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4.6 out of 5 stars165
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 21 July 2011
by Luke age 9
the game is great but the multi player function is not very good because it uses a split screen and can be very confusing. The other Lego games that i have do not split the screen, so are much easier to play.
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on 18 May 2011
It seems a long time now since the first Lego Star Wars game heralded a new wave of amusing and very playable titles that appeal to a wide mix of gamers. The subsequent Lego releases and tweaks to the gameplay have been a mixed bag but this one is up there with the best.

The basic mechanics are unchanged and as the blurb - rather pointlessly - points out, there are a host of new characters to unlock. The two-player co-op mode is as before and you can easily switch between players directly using a pop-up dial rather than having to be close enough to tag them. The puzzles have become more detailed though, often requiring several steps for completion using a wide variety of items including the novelty of Captain Jack's compass. As with the other Lego games although you can get stuck and/or keep dying you essentially have infinite lives and there is always a way to solve the puzzle. Like all good puzzles once the solution hits you, you usually wonder why you hadn't seen it before.

The graphics are pretty good by Wii standards with the chunky Lego characters set against a detailed background. The music is taken from the films and little touches like Jack Sparrow's staggering walk and surprised grunts do a good job of capturing the feel of the films.

The levels are much harder to reach 'True Pirate' on the first play through and the minikits also require a lot more use of unlocked characters in free play. Overall the game manages a good balance of difficulty whilst still maintaining playability, enjoyment and interest.
It's true that there is nothing groundbreaking here but if you want a fun game that mixes humour and thought with smashing up loads of props then this will provide many hours of enjoyment.
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on 30 July 2011
bought this game for my son's 11th birthday, he has been playing it with his 8 yr old brother in mulyiplayer mode virtually non stop day/night. they absolutely love this game and think its really good fun and are always laughing as there are so much humour in this game. definately one of the best games on wii as i've never seen them have so much fun on other wii games as much as this one.
10 out of 10 for gameplay!!!
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I have become quite addicted to the Lego video games, and my latest game is Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for Wii. It’s a fun addition to this video game franchise.

In fact, if you are familiar with the franchise already, I’m going to make this short and sweet. It’s more of the same. If that sounds good to you, get the game. If you were hoping for something different, you’ll be disappointed. You get five levels for each of the four movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Other then a couple of small variations on the theme, you’ve seen it before.

Looking for more detail? Keep reading.

The Lego video game franchise takes popular movie franchises and recreates the movies using Lego characters and settings. This game features all four Pirates movies, and five levels for each movie, so all told there are 20 levels of play here. The first time you play through each level, you play in Story Mode, doing your best to get through that part of the story with the assigned characters. Once you’ve done that, you can start playing in Freeplay. In this mode, you can bring other characters who weren’t in that scene with you. You can also bring villains you’ve unlocked along. There are some areas you can only unlock and explore in Freeplay, so you'll definitely want to do that.

Along with just completing the level, you have several missions. You need to collect Lego studs. Quite a few of them are sitting on the ground, but you can find more by building and/or destroying things. When you hit a certain threshold (different on every level) you reach “Real Pirate” status. The points from the studs you collect carry over, and you use them to unlock certain characters for Freeplay or helps that you’ve unlocked. You also need to collect 10 "bottles" in each level to complete a minikit.

Really, it usually takes more than once through Story and Freeplay to unlock everything I need to from a level. That means you get lots of play time from this game.

There are always at least two characters you can play on the screen at a time since this game is designed for one or two players. I’ve only played by myself, and it’s easy to switch between characters as you need to. In fact, they’ve added a wheel, so if there are multiple characters on the screen, you can choose which one in particular you want to play as. When enemies attack, the computer won’t defeat them, just keep them at bay. But if a puzzle requires two players to solve, the computer will do its part.

When an enemy or something else kills you, you lose some of the studs you’ve collected. Even if you get down to zero, you can keep playing. This is one feature I like since there are no more frustrating parts of getting to a certain point and dying. As long as you keep moving forward, you will finish all of the level.

The game uses the Wiimote and the Nunchuck controllers, and frankly everything becomes second nature after a little bit of game play. It does seem a bit more finicky about picking things up than other Lego games have been, but once you know that, it’s okay.

Graphic? They won’t blow you away. This game is on the cartoony side of animation. The graphics are certainly good enough that you can tell what is happening and what you should be doing. But this is a Lego video game, and I wouldn’t expect anything realistic from a game with plastic characters as the main characters.

The sound effects are good. They’ve got swords clashing and other fun things like that. And the background music includes the soundtracks from the films, so it’s great.

The Lego games always have fun cut scenes taken from the film to bridge the various stages of the level. This one is no exception; however, I feel they overwhelm the game play at times. This is especially true of the opening, which takes a couple of minutes to recreate the first scene of the first movie. You can’t skip it but must watch every time you turn the game on.

Still, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for Wii is another fun installment. Fans of either franchise will have hours of enjoyment before them.
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on 21 March 2013
Purchased for the kids (8 and 13) for Christmas 2012 they both and I love playing it. We have all got to 100% - that is we have achieved all the levels and found all the characters and mini-kits (ships in bottles). This took us about two months to complete including many hours played by me in the evenings on my `Slot'. So it is very good value for money.
My son just loves going into it sometimes to play around in the port and have a few good sword/gun fights. He also loves the 20 ships that you can get in the port once you have found all the mini-kits in the chapters.
The other Wii games are hardly getting a look in now we have this and another Lego game.
There is lots of problem solving to do to get through the levels and earn mini-kits. My son whose 8 needs some help to figure things out but my daughter 13 takes pride in working it all out herself. Personally I can spend ages doing the wrong thing and then feel foolish I didn't see the actual solution quicker!
The Lego characters have their own traits and we have had several funny moments in the house where the kids imitate the way the characters behave in the game. Having re-watched the films these traits can all be seen there.

Tips for the beginner:
1) You need to complete the first game which has several stages in order to see the full expanse of the game. This first game is in-fact the first chapter of 5 from the first film. Some reviewers have said they had to keep having to replay the same scene (the Blacksmiths). This is because they haven't completed this first chapter.
2) Smash everything you can to get studs and often reveal an obscured item which you need.
3) Use Jack Sparrow's compass in every arena and find all the things that are shown on it.
4) Purchase red hats in the port area as these will help you earn treasure more quickly and do a host of other things. Spend your hard earned treasure wisely though!
5) Once you have red hats make sure that you turn them on through Extras on the `+' menu whenever you start playing.
6) If you drop something like a torch and it disappears go back to where you originally picked it up also check you haven't left it with another character!
7) Women jump higher than men.
8) As you get further into it more things open up in the port as you earn more gold bricks.
9) There are loads of hints and tips on the `cheats' web sites but I managed to get through it all without their help though I caught my daughter on one once!
10) Once you have seen the trailers to the chapters you can press `C' to skip them on subsequent visits. Many of them are very amusing so it is well worth watching them the first time.

Still 5 stars but here are a few cons:
1) The game has frozen a few times at frantic moments of play. Whilst being extremely annoying at the time it happens infrequently enough to be easily compensated for by the overall fun playing the game. I've seen this in Lego Clone Wars as well but not as frequently so far. You can reboot by holding the power button in for several seconds rather than having to switch off at the wall either way you lose everything since the last save icon was displayed.
2) Characters can get stuck between objects this is normally solved by switching to another character or dropping that remote out. Assuming they aren't critical to completing the scene they release themselves to the next level when you move on.
3) When playing on your own there are one or two scenes where it is very hard to complete without two remotes but it is normally possible. Normally when playing on your own the other characters follow you around and follow your lead of how to solve a problem. If they don't follow you make sure that they have the ability to do so if they don't switch and help them across or swap their character.
4) The split screen with two players can be annoying but the benefit is that it can be fun working together to solve the levels and get treasure.
5) Treasure goes mad once you have several red hat multipliers. We got into tens of billions which is impossible to spend! Lego Star Wars - The Clone Wars LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars (Wii) appears to have solved this problem by making the red bricks more expensive.
6) I agree with some other reviewers that some chapters especially one called `Isla de Muerta' at the end of the first film are gloomy. You can turn the brightness up using Options which helps to a certain extent. On the other hand this level turns out to be one of the best when searching out mini-kits.

Overall it is a fantastic game and the price has dropped over the last year or so it is well worth buying.
We bought the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD box set Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4 Box Set [DVD] after playing this game and are thoroughly enjoying watching them all again and seeing all the bits that tie into the game.
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on 18 May 2011
I got the game a few hours a go and played the first two levels and was sad to put it down. This is a close match against the lego star wars games and I rate it the second best lego game theme yet to come out. A really good game!!!!
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on 27 May 2012
Bought this for my 7yr old son, he does not play these games often so some can be too difficult to work out what you have to do, this one however is very intuitive and great fun with excellent characters it is by far his favourite game, even more so than Lego star wars III. Well worth the money
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on 23 February 2012
Having Played all of the other Lego games, Pirates of the Caribbean does not disappoint. As usual the lego humour is excellent and gameplay is smooth. The characters each have their own fighting styles, and it has been a lot of fun playing as them all. The puzzles are a lot more difficult in this game (compared to previous lego titles) which i think is a good thing. It's going to take a bit more time to finish this one, so overall i am thrilled. and the price was excellent. The only reason i have given it four stars is because i keep comparing it to star wars...and it can never beat that.
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on 17 May 2016
I bought this game because I just love the challenge it provides. These computer games are not simply designed for children because mature adults like me can get just as much satisfaction and pleasure from them. I try hard to convince my wife that they are great to play but she find it hard to see the attraction. I find that they keep my mind sharp and encourage logical thinking and problem solving. The more challenging the problems are, the more satisfied you feel when you overcome them. These Lego games are so well designed because you gradually gather skills as you go through them and you are encouraged to continue when you get rewards along the way. You slowly pick up new characters with different skills which help you unlock new areas in which to collect the required items. It is useful to have watched the films first so that you have some idea of the story. In this game I admit that I did have to enlist the help of my son to get me past certain bits but I did eventually manage to complete it. It took me while to realise how to collect all of the characters when walking around the port area. I do find some of the film clips at the start of each level a bit tedious even though they are very well made. The graphics are probably not as good as the glossy modern games but to me they work very well. You can of course skip these clips when you've had one run through the level. I also love all of the humorous clips like the pig spraying a man with deodorant because he smells! I would recommend all older people to have a go at these games because they help to keep you young and keep your brain active
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on 18 July 2012
As ever, the Lego collect-a-thon is a wealth of smashable things and collectible objects with fun- if basic- puzzles, platforming and fighting, held together by a colourful sense of fun. It's a format that appeals to the inner child or inner hoarder in all of us which is why the Lego games have had so many iterations. The thing is, each addition demands something new to set it apart from the other members of the Lego Stables, so what booty is this one laden with?

Well, there's Jack's compass. As in the films, the compass points to whatever Jack desires so here it's used for...collecting items. Anyone signed up to a Lego game will be expecting collecting but with the compass out, Jack can only walk restricting you to a snail's pace (often while getting shot at and unable to fight back).

No real new ground is broken, then and there are a few things that are marginally worse. You can now buy any character you've encountered in story mode but first you find them wandering around the hub level and beat them in combat. Different characters appear randomly in different areas of the hub but you don't know where and as they're not always there you can't eliminate anywhere with certainty. It makes getting them all a drawn-out, frustrating experience.

When the only criticisms you have for a game are that it's similar to other good games or minor details like above, it can't be bad, but it remains the least of the Lego games. Maybe it's just that the other franchises are better-loved or maybe it's too much of a similar thing. By all means buy this, but buy the other ones first.
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