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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 24 March 2013
For all those who delight in twilight esque works and paranormal phenomenons, I would highly recommend adding Sophie Jordan's work to your bookshelves for her writing is outstanding. This well-drawn, deeply engrossing novel is one that had me glued to the pages hypnotized by a mystical tale. Fueled by electric tension and exciting fast-paced drama, you will be swept into a fascinating world filled with danger and sinister secrets! The intoxicating romance between Jacinda and Will is as dazzling as Lauren Kate's fallen series or Twilight Saga, and as compelling and believable as any star-crossed lovers in real life. `Firelight' is a story which will glow brightly throughout, with a colorful cast of captivating characters bringing the dynamic saga vividly to life...

A hidden truth.
Mortal enemies.
Doomed love.

Jacinda is special. She is hunted by those who dislike Draki (a descendant of Dragons who can shape-shift into human form). Forced to flee into a mortal world, she encounters Will, who is a dangerous threat for he is a hunter. Despite knowing this Jacinda cannot ignore the intense connection they have, and lets her feelings cloud her judgment - for supernatural desire comes with a price.

Inspired and pure genius, I felt almost as if I was reading `Eragon' with a strangely singular supernatural twist. Deeply beguiling and highly readable, this is a fantasy tale to get lost within as the momentum intensifies as you turn each page. I was so impressed with how the author cleverly combined fantasy/ paranormal elements with a fresh contemporary `feel' within such a competitive and popular genre. I was physically glued to my seat, constantly wanting to find out more and anxious to discover what would happen to Jacinda, as she fell hopelessly in love with someone considered to be her enemy.

Simply breathtaking - this is a novel of epic proportions and a definite must-read!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Jacinda is a draki, descended from dragons and has the ability to shift into a human form. She has a very rare ability to breathe fire. This makes her very special to her people. However, when she rebels against the rules set by the elders, her family is forced to flee into the human world and her draki spirit begins to fade. When she meets Will, her draki spirit revives. The only problem is his family hunts her kind. With danger on every side, can Jacinda and Will be together?

I absolutely loved this story! I loved the way Sophie Jordan has created a world where a dragon could transform into a human. Usually, it's a human that transforms. This, in my eyes, makes this book stand out from the crowd.
Jacinda is an interesting character. She is a teenage draki, who is one of the rarest of their kind. She is the only fire-breathing dragon to be born for centuries. Unfortunately, she also has a stubborn streak. When she defies the law, her mother flees with Jacinda and her twin sister, Tamra, to a city called Chaparral in the desert. When she meets Will and her draki spirit wakes up, she finds she is unable to stay away from him.
Will is gorgeous! Unfortunately, his family is very dangerous to all draki - they are dragon hunters. Will feels drawn to Jacinda, but does't know why.
I was totally enthralled with this book! The idea that dragons evolved into people was novel to me, but with all the myths and legends in history, I'm surprised I didn't think of this before! Sophie Jordan has taken a "what if" and turned it into a fantastic tale that has captured my imagination. I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in the Trilogy. Vanish is out in hard copy now, but the paperback is only due for release in September this year. I highly recommend this YA Paranormal Romance if you love a fantastic story that leaves you begging for more.
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on 22 July 2014
I never write reviews for books I've read, but having just finished 'Firelight' and dashed to my computer and ordered the next two in the series, I thought it an obvious sign that I should say something about my feelings for this book.

I forget where exactly I first heard about this book - someone online was reading it and said they were enjoying it, so I thought I'd give it a go. I didn't read it right away - something about rereading the blurb made me think that it just might not be for me. I love fantasy, but the blurb seemed a little... pretentious. But eventually I got around to reading it and I'm so glad I did!

The draki were an interesting idea, and were well written; the transformation between Jacinda's human and draki form was very clearly described, but not in a long drawn out kind of way. The relationships between Jacinda and her mother and sister were very natural and made them easy to relate to. I found myself feeling emotionally connected to these characters and although it is obviously a very teen-targeted sort of book, I found it more than enjoyable. No, this forbidden love is not a new idea, but it's still fun to lose your hear to these characters. I truly couldn't really predict what was going to happen and it never became dull. I foolishly started it in the evening and I found it very hard to put down last night.

My only issues with this book are that a) it's not very long and b) the ending is very abrupt. Now, concerning my first point, this may not be an issue to a lot of people; some readers prefer books that aren't too long. For me, however, a little more would have been most welcome, especially considering the ending. I guess it's supposed to be a cliff-hanger, but I feel like someone took away fifty pages and randomly selected this page to end on. So, I suppose the fact that I was eager to continue this story shows that it can make for compelling reading, but be warned if you don't want to end this book feeling very abandoned.

Yet, I am avidly looking forward to starting the next one, so don't let that put you off this book. It's well worth a go if you're looking for an easy read that's romantic, fantastical and exciting.
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on 31 January 2013
What's Good About It

With all the vampires and werewolves about in YA fiction, it's great to see a different paranormal creature front and centre. And while the book features many of the tropes of the genre - love triangles, forbidden romance, a paranormal main character who craves a normal life - there's plenty of original ideas, mostly surrounding the dragons. The pride dynamic of the Draki was interesting and the decision Jacinda's mother makes to protect her family is at once admirable and deplorable, nicely setting up the conflict for the story.

And it's a story that doesn't let up. Firelight is a book you could easily read in an afternoon - full of the sort of plot twists and turns which make that little voice in your head say `just one more chapter, then I'll put it down.'

There's a lot of this sort of thing on the market at the moment, but YA paranormal romance really doesn't get much better than this. Jacinda and Will have real chemistry, and Cassian is a viable third wheel - he has his eyes on Jacinda and her firebreathing powers, and as the heir of the Pride, he usually gets what he wants. Jacinda is torn between her sense of duty to the Pride, and her desire to escape the feeling of suffocating oppression they put upon her and with Cassian tangled up in all of that, it's entirely believable that Jacinda feels conflicted about her feelings. This isn't just `two hot boys, what can I do?', there's real romantic tension and that makes the story all the more compelling.

What's Not So Good

I had real trouble imagining what the Draki looked like. I assume some sort of half-dragon/half-human creature, but part of me couldn't get past the idea of a girl transforming into a full on dragon. It bugged me a little.

Rating: 5/5
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on 12 December 2012
This is one book that I've had on my TBR pile for a while but only just got around to reading - when I received my copy in the summer I had just finished Defiance and didn't feel up for another dragon-related story right away. But I'm glad that I came back to it.
The story centres around Jacinda, who is a draki - descendents of dragons that can disguise themselves by shifting into human form. She has only ever known the world of the draki and her draki pride, which lives in a remote mountain village shrouded in mist. But then something happens that means Jacinda, her sister Tamra and her mother have to flee. They go to live amongst humans in a desert town, where Jacinda's mum hopes Jacinda will let her draki nature die and become a `normal' human.
At first I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy the shapeshifting in and out of dragon-like form aspect and thought that it might be a bit... well, naff. But the writer tackles it in a way that makes it feel real and believable within the context of the story. You really get a sense of the excitement and freedom of flight along with Jacinda and understand why she doesn't want to give that part of herself up.
Jacinda is drawn to Will, who as a hunter of her kind is dangerous and therefore definitely don't-bring-home-for-dinner material, but it's actually Cassian, Jacinda's draki intended, who set the real shivers of fear going for me. The tension created by Jacinda's mixed feelings about both love interests kept the story on its toes throughout.
But as much as I enjoyed the romance and the fantastical draki theme, it was the relationships between Jacinda and her mother and sister that interested me most. Tamra never `manifested' as a draki, and so within the pride she was the odd one out, looked over while her sister Jacinda took the limelight. At high school in the desert the tables are turned and whilst I felt for Jacinda, being torn away from the world she loved, I couldn't help but sympathise with Tamra and want her to have a chance at happiness. It's a really realistic representation of sibling love and the competitiveness that can lurk beneath the surface. Jacinda's mother, meanwhile, wants for both her daughters to be happy and above all safe, but she's stuck between a rock and a hard place, knowing that one daughter will be miserable whether they choose to stay as draki or as humans, and that very real dangers and difficult sacrifices lie in wait for them whichever option she chooses. It was these very human dilemmas that made Firelight a great read for me, and I'd like to find out what happens to the characters next in Vanish and Hidden at some point. And for fans of the Firelight series, Harper Teen Impulse have just released a standalone digital-only novella called Breathless.
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on 25 October 2012
Jacinda is a Draki, who can shape-shift from human to Dragon. Uniquely gifted she is favored and adored amongst her Pride, but inside she's trapped and hates that she has to follow everyone's rules, not having the luxury of wanting anything for herself.
One morning, Jacinda breaks a rule and almost gets caught, almost revealing her people to hunters who seek there skin and bodies for there own gain and the Pride isn't happy about this.
Her mother fears for her safety and takes Jacinda and her twin sister Tamra and flee before anything could happen.
The day she walks the halls of her brand new high school, there she sees a boy with honey brown hair, a boy she remembers deep in a cave.... Will is a hunter, a hunter that saved her life. She know what he have done and who he is, but will that keep her away? Will that be enough to stop her from betraying the pride, and her family? The only thing she knows is that she can't help falling for him. Falling for the predator.

I absolutely loved this book! Thanks so much to anyone who recommended it to me.


The story plot was fantastic. Firelight was actually my first book ever about dragons/drakis and things like that. I have never actually read anything like this. Dragons and Drakis rock!

The beginning was really entertaining, from the very start we get to see what Drakis actually are and what they do.

The characters were well described, but they could be more developed.
Jucinda - she was a likable character. But i didn't really love her, because i felt like she wasn't a very strong character. She didn't really stand up for herself, like i think anyone in her shoes would. But she was realistic enough.
Will - he was a likable character as well. He is kinda mysterious and very different from his family. There's something a bit strange about him. Will was very sweet and caring. I really liked that.
Cassian - Cassian is the character that i loved the most. He is so interesting , it's really hard to figure this dude out. He has so many different sides to his personality. Sometimes he is a caring cutee, sometimes he is very protective, but sometimes he can be a bit selfish and untrustworthy.
I hated Jucinda's mum and sister, they didn't love her for who she was, they were more like strangers than real family.

Will's and Jucinda's relationship, in my opinion, wasn't rushed and fake. There was like this special connection between them that pulled them together. And they were both liked not for who they truly are, but for their abilities. The scenes between them were sometimes hot, and sometimes sweet and romantic. I loved how caring and understanding Will was towards Jucinda.


There were scenes and moments in Firelight that made you gasping and turning the pages really quick. It surely had twists that i didn't see coming.

The ending was just WOW! It hooked me really fast. One think i know for sure is that i was not expecting an ending like this one.

Overall, Firelight is a unique book with twists that you won't see coming. Entertaining and very well written.
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on 21 July 2012
In Short
- This is my first but hopefully not my last dragon book.
- I loved how the dragons were part of a modern day setting.
-I really like the mystery between the two main characters, never knowing what was going to happen.
-I love Jacinda, her character is strong and actually thinks about what she is going to do.
In Long
Firelight was one of my review books which I got excited to read because it's the kind of book which throws me into the deep end with regards to reading a dragon book. I haven't yet read a book with dragons in and to be honest never believed I would because I have always thought I wouldn't be able to get into a book with dragons in as I wouldn't be able to believe what was happening.
Right from the beginning the action starts. The dragon side of things is introduced into the book and I actually found myself very intrigued by it. It's such a unique `theme' and throughout the book I looked forward to more information about the dragons. I think maybe I was able to be dragged into liking the whole dragon thing because the dragons are in just a normal modern day setting in this book. It made it effortless for me to believe.
Jacinda is a character who I automatically liked, she is strong willed but also not stupid and won't go and do really silly things for no reason. The mystery between her and Will is amazing, I loved it! Every time they saw each other I never knew what would happen or where there relationship would go and I loved the suspense.

Final Thoughts
Firelight is a great book, Sophie kept my attention pretty much throughout the whole book and it's not one of those books which is easy to put down!
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on 6 November 2011
I like dragons. I really like dragons. I like books about dragons - or descendants of dragons so I was so excited for this. Romance, supernatural, decendants of dragons... I had to read it.

The first thing that struck me was how great a writer Jordan is, she throws us into the action almost straight away, but also introduces us so well to the characters and the cultish world that Jacinda lives in at the beginning, i loved how well she described things and was gripped from the start. The voice was similar to every other young adult supernatural girl, a bit snarky at times but pretty relatable. Despite the fact that she is a draki going to live in the human world, Jacinda's resentment towards her family for making her go is relatable to anybody who has ever been forced to moved house and leave everything behind.

I really loved the characters, Jacinda felt multidimensional and I never thought that she acted stupidly, sometimes she thought too much about Will but I understand that. Will was another character that I loved, he is totally one of my favorite YA book boys that i have read lately. Tamra, Jacinda's sister, really intrigued me and she could become a goody or a baddy in the next book. I didn't like Cassian and hope that the love triangle angst isn't too high in the next book.

I liked the romance, but it was too too instant for me and too familiar, nothing really original in YA. I could, however, see the chemistry and I find it believable, I would have liked it to be a little bit more steady rather than being so rushed.

Final point is that whilst the pacing was good, I could have done with a little more action.

Overall, Firelight was a romantic book that was written well with good characters. There was a little insta-love and a little more action was needed.
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on 5 August 2011
Every so often I read a book that's not about vampires, werewolves, angels or other such popular themes. And when I do, I always feel refreshed reading something different. Firelight was certainly one of THOSE books! I've never read a book about dragons (or draki) before and so I wasn't sure whether it was going to be something I could get into or not. I'm so glad it was because I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

The main character Jacinda, a fire-breathing draki was a great voice to carry the book. Her background at the pride was described well and I really felt for her and how the pride were going to use her for breading more fire-breathers (as she is the first with that ability in generations). When her mother escapes the pride with Jacinda and her twin Tamra, she really does have mixed feelings. She doesn't want to be forced to mate with Cassian and be controlled but she also doesn't want to live in the human world where her draki starts to slowly wither away inside her. I really did feel sorry for her and felt her conflicting feelings myself.

Of course that all changes when she meets Will, a boy at the school her mother has enrolled her and Tamra at and she starts to discover her and Will have a connection that she can't explain. For some reason when she's around him her draki feels alive again. And so poor Jacinda is conflicted again when she starts to really fall for Will but also wants to stay away from him because she knows what his family business is and trust me, its not good!

The relationship between Will and Jacinda is written beautifully. It wasn't love at first sight so much as a connection at first sight that neither can understand at first. But as they spend more time together their relationship grows into something real and I loved reading about it.

There are some good nemeses for Jacinda in this story too. As if having to hide from the pride that would control her and steal her back wasn't bad enough, she also has to keep her identity a secret from draki hunters who capture and kill draki for their skin and blood. Add that to a twin with a massive chip on her shoulder and your typical high school head cheer leader bullying and Jacinda really does have a lot to contend with. It made for "edge of your seat" reading.

The ending was very emotional and the kind of cliff hanger that makes me shout at the book for more and definitely left me extremely eager for the sequel "Vanish" which is out next month.

Overall I would really recommend this book to any fantasy/paranormal fans out there. It isn't one to miss.
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I really liked 'Firelight', and it was one of those books which made me want to constantly keep reading it to find out what was going to happen next. I loved the world of the story as well- set in modern America, and the concept of Draki- ancient mythical creatures descended from dragons living together in prides, and hiding out from the hunters who want to kill them. Their greatest secret is that they can transform between human form and Draki at will.

Jacinda, the main character is feisty and determined, and independent, and instantly likeable. She is raised in the pride where duty is everything, and ordered to bond with Cassian, the son of the current alpha, when she develops the power of breathing fire, which is rare in modern Draki. Her mother takes Jacinda and her sister away in the middle of the night, to save her from this fate, and they move far away into a town in the desert (where it is difficult for Jacinda to manifest into Draki), and enroll into a normal high school. This is where Jacinda meets Will- who just happens to be a Draki hunter.

This is where the book falls down a bit with me. Jacinda and Will are just instantly drawn to each other, and Jacinda feels herself madly in love with Will after nothing more than "a feeling", and one conversation in which he says to her that he is dangerous and she should stay away from him- hardly much for a blossoming romance. Will is the same. He is described as someone who never dates, but one look at Jacinda is enough for him to be declaring his undying passion as well. Now I love my romance stories but I do feel I need a bit more to go on than just instant attraction and a really good kiss.

My other gripe is the ending. Even if the book is part of a series (which most YA novels seem to be at the moment) I just feel that it should still be a story in it's own right, with a beginning, a middle and a resolution. And not just stop in the middle of the action with everything left hanging.

All this being said, I did still really enjoy 'Firelight' and would recommend it as a good story. It was sweet, and sometimes thrilling, it kept me interested all the way through, and I am definitely going to get the sequel when it comes out.
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