screwdriver. You may also need two HD cables - one to connect to your V+ or Sky box, and another if you want to connect your laptop. So you might want to order those with the TV if you don't already have them to hand. One thing I realised when I went to readjust the position of the TV - don't hold the TV at the bottom right hand side - it turns out it is touch sensitive and there are a load of almost invisible "buttons" there. It causes mayhem if you hit several at one time!

Overall, I am very pleased with this TV. It's pretty and it's a good television.
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on 23 July 2011
Before purchase my son and I compared different TV's and prices. Samsung is the cheapest of the better quality TV's but is still an excellent quality.
I am delighted with the quality of both the picture and the sound. The instructions could have been better but it is possible to download them on the connected TV.
I tried first with my old Scart lead but the picture is far better with the recommended HDMI cable.
It was easy to set up even for an old codger like myself.
Most other retailers were selling for £499 so this is a good buy.
This is a quality TV at a reasonable price.
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VINE VOICEon 10 October 2011
I bought this tv after research into similar ones, and this one I felt was the best.

On opening the box, you have to assemble the stand/base onto the tv with several screws, and this stand really does make the screen really stable and solid when standing up. The screen is also able to swivel while on the base so it can easily be turned to face any direction.

The se-tup is very simple, and the buttons on the remote are large and easily displayed.
First check was to tune in the channels, and after that channel browsing is simple, and using the Source button you can switch between dvd/blu ray player, Attached usb drive, other External devices. They are clearly identified and shown on the screen, and browsing through external drives is really simple, and I found it very clear.

The picture quality is the main reason I bought this, and it is very clear, and has bright, vibrant colours. The Sound is really good, with clear, crisp audio.

Overall for this price, it is a great sized television, with excellent picture and audio quality. It is easy to set-up, use, and has a wide range of input devices that can be used with it. I strongly recommend this as it wont disappoint.
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on 16 July 2011
I'd been looking for a 32-inch TV for quite a time and reviewed several, both in stores and online. This set has all the features I need, picture quality is great, sound as well. Price/quality ratio is very good - excellent value for money
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on 20 July 2011
Love the TV! Easy to set up. Clear instructions and an easy to use menu. Makes it the more enjoyable to watch. Also its not too heavy either and the design can only be described as impressive!
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on 20 September 2011
We finally gave in and replaced our 10 year old TV. We bought the Samsung LE 32D550, 32" wide screen, HD ready TV. Purchasing it from Amazon was a doddle as usual and delivery was quick and efficient. The initial set-up was easy, the TV basically tunes itself in, the picture is amazing and has made watching our favourite programmes a different experience altogether. I even watch sports programmes that I normally wouldn't watch because of the excellent picture quality! Go figure, lol. It's the best large purchase we have made for some years.
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on 25 September 2011
I bought this TV for my Dad (aged 85) for the Digital changeover. He had a freeview box previously, but needed to consolidate the remote controls, simplify and improve his Tv experience. He has been amazed and delighted with the change. He has had no significant issue with the Digital changeover so far. The TV is a no frills but sleek introduction to the big screen and the remote control has been easy, infact the remote control is quite large with big buttons so a definite positive for the older user! As with all menu driven devices, the paper manual received in the packaging is very thin relying 95% on logical (to me) but typical screen navigation. I have setup his prefferred settings regarding the audio and visual. My Dad has hearing difficulties, this TV sound is very, very good due to a bit more audio output power than other brands. Technically the TV hasn't got the 100Hz screen refresh needed for fast shifting sport so a bit of drag; but for the drama, science, travel and natural world view my Dad likes, the picture is bright and colour sharp. Excellent value for money.
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on 14 November 2011
Hope this is useful to everyone:

I always research products extensively before purchasing, especially large purchases such as TVs, so here is my review of the Samsung LE40D550 40" HD 1080p LCD TV:

** Packaging **
The TV is packaged well inside a study box, protected by polystyrene fitted pieces and a protective wrapper on the TV. It is not very heavy and I was able to carry it on my own up 2 flights of stairs to my flat. Getting it out of the box was quick and easy.

** Assembly & Setup **
All you need is a medium cross headed screwdriver to assemble the base, and fit it to the bottom of the tv. Two people are useful for this, one to hold the TV steady and one to screw in the base, but I imagine it could be done quite easily with just one person. Plugging in the power and any relevant devices is very easy. We just had a Sky+ HD Box and a PS3. Both which plugged into the given HDMi inputs on the back, there are an additional 2 on the side as well.

Switching on the TV takes you through the standard time zones and setups procedures (which if you follow the manual is very simple). ** CRITICISM ** The only criticism I have is the setup of the Free-view channels, which I have still yet to sort out, but is not a big concern as I have Sky, it could be clearer how to scan for these channels. I also tried to plug in a cable from my broadband router into the back, it did not pick this up and I still can;t get this to work which is quite frustrating as I wanted to enable the Home Sharing and use the iPhone app for the TV (there is a free one on the App Store).

** Picture & Sound **
This is where the TV stands out, excellent picture and choice of picture pre-sets such as movie mode (which dims the picture for low lighting situations and is easier on the eyes), the picture is clear and crisp. On HD channels it looks spectacular, no pixilation or graininess. When using my PS3 the picture is extremely clear (making Modern Warfare 3 look scarily realistic).

The sound is equally impressive, there are again sound pre-sets for movies and music etc. The movie setting adds some great bass frequency to the overall sound, very impressive.

** Overall & Appearance **

Overall I gave this TV a 4 out of 5 stars, I would have given it 5 if there weren't the issues with the LAN Internet and the Free-view installation. The appearance of the TV is stunning, the glass bevelled edge gives a great finish to the unit and looks great as an item of furniture as well as a device.

I can't compare to similar models as I haven;t used them, but I am extremely pleased with the purchase, and given the opportunity, I would but the same model again. I would recommend this highly.

Hope this helps everyone!!!
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on 22 July 2011
A lot has been said about the D530 and this is the new model so just to add it's a very good tv and worth the money over the bargain basement end of the market as well as some of the more established brands.

Picture quality is very good and on my xbox I've found it outstanding which is what I'd mainly bought it for, sounds is reasonable, remote a touch big but easy enough to use and set up.

The only thing that bugs me is the viewing angle because we use this in the dinning room and some of us (especially me) are sat at a bit of an angle to the screen, the picture can been seen but it looks fogged over like the brightness setting is up way too high, straight on looks fine.
I didn't have this with my previous LCD that sat in the exact same position.

Overall I'm very happy with it.
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on 23 April 2012
The TV itself is brilliant. It looks very sleek and the build quality is fantastic, the back of the TV and parts of the stand are metal and feel extremely solid.

The picture quality is also brilliant, backlighting is consistent, blacks are very deep and you only begin to lose a small amount of detail in dark areas when you watch the TV in a pitch black room. The default picture settings were far from accurate but after some calibration, blu-rays and games looked natural and detailed. Gaming is absolutely fine and there isn't any input lag.

I'm no audiophile, but I think the built in speakers sound just fine and they're far clearer than the speakers in any of my previous TVs. They're still a bit tinny, but anybody who would be bothered by that would already have a separate sound system. The built in freeview was easy to set up, picture quality from the freeview tuner isn't perfect but I'm not sure how much of that is down to the freeview tuner or the content itself. The freeview doesn't have as good picture quality as a DVD and isn't even in the same league as a blu-ray, but it does the job just fine for me.

Overall, it's a great and simple TV which is perfect for most peoples' needs and it's an absolute bargain. Picture and audio quality are great, it's a great TV for gaming, it's solid and well built and the freeview is a piece of cake to set up.

I'm posting the picture settings here if anybody wants them. They may seem very dull and "yellowish" at first, I thought these settings were wrong at one point, but when you pay attention to skin tones, the colour of grass and the colour of the sky you will realise how accurate they are:

Picture Mode: Movie
Backlight: 2 - 12 (depending on time of day)
Contrast: 100
Brightness: 43
Sharpness: 0
Color: 44
Tint: G48/R52

Advanced Settings:

Black Tone: Off
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Shadow Detail: -2
Gamma: +2
RGB Only: Off
Colour Space: Auto
White Balance: See Below
Flesh tone: 0
Edge Enhancement: Off
Picture Options:

Color Tone: Warm 2
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter: Off
MPEG Noise filter: Off
HDMI Black Level: Low (for PS3 / Xbox 360)


Red Offset: 28
Green Offset: 25
Blue Offset: 25
Red Gain: 26
Green Gain: 25
Blue Gain: 7
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