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  • Ninth
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Customer Reviews

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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2011
I've been a fan of Peter Murphy since Bauhaus and this is one of his best works yet. There are moments when you can hear traces of his finest works and yet this is something entirely refreshing and new. It is a must for any fan!

"Velocity Bird" opens this 11 track masterpiece and that's followed by "Seesaw Sway" and Peace to Earth". In these heavier tracks I can hear moments of "Adrenalin" from the final Bauhaus album "Go Away White" as well as many other of Peter's faster/harder compositions. It is like Peter is wrining every last moment out of the studio time that he has to play the rock god meastro. The album was recorded in only 7 days!

The single "I spit roses" is typical Peter Murphy. The lyrics make little sense but they work (shick shack, left you in shock, shed poison with a lovers lock...) The video for this single (not on the CD unfortunately) reminds me of the Lemony Snicket movie that Jim Carrey did a few years back. I find myself thinking that Peter Murphy should have acted a little more while not performing music.

"Never Fall Out" is a slow strumming ballad. Peter sings "If you fall in love with me, you'll never fall out" and that is a great way to sum up his unique voice. While, in his early career, Peter may have been considered a Bowie wanabe, his voice is so much more. This song reminds me of "Sails Wave Goodbye" from the "Cascade" album (also a favourite of mine from his back catalogue).

After the slower tempo of the "Never Fall..." Peter Returns to his fast paced poet/rock star strut with "Memory Go". Not sure what I mean. Think "The Line Between The Devil's Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)" and then ask yourself, how could Peter update that for the new millenium. Hopefully this track will be released as another single from the album as it has all the right ingredients including a mega catchy chorus and hook.

Peter keeps the pace uptempo while loosing us in his obscure lyrics with "The Prince and The Old Lady Shade". I had to use an online dictionary to find out what "vespertilain" meant only to find the previous person to search the word had been promted to do so from the same track. Nice to know that I'm not the only fan and also not the only one who had not idea what it meant! (google it - I'm not telling)!

By this point you are thinking that it can't get any heavier and then Peter unleashes "Uneven and Brittle". This is almost certainly the heaviest track on the album. £ minutes into the track Peter screams a note and maintains it for almost 25 seconds. I feel like I'm watching someone swimming under water in a movie and I am drawn to trying to hold my breath as I watch them. An exhausting feat no doubt.

So it gets toward the end of the CD and you think, now he should put in a slower number and with a title like "Slowdown" you'd think that's what you are about to get but no! This is another rocket of a track with a bassline that reminds me of early Sisters Of Mercy (Temple of Love) at times and awaesome electric guitars and that voice. What a voice!

And then, without warning "Secret Silk Society" comes in to show that Peter has not forgot how to ply that slow paced gothic spell that drifts from the speakers like mist across the moors. It's not my favourite track but that's because there are so many other greats to choose from.

The album is conclude by the quite beautiful "Creme de la Creme" which takes me back to Bauhaus but early bauhaus this time. There is something here reminiscent of "Crowds" but where "Crowds" remained sparse from beginning to end, "Creme de la Creme" builds to a crescendo like waves rolling onto the shore and washing clean the shore, ready for another new day or another play of this CD. I cannot stop listening to it.

This is by far the best album Peter has ever recorded. Let's hope the wait isn't so long for album number 10.

As a sidenote, Peter had also recently recorded some tracks with Mick Karn (formerly of Japan) who sadly passed away in January 2011. Peter and Mick had recorded together as Dali's Car back in 1984 and the intent was to release a second album under that name. Peter is still planning to release the 5 tracks they recorded later in 2011 so all fans should look out for that!

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on 29 July 2013
This review is written on the basis of my own personal musical tastes and is just my opinion - so my apologies to anyone who disagrees with me! But here goes anyway: I still clearly remember the day a mate of mine loaned me his 12" single version of Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus - I took it home that lunchtime and played it on our very limited stereo - and was immediately hooked - it was brilliant. I instantly became a Bauhaus junkie and loved everything (well almost everything) that they produced before their (to me - tragic) split in 1983. Their split was made worse by the quality of their work afterwards - which to me was pretty much - well, rubbish really, apart from some of Peter Murphy's work. To hear Love and Rockets after Bauhaus was, to me, like hearing Motorhead changing into S Club Seven. As a result, I have been severely disappointed ever since. A glimmer of hope created by the 2008 album "Go Away White" was soon extinguished by the group splitting again, which was unfortunate but probably predictable. However, Pete Murphy has now firmly hammered the nail into the Bauhaus coffin and exorcised the Bauhaus ghost with this album "Ninth". It is simply, to my mind, the best album produced by any member of Bauhaus since they first split - and I would even say it is better than "Go Away White". The fact that Mr Murphy has recently been touring using his material as well as that from his Bauhaus days means that, for me, the transition is complete - the shadow is cast - and its Peter Murphy's shadow that remains as the last vestge of all that Bauhaus was really about. Anything else is a phantasm. So please Pete - more of this - more new reflections of the old Bauhaus image - more heavy, hard hitting, gut wrenching, guitar screeching excellence - and at least one more UK tour before you hang upside down to rest............Brilliant stuff.
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on 6 July 2011
Excellent, Murphy at his best,I can`t help but smile when I listen to this, "Never Fall Out" being my favorite, turn the volume up loud, sit back and take it all in. I want more!!
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on 1 June 2012
Just recently I've been going back over a lot of my favourites from the 80's (husband says regressing...) and after having a bit of a Bauhaus session on YouTube came across some of Peter Murphy's solo stuff that I hadn't heard for a while and started playing that too. I'd forgotten how much I liked his voice and how distinctive it is.

Having heard only a couple of tracks off "Ninth", I thought I'd buy it anyway - and I'm glad I did. In typical Murphy fashion, there ain't just one style on here. There's a hint of everything from crooning to the good old punk/goth/rock sound, and nothing sounds out of place. I don't think there's a single track on this album that I don't like (which is unusual for me), and I had to play it a few times in a row to let it all sink in. "I Spit Roses" is excellent, but my (current) favourite is "The Prince & Old Lady Shade" which has beautifully meandering lyrics and which I think sounds just about perfect. But that's just me...

Certainly my best impulse buy for some time! Try it...I don't think you'll regret it....
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on 8 March 2012
I got this album having being a fan of Bauhaus since the late 70's /early 80's but have only sporadically listened to peters solo stuff,some dali's car and the odd track.I stumbled across the lead single from the album(I spit roses) on you tube and I'm glad I did because from start to finish this album is fantastic and surpasses the last 2010 Bauhaus offering( go away White).this is as good as anything Bauhaus did in their prime and every track is brilliant with my personal favourite being the ballad Never fall out.It is such a shame that this will not be heard by a wider audience as it is far better than most music available today.
I will now mine peter's other work as he is a truly underrated artist in his own right.As a footnote I caught Peter live in Newcastle '09 on what was the Bauhaus reformation tour and have to say he is as good now as in his 80's heyday.
Please buy and enjoy the work of a master!
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on 25 July 2011
Peter Murphy is criminally underrated by the world. Like many of its predecessors, "Ninth" is full of choruses that you want to sing out loud..."I spit Roses!" and also unique tunes and turns of this great singer's gravelly voice. Every song could be a single in its own right and there are heavy roaring anthems alongside mellow soulful wails. My best "buy before I have heard it" purchase for years! 'Seesaw Sway' and 'I spit roses' are particularly good.
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on 6 February 2013
I am fairly new to Peter Murphys solo stuff having found this album due to the guitarist Mark Thwaite also being an ex member of The Mission.

This is a pretty heavy rock album but it is done with real intelligence and is simpy gorgeous in places. The long drawn out shreak during Uneven and Brittle is just one of the highlights.

The backing music sounds very much like the Missions last underrated album God is a Bullet and gives a real kick to the songs. Since buying this I have also purchased Peter Murphy's previous album Unshattered and its just as good although more laid back but with the same lovely melodies and that voice.

I loved Bauhaus way back but never followed up on Mr Murphy's solo stuff, this guy is a class act.
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on 5 September 2013
Really like this lp. Listening on headphones in holiday with the wife. Epic stuff. Shades of his big influences as in Bowie and Iggy. Vocals sound like both at their best. Listening made me want to okay The Next Day next, then some vintage Iggy and The Stooges. Terrific. Buy.
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on 28 May 2012
I think Murphy reach a true-self and definite style with this album (and with the following EP related with Ninth). Sadly I have discovered this album 11months after its release, when somehow I found the video of Seasaw Sway on Youtube and it surprise me at first his goth/sufi style, the strong rock melodies and I love it immidiately! I follow him since Bauhaus when i was 14yo, i loved the Dalis Car album (i love it still, its on my iPhone anyway :)) and i like some song on his few solo albums from Should the World..., Deep, Love hysteria etc... But this album took me with surprise. First song reminds me of Iggy Pop way of singing and all album is very rock/powerful and his voice is better thant ever! I truly hope Peter Murphy will continue in this rock direction (if i can calling it in that way), from my point of view this is the kind of album that Murphys voice fit perfectly and also a type of album that he should have done after the Bauhaus career. Well.. Like the wine, more old, more better and more tasty. Im looking forward for "Tenth" :)
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on 27 May 2012
Why is this not better known ? A disc that manages to be both hard & ethreal simultaneously ,with more stiking lyrics & memorable tunes than the majoity of more widely played releases .I played this constantly whilst travelling round Australia in the last few months - it is impossible to tire of it !
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