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3.8 out of 5 stars36
3.8 out of 5 stars
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This is a film in the horror genre. It takes, as its subject, twin brothers Seth and Jonah, who have the ability of telekinesis or as it is sometimes referred `psychokinesis' . This is the ability to control physical matter by the exertion of brain power, put simply they can make stuff happen.

The film opens with a house party where some of the jocks are upstairs playing Russian Roulette, the only object of the game being to absolutely positively kill everyone. The twins are recording the whole thing on video camera, and then the titles roll. Yep it gets to the blood splats before the credits have finished.

The twins played eerily and brilliantly by brothers Edmund and Gary Entin, do everything alike. They dress act, talk and even sleep together (in the same bed that is). They let us know from the start that they are working on a project, that involves getting a certain feeling - hence the repeated question, `can you feel it?'.

The cops are soon involved and the main investigator is Orlando Jones (Evolution etc). He knows they have something to do with it, but can not find any evidence. What does become obvious is that they are at their most dangerous when they are together. Then a new girl turns up and hits it off with one of the brothers. That is when the older (by a few seconds) starts to realise his ordered world is under threat.

Orlando Jones tells his story by flash backs and we realise he has more than his share of demons too.

This is a well crafted, acted and directed (Antonio Negret) teen horror. It is more psychological than blood and gore. It is only 91 minutes long and is well paced for all of it, and comes across as being quite believable. It has the obligatory twists, but it will keep you guessing. If psycho, horror is your thing this will definitely tick your boxes.
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on 11 July 2011
Plot. Sam and Jonah are twins with an ability for telekenisis. They use it to kill their fellow students.
This is a psychological thrilller with horror overtones. A policeman investigating the apparent suicides which are very brutal starts to look at the possible involvement by the twins. We see the boys using their power but they need to be holding hands to be able to channel their power. Things begin to change when one of them is attracted to a girl. There are some very nice graphic visuals of disturbing scenes with a little blood on show but it's not too gory. It's a well acted film that was well written and dialogue is pretty good. Enjoyed it a lot.
The USA Region 1 release has a commentary that's interesting and not featured on this UK release.
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on 31 October 2012
And it's a wrap for 2011's SECONDS APART, movie deux in my Halloween Horror Movie Marathon. This is another After Dark Originals release, most of which I've enjoyed a great deal to date.

Basic story has two creepy twins going all Carrie on your ass, with their no-good tele-whatcha-macallit. The lads themselves appear harmless enough, if a little Tim Burton esque, with their side-combed haircuts, buttoned-up shirts and Victorian looking bicycles. Yet, everywhere they go, trouble doth follow, and our hero, the troubled Detective Lampkin, smells a rat.

I enjoyed SECONDS APART. Although not just as strong as the likes of HYBRID and PROWL, this movie still proved entertaining in its own right. This movie looked good and the acting was strong across the board. But the pacing seemed off. My mind was wandering a little during the mid-section of the movie. The script could have been tighter.

A fun, quirky little horror that you should have a good time with.
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on 21 September 2012
An interesting horror yarn about these two twins boys who have the ability to control people's actions and vision.
A police investigator,with some kind of nasty past we soon learn more about,is on a case of multiple suicide. He know there creepy twins have something to do with it,but he has no way of proving it,so he sets out to do just that.
Meanwhile we get to know more about these twins of evil doings,how they manipulate people for their own sick plesure and such. As the film goes on,we see a rift happening as one of them falls for a girl and the other clearly feels left out,but just what would happen if these two fell out,that's one of the questions asked and eventually answered.
The story is an interesting one,done very well,some great visuals,some disturbing moments of just how in control of people they are.
This could've been a disaster,it wasn't. Well i liked it.
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on 8 March 2014
Silly plot, at least acting is good and it's watchable, I should vote 3 but on average the very strict people on here gives 3 to amazing movies hence I can't give it more than two even though it's not total crap.
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on 10 August 2012
The 'After Dark' series of films are never going to break any real barriers in the horror genre. That said, I have become quite a fan and 'Seconds Apart' is one of the better films in the series. It reminded me of the David Cronenberg classic, 'Scanners'(that will be the Telekinesis theme involving two brothers). The film had much more depth to it than expected, good special effects and is well filmed. Picture quality & Sound are both up to scratch for Blu-Ray and enhance the viewing pleasure.

Don't set expectations too high and enjoy for what it is. I've wasted 90 minutes in worse ways watching other films!!! Good solid horror.
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on 1 April 2013
Worth a watch better than I thought it would be for cheap budget movie good turns and twists that I didn't see coming
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on 23 February 2013
Director Antonio Negret paints wonderful, haunting pictures playing off the uniform choreography of the twins and smartly doesn't try to force scares into a script that is less about fright than about dark characters and their even darker relationships. Seconds Apart might be a January movie, but this Bad Seed-meets-Dead Ringers should certainly be remembered at year end as one of the best horror movies of 2011.
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on 9 August 2015
A really unengaging title for a movie that's pretty good. Yes, it's about twins who have special supernatural powers that have been brought on through drugs given to the mother during pregnancy. The twins have their own agenda for their strange (evil) behaviour which isn't clearly articulated but it's a fun ride all the same. Generally OK acting, good pacing and a satisfactory conclusion.
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on 18 June 2015
A really good production keeps you entertained the whole way through. Gary & Edmund Entin play exceptional parts and provide a really good twist at the end. It really is worth a watch good Thriller/Horror!
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