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4.4 out of 5 stars1,524
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 October 2011
This case makes an iphone make sense. I have smashed 3 previous iphones and all because I have hated the cases which were on offer. If you are clumsy like me and drop things all of the time this is for you. It makes the phone easier to grip so you will drop it less anyway, but if you do drop it who cares. This is a fantastic item. Most of the negative reviews seem to be around dialing people while the phone is in your pocket. I have only one question for those people. How tight are your trousers? Unless you wear spay on jeans this will not be any sort of issue for you. The other negative comments seem to be around having to open flaps to use the camera/docking port/headphone socket etc. That is the whole point of the cover. What is your point? It has lots of flaps which are more trouble to use than not having flaps. They do however mean that your phone will not get damaged.

If you want total protection and are willing to have very minor flap opening delays when using certain connections on the phone buy this product.

If you wear tight pants and don't want to bother with opening flaps. Don't bother.

I am a clumsy idiot and don't want to smash my phone so it suits me fine. If you too are a clumsy fool who doesn't want to buy a new phone every 2 weeks you should buy this product.

I have also just discovered, thanks to the infinite joy of having children, that this product is fully jam proof.
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on 25 June 2011
The Griffin case is an exceptionally good piece of kit with one drawback. Anyone who owns one of these will no doubt regale you with stories of pocket dialling all and sundry whenever there is pressure against the case. This happens because the voice control cannot be deactivated in settings on the iphone 4. A quick fix for this is simply to turn the case inside out and use a Stanley knife to remove the protruding rubber nipple. This means that you actually have to apply pressure to the button in order to use voice control or unlock the device.
Doing this has made the case near perfect, if only it were submersible.
hope this helps all.


BTW If anybody knows of a way of turning of voice control on the iphone 4 please write something about it.
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on 21 April 2011
I ordered this case because I wanted to protect my nice shiny new iPhone from my 2 year old and my general clumsiness.

First impressions, it looks like something Bruce Wayne would use for his night time adventures. It certainly looks rugged. First a 2 piece plastic unit with a built in screen protector snaps onto the iPhone. You then fold on the rubber outer layer. It also has a belt clip that can snap on. It also doubles as a stand, rotate the clip and open to maximum and it clips into place.

There is somewhat of a pay-off between the beautiful design of the iPhone and the sheer chunkiness of this case. Some people will be loathe to disrupt the lovely lines of the iPhone but for me, it's worth it. I can stick it in my pocket, leave it on the table and not worry too much if something gets lumped on top of it. I have already dropped it twice and the case protected it fantastically.

I have 2 main gripes: first, the rubber flap on the back that protects the camera can be annoying. You have to use 2 hands to operate the camera and hold the flap open. I would have preferred the flap to have been hinged which could have clicked into place. It's a shame because I don't think this would have been hard to do considering the design of the rest of it.
Secondly, the bit of rubber that protects the home button sticks out slightly so if it's in your pocket and you press on it for a time the voice control kicks in. I can't find a way to turn this off so it is annoying.

Apart from those points I can recommend this case. I think it's the best rugged case you can buy. It won't suit everyone but if you want to protect your iPhone I don't think you can go far wrong with this.

To the bat phone!
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on 21 August 2012
This product does what it says. It truly protects your iPhone.
Though there are a few minor issues:

The home button sticks out too far on the inside of the outer layer. As a result, having this in your pocket will result in involuntarily pressing the home button. The solution is simple and very effective, namely to take a crafting knife and to cut slices off the top of this protrusion until the desired height is achieved. I have to say though that Griffin should have simply designed this better. This is no reason not to buy this otherwise great product though.

What is a bigger gripe is the camera cover. It's not easy to get open, which results in missed pictures. Some reviews suggest you need to hold it open. This isn't necessary, as you can simply twist it and use the provided slot to hold it open. Unfortunately it might take 2 or even 3 times to keep it in the slot. So sometimes, for a quick picture, it saves time to simply hold it open. Cutting this flap off is not advisable, as it forms an important part of the protection.

Also annoying when (you first start using this cover, you get used to it later) can be the edges around the front screen. The iPhone screen isn't a big one and the software on it will use every mm of available space. That sometimes results in not always being able to smoothly slide to open (though that's no long an issue with the lastest OS 5.1.1). It's not really an issue until you try to move an icon to another page. You have to hold your fingers in kind of an unnatural way to get it to work.

When I bought this product, I wanted a clip for my belt, thinking this cover would be too bulky for my pocket. The clip on this phone is not good. You have to remove it to use the bottom port on the phone (so you can't use the otherwise handy stand function on it while plugged in for power.). However, the phone fits in my pocket (little bulky, but it works) and I don't use the clip at all. The non-slippery surface does tend to pull my pocket inside out when I take it out.

All in all, if you're looking for a great protection for your iPhone, I doubt you could find a better one out there. But if that's not your prime purpose in a cover, go with something else.

Should Griffin read this: I love this product, but please work on the negative points I've mentioned.
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on 12 April 2011
Bought this case after seeing good reviews in the media about how well it protected the iphone, which it does. However it has one major flaw - the 'home' button sticks out too far so when the phone is in my pocket it is constantly activating voice control - this had lead to numerous calls being made without me realising. I know the case comes with a belt clip but it's not always safe for me to use it so it looks like I'll have to try to disable the voice control on my phone :(
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on 14 December 2012
I bought an iPhone 4 S first and read the reviews later. I didn't realise that they smashed on the first drop. Thank goodness I came across this case from Griffin technology. I am very much and outdoors sort of guy and I spend my whole time out and about doing all sorts of different things in all weathers at all times of day or night and I needed a case that would protect my phone no matter what. The case consists of a solid plastic shell with a clear screen which clamps over your iPhone and once that is clamped down the silicon outer cover stretches over the frame. I was sceptical about their cover that went over the screen because from the description I expected it to be at gel like substance but in fact it is a thin plastic membrane that is crystal clear and does not in any way affect the use of the touchscreen so very happy there. This will protect the phone against being dropped and bashed about and also from dust and dirt and light rain. It is not waterproof. I don't care what their claims are. If you look carefully there are small holes for the microphone, and also the dock connector flap which also has holes for the speakers to allow the sound out. It's not waterproof so don't test it. There are flaps for almost everything else so you can access every function on the phone including the camera, but for the camera the flap has to be removed before you can take a photo. Makes the phone look more futuristic and much more bulky, which has its advantages. It makes it look less like an iPhone which means you may be less likely to get mugged as a thief may mistake it for a more old-fashioned phone. It is more difficult to drop due to its rubbery consistency, and you can prop it up on things to watch movies without fear that it will just slip off which it would do without the rubber. It is a very grippy material. Fantastic price from Amazon, but bear in mind also that Griffin technology who produced this case do so in many many different colours and designs. If you in any way get this case wet, when you are in a safe place take the whole thing apart and make sure no water has migrated within. You don't want moisture to be sealed inside the case with your precious iPhone. There are videos on YouTube by the company which show this thing being tested. Their name is therealgriffintech which while amusing, I would not recommend that you take their claims as gospel. Overall, this is definitely the most rugged and effective case for the iPhone 4 S that I have ever seen and I will definitely be ordering more, and recommending it's to many of my friends and colleagues.
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on 13 January 2014
I bought this product as a Griffin Survivor Case. After doing a bit of research into the Griffin case, watching youtube video's unboxings and durability/strength tests of the Griffin Survivor Case, I started to understand a lot about the product and the packaging of the product.

When I recieved this product it came in a SIMILAR looking box to the genuine griffin case, but with Chinese writing on the back, and the interior of the box was just glued together cardboard padding. The genuine packaging would be a single cardboard structure supporting the case with the clip of the case clipped onto the cardboard.

I contacted Griffin sending them images of the barcode, cereal number and images of the product and packaging and they have got back to me apologising for the counterfeit product which I ordered, and assured me that they would review my claim and take it up with Trade Union and the Met Police.

I contacted Amazon and they gave me a 100% refund. Please do not buy this product, it is not Genuine!
review image review image review image
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on 5 June 2011
got an iphone recently but was worried about the phone getting damaged as i do a lot of work outdoors so after looking at a few different cases i chose the griffin survivor. I am very happy with it and it really comes in 2 parts a rigid sort of exoskeleton covered in a rubber sleeve with all the openings covered with little rubber flaps for easy access. i see some people complaining about having to hold back a flap which normally covers the camera lens while taking a picture but this is a very minor annoyance and as the entire rubber part can be removed in about 2 seconds flat it really sounds like nitpicking to me . also when showing the phone to friends they were just as impressed by the case as the gadget therein. if you want the best protection available for your iphone 4 look no further than the griffin survivor.
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on 24 May 2011
Well, what can I say? The case has saved my life (from my wife) - more later.

When the product arrived (quickly and well packaged) I put it on the phone - simple as pie, back on, front on, snap it together, slide iPhone into rubber casing (bottom first) and stretch over the edges - 2 mins max

The hole covers fit nice and snug, the camera cover rotates back and clips into a recess (saves using 2 hands for photo's as other reviews mention - although yet to be proven out and about). Yes, it is a bit chunky, but boy does the phone feel safe.

So, I ventured out with my shiny new iphone in it's rubber brick, walking the dog who decided to jump in the river, knocking me off balance. I tumbled down the riverbank and landed in 2 feet of water. Quickly reaching into my pocket, I fished out the iPhone in it's Survivor case and threw it back up the riverbank to my wife, who promptly dropped it. When I eventually joined her on the path, there wasn't a mark on the phone, no water damage (it wasn't submerged but got splashed) - my wife looked ready to kill me but instead said "That's why you need a proper case".

So, thanks Griffin for making the Survivor - my iPhone and I survived! Friends have commented that it's not as big as they thought it would be and a couple have said they'll get the case too.

I think another reviewer mentioned that he keeps mis-typing - I do as well but am getting used to it now - some of the functions at the edge of the screen are more difficult due to the raised protection of the Survivor, but I absolutely have to award 5 stars to this great case. There's even a 7 minute video on You Tube where they throw it at walls, bowl it across a concrete car park etc - it is pretty much indestructible.
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on 15 September 2011
I had my doubts but wow, what a case.It fits the phone like a glove,yes the phone is bulkier but what else would you expect it is supposed to be. In my opinion i think the phone looks great in it.It no longer looks like a sleek iphone but more like a futuristic bit of military hardware, very cool.
I am a fire fighter so this case is perfect for me and because it gives the phone rock solid protection i will use the case on my off duty days as well. If you want to put the phone into something slimmer for the weekend the case is easy to remove.
All buttons and screen function perfectly.Phone calls and reception are not compromised at all, unlike another manufacturers case out there!
The phone is great to hold and if you were to drop it as my colleague did with his the other day no problem the phone is 100% protected.
Other reviews have stated that the flap for the camera is a pain as you have to hold it open.No you dont people.There is a slot for the camera flap to lock into that holds it open duh!!!!When you have finished taking pictures just release the flap and push it back into place.Its on the rear, a small diagonal groove that matches up to the diagonal ridge on the camera flap.
The only issue with this great case is the home button as mentioned in earlier reviews.As stated because it protrudes you can activate voice control when phone is in your pocket.I managed this once but have discovered if i put the phone in my pocket upside down with the button facing forward no problems with accidental activation.
This case looks great,protects a very expensive phone from most accidents if it is good enough for the emergency services, i have many friends in the service who use this case then what better testimonial.
If you are 100% sure you wont drop your precious iphone and crack the glass,chip the back etc and want to keep the iphone lookng like an iphone this is not the case for you.As they say "you take your chances".
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