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4.3 out of 5 stars1,442
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2013
I admit I was a little torn here; this is between a four and a five star movie. However, my decision was made for me by the petulant one star reviews- which are becoming the norm- from the Applesheep, wingeing about how difficult is is, once you're surrendered to Apple, to play this on a tablet. I'm interested more in the film than the product, and not giving in to any platform, so have no problem with digital copy, and can see this on DVD or tablet as I choose; this one, seen half on my tablet in the back of a car, half on my PC. However, I up it to five stars to slightly counter the embittered children. On the other hand, if I ever needed more reasons not to go Apple, I don't anymore. Perhaps their products need downreviewing ? "Great product for a fashion victim with more money than sense, does lots of things brilliantly, but it only does what Apple will let me do", perhaps ? Maybe there was a reason why Betamax fell by the wayside.

Anyway, to the film. It is comic book, and you wouldn't watch it if you didn't know that. It has the strengths and weaknesses of that genre.

Everything in it is well done; the story still seeming strong by Batman standards, but it all hangs together and rattles along through its impressive length quite nicely. All the performances are workmanlike, but there aren't any Oscars going on here. Personally, I've always liked Christian Bale's Batman/ Wayne, just as I liked Michael Keaton's; Gary Oldman as a good guy is nice to see; Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman as satisfying as ever.

The villain is suitably villainous, and I didn't see the twist coming- I never look too hard, frankly- so the ending became quite satisfying.Catwoman has fancied the Batman before, so that all works for me. I look forward to seeing Tom Hardy in Mad Max, but for now imagine him more easily as the Lord Humungous in an MM2 remake !

A lot of ends are all nicely tied up together, and without wanting to put spoilers in, I loved every bit of the conclusions. This ends the trilogy as well as it could have been done.

Hopefully, no sequels or remakes for a while.

I marginally prefer "The Dark Knight"; Heath Ledger's Joker was brilliant; a definite 5 stars or 10/10 there; this is 9/ 10, but the wingeing childen made my up/ down decision for me.

Five stars.
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on 7 January 2013
First of all, this film was mostly a great watch, the action sequences were first class, the acting was very good, and the villain was suitably menacing. The last 45 minutes go past very quickly, and it was a superbly composed final hour by Nolan. Bales performance as Batman was a little lighter than The Dark Knight with a few more laughs but not many, and Hardys performance as Bane was towering and unsettling. He really was a man mountain in the film. Could I write more praise? Sure, I mean the film score is superb, I bought the soundtrack too and it's fast paced and really well composed and I love it a lot, Catwomans theme is fantastic but the whole score is sensational. I remember seeing this in the Imax in Kingston and it was extraordinary, the action exploded in your face, the sound was deafening but not loud enough to hurt your ears, it was enough to put you right in the heat of the action and I enjoyed the film a lot more because of that.

There are downsides in the film, the ending still has me a little confused, I believe it does actually happen but it's hard to see HOW it happened, if you know what I mean. There's no real indication of how it happened, this all sounds very vague but it has to be for fear of spoiling the film for others. The film's probably a little overlong, could have been half an hour shorter and would have been better for it. As for Bane, for such an imposing character, again it's very anticlimatic, and you'll know what I mean there again. We don't see much of Batman at all in the film, he's on screen for maybe half an hour or more, and most of the time it's just Bruce Wayne. Not enough of Banes backstory was shown, how he came to be such a man mountain, how he entered the Lazarus pits, why he was there etc. There's a lot of vagueness in the film, with fill in the blanks moments for us to work out ourselves. Now there's talk of the next film being set in the 1980's focusing on the Justice League or something, I have no idea really. I did enjoy the film but there were a few too many vague moments for me to truly enjoy it to its full potential, and to be honest The Dark Knight was better. But if you haven't seen this yet and own the previous 2 films you'd be a fool not to buy this.
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on 29 April 2016
A brilliant film
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on 26 August 2015
Enjoyable. Remove brain and enjoy the ride!!!
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on 18 May 2016
Great all round
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on 4 November 2013
I got this for my fella and we both loved it. It arrived really quickly (the next working day) . this is just what it says it is.
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on 28 December 2012
A total fantastic film. I'm not going to warble on, if you liked Batman begins and the dark knight then you will like this. There are some one star reviews on Amazon that are longer than the film and I would strongly suggest you pay them no heed. Instead buy this dvd and simply enjoy.
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on 21 May 2013
I tell you what: I learned not to trust Christopher Nolan, not to think he is an autheur: most of times, despite being a talented director, I don't like how he plays with the audience and pose as an artist, more focused to trying to convince us all (and the critics) that he's more than just a director.
All his movies have some great ideas but he can't or doesn't want to go more deeper and develop them to turn them into a coherent and brilliant point of view on life and society.
Same thing happens here: up to the pre-final of the movie, you think (I hoped actually) that all this evil will finally make a point and make sense, but, exactly like in the previos Batman, it all colapse at the end: the bad guys seem to be more stupid than they were portrayed, and all this conspiracy turns into a farse.
But still you can enjoy all the narration of this dark story, and it's not wasted time. Somehow it's a shame tha Nolan never had the gut to be serious and bold and maverick up to the end, like he suddenly felt the need, everytime, to turn it all to mainstream and tell the public (and the procuders), don't worry, I was joking, it's all going to end well and good guys will finally prevail.
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on 22 February 2014
After the success of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, a lot was expected from The Dark Knight Rises. It's fair to say that this film; doesn't disappoint. Batman is as determined as ever to fight crime, and he also has better gadgets; than before. Batman hasn't been Batman in 8 years, he is blamed for Harvey Dent's Murder so is hated by all of Gotham apart from Commissioner Gordon and his close friends, and of course Robin. Cat Women is as unpredictable in the movies than in; the comics. Bane is a scary, evil villain, who is the only person in the Batman films who can beat Batman in a fight. After Bane beats him close to death, Batman is dumped in a torture prison with no hope of survival. He builds himself up and escapes. Where he then proceeds to stop Bane blowing up Gotham; with Bane's nuclear bomb. Batman eventually beats Bane in a fight but has plenty more work; to do. The film is very entertaining, unpredictable and also has a very good story. Christian Bale is as good as ever as Batman/Wayne as is the rest of the cast; in their roles. Fair play to Christopher Nolan for ending the greatest Batman sequels with a very good film. A must buy for all Batman fans.
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on 20 June 2016
Action packed,
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