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3.9 out of 5 stars23
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Limited Edition|Change
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on 17 January 2012
GTA comparisons are very frequent and a lot of people dismiss this game as a GTA copycat. It isn't. It is much better than GTA (never thought I'd say that).
Saints Row is simply fun, it has a wacky sense of humour, it doesn't take itself too seriously, the story is completely ridiculous and the missions are very over the top but incredibly fun. Who cares why or how its possible that your flying a tank its just fun that you are. Just when you think it can't get any more ridiculous and any better they bring in zombies. The missions are very varied and unforgettable and there is plenty of interesting activities to keep you occupied after the main story is finished. Plus there is loads of customisation available.
The controls are smooth, it can feel a bit on the easy side even on hardcore difficulty (esspecially after you've upgraded uor characters abilities and weapons later in the game). The 'homie' AI can be a bit annoying at times, particularly if you want to make a speedy get a way and it takes them ages to get in the car, but can hold their own in a fight. The graphics aren't the best around but they're good enough, and their slightly cartoonish feel compliment the games general absurdity.
It your looking for realism or an intricate plot then this probably isn't the game for you. If on the other hand you're simply looking for a game that is loads of fun then nothing does it better than Saints Row. And after all isn't that what the point of playing video games is.
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on 29 December 2011
'$$For anyone seeking to recapture the thrills that first arose from playing Grand Theft Auto Three Saints Row The Third is a must. Up to date visuals combined with a clearly focused attempt at delivering nonsensical fun definitely succeed in what is a fantastic, if albeit slightly shallow, gaming experience. If one has the pennies to spare and is not in search of a deep and rewarding story but rather instant thrills and ridiculous memories that will last a gaming generation then Saints Row The Third Is simply a must have. Dostoyevsky it may not be, but for a generation that revels in Top Gear as much as The Inbetweeners Saints Row The Third is perfectly pitched.
Go in expecting thrills over twists and you shall not be disappointed.
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on 25 November 2011
Saints Row: The Third
PlayStation 3
Rated 18

HD 720p
1 Player Offline
2 Network Players Online
Requires: 4037MB minimum of free Hard Drive space

Developed by Volition
Published by THQ

The Saints get greedy and start eyeing up a bank belonging to the Syndicate. After robbing the joint; the Saints get taken hostage on board a plane, once there a fight ensues and the whole plane stems into chaos. With Johnny Gat supposedly dead, the SR leader and Shaundi bail out of the plane and head for land (in Slow motion) whilst at the same time, fighting off several parachuters. Now in Steelport, the Saints start racking up a plan to overtake the Syndicate, the end... or at least it would be if the Syndicate wasn't comprised of 3 other factions: Morning Star, Luchadores and the Deckers who make the Saints visit rather unpleasent by creating Mayhem on gigantic proportions. So it won't belong before the city starts witnessing this and so the people start fighting back with their own elected gang Arsenal known as S.T.A.G.

Story Review:
The story is basically non existent in this game as it doesn't explain the Saints actions very good. 1. Why would the Saints rob a bank in the first place? It is on this impression, where I feel as though Volition maybe milking this franchise for all its worth. 2. Why are the enemies WWF mad? I'm not into wrestling and neither is the majority of the UK, so I don't understand why the developers had to cram this nonscene into a game, which in my view ruined all of Saints Row: The Third to it's entirety. Then to top it off they introduced even more manic scenarios later in the game by bringing zombies and Starship Troopers into it, why? I like the fact that most insignificant game developers think that they can solve a crap story by bringing out zombies, but this is naff concept that basically ruined parts of the map. The Starship Trooper elements are Over the top too, but I must admit, they were the more engaging out of all the story cast.
Throughout my years of playing video games, I've never come across a story so "Topsy Turvy" like this So it won't be surprising then if I give this games story 3/10 (a Freak Show and a Circus in one game)

Steelport is a city built for industry and it even has a monument recognising that fact. But while Saints Row: The Third is supposed to be a step up from SR2, the city is not; as it's very small in comparison to Stilwater and the city has the same derelict look throughout its boroughs Stanfield District, Magarac Island & Carver Island; with Downtown and New Colvin being more wealthier looking. The city can be transformed throughout the story by adding purple eyesores to the landscape, these range from luxury Condos, Skyscrapers to Businesses. The city also houses the Saints headquarters which frequently gets attacked by various enemies, but mainly S.T.A.G. The city in general has had a lot more detail than Stilwater with Volition applying cracks, rust and Pot holes in the game, however Volition still has a long way to go to meet Rockstar authenticity to its Saints Row games. So don't expect to see the same level of detail in this game as you have with Red Dead Redemption or L.A. Noire. The city has improved none the less so it gets 5/10 (landscape ruined by zombies & the colour Purple)

Gameplay: Activities & Customisation
The activities are now split between easy, medium or hard level spread across the city and after you've completed one, that's it. So there's no endless repetition or leveling up as experienced in SR2. However you must do these activities intros whilst playing through the missions. The customisation options are displayed in a cartoony fashion unlike in its normal mode in Saints Row 2 and for some apparent reason it's also difficult to determine what clothing is for which gender cos' on some occasions my character looks good, but on others it is of mixed genders.

Gameplay: Vehicles
The cars have a lot more detail and improved handling physics, however don't expect Mafia II's car handling or detail cos' in Saints Row: The 3rd it still retains that arcade feel on all vehicles. The plains have not improved from SR2 as they still crash land when landing normally, accelerate around 2000mph on the runway and they have no turning mechanism. Simply the worst mode of transport. The trains still play a redundant feature in this game too as seen in SR2 as well. Why Volition keeps adding them is beyond reason, they shouldn't of added them, if no one can use them. The engine sounds on all vehicles is horrible cos' they have this stop and start noise (Wush-Tish) present.

Gameplay: Characters & AI
Your character walks really slowly but other than that it's fine. The other character's that are suppose to help you... don't as they always end up being indisposed or incapacitated leaving to defend yourself against hoards of looped enemies; they also react slowly to the environment or any given command which forces you to wait for them whilst wanting to flee battle grounds. The universal A.I. characters found on the street appear to be waiting for your arrival cos' they don't appear to be doing anything other than walk around and comment to your physique. not advanced as GTA or Mafia II where they sweep up or walk into their own homes.

Overall Gameplay Mark: 4/10 Improving, but not at the same level as other games in this genre.

Simplistic with little thought to authenticity nor detail and needs a lot of improving to be at standards we're seeing in games published by Take 2 Interactive. For the effort in improving Graphics it gets 6/10 (Cartoony, Smooth and a lot of Purple)

The game has many things left out or dumbed down giving it an incomplete look to it. The story became lost due to activities mingling in to it and most of the story not making sense from the start. So I feel that this game is a step backwards compared to Saints Row 2, as Volition went way too far on the silly side, making the game appeal to pubescent teenagers than to adults. So for the excessive WWF thing, graphics and full on silly gameplay, I give Saints Row: The Third 2 stars overall.
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on 21 November 2011
I've never bought a Saints Row game before. Would've bought SR2 but the lack of trophies put me off (yes, I admit it, I'm obsessed with trophies. Why bother playing a game if you don't have a pathetic graphic to show off to your virtual friends how amazing/much of a loser you are?)

Anyway I bought it because of the good things I'd heard about SR2. First impression of this one - not great, I'll be honest. I love GTA and this seemed a backward step (oh damn, I just compared it to GTA. Was gonna try and avoid that. Never mind).

It's 2011, nearly 2012, and the graphics on this game don't match up to the ageing ones of 2008's GTAIV. From afar the city looks OK, but up close it's nothing to shout about. The cars look very cartoonish too - think Simpsons Hit and Run - and the facial animations are pretty poor if we're being honest. LA Noire this ain't. Also, the driving mechanics suck. Flicking the analog stick slightly to the left or right will see your car perform an amazingly fake swerve even at break-neck speed. There are no physics involved here. Flying at a 90 degree corner at 100mph? No problem. Press the handbrake for a split second and you can tackle that corner perfectly.

But it's not all bad. It fits with the game; you're playing it to have fun, who cares how unrealistic it is? And it's that unrealistic theme that runs throughout the game. Almost every mission borders on the ridiculous (many cross that line), and the self-aware humour shows they are not ashamed of this. A chase seen involving a bunch of kinky sex workers pulling wheelbarrows with their clients on them? If that's not daft enough, you then realise these wheelbarrows explode like a bomb when you shoot the "driver's" head. Yes, stupid. But hilarious in equal measure. How about having an extensive gun battle whilst free-falling out of an aeroplane? Zombies? A boss battle on Mars? All in the game. OK the story makes no sense and is pretty rubbish, but I genuinely didn't mind, because the missions were fun to complete, regardless of the reason WHY you were completing them.

Handily, you can choose the difficulty to play the game at, with no trophy-based rewards for the difficulty you complete the game at (about TIME!). So feel free to saunter through on Casual difficulty, or if you're more hardcore, try the hardcore difficulty. You can switch at any time, so if one mission is too tough, knock it down a level. The game is perhaps a touch on the easy side, but it's great not to be restricted in how you want to play the game. Mission checkpoints are, for the most, part, excellent too. They're not all perfect - once or twice I had to restart an entire 20-minute mission just because the stupid woman I was trying to protect walked into my rocket launcher blast. But this was definitely an uncommon occurence.

There are unfortunately plenty of glitches, usually manifesting themselves in missions. For example, mission progression prompts (such as a swarm of enemies coming in to fight you) occasionally don't happen. After a couple of minutes wandering around you figure it must be a glitch, and you kill yourself to try again from the last checkpoint. This sort of glitch happened way too many times and really needs fixing.

The sound is also a bit off at times. You can be walking past a car, hearing the radio inside it, and then you walk one step to the right and the radio cuts off entirely. Then cuts back in again.
But speaking of radio, they've done quite well in this department. Again, GTA Vice City it ain't, but the radio stations are varied and contain some great songs perfect for the game (I hated Bonnie Tyler until they used one of her songs in the final mission, and it fitted perfectly). In some epic missions, you occasionally get this kind of backing track, which always enhances the atmosphere perfectly and is done really well.

Once you've finished the game, there are plenty of activities to be getting on with. Many more hours worth than the campaign mode, in fact. Numerous challenges, time consuming vehicle thefts (hated these but I wanted the trophy), assassinations (loved these), and then the plentiful side-missions to keep you occupied. Completing these earns you territory, and earning territory gets you money. Which you can spend on upgrading stuff. It's simple, addictive, and it works.

There's a lot here to keep you busy. Platinum hunters will need to work some long hours, but they are fun hours. It's not a grinding experience, it's truly enjoyable and absorbing. It's the closest thing to San Andreas' variety (anyone counting the GTA comparisons?) that a PS3 game has got to. It's not perfect, it's messy, glitchy and silly, but by god it's fun.
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on 18 November 2011
i have played both saints row 1 & 2 and i now own number 3. well they are all good but this one is about the saints at the top of there game celebrity's until it all goes down hill where rival gangs are attacking them.... i love the story its over the top imaginative and character creation is widely explored. the map is huge and driving has improved since the first 2 only thing is the radio stations are limited and the music is not great. the streets feel more realistic with more pedestrians. on a positive note im enjoying playing this game i have been playing it for about 4hrs now and i would recommend it to anyone who like gangster games but not serious ones!
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on 8 December 2011
Saints Row: The Third is a brilliantly fun romp filled with gratuitous violence, shameless debauchery and almost depraved levels of sexualisation. It is a game entirely inappropriate for anyone of any age, and is as "immature" as a game can possibly be. That said, it lacks the fine pacing and clever contrasts of its predecessor, Saints Row 2, and once you're tired of slapping pedestrians with sex toys the game quickly outstays its welcome. There is nothing serious or redeeming about this game: it is pure, "childish" fun.
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on 14 January 2012
Saints Row is know for it's absurdness but this one goes over the top in a good way. Falling through a plane, blowing up a star wars type star ship and zombies in the main story are whhat makes this game great. The DLC is great too. I don't usually use the gun or wear the outfit but the car is hilarious. If you're not bothered about the DLC, just get the game. I don't like the REAL ending too much, the alternative one is better but I still reccomend it. P.S Don't compare it to GTA, it's like comparing Oblivion to Fallout
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on 18 November 2011
saints row 2 was brill! but this is its enhanced daddy! still got that insane, FUN, addictive gameplay + story and loads of new features! if u played and enjoyed saints row 2 you will def love this beast! its improved gameplay, combat, improved steering, AIR STRIKES! jets! loads of mad things have been added! characters are alot more realistic to! ive only completed 3 missions and im literally stunned! was looking forward to this game and this is why! trust me get this game! 5 stars all the way! :)
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on 26 June 2013
but rock on saints row 4, Dont compare this to GTA neither its not trying to be a GTA clone, its trying to be a crazy sandbox for people who want to have fun with crazy outfits and attacking people with dildos unlike GTA which is now boringly realistic.
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on 11 December 2011
Just pure fun, That's all I have to say about this game. The delivery came quick. The user can do anything in this game such as: what they do in the trailers.
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