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4.8 out of 5 stars44
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 4 May 2011
Brilliant picture quality for such an old TV series.....I could find no mention on the box anywhere about SUB-TITLES in English but I can confirm that SUB-TITLES are definitly included on all the episodes....
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on 6 June 2011
Finally season 1 of The Twilight Zone is out on DVD AND Blu Ray.
I remember my father owning videos of these episodes on VHS that he'd taped off the TV and I'd go downstairs once both my parents were in bed and watch an episode. Needless to say I was always very tired in school to next day due to lack of sleep!
The good thing about these episodes is that they stand the test of time very well and are still very watchable today. With stand out episodes like "Where Is Everybody", "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" and many others, this season will show you how real sci fi and horror should be done.

The Blu Ray discs are excellent and is without a doubt the best the show's ever looked!

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on 10 May 2011
There's little to be said about The Twilight Zone that hasn't already been said before, but here goes:
This is where modern TV began. A groundbreaking TV show that encompassed horror, sci-fi and fantasy. A show that used genre to comment on the issues of the day and which paved the way for shows such as The X-Files and Lost.
The quality of the Blu-ray transfers is simply perfect. You wouldn't necessarily think that a 50 year old TV show could look and sound so good. But they do.
Added to this are many hours of bonus features, some of which are unique to the Blu-ray. You get isolated scores, commentaries, interviews and radio plays. You also get the very rare pilot The Time Element with optional commentary(though it should be noted that there are no subtitles for this episode). I cannot recommend this enough and look forward to subsequent Seasons.
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on 12 June 2011
The Twilight Zone - possibly one of the greatest, most influential and enjoyable Science Fiction TV shows ever along with Doctor Who and Star Trek. Each episode tells a different and always gripping tale which usually has a great, unexpected twist at the end. Fantastically written and superbly acted. Presented here in an incredible box set with perfect picture and sound quality. It's the best you'll ever see this notorious show. Highly, highly recommeneded for all fans of Sci-Fi. One not to be missed!
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on 7 June 2011
The film critic Leonard Maltin called The Twilight Zone "possibly the best TV series of all time," and Peter Wolfe described it as "the best art-directed show in TV history and the most influential."

Rod Serling was a financially and artistically successful Emmy award-winning writer for American television during the 1950s. He tackled many topical themes, including race and politics, but suffered the censorship of the various commercial sponsors who were nervous to be attached to anything controversial. Following one particularly difficult experience with a teleplay called The Arena, he said that "he would have had a more "adult" play if he had transposed the setting one hundred years into the future and peopled the Senate with robots." The final straw came with the sponsor`s intrusion on his play A Town Has Turned to Dust, which involved scenes of lynching, adultery and suicide. Serling stated that by the time it "went before the cameras, my script had turned to dust. They chopped it up like a roomful of butchers at work on a steer." It came as something of a surprise to the industry, but perhaps not to those who knew him personally, when in 1959 Serling announced that he planned to develop a weekly series of fantasy and science fiction stories. Many questioned his decision to leave the field of serious drama to enter the world of science fiction. One interviewer asked him why he no longer planned to write "anything important" for television. He replied that he didn't "want to have to fight anymore... which is in essence what the television writer does if wants to take on controversial themes".

The Twilight Zone was intended to be allegorical. In each episode of The Twilight Zone Serling's characters questioned the very nature of their realities, both internal and external, fulfilling the surrealist desire to find a truer reality, a synthesis of the interior and exterior worlds. Not only the characters but the audience themselves were able to question their own reality as they confronted fears and prejudices, whether they be disguised as aliens or nuclear holocaust.

The Twilight Zone is one of the finest television programmes ever broadcast, and it is great that each season is now being made available in blu ray format. Perhaps now a new generation will discover the wonders that this show contains.
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on 19 August 2012
Starting in 1959, this groundbreaking series was very influential. Would science fiction have gone the direction it had if 'The Twilight Zone' had not existed. Would 'Star Trek' have even started?

This definitive collection of season one episodes is awesome. Generally regarded as the best, it has many of the classic TZ stories, and feature actors that we may not have thought ever starred in the series, or some just starting out before they hit the big time. Who remembers Martin Landau of 'Mission Impossible' playing a cowboy in one episode?

There is 'The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street', 'What You Need', 'One For The Angels', 'Walking Distance', 'A Stop At Willoughby'and 'Mirror Image'. All TZ classics.

Naturally, there are a few duds, which are mainly because the ending is so predictable, right from the start, such as 'Perchance To Dream' and 'I Shot An Arrow Into The Air'. Still well acted, though.

The collection is bursting at the seams with extras, such as commentaries, talks at later dates, radio dramas of the prtoductions.

With widescreen tv being the norm nowadays, it can be a little annoying having the black lines down the side, but it keeps the quality of the picture perfect. It is clearer than any of the episodes I've seen in the past.

Not only do I have season one, but I bought the other four as well. I think I've got a lot of good viewing ahead of me!
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on 12 April 2011
I bought this from the US when it came out because there didn't seem to be a UK release on the way, now I wish I'd waited, because these are cheaper than the US sets, but the transfers and features are exactly the same!

It's nice to see that in this age of double dipping they didn't just re-do the DVD editions. All of the old features are there, but with a whole load of new featuyres added too. There's even some audio adaptations of the stories. I'd never heard these before but they're really good!.

The main thing is though the image and audio on the blu ray. Both are oustanding. It's hard to imagine a fifty year old TV show can look and sound this good!
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on 13 June 2011
Finally, The Twilight Zone, arguably the most influential anthology show comes to bluray in the uk. Gloriously presented in stunning hi-definition this set features not only 36 episodes of Season One but a whole host of extras including the never-before-seen pilot episode, multiple audio commentaries, interviews, radio plays, and much more, meaning that even if you've seen the episodes before there's still a whole wealth of material to be discovered. Freemantle Media have done an excellent job in presenting incredible quality transfers and you really will be blown away at how good a tv show over 50 years old looks today. Stand-out episodes on this set for me include "The Hitch-Hiker", "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" and "Time Enough at Last". With subsequent seasons also due for bluray release (including the often under-appreciated 1980's revival series) it's a fantastic time to be a Twilight Zone fan.
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on 26 June 2011
It is not necessary to discuss the impact of the show on the history of television which is considerable. I would like to say a few words about the technical aspects of this blu-ray release.

The transfer which is available for the european code region only just recently is outstanding in terms of image and audio quality. Obviously great effort has been taken to use the best film source material, which is most probably the original camera negative. Already (especially) the first episode is of a striking quality. But only after you get by the first scene which comes with a dissolve and is very grainy and soft. This is due to the fact that shots involving dissolves or optical manipulation needed to be second generation (a copy of the original negative). If you watch the show closely you can spot those shots almost instantly. But that's not a problem as the rest is just wonderful in terms of detail, tone and slight film grain. Interestingly close up shots regularly stand out even more in this respect (don't know the technical reason behind this). The audio track has been restored. In the menu you can choose between this and the "original". The restored track is remarkably good, voices are perfectly clear while the music score is, well, as good as it gets (still fine).

Overall a wonderful blu-ray release of the first season of Twilight Zone.
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on 26 October 2014
This is where it all began - the grand daddy of all TV Science Fiction.

Considering these were made 55 years ago they are still outstandingly good thanks to the high quality writing of maestro Rod Serling.

Great short teleplays with brilliant twists in the tale at the end.

Make sure you buy the Blu-Ray versions for the superior picture quality and extras, makes them look like they were filmed yesterday as they have been taken direct from the original negatives.

The Extras are plentiful and extremely interesting - the Desilu Playhouse unofficial pilot from 1958 which hasn't been released before in any format, several Actor Video Interviews, many Audio Commentaries by cast and crew and my personal favourite - 34 Isolated Music Scores which are beautiful.

Simply Stunning, a must buy!
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