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on 9 January 2013
Here is my Epson R3000 review after 4 months of ownership.

1.Ink consumption:

I guess the second most important aspect of a printer is it's ink consumption (first being, obviously, print quality).

I have printed 20 a3+, apprx 40 A6 (10x15cm) and 30 13x18 printouts. All of them "borderless" for that matter. Of these, 2 a3+ were black and whites and 5-6 13x18 were B&W also, rest were color prints, both landscapes and portraits.

By now I have *just* changed Light Magenda (T1576) and Light Cyan (T1575) ink cartridges, while Light Light Black (LLK - T1579) and Light Black (LK - T1577) are extremely low on ink but still useable and Photo Black (T1571) ink is low on ink. The other ink cartridges, namely Magenda, Cyan and Yellow are somewhere near the middle. I never used Matte Black ink so far so it's still recognized as "full".
Fit to mention that I printed the aforementioned volume in three occasions, that means I open the printer apprx once every 40 days, I print 10-20 photos of various sizes, then turn it off and leave it. I never observed a "nozzle clean" phase, which means the print heads of my R3000 did not require *any* cleaning so far despite the prolonged shutdown periods between operations. This is unlike any previous printer I had which required a shorter or longer - depending on model- print head auto cleaning procedure after 7-15 days of inactivity. I have read else in other comments, but that is my personal experience with this printer.

2. Print quality

I will not say much in this section. Print quality is unsurpassed.

Correct ICC profiles for monitor, printer&paper are required for pro results. Epson provides ICC profiles for its papers but the monitor's profile must be separately installed. I have an LG W2600HP 27" monitor and once I discovered and installed it's own ICC profile I found that color / gama differences between my monitor and the printouts were almost eliminated whereas prior to installing the monitor's ICC, I often had issues with the printouts being significantly different from what I was viewing (and editing) on the monitor....

3. Paper handling.

I obviously haven't printed that many papers but I have experimented with various sizes. I always fed a3+ papers one by one but I stacked up to 20 of the smaller sheets. 0 faults so far... paper handling has so far been flawless and this despite the fact that my a3+ pack arrived with the sheets dented on one edge (a slight clicking could be heard while the print head was printing over the dented area but the print was not smudged and paper never jammed).

4. other features.

I connect R3000 to the router with a cable. This resulted in a flawless connection so far, despite several router restarts over these past 4 months.

R3000 has a nice informative little screen that displays ink levels. R3000 warns you a bit too early about ink cartridge changes. The driver message reads " "[color]" ink is low. You can continue printing or change the ink"... The printer screen shows a "!" over that ink icon. I found out that I should not change the ink at that stage. When the ink drains completely, the printer screen will display an X over that ink and then I change the cartridge. I suppose EPSON wants to prevent a specific ink cartridge draining completely in the middle of a3+ print job but so far I guess I was lucky, allowing the cartridges to reach an "X" status before changing them ...

R3000 is very silent to the point that it is almost inaudible. R3000 does not generate vibration while printing. On the other hand R3000 is HEAVY (15KGr apporx) and large. I keep it on a sturdy shelf, I do not use the rare roller system and I do not plan on using special papers, so I placed the printer against the wall. If you plan on using roll paper media or special media (loaded horizontally front to back) , significant clearance behind the printer is required....

Cartridge change is easy and simple. Unlike smaller printers cartridges do not move with the print heads and are accessible by opening the main cover and then a smaller cover in the front side of the printer beneath the main cover.

5. Final note

R3000 is not meant for text printing. Personally, I was "forced" to buy a small sized Samsung wifi / b&w laser printer (ML2160) for text prints.
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on 7 July 2011
This is an upgrade to my dearly departed Epson 2100 (a printer that years down the line still gave fantastic quality prints). It was for that reason I decided to stay with Epson and go for the new R3000.

Well, I have to say that this is the printer I have been waiting for. The print quality on different media is as you would expect from Epson (superb) and it has some very nice touches too that make it a worthwhile purchase/upgrade.

I did have a few issues when I first set up the printer, however, this was down to a faulty model that Amazon swapped out for me without any qualm (many thanks Amazon). I also have to thank the chaps at Epson customer support too. They were incredibly helpful and did not give up until all the issues were properly resolved (a minor miracle in this day and age as most modern day companies don't give a damn about the customer after money has exchanged hands!).

Highlights for me include:

1. It is wireless. This sounds like a dumb one but it means I can move the printer anywhere without the limitations of physically connecting it to a computer.

2. It has larger capacity ink cartridges (although they are on the pricey side). Early days, so I have no idea how quickly it will guzzle the ink but the fact that each cartridge is double the size of the 2100 makes this a big plus for me.

3. It has a dedicated front feed area for thicker media. This is a nice touch, however I initially thought it was more of a hinderance than a help due to the fact you can only load one page at a time. I have since come to a natural understanding of why this was done (greater print accuracy and the thicker papers wont damage the heads) and am now glad to have this as an option.

Overall, highly recommended.
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on 2 September 2011
I had been tempted to get an A3 printer for a few years now, they are not really the sort of thing that you can go to a shop and take a good look at, they are rarely on display, I had seen an Epson R1400 in a certain superstore, but that was about it.

So I have been totally reliant upon online specifications and other peoples reviews (thanks!), I wanted an Epson mostly because I have had three Epson A4 printers and all have been really good.

Like one of the previous reviewers, when I first saw the R3000 appear on the market I new it was the one I had been waiting for.

I had taken a look at the dimensions and I knew it was going to be big, but when it arrived it was huge! it may have put me off a little if I had seen it on display in a shop as space for me is a slight issue, I am sure it is bigger than the R1400 I saw on display, so worth checking out carefully if you are thinking of buying.

The saving grace is the wi-fi, it doesnt have to be a leads length away from the computer, it can go anywhere in the house, maybe even the attic, this wont be an issue for me as I will continue to use my Epson R285 A4 for regular tasks such as printing smaller photos and work documents and wont be forever climbing up in the attic to get prints.

It came complete with the normal set of confusing instructions which caused my brain to go straight into shut down mode, but I need not have worried the set up disc is really good and prompted me through the whole thing, I opted for the wi-fi connection, you will find that you need a USB lead just for setting up the wi-fi, and surprise surprise none was included, but luckily I found a spare.

Later on I found it just as easy to connect it to my laptop as well, I love wi-fi!!

First results are stunning, I printed out a couple of scenic shots on A3 matt card from permajet and a portrait on A3+ Epson premium glossy, printing time was up to 4 minutes, but photography being a hobby means I am in no rush.

Only down side so far is the printing ink, there are 9 cartridges at around £20-00p each!! nearly £200-00p for a complete set, they are twice the capacity of normal cartridges, but three times the price? I am hoping the prices will come down a little once the R3000 has been on the market a while.

I did try to check the cartridge prices out before I bought the printer but Amazon were not very specific and I thought they would be no more than £10-00p each, it was not until the printer arrived that I could get the part numbers off the cartridges supplied with it, check out Epson T1571 - T1579!

It does say in the instructions that the first set of inks fill the pipes in the printer and will not last as long as subsequent inks, I hope this is why a previous reviewer found his printer a little thirsty! I have printed about 5 A3 photographs so far and I dont think it has used too much.

As I have stated in previous reviews I feel you get what you pay for in life, so many times in the past I have tried to save a few pounds on buying cheaper versions of items, I have always been dissapointed, despite the size of this unit I feel the money was worth it.
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on 15 April 2014
For the first two years this printer produced some excellent prints and I was very happy with it. However, it has since caused me nothing but frustration. It regularly smears the prints with ink resulting in umpteen sheets of wasted paper. I brought it to an Epson approved specialist repairer and they failed to find the cause. I do all the utility checks - nozzle checks, head cleaning - but to no avail: the problem keeps recurring. Epson don't want to know as it is out of guarantee. I have since learned that this is a common problem with the printer as evidenced by numerous posts on the web about the same issue. I only wish I had been aware of this before spending my hard-earned cash on it. If I was buying another A3 printer I'd buy a Canon.
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on 18 August 2014
I have had this for a couple of months now, and I must say the quality of the prints is exceptional and a massive improvement over my Hewlet-Packard. It takes roughly 11 minutes to print something A3 size, but smaller prints are a lot quicker, and I imagine they will last for years. Colour is great, but black and white is really outstanding.
I went for this over the R2000 because the reviews all said this gives better black-and-white, which makes up a reasonable percentage of my output, and the printer was only about £100 more. However, what I did not take into account was the cost of a set of cartridges for the R3000 being around £188 versus less than £30 for the R2000 - that's one heck of a difference, and had I done my research properly this would have veered me towards the R2000 instead. That's really the only reason why it does not get 5 stars, so please learn from my mistake and make sure you are prepared to pay the extra for the ink before you decide to buy this.
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on 19 November 2014
I purchased the printer for £520 in November 2014 (I mention this as some people have said at the lower price it didn't come with inks which is incorrect).
The printer came with a complete set of regular capacity ink cartridges (not the XL epson turtle ones). During the initial setup and charging of the ink feed lines I'd estimate it used up about 15% of the ink that came with it, but be aware, future cartridges will last a lot longer as this step won't be required.

Using a fully calibrated work flow (ambient light adjustment, monitor calibration, camera calibration etc) the initial prints were a little dark and the colours were off. We spent a whole day adjusting and burning through ink getting the lightroom and local printer profiles set correctly, but after that everything was spot on.

Comparing the prints from the R3000 using cheap gloss photo paper with those from a professional print lab (ProAm) on FujiFilm paper, I have to say the R3000 produces superior quality, although this may be down to the advantages of having the printer close by so you can adjust your profiles on the fly to get them perfect.

Connecting to the wireless network was a doddle (yes your prints do take longer but as the printer is in the loft this way we can set a batch off from our workstations and just go and grab them all when they're finished).

You do waste about 40mm of paper when printing on a roll due to the amount it spools out for the cutting edge, but being able to print up to 1.5 metres (it can possibly go larger but that's the most we tested) definitely makes up for losing a tiny bit.

I did accidentally load in some paper back to front (glossy side facing back with the unprintable rear side receiving the ink) which caused massive ink pooling and blotches on future prints and required me to feed through about 75cm of paper in cleaning mode to absorb the extra ink and have the prints coming out perfect again. A costly mistake to make, but one of user error and not the fault of the printer, it's just a teeny bit irksome that the printer (or manual or online help) doesn't give you any feedback on what to do in this instance and you have to work it out for yourself and cross your fingers that you're not making matters worse.

I cannot comment on robustness as the printer is less than 48 hours old in my home, but so far I'm very happy with the purchase.
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on 28 September 2011
Superb results when printed on A3+ and A4 heavy photo stock. Really really good, but...
I'm only using it occasionally (for preparing client presentations, maybe 2 or 3 times a month). Each time I start it up it needs to do a full purge or clean cycle (its not quite clear what is happening - some info on the panel about performing an operation and not opening the doors) which takes a good 5 minutes before the first page starts, and which appears to use quite a bit of ink! If it was in daily use, maybe this wouldn't happen, but I'm guessing a 2 page print run might be a very expensive way of using it.
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on 1 November 2013
I've mainly printed black & white images and they are superb. I have no idea how the more expensive 9 cartridge Epsom printers improve upon the images they print but this one is excellent. Not 5 stars owing to trouble getting it to recognise its own Epsom printer cartridges. I've had to repeatedly take out a cartridge and replace it but still doesn't recognise it. Then another cartridge shows up unrecognised while the previous is recognised! Crazy and unacceptable. The solution seems to be to remove ALL cartridges and replace them one by one checking each time that it has been recognised. Frustrating when you just want to get on and print.
Mar 2015:
The problem of not recognising the Epson cartridges persists. Every time you switch it on - you never know if one or another cartridge fails to be recognised. Then you spend 20 mins fiddling around until it finally does. Then just when you think you've done it - some other cartridge is not recognised. Maybe it's a fault with my machine but I'd like to hear from others with the same problem. For this reason - I'd not chance another Epson printer. An earlier one had the same problem which drove me nuts.
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on 11 May 2012
I sell prints of my artwork but when my Epson R200 died I decided to try another make of printer - and was very disappointed with the quality of prints, particularly on Bockingford ink-jet paper. After reading many reviews I decided to invest in an Epson A3 printer which produces high quality prints with light-fast pigment inks. I am very pleased I did. The prints are excellent. The machine does just exactly what i want it to. I have to admit it is not an object of beauty and is a bit slow to rev up before printing but as the original artwork took a considerable amount of time to produce - it is of little significance. I like the fact that it will take thicker paper, the R 200 had to have card fed through. I use the machine for high quality printing only, my all singing all dancing printer of another make is OK for everything else, and as it takes cheap compatible ink is relatively economical in comparison.
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on 26 February 2012
Brilliant results out of the box, but take the trouble to explore paper choices and colour profiles; getting the right set up is as big a leap as the first 9 ink print is from a standard 3 or 4 colour printer.

Bad marks to Epson though who I think could be a LOT more helpful in terms of paper profiles and information: Trial and error is a very expensive way of finding your way though the miriad of paper/profile choices. We already bought an expensive printer; what more do you want?????????????????
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