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on 14 September 2011
It might only be HDReady 720p but having come from a 37" 1080p LCD and having tried a 42" Panasonic Plasma with real 1080p lines, I can honestly say that this TV holds its own.... it blows away the picture I had on my LCD and I actually find it more pleasant to watch than the panny even if it's not as high res.

Watching normal def SKY (I cancelled my HD pack a while ago) it looks fantastic with the SKY HD box set to output at 720p. Blurays look awesome on it, XBOX 360 and PS3 also look amazing with nice smooth judder/blur free images even when scrolling or panning fast and no noticeable input lag.

Cartoons look amazingly vivid and bright, blacks look black with amazing depth to scenes. I havent noticed any fluctuating brightness or darkness that some people have mentioned in dark/black scenes.

Only downers that I've noticed (hence 4 stars) are that the glass screen is really reflective (much more than the panny I tried which I believe had a filter to reduce this), and when using my Wii over component connection and set to 420p HDTV mode there are fuzzy horizontal across the screen every few cms but it's still playable. This goes away with 50Hz 576i mode or via standard AV cable, but then obviously doesnt look as good.

Overall though the TV looks amazing (even when switched off due to the size and thin bezel) and even the sound from inbuilt speakers is more than adequate for a small/medium size living room (set to movie mode). So to get 43" of beautiful plasma viewing for the price I paid I'm well chuffed and would recommend this set :)
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on 1 May 2011
This is a brilliant television for the price. I purchased it yesterday and have spent many hours with it, testing all sorts of content: both blu-ray, xvid / divx (std def) and MP4's - 720p (via a PS3 and Samsung D5500 blu-ray player)and the FPS game 'Crysis 2', also on the PS3. It has so far exceeded my expectations.

I can only compare it to previous purchases and experiences: first is a 4 year old LG LCD (720p), the second a Sony EX710 (EX712 in the UK) purchased in December '10 LED and swiftly returned due to severe back-light uneveness which lead to clouding / 'mura' effect and flash-lighting (clearly visible angular light beams protruding inwards all four edges), then a third - a Samsung C6500 LED in Jan '11, also returned for the same reasons. I am fanatical about watching television in an environment as dark as possible. As close to a cinema as I can get and the white patches / clouding on both displays just drove me nuts. The latter 2 were full HD displays and not cheap by any means - I expected far better. After reading a review of the D8000 LED and the awful clouding even in that unit, I've deducted it's more a by-product of the technology itself: edge lit / thin bevel.

The plasma has better black levels than all of these LCD/LED's. They're not pitch black but certainly acceptable and allow for the image to have plenty of contrast, detail and vivid colours (although I calibrated my display to look as natural as possible, dialing into 'movie' mode immediately - the default setting itself is actually fairly natural and accurate without tweaking required).

The +1" is certainly a benefit and cosmetically a large improvement. I found the C series plasmas (4 to 6 series) to have bevels far too thick which made them unattractive to look at. The increase in screen size with the same overall dimensions ensures the unit looks sleek wherever its placed.

Amazingly, I've not had to even select 'game' mode at all when playing Crysis 2, which requires a lot of fast movement and accuracy being an FPS shooter. So all the video processing leading to the same stellar picture quality is retained, without being forced (as was the case with all the LCD / LED's) to downgrade the PQ to ensure no lag. Hugely impressed with that!

Unfortunately plasma does tend to consume far more energy than LCD (and especially LED) - the reason I opted to go that route with my previous 2 purchases but I have managed to reduce it from the 240w maximum to possibly under 200w due to a huge reduction in the 'cell light' from a default of '13' for movie mode to 3-4 (at night with the lights off). The Sony EX710/712 46" will only consume 70w after calibration but the unacceptable backlight issues inherent in edge-lit (not local dimming) LED technology, it's something I'm afraid the planet will need to live with! The unit after many hours of use was still completely cool to the touch, I could feel no heat dissipation whatsoever. Comments by C series owners have stated that the units produced a lot of heat (and I can verify this after experiencing a 50" C6500 plasma) - not the case here at all.

Forum posts on have mentioned the odd unit can have a directional buzz (also common in the C series): this is only audible when muting the volume and placing your ear right up to the rear of the unit. I presume due to a capacitor which handles power conversion. Nothing out of the ordinary and to be expected.

Another criticism I'd level at the C450 (and this review will effect the C490 too since they're the same panel with the former not 3d-ready) is the judder upon panning within scenes, which could be better. It's an improvement over the aged LCD, but not on a par with the LED's (which had 100Hz processing). At this price point however you cannot expect perfection.

The OSD menus and navigating the various options could be zippier. There is a noticeable lag there too, but it's a small issue.

Interestingly enough even though this unit is only HD-ready, my external devices consider it to be 1080p! My PS3 asked me at initial setup (via HDMI) if I could see the content displayed to which I could - that is now my resolution default. On the point of HD-ready vs full HD, the 450d still looks superb when viewing blu-ray and you'd be hard-pressed to spot the difference unless you have one placed right next to the other.

I will also add that the D450 / D490 only allows for HDMI connections to the rear which protrude outwards - not ideal for those wall-mounting the unit. The 5 series and up improves on this with side inputs.

The D450 has the same in-built media player as that of their blu-ray units, I'm sure most are aware of this by now. You can connect any type of USB hard-drive (whether 3.5" with own power supply or laptop sized drawing power from the TV) and you're able to watch movies in all popular CODEC types in use today (divx / xvid / h264) etc. It's a decent user interface: locating and accessing the media is user-friendly. The D450/D490 only has 1 USB connection but that's enough.


A fault I've found after weeks of ownership is that the D450 is doing what I have read is fairly common on the site: black levels change during the same scene. In other words, scene isn't changing at all but the black levels adjust - get lighter for some reason and depending on the duration of the scene, seem to either stay lighter or darken again. I'm fairly sure it's an image processing fault and one not particular to my unit, so I'm not going to replace it. It is noticeable to me and happens quite often, but I've not tested in all circumstances, only at present via HDMI PS3 on xvid / divx material (not sure if a change of variables would fix this, seems unlikely). I've applied the most recent firmware update via Samsung's website, for this particular product, but it didn't fix this issue.

Also black levels at times will be deep and dark but in other scenes where I'd expect them to be the same, they're simply not and certainly lighter than I consider they should be.
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on 6 September 2011
I can't say if it's the size of the TV or the picture quality the TV has or its slim frame that gives it its elegance but this TV is simply beautiful. It makes a statement in a sitting room. Its picture quality is awesome and its usability very good. I don't think anyone should regret buying this TV because even after nearly 3 weeks of purchase I am still searching for where to fault my Electronic Wall Picture - The Samsung 43" Plasma.
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on 24 July 2011
I have had this tele now for two weeks and I am very happy with it, the colour is truly beautiful and the sound is more than ample, I normally only have it at 12 or less and movie mode in sound transforms the living room into a cinema (nearly)

I read a lot of reviews from various independent website to get a good all round opinion of this product and glad I did. This is the best television I have owned to date.

The USB connection I find partially useful, plugging in my 1TB hard drive the plug n' play works with every format of video I have tried and the picture/sound loses nothing in the process.

I also use a media player (WD 1 TB) via HDMI to play video/music and it just bowls me over.

The only problem I have found after two weeks is the reflexion on the screen from any light source like windows etc.. I had to re-arrange the living room but it was worth it.

Would defiantly recommend to anyone - for this price! GREAT TELE!!!!!
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on 24 May 2012
We took this tv to india, punjab and it worked fine, all we needed was the Indian tv satellite dish, if you are planning to take it abroad, make sure it is well wrapped and is kept upright, also taking it to India, if you buy a tv for less then 25000 rupees, there is no tax incurred. It is worth buying one from here as it works out a lot cheaper
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on 19 September 2013
love everything about it, view and sound are awesome. will recommend it to many friends surely. my family loved it and feel very excited at watching movies or sports on a big clean and clear screen......well done
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on 18 September 2014
I don't normally post reviews but had I been warned about the buzzing sound this TV makes I would have chosen something else. The buzz is intense, unless you plan on having your volume very loud be prepared to listen to some buzzing. It does get masked during loud scenes but the rest of the time it is a major irritation.

This TV does have a great picture for its price… Its a huge shame all of that is ruined by this unavoidable problem.
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on 25 February 2012
This Plasma rocks. Inexpensive, designed perfectly with high picture and sound quality. A giant black jewel in the living room. I play Wii, listen to music, and watch movies in such quality that the picture gets lost in the wall behind (when the lights are turned off of course) and i feel almost like being at the cinema. So totally worth the stroke i got through when the first one the first one i got from the store was broken...
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on 17 September 2011
TV sleek and good looking but... when plugged in and watching it there is a background buzz still present when on mute.
Contacted samsung and they advised my warranty would be with amazon- so i am on here now looking about how to return the item after my 28 days period with not much joy :(
Looking on google there are lots of forums that are slating samsung for the common loud buzzing noises that come with their plasma TV's.
I wont be going for a samsung again.
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on 17 April 2012
can anyone provide the actual dimensions of this product i.e the height and width of the tv including the stand not just the diagnal lenght. I have a tv stand that the tv has to sit inside and dont want to purchase the tv only to find that it doesnt fit? Can anyone help? Thanks =)
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