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on 30 December 2014
I ordered 3 of these 32 GB cards from amazon but was wary following the other reports of fakes. I've tested all three cards using H2testw and found:

1 card was an original and works fine. the software redemption code is also fine. The 'made in china' on the reverse is stamped into the card. For the price it's a fantastic bargain.

2 cards were FAKE and had an actual storage of 0.98GB. I The 'unique' software redemption code for each was identical and also fake. The 'made in china' on the reverse was printed in grey text, not stamped into the plasitic.

These items were sold and despatched by amazon directly. it was not a marketplace transaction.

My advice mirrors those of other users: if you order this product, test it with free software immediately (such as H2testw1.4) to see if it is genuine. If you just check the properties of the card to see it's size, you can still be mislead, so definitely use a proper piece of software. If yours is fake return it and request a refund immediately: this kind of service isn't just 'not good enough', it's illegal.
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on 2 August 2014
I have been buying SanDisk and SanDisk only for many years. I was always happy with their cards as they never failed me. Until this one came. It was working, but when transferring photos to my computer I got suspicious as it was too slow. Tested it with a benchmarking software and was getting 19MB/s max. Contacted SanDisk and after checking the serial number they confirmed that indeed it is genuine. Still, to my surprise, they said that the speed I'm getting is within the limit and the card is OK. That wasn't satisfactory, because if I want slower card I can go with cheaper option. Tested it again in live environment against SanDisk's own Extreme 45MB/s but 64GB that my friend used to record films in RAWs on his Canon 6D. So the only difference between the cards was their capacity. My friend's 64GB succeeded to record at the speed of 43MB/s, my 32GB failed showing the max speed it can reach of 23MB/s. After this test SanDisk agreed to replace it, but it was easier to get the replacement from Amazon, which I did. The second one works as it should.
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I use this card in a Sony HD camcorder. As a class 10 card it does the job consistently and well and the capacity running at HD quality is excellent at around 2.5 hours. For the price I don't think there's a better card out there and the SanDisk name virtually guarentees that you'll have problem free recording. I've used most of the class 10 cards out there and ultra compact flash cards and SanDisk are by far the most consistent in terms of quality and speed. You've also got to work very hard to damage these cards and if by any chance you get one that doesn't work SanDisk are usually pretty good at replacement.
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on 7 December 2011
Together with my Lexar professional USB3.0 card reader, this manages 27.3MB/s write, 41.3MB/s read. That is much better than required for the HD video recorder it is used with. (Had a little scare to start when my dell monitor card reader couldn't get into double figures).

I think I will stick to Sandisk in future.
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on 30 December 2014
****Even the cards supplied by Amazon can be fake****, as I found out. I purchased two cards "Dispatched from and sold by Amazon". I bought them to store music for our in-car entertainment.

The printing on the packaging looked perfect, however my suspicions were aroused after I typed in the access code for the one year free subscription to Rescue Pro deluxe and I received the response: "An invalid Activation code was entered". The fake code for mine was RPRID-0501-22915-66367-08553. The rescue pro details can only be found by opening the packaging - They are on a piece of paper affixed to the back of the plastic packaging. I was convinced that I had bought a dud (well two duds) when I saw that the second card had exactly the same activation code.......these codes are meant to be unique!

I performed a search and found that fakes are prolific (which won't be news to a lot of people). I also checked the amazon reviews and felt a bit of a fool. The fakes do seem to be getting better and better, my cards had perfect printing on the packaging and a grey write protect tab, which is the same colour as genuine SanDisk products (as opposed to the yellow tab that someone else noted). But the "MADE IN CHINA" on the back of my cards was printed and not stamped into plastic of the card - At least one review suggested that having this printed and not stamped is a sign of a fake.

My internet search also turned up that the criminals involved in this fraud commonly use a lower capacity or reject card and "programme" it to look like a high capacity card. This will fool your computer or device to treat it like a high capacity card and continue to write to it even after it is full. At this point, or earlier, it can corrupt all of the data on your card. My brief search turned up a couple of programmes that can scan and check your memory cards: I used FakeFlashTest, but there are others (such as H2TESTW) - A quick size test revealed "****FAILED**** DEVICE HAS DUPLICATE OR BAD BLOCKS Recommended maximum usable partititon size: 1,012.9291MB". So what I actually got was a 1GB card that had been programmed to state 30.2 GiB to the device it was attached to. N.B. if you use one of these programmes it could get rid of stored data/formatting, so copy all data onto a back-up before testing.

I have been back over the external packaging and the front of the memory card with a fine tooth comb and I can't find any blurred printing or mistakes that would have given it away without opening the packaging. The two cards that I received looked absolutely genuine from the outside, so I am not surprised that Amazon were also taken in. Please check your cards as soon as you get them - If the Rescue Pro activation code doesn't work, check the card very carefully. I would have been very disappointed if I had used my cards for photographs or video and I lost them all.

Only my second return in almost a decade and hundreds of purchases.
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on 29 August 2014
SanDisk SDSDX-032G-X46 32 GB Extreme 45 MB/s
Class 10 SDHC Memory Card(s)

Unfortunately, both of the above ordered 32GB Memory cards now appear to be counterfeit.

Ordered from Amazon - not Amazon Market place.

The cards were purchased and intended for a short break in the Isle of Man, Classic TT .....

Of the 141 separate film 'clips' taken on the 2 cards, only 3 clips on one and 4 clips on the other are viewable - and on

all of these 7 clips the sound 'disintegrates' on viewing. The other 134 film clips are not viewable as an "Unable to

render file" message appears when trying to open them. The viewable clips were the first ones to be filmed on the


On further inspection of the memory cards :
Both show in the camcorder as being Class 4, where-as the packaging and labelling both show Class 10.
Both memory cards have the same Serial Number - BM1400550121G
Both packages contain vouchers for a 'Recovery Program' that all have the same Serial Number to access.

Using the memory card tester program - H2testw - reveals that the remaining memory is 'corrupted'.

As you may understand, I feel totally 'gutted' that I have lost virtually all the filming that was done on this holiday, but I

have now calmed down and have to accept the fact that the files are irretrievably lost.

On top of that I have missed Amazons 30 days return policy as I was not intending to use them until my holiday as they

were ordered on the 8th July 2014.

OK, they WERE cheap, and maybe TOO cheap, and obviously, even a ginormous company such as Amazon, and

myself, have been conned by who-ever supplied the cards.

Ended up going to Maplins for a Samsung 16GB card to get by - lesson learned the hard way - so, check 'em out

STRAIGHT AWAY when you get them ....... heed ........
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on 25 October 2013
I purchased a 32GB version of this card because I wanted more open blocks on my 3DS XL for games and downloads. If you are thinking of upgrading your memory capacity on your 3DS XL, this particular card has been endorsed by Nintendo, and means tested by them. Just a warning though- do NOT get anything higher than a 32GB SDHC card, as they will NOT work. I did my research before buying this, and the Official Nintendo website endorses this SDHC card in particular (the one I bought):

SanDisk 32GB 45MB/s Extreme HD Video SDHC Card
Item model number: SDSDX-032G-X46

Does the 32GB offer decent space for games?
To give you an idea of the level of space this card has, after switching to the 32GB card (using a simple online guide) I went through the "system settings> data management> nintendo 3DS> software" on my 3DS XL and waited. On the top screen it shows how many open blocks are on your current SD card. Mine showed over 200'000 extra free blocks, which is superb considering one of my large downloaded titles (Animal Crossing) is approximately 6'000 blocks.

Overall impression:
This is exactly what I wanted really, to have more space to download games without having to keep inserting game cards and taking them in and putting them back in their boxes. I will still buy physical copies of games too, but for my favourite titles that I know I'll play frequently, or for the games that only have digital copies, it's a relief to have a lot of space. More gaming for me! Buy from Amazon to be sure of safe return in case of faulty cards, and do not delete the data from your old card until you are sure the new one works, for the same reason.

Sorry to be so long winded, but there were a lot of reviews here about how this card works for cameras, and I didn't see any about the 3DS XL potential. It works, it's easy to do, and it enhances your little handheld console to the MAX! Save game data is safe, and so are downloaded titles and Mii accomplishments in spotpass. It's basically like a system transfer only it takes a LOT less time (at least mine did).

If you are still unsure, go to the Nintendo website FAQ pages. They are very helpful and there are even tutorial viedos on YouTube from people who have done exactly the same thing. Happy gaming!
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on 22 August 2013
I first bought this card from(Sold by) Index Electronics it came with retail packaging and included Rescue Pro Delux, a file recovery utility. When I bought my Sandisk 32GB 45MB/S SD Extreme Video Memory Card - Frustration Free Packaging it did not come with Rescue Pro Delux.

Amazon Marketplace Retail packaging:

I found it came with a one year subscription of Rescue Pro Deluxe recovery software. I am now using it.

I find it confusing having various large files which may or may not have copied properly. And, yes! I did format my SD card in the camera after I thought I had copied the contents. And, yes! I had not bothered to double and triple check.

First of all I found this software difficult to install properly and gave up. I have just phoned the company that provided it (0115 959 7904) and they have supplied me with an activation code even though I had activated the software when I first got it. So hopefully it is going to save my bacon!

I have ordered another of these cards to go along with my new camera Sony Alpha A58 Translucent Mirror Interchangeable Lens Camera with 18-55mm Lens (20MP). My previous camera which I also bought via Amazon was also excellent Nikon 1 V1 Compact System Camera with 10-30mm Lens Kit - Black (10.1MP) 3 inch LCD, and very good value at £240 but not as large as my new camera.

I have deliberately ordered FRUSTRATION FREE packaging in order to have it from Amazon rather than a market seller. I have returned the card that came in Frustration Free packaging.
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on 10 August 2014
I placed an order for 2x SanDisk Extreme SDHC memory cards with on 8. July - the order was delivered on 11. July, fulfilled by General Accessory Distributions. Unfortunately, the cards appear to have been fakes. When trying to use the first card, my camera (Sony a65) announced that it could not read it and refused to function (irritating in the short term, but much better than if the camera had tried to use the card only to suffer from lost/corrupted files later - kudos to Sony).

On close examination, the packaging seemed a little flimsy - poor quality cardboard - and the label on the first SD card was not properly stuck at one corner. The printing on the SD card label was low quality, and the "Made in China" text on the back printed rather than embossed into the surface. Most obviously, as reported by other reviewers, read/write switch is yellow rather than grey.

I elected to return the order as defective (though could also have selected "Different from what was ordered" ...). Amazon's returns procedure worked flawlessly - printed out the return label & took the package to a local grocery store, it was picked up by Amazon's courier later the same afternoon and my account re-credited immediately.

I have purchased SanDIsk Extreme cards from Amazon in the past without any issue - but there seems to be an problem with the current stock, given the number of recent reports (July 2014). A disappointing experience.
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on 31 December 2011
After recently travelling to Singapore and finding these SD cards on sale for more than, I decided to wait until I returned to make the purchase. I use the card in a DSLR camera to shoot jpeg + RAW as well as some high-definition video (true HD). Obviously with 32GB to play with I'm unlikely to run out of space on this for some time, and the performance is excellent - I've not experienced any problems even when in continuous shooting mode.

I also have a 4GB sandisk high-speed SD card which I've used for several years with no issues to report so hopefully my new, higher capacity model will also prove the test of time!
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