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3.6 out of 5 stars38
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 November 2011
this film has been watched at least once a day since it arrived love it !!thanks.i heard lots of laughter coming from their bedroom and dont stop talking about it .one wrestler is in film which was the only reason he wanted it but it was well worth buying
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on 4 June 2014
if I was a young kid like my son I guess I would like this; but that's because I wouldn't know any better. As it is I am a parent and I just find the whole concept irritating. Lucas Cruickshank is also irritating; but what really nails it is that excruciatingly irritating voice he puts on. Even my 8 year old daughter can only stand it for so long. My 9 year old son is a different matter. He loves it. It keeps him entertained and interested. Anything that can do that is a very rare thing indeed.
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on 5 March 2014
Reviews say that children love it but parents hate it - parents are smarter than kids and they are right. Some kids may just be amused by Fred's appalling behaviour but many will consider that if it is in a DVD and everyone says it's cool to act like this then they can do it too. I have worked with kids who act very similar to Fred - scream or fight or abuse until the adults back down. I was bemused by the behaviour - where did they learn to act like this? until one of them showed me his favourite movie - and there was Fred, acting just like them.
Do be cautious; are your kids laughing at what is truly amusing or are they excited by the possibility of breaking all the rules and letting off steam just when and how they want to? If they are excited by this idea, please make sure that they don't start acting it out in real life. Watch the videos yourself and if you see them acting like Fred, then tell them so and get them to stop
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on 3 April 2014
Lucas Cruickshank, the eponymous protagonist of "Fred, the Movie" as a teenager is a boy of irresistibly epicene beauty. It is not often, however, in this madcap movie, that there is much of any real opportunity to appreciate suchlike of his pleasing physical assets, except for the rarest moments of smiling calm. That is because the character Fred is in a state of hyper-active, utter mania almost all of the time, grimacing, bounding about, and screeching seemingly uncontrollably. I can understand how many viewers who have commented on this film detest the entire thing as rubbish. However, if one takes the film on its own farcical terms, it is quite endearing. Lucas Cruikshank, if his voice is anything in reality as it is in the movie in which he plays this crazed fifteen-years-old junior high school boy, has yet, so far as his voice is concerned, to complete puberty, though he looks decidedly adolescent enough. More likely, the youthful actor's voice has undergone sonic manipulation. The kid certainly knows how to do frolic acrobatically, leaping and dancing to unbelievably energetic effect!

I watched this oddity in a state of attempted disbelief, having to turn down the volume when Fred/Lucas' screeching became too ear-splitting. Elsewhere there are accounts of the zanily exaggerated antics through which the movie's plot (such as it is) puts Fred, so I won't bother here to do the same. It is not a film that I would want to view often, maybe once or twice more during the length of life left to me. Despite that, this movie has a maniacally energetic, hysterical charm all of its own. Anyway, there are few motion pictures of its kind, beyond those of the likes starring, variously, Abbott and Costello, Jerry Lewis, and the Keystone Cops, or maybe occasionally early Eddie Cantor or Marx Brothers, in the company of some of whom, however, it probably is improper to place Cruikshank; maybe he is no more than a screaming human equivalent of the advertising world's animated "Energizer Bunny". I suspect that "Fred, the Movie" will endure as a "party film" and a delightful kiddies' treat, or simply in a niche for the cinematically bizarre.
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on 27 June 2012
WHAT!!!! this movie was way cool!! maybe its just my sence of humour lol. yes its not like the youtube vids but its still very funny, and i must admit that the first time i saw it on nickelodeon i thought what the hell is this, but it grew on me and now i luv it! i think he's voice has been toned down from the youtube vids but thats what makes fred so funny lol actually he sounds abit like a smurf lol. The movie is mostly about fred wanting to hang out with Judy (Pixie Lott) he's true love and to sing with her. but when she moves away he goes on a quest to go see her, and trying to avoid the woods lol he also hangs out with he's friend Bertha (Jennette Mccurdy) from icarly.. the movie is abit mad lol and might not be for evryone, but i liked it. some people like it some people hate it, but if you've never seen it you should watch the youtube vids first then if you like that you should check out the movie.

But i thought it was good anyway lol peace out home dogs...
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on 5 August 2014
Partner rented accidentally, had a migraine for about 3 hours after watching from all the screaming. Would rather watch paint dry for the rest of my life than watch this again.
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on 8 February 2012
If it was possible for me to gain access to a time machine I would go back to the moment before I watched this abomination and stab out my own ears and eyes just so a version of me existed that has never seen or heard this crime against humanity.
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on 13 December 2011
drives me nuts but the kids really love it. Came fairly quickly and item was as described on the website..
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on 29 September 2012
A good film with some very humorous parts but the acting is not very good. It's about a boy/geek who has a crush on this girl named Judy (played by pixie lott). she lived next to Fred but she moves away and then Fred has this weird journy to find her. There may be some parts that are not sutible for younger children. Not the best film in the world.
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on 13 March 2013
A friend of mine asked me to order this dvd for her and she tells me that her son loves it and hasn't stopped laughing every time he watches it! Delivered on time and in excellent condition.
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