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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2011
Gaubatz the author's son penetrated the main Muslim advocacy body in the US and worked as an intern with high level access to files and emails.
The revelations in this book are astonishing and highly revealing.
It is well known that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator (meaning there was evidence but insufficient police and judicial resource to pursue prosecution) in a high level terror funding case (the Holy Land Foundation).
What this book reveals with specific and detailed documentation is that this is no abberration, but just a minor facet of CAIR's systematic policy of actually propagating and protecting jihadist theology and practice, of the kind espoused by Al Qaeeda and its affiliates. Whilst the organisation professes a moderate face, and is widely consulted by media and government, its actual activities amongst others have been:

To strongly discourage cooperation with law enforcement in identifying and tackling jihadists by the many Muslims it advises. This resulted in the community's active concealment of high profile, high value potential mass attack organisers, like Shukrijumah Gulshair for example.
To weaken and undermine the activities of the US authorities in battling jihadists. This included opposing police training programs that discretely and effectively helped identify jihadist strategies.
To support and encourage covert jihadist activities in the US and overt jihadists overseas, often employing subterfuge, often involving third party cover firms.

This book sounds a loud and clear alarm call to all Western governments about 'coopting' ostensibly moderate Muslim bodies - to check on their real activities, assess their value in exposing and ideologically opposing jihad, and remain vigilant to infiltration in the ranks of their intelligence and police forces.
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on 27 January 2013
The very title, Muslim Mafia says all about a book portraying an all-compassing picture of the upper layers of the Arab street in America. The book is about stealth Jihad, money laundering, fraud, deception, and above all, conspiracy against democratic America. A country welcoming and generous to newcomers is treated as a foe within her own borders. As a documentary about deceit, falsehood, and financing of terror the work of the authors and a daring undercover agent amidst the spider’s web is a chilling read. And a must read. – Does United States fail to dismantle the sinister plot against her, everything will fall apart.
The book is well documented, as far as a lay-person can judge. There are substantial quotations from significant involved individual’s representative of legal authorities. Lists and schemes add to verification of certain facts about the umbrella organization CAIR (an acronym for the Council on American-Islamic Relations). It’s interesting that this Muslim cover affiliation of the terror-branded HAMAS, has important appeasers among U.S. politicians – nearly all democrats.
CAIR, founded in 1994, fooled a lot until some years ago. Even president George W. Bush hailed the Muslim civil rights advocate in a speech after 9/11. Later CAIR’s leadership came in dire circumstances due to investigative efforts by FBI and other intelligences work. The author, P. David Gaubatz, himself a former career military counterterrorism specialist and U.S. State Department-trained Arab linguist fuel the pages with hard facts about the secret war against civilization. Gaubatz’s co-author, investigative journalist Paul Sperry, makes it all thriller-like. As always the real world produce the most chilling suspense. Muslim Mafia has all the ingredients of a political thriller combined with the deceit and ruthless found in Chicago mobsters. - Finally, above all it’s a warning to all appeasers and an important reminder to all, that our democracy is not nature-given, and it has its sworn foes among Islamofascists.
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on 3 September 2013
In light of what is happening around the world today this book shows Islam for what it is ! More than just a wake up call.
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on 1 January 2014
Anyone who cares about their country should read this very informative book. It tells it just like it is how this barbaric religion is undermining the western culture and our democracies. This book should be on every school read list. The F.B.I. Agent who went undercover with these people should be commended for his abilities to get at the truth. Their is precious little truth in our media today to much covering up what is really happening. A MUST READ.
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on 28 August 2010
This book is a must read for all as it will without doubt effect everyone and everything in our lives.
No one can deny the truths told in this book but many, predominantly the political elite, would love to ban, hide facts and destroy this book. In fact they have done much to hide it from us already.
To ignore this message would seal our fate and end western civilisation completely. Sounds exagerated doesn't it...WELL IT ISN'T!!
Some books source info from various places and not all are reliable but this book is from the horses mouth, totally UNDENIABLE!!
If you are wondering why our politicians are so keen on filling our countries, wherever you are from, with Islam...find out why here.
I fear that one day we will look back and the smaller political parties and books like this and....wish we had listened...
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on 24 November 2012
I hate conspiracy theories, and I have nothing against Muslims as a socio/religious group. All the Muslims I know are sane, balanced, tolerant people. But few of us would doubt that there is a fanatical clique that is determined to infiltrate Western political and administrative circles in order to fulfill their ambitions of imposing their own narrow beliefs and values on Western society. This book reveals a lot of things that most of us peace-loving people would prefer not to face. It is a wake up call to all who would defend liberal democracy.
Muslims are not the only group that tries to impose its values on the rest of society. I don't see a lot to choose between the Muslim Mafia and the Catholic Mafia or the Tea Party /Fundamentalist Christian Mafia. Except, perhaps, that the Christian fanatics have so far not made terrorism a tool to advance their ambitions.
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on 25 June 2013
In publishing this book, the authors have done more good for this world, than all the media stations put together.

The information collaborates things I've known for years, and things I'd recommend you need to learn...

This book unravels the underlying mission of CAIR, and radical Islam.
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on 30 July 2013
great investigation into the true intentions of islam and the crippling political correctness that is allowing this evil cult of death ti flourish in a Christian country. tine for the free world to wake up to the truth.
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on 26 November 2013
A remarkable revelation of how we are being politically tricked by smooth-talking, pseudo-pious hypocrites - and from a very high level too.
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on 9 October 2014
What the governments in the west appear to deny this book exposes what most of us know is going on. The question is why is this not main news??
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