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4.5 out of 5 stars32
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 21 April 2011
I bought this album knowing nothing about the band or even heard of them, and am very pleased i did. Not sure what category i would class them in, but they are definitley melodic and fast, if not overly heavy with a very european sound. Its quite unusual to have three quality vocalists (two male, one female) in a band, and it works very well. If you think along the lines of Sonic Syndicate, your not too far off. You get the throaty growls with crisp vocals that blend into perfect melodies. The majority of the songs are very up tempo, and include chunky guitar riffs with lots of double bass drumming with a good amount of electronics / keyboards thrown in for good measure. The whole album is very easy to listen to and i would higly recommend giving it a go.

Stand out tracks for me are 'Leave Everything Behind' and 'Automatic'.

For fans of: Sonic Syndicate, In Flames, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil.
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on 18 June 2011
This is yet another band that I came across by "accident", probably due to links created by listening to, viewing, etc. other music and songs that I am currently in to. Initially, I had my doubts about buying the album because, recently, I have been listening to bands which are slightly less "heavy" and more focused on the power/progressive genre. However, whilst this album definately has its heavy elements, it is very melodic and pleasing on the ear. Every song is catchy and has a very strong and memorable chorus that is built up to by some very powerful and epic bridges. In fact, in a nutshell, the whole album is powerful and epic and that would be a great way of describing it.

It is hard to say exactly what genre of metal this album fits in to. Perhaps it doesn't matter, that's all politics anyway. This album is simply very very good metal and, whilst it clearly has its influences from other genres (perhaps even pop music), it all works so well that those "politics" are easily forgotten about.

The mixture of the three singer's voices is interesting, different, but most of all it actually works really really well. The tender (but not weak) female voice, the more commercial-sounding male voice, and the other male voice providing background grunts all merge perfectly. That, with the epic power/progressive metal music throughout, make for one fantastic debut album. This is very very impressive stuff, and this is one band to keep an eye out for because, quite simply, they have potential to be way up there in the power/melodic/progressive metal arena.

If you are not a fan of "death grunts", don't be too put off because, whilst they do feature a lot, they work really well with the two other voices and, quite frankly, once you listen to the beautiful voice of Eliza Ryd (especially on the beautiful ballad "Amaranthine") anything can be forgiven. That is not to put the voices of the male singers down, because, as I said, collectively it works really well, but the voice that stands out the most is definately that of the female and she is a very talented singer indeed.

I really don't think you can go wrong with this album. I had my doubts at first because of the heavier, death metal, elements, but when you look at the complete picture it really doesn't matter because the album, and the band members, work so well together that there is nothing negative about this album at all. Every song is easy to listen to, very powerful, catchy and most of all well written and produced. This is a very talented band that has every right to take one of highest spots on the power/melodic metal scene. Buy this album for sure!
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on 3 July 2011
Ah, here we are - yet another band to seemingly pop up from the ground and gain mainstream attention from the get go. But Amaranthe aren't your typical bog-standard metal band - far from it in fact. For a start they have three vocalists. One female singer, one male singer and one male 'grunter' (please, don't let that phrase turn you away if you're uninterested in that kind of vocal - it's quite limited). I'd go as far as to say the music is similar to Soilwork, i.e chuggy riffs, but heavily synthed, in such a way your female friends will be dancing to each song like there's no tomorrow, and your male friends will be headbanging throughout repeat listens. I kid you not when I say this album holds the catchiest choruses known to man, you've no choice but to nod your head and grin, feeling that same adrenaline rush you had when you heard your first Iron Maiden song. Amaranthe are one of those rare bands which you can't dump under a certain genre name; they stand alone. It's like a Soilwork / Gamma Ray crossover with a pinch of Killswitch Engage and a dollop of Symphony X style synths to top it all off. Anyone who's anyone will know most metal bands with a female member has a drop dead gorgeous female member and Elize Ryd is a woman who holds hard competition. Check out their video for 'Hunger' - you'll have not one doubt of purchasing this album and becoming a fan, I guarantee you.
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on 7 May 2011
I discovered Amaranthe when they were supporting Kamelot during their 2011 of the UK. I very, very rarely rate support bands, but these guys caught my attention immediately with the song AUTOMATIC.

Having missed the chance to buy this album on the night, I was very pleased to see it available on Amazon. At the moment it is on continuous rotation on my IPOD. All the tracks are very upbeat (bar one), and I'd say one reason for the success of the sound is that the vocalists work so very well together.

Notable titles are Automatic, Call Out My Name and My Transition.
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on 2 May 2011
Luckily, when I went to see Kamelot live, Amaranthe were a supporting band, and they were incredible. I wasn't sure if their album would sound as good, but it's excellent, there isn't a single song on there that I don't like, which Is quite rare. As others have said they do have an in flamesy feel to them, but the female vocals is really the selling point for me. Happy to have found them, and I would definitely recommend them! they are a new band and only have one album, so definitely worth checking out.
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on 24 August 2012
I love this album. As my title says, it is new, fresh and original. There is nothing else like it out there (that I have come across) The interaction between the 3 vocalists seems easy and almost playful. Another reviewer didn't like the growling vocals but I think it adds a dimension without which the music wouldn't be half as interesting. Coming from a doom/death metal background I am well used to growling vocals.

The whole album is relentless in it's energy from beginning to end. Here and there it reminds you of pop music but the heavy guitars and growling vocals keep me well happy.
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on 27 April 2012
Amaranthe are a relatively new band from Sweden, the land of Strindberg, Kurt Wallander and Abba. At first glance, it might appear to be the kiss of death to compare an avowedly metal band with pop royalty, but the comparison is meant as a compliment.

In a fairly vibrant female-fronted metal scene, Amaranthe's unique selling point is the fact that they have no less than three vocalists. First, there's the clear, quite stunningly beautiful tones of Elize Ryd. On tracks like 'Amaranthine', her voice is delicate and achingly sweet, but she can turn on the raw power when needs must as evidenced by tracks like '1,000,000 Light Years' and 'Automatic'. Then, there's the clean male vocals of the band's co-founder Jake E whose voice is both powerful and clear. Finally, there's the male growling of Andreas Solvestrom. Overkill? Well, maybe, but metal is the music of excess and it's to the band's credit that they make this set-up work so well. Vocal harmonies tend to be restricted to choruses; the rest of the time, the singers tend to alternate. The contrast between the three very different voices is surprisingly effective and, in one or two cases, jaw-droppingly impressive.

But none of that would matter if it weren't for the song-writing. While some of the lyrics are a tad trite (Pop Quiz: Which word rhymes with 'automatic' in the song of that title? See the bottom of the review for the answer), the music is phenomenally catchy. Remember that comparison with Abba? Yeah. That catchy. '1,000,000 Light Years' is a good example - a driving beat, memorable melody that sinks its teeth into your head and won't let go and enough production wizardry to open your own shop of spells.

Speaking of production, it's always clear and crisp, the guitars (this is a metal band, after all) crunchy with the odd pinched harmonic thrown in to good effect. Solos are passionate, technically dazzling affairs, but neither they nor any song outstay their welcome. Put bluntly, this is as perfect an example of pop, radio-friendly metal as you're ever likely to hear. In a perfect world, this kind of music would be pumping out of radios all through the northern hemisphere, but, alas, the world fell from grace some time ago. The only sensible advice I can give you is to buy it. It's not symphonic metal like so much female-fronted metal is, but, if you let them, Amaranthe's catchy melodies and ruthless hooks will quite happily take up residence in your brain for a good long while.

Absolutely recommended.

Oh, and that word was 'static'. Of course, it was. :)
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on 9 December 2011
For a first Album since being forced to change there name this Is somewhat of a triumph for AMARANTHE, headed up by some very tight playing and of course the lovely Elize Ryd whose singing easily rivals Amy Lee's of EVANESCENSE, but not Sharon Van Adel's of WITHIN TEMPTATION. If there Is one small critisism they seem to overdo the death grunting, however that aside I look forward to the next album
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on 20 May 2011
Simply fantastic album, bought on spec based on other reviews, and they were right. A great mix of male and female vocals, thrash metal speed riffs, and great use of synth. But an album of great melody and thought. Gets better with each listen. And even a ballad (Amaranthine) to woo the soft fans with - no doubt a final song. Prepare for a roller coaster ride grab on tight and roll with it.
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on 19 February 2012
I listened to this album endlessly on Spotify and simply can't get enough of this band.

With the female fronted goth/symphonic acts at the point of saturation, it was time for something a little different. I've always appreciated the female vocals fronting metal/rock bands, leather and lace, dark and light... but I have grown tired of the endless Nightwish clones.

Amaranthe at least skate past the symphonic/goth genre and head off into a different territory, there is an almost Euro pop beat going on amongst the jagged guitars and upbeat rhythms. Altogether, there are three vocalists competing for attention and quite effortlessly, whilst the female vocals are quite rightly the main attraction, there is something to be said by having a male clean vocalist and the dude that growls. I quite like the growling and all three vocalists do bounce off of each other. The growling may put people off - understandable, I guess but the balance between the vocalists is so good that the growls are a push in the back that the songs need, even on the sole ballad, there is a small and necessary growl lurking in the background which just opposes the total ballad feel, in a way, challenging the necessity of a ballad altogether.

This is not only one of my favourite albums of recent times but of all time. It does depend what you want but this album has everything for me and I can't recommend it enough. There are enough places to check out tracks before you buy but for me this is one solid album.

All that I need now is Amaranthe to get themselves to the UK for a proper tour.
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