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4.6 out of 5 stars44
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2004
Based on the very popular and successful TV series, "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" is one entertaining thrill ride that really shows how effective anime can really be when it is done correctly. It's hard to think of a cartoon being so action-packed and involving, but this movie does a splendid job of doing just that. You're plunged right into the nail-biting action that will have you glued to your seat until it is well over.
The movie revolves around a bunch of outlaw bounty hunters. In Mars, there's a suspected terrorist running around with a virus that could very well wipe out the existence of human beings. Spike and company decide to take the case, as there is a large reward that will be given to the person or persons who catches the madman. The only trouble is that Spike and the gang have stumbled onto something that is much more than a simple bounty and end up discovering a big conspiracy that will throw their lives into ultimate danger. The action and excitement never ends until the shocking finale.
I watched the movie TWICE in one day. Right after I had seen it for the first time, I had to immediately watch it again. You know a movie is powerful when it has that kind of effect on you. Very rarely do I run into movies that make me want to watch it again right then and there. When you're watching "Cowboy Bebop," you really don't view it as an animated feature, but as a real living and breathing film. It is done that well. And, the great thing about this movie is that you do not have to have seen the show before. I watched this without seeing any of the shows and was able to follow it without any problems. Of course, chances are that you will want to watch the series after viewing the movie. The story is well thought out and appropriately structured. There isn't a single dull moment in the entire movie.
The DVD has some nifty features to offer. First off, the picture quality is GORGEOUS. Even though it is an animated movie, the picture quality is fantastic and it really shows if you have great home theater system. The sound is also very good. Extras included are featurettes, music videos, storyboard comparisons, trailers and more. You can also watch it in the original Japanese audio track or the dubbed English one. I have to say, they do a great job of dubbing it in English. If you're not a fan of subtitles, then check it out in English. Overall, a very cool DVD package.
If you're looking for a wild and exciting trip filled with humor and thrills, "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" is just for you. Again, you do not have to have seen the actual TV series to understand the characters or the story. The movie does a fine job of standing on its own. This is truly a great movie that shows you just how exciting anime can be. Definitely a favourite. -Michael Crane
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You will notice that most of the reviews for “Cowboy Bebop...” are for the ‘DVD’. But if you want to upgrade to BLU RAY and you live in the UK - it poses a problem...

The American BLU RAY on Image Entertainment is REGION A LOCKED - so it won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are). And at present (March 2014) there appears to be no European or Region B alternative.

Until it gets a release on this side of the pond - once again Region Coding restrictions deny fans the BLU RAY they want...
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My review is aimed primarily at those unfamiliar with Cowboy Bebop and of the world of anime itself, as Cowboy Bebop: The Movie represents my first baby step into a cinematic style I have been curious about for some time. Obviously, I can't compare this film to others of its kind, nor can I comment on how well this movie ties in to the original Cowboy Bebop series. I can only say how much I enjoyed the movie and offer my own comments, for whatever they are worth, about the format of the presentation.
This was a new kind of viewing experience for me, and while I enjoyed the movie a great deal, parts of the storyline took a while to sink in or missed me altogether; I'm sure this is because I have no familiarity with the original series. Spike Spiegel is certainly an interesting character; I would not call him an antihero, but he is certainly a hero of a different stripe, as is his whole gang of fellow bounty hunters. Spike can be cryptic at times, and he spends a lot of time sleeping. When the time for action comes, however, he is up and at 'em, doing superheroic things in spectacular fashion. Then there is Faye Valentine, a partner who pretty much does her own thing and looks good doing it. She and Spike almost seem to be working at cross purposes at times, but their own paths converge eventually; the relationship between the two is a mystery to me. Former policeman Jet Black is the general of the bunch, but his arguments for slow, methodical action are rarely acknowledged by Spike and Faye. The most unusual character, particularly for a Cowboy Bebop neophyte such as myself, is young Edward, apparently some kind of hacker savant who oftentimes speaks in a child-like language all her own. Lest I forget, I should also mention the wunderdog Ein.
When a tanker truck explodes in the middle of a crowded city, unleashing some type of unknown agent that kills everyone who comes into contact with it, a huge reward is promised to anyone who discovers the culprit and brings him to justice. This reward gets Spike and the gang right on the case, one in which they have a head start - Faye actually saw the man who drove the tanker. This is no regular old bounty hunt, though, as our intrepid heroes soon discover. The man behind the terrorism is planning to kill everyone on the planet with the unknown agent in his possession, and there is precious little time to stop him and save the world. Treating the tanker explosion as an act of bioterrorism, scientists work feverishly to identify what they think is a virus while both the cops and the military make moves to find and stop the terrorist from striking again. Spike and Faye wind their way into this seething world of mystery and hidden danger, only to find that identifying the culprit makes their job that much harder.
There is plenty of great action throughout the movie, including several fights and a number of spectacular chases by both land and air. I had a hard time getting a real grip on the story until I made it pretty far into the movie, but the story is a compelling one from the very beginning. Visually, the film is a joy to watch, exhibiting levels of incredible detail and fluidity of movement, really bringing to life every character in the story. More striking than the visuals, though, is the sound. The soundtrack of cutting edge music fits perfectly with the evolving story and stands out as one of the more memorable features of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Don't make the mistake of dismissing this film and others like it as mere fancy cartoons. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is a marvelous, gritty, realistic presentation of a breathtaking world of serious intrigue and excitement.
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on 6 March 2006
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is like a long episode. The director of the series (and movie) said he treated each episode like a small film. He was able to show Spikes more sensitive side and we get to see more of Faye than usual. The series usually concentrated on Spike and Jet, but this time Jet stayed behind. With incredible music once again by Yoko Kanno and amazing art work and camera angles (if that's what they're called in animations) that set the scene. This film delivers on style just as much as the series. The colours are strong and the show is simple, but in a good way. It's not patronizingly simple, but you become enthralled in the story without an overbearing amount of dialogue. I would definitely suggest this to any fan of the series or anime in general.
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on 30 July 2004
On watching 'Cowboy Bebop: The Movie' all i could think at first was 'WOW'...
This is the kind of film that really keeps you interested. There's not one dull moment to be found amongst the plotting, the drama, the tension, the aircraft chase...
Speaking of the aircraft chase, what an awesome scene. Kimitoshi Yamane's mechanical designs coupled with Masami Goto's brilliant execution of their moves and speeds creates a scene that was so close to real life it was breath-taking. Yoko Kanno's music, too, added an extra hint of excitement and tension to the scene, bringing it all together in one stunning scene. Excellent stuff.
The plot is easy enough to follow, yet gripping enough to keep you hooked right til the end (and what an end it is). It also works well as a stand alone from the series - although the characters featured are pretty much the same, the plot can be follwed without any prior experience of the show. I've never seen an episode in my life, yet loved the film (and will now probably invest in a few episodes from he series...^_^)
The characters in this film leave nothing to be desired - they're all great. Spike has a cool, dangerous air about him, but also a sense of lovableness somewhere deep down. he's the kind of guy people want to be or be around. Plain and simple - he's the perfect action guy, without being too cheesey-Hollywood-hero about it all. He has his faults, but that makes him seem all the more human. His fellow bounty hunters are also done well, we feel for them, we laugh with them and above all, we love to watch them. It's the perfect cast.
And bad guy Vincent is not without his charms - as the tall dark mysterious baddy we almost feel for him as the film goes on, trying tp figure out who he really is, and why he does what he does.
Provoking emotive responses in it's audience, nothing about this film can be faulted. Even the slightly hyperactive Edward (who I was forewarned about being annoying) grew to be quite sweet.
This movie comes packed to burst with action, using stateof-the-art animation and stunning characters to draw you into a world of pure adventure. Awesome, and for this price, you should buy it.
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on 23 January 2012
The film of the legendary series is every bit as amazing as the series was itself! It is actually set before the final three episodes so if you're watching the series for the first time keep that in mind.

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on 6 February 2004
Having recently got into Japanese cartoons I feel this is definitetly the most accessable and the best. I was hooked as soon as the opening credits rolled and the ultra cool "Ask DNA" theme kicked in.
The characters are cool, the music cooler. There are some breathtaking scenes, particularly the spaceship chase and the plot just zips along.
This is not just for kids, although teenagers will love it, anyone interested in Sci/Fi or just a good story will enjoy it.
Put aside any prejudices, sit back and enjoy
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on 1 February 2008
There is a reason while Cowboy Bebop has been enormously popular in Japan as well as Europe and the States - that reason is because it is brilliant. The animation is beautiful - certainly better than the TV series due to the bigger budget - but this is matched by the excellent story line and voice acting. If only a lot of the cruddy American and European films and TV series showed the same dedication to the writing quality! The English dub (which, if you're honest, can be pretty horrible or laughable in some anime films) is also very good. In short, the story is set a little time before the end of the series, and concerns an apparently random terrorist act on Mars that leads to an irresistable bounty, a very dangerous antagonist and a high level conspiracy. The charactisation of the main protagonist - Spike Spiegel - as well as his 'friends' on the ex fishing vessel the Bebop, is so good in this film that pre-existing knowledge of the series is not necessary. The writing is so good that you may even feel a twang of understanding for the bad guy. The action sequences are pretty exciting and not a frame of film is wasted. After watching this, I went off the buy the series because I just needed more!

Of note are the extras. There are interviews with both the Japanese and English voice cast, as well as an interesting section that compares the storyboards with the final animation (cool if you're an anime afficianado). The music is ace too - take note of the Yoko Kanno who's worked on a number of anime films and series.

At this budget price, it's nothing short of a crime to not have this in your collection.
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on 21 February 2005
This movie got me into the Bebop series and I am SO thankful that it did. It's a marvellously made, stylish, fun, thought provoking gem of a thing. After the dross of UK TV it's a revelation that Japan routinely airs stuff like this, I am in awe.
Basically it's a Western in space but don't let that put you off because this is well cool stuff. The animation is slightly superior to the series and in widescreen. The music is rather fine too (as per usual for this gig). If you want entertainment on a grand scale then get this.
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on 20 October 2007
Not much more to say given the length of other reviews on this item, but for less than a fiver, you cannot go wrong with this anime DVD. From start to finish a real treat, whether you are familiar with the Cowboy Bebop universe or not.

All the characters from the original anime series are here in another case of futuristic bounty hunting in the stars. The plot and direction are at a very high standard, with many memorable moments, tying in chase scenes and gun/fist fights with investigative montages that detail the setting of the film. Underpinning this is an awesome jazz soundtrack that fits the series from which the movie is derrived, which gives the whole film its distinct vibe.

It is anime films like this that really show what the genre is capable of and is a must-have for all film and/or anime nuts. You will not be disappointed :D
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