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3.9 out of 5 stars209
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 17 September 2011
Bought this game on release day after seeing a couple of reviews via youtube which pursuaded me to get it. Its not a mass survival horror zombie game which many know the 1st trailer for the game had you believeing so and then you have electrical machete's which made you think over the top Dead Rising, BUT! thankfully its not!
There were reviews saying that a horde of zombies was 10 or so and was so small compared to others like Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising, this is obviously is intentional because you try taking on 10 odd zombies at once and you will be killed fairly quickly.
The game starts at a slower pace and you will often find just 1 or 2 zombies together and are fairly easy to deal with but as you progress you will find larger groups especially in the city when what seems like an endless wave of zombies just keep coming which brings you to the decision to stay and fight or just run! which i've found out has come in handy at keeping me alive sometimes! Nothing more exciting than running away from zombies on bearly no healh and sprinting for the nearest building with a door to slam on them!

There are a few bugs( many fixed with recent xbox patch) Melee combat gets a little odd when zombies are right ontop of you as the hit detection sometimes seems a little useless but rarely happens, kicking and the different weapons all handle well and are more or less powerfull in the different character hands. Guns can seem fairly weak but if you aim for the head you will find they are really effective especially against the human enemys.

Very pretty! The water and lighting effects are some of the best i've seen(especially the water). The weather changes per sections of the map instead of a rotation which is a little draw back but the world looks stunning overall, There are some graphical bugs and textures are slow at loading in at places but i found by installing game to hardrive that alot of the graphical problems either disapeared or just happend less often.
Blood effect is quite realistic and to detail, like how the blood flows on the ground or the spray patterns on the wall and the blood which accumaltes on your weapons after use.

Ambient/background sounds are brilliant and working really well and placing you in the location you are be it the resort/junlge or city. Weapons and impact sounds are also really well done.

Overall the game is outstanding and i've not had this much fun in awhile, from pacing your hits to take on multiple enemys or running and jump kicking a zombie down. The different zombies really add to the gameplay and make you re-think your strategy. The different characters with perks/furys really add to replay ability and will create for a long lasting game along with the many different weapons/upgrades and add ons.

For me this is the best zombie game i have played and it may not be scary/horror zombie gameplay but it sure is fun and at times can keep you on the edge of your seat. A few miner bugs but an absolute must buy for any zombie/survival fan and the online co-op is excellent not had a single connection problem to date.
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on 12 September 2011
Ill start by saying that the game has many flaws of which stop it technically from being a 5 start game. But, this is very deceptive, the game itself, the experience is nothing short of top grade fro which i give it 5/5 stars for fun. This is really Far Cry 2 with zombies, a beautiful blend of free roam survival, with, a genuine fear factor in the zombies which is something ive never experienced before in a video game.

The game fails to live up to its now infamous trailer, withe the family. The games big weakness is that of story, this is something that usually for me brings an experience right down. But, its not that simple in this game, the game is a survival game where the story is wishy washy with no real wow factor, but, as i just said, the key word in this game is SURVIVAL. This is not dead rising humor where zombies are to be honest at time, rather hilarious, this is not left 4 dead 2 which is just a bit of fun, this is a game which is about the core experience of of surviving and using whatever means necessary to to survive, ie, kill a zombie with a boat paddle. As you progress through the game you get a more destructive arsenal of weaponry, some you get to create. The weapons are truly awesome to use, most of which is based around melee combat, though, there are guns in the game. The game controls are suitably heavy, and realistic, unlike left 4 dead 2 where you felt like you were some kind of terminator. Through my experience with the game, i felt suitably under powered yet not so much so that it becomes annoying.

Graphically, the game has glitches. Overall, the game is very beautiful, and the locations are at times stunning. Figure models are good but nothing to write home about, by environments and zombie animations, weapon animations etc are truly great. The only flaw really is that after load times (which arent that many as most of the game is seamless with transitions from outdoor to indoor) the graphics take much longer to load than they should, textures taking a while to kick in making it look like an early ps2 game texture wise till it loads. Now, sound, this is one of the bi successes of the game, its brilliant. No annoying music as in overused, and the zombies always make there presence known each class with there own call. It is awesomely tense when you know what awaits round the corner. It is worth pointing out that in this game, unlike so many in its class, the zombie classes are ridiculous in nature, bigger more powerful zombies are very tough and powerful, but, you dont feel so powerful you want to slam your controller on the floor. The balance, mostly, is very good.

This is a must buy for anyone who remotely likes horror or zombie fests. I nearly missed out on this game due to reviews id seen published beforehand, i agree with many of them, but, as i said at the beginning, its really not that simple. It has glitches which just technically take it down a notch, but, the experience is simply brilliant.
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on 21 September 2011
I wont go on about the story and mechanics of the game as many people below me have already done that.

Bottom Line

This game is pure fun, and very addictive you always just want to do that last -close by- mission, which then leads to another mission. Ive racked up a lot of hours on this, and still only 14% progress on the actual story, because Ive been doing lots of side missions. The combat is fun, especially when u get a strong weapon and as a zombie runs towards you u hit him in one smash and his head blows up, as his body continues on running!! The graphics are good, the scenery does remind you of being on holiday, but it has a very eerie feeling. The sound is spot on its a very quiet game and the mons of a distant zombie is soon the soundtrack to the game!. The weapon upgrades and skills are well done and you start looking after your modified weapon a little more, stratgey plays well here.
Not the scariest of games out there, a few times a zombie has caught me unawares and made me jump but nothing that is dreadfully scary. The story line could be out of a b-movie not great but believable in a zombie apocalypse world. Now the BUGS!! well to be honest i was worried when i got this because of the bad press, but honestly trust me its all over inflated garbage... Theres nothing ive had thats broken this game for me AT ALL! yes ive had a car stuck on an object and ONE weapon i lost when thrown and my fast travel destinations disappeared (nothing a quick reload didnt fix) seriously theres nothing ive had thats stopped me having fun!! Ive absolutely NOT had a save game crash or delete!! and this is on XBOX let me remind you...

If you like zombie films and games like condemned and far cry with an slight RPG element you will love this as i have!!!

-lots to do= side missions, main plot missions very addictive cant put it down
-Audio and visuals very immersive and eerie, some how they have made a vacation island quite eerie!
-Weapons upgrades and character skills are nicely done and nothing over complicated
-Combat is fun and quite rewarding when u get that head smash in your first hit!
-One of the best games of the year

-Few MINOR bugs do exist (getting stuck on objects, or the odd lost weapon) nothing game breaking!
-Car controls could of been better (no look back or handbrake)
-Items and objects do reappear which in a way takes away the survival feeling but, it in turn does make the game more fun and bearable.
-hard to get a head shot when throwing weapons with the auto aim taking over.

DEFINITE 5 star game dont believe the BS!
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on 21 September 2011
So far the game is just awesome the game progression is much like borderlands combined with fallout 3 or Dead Rising.
The game itself is fairly long full of lots of quests to rank yourself up. The only problem i've had so far is with the first person driving view and the lack of ability to go third person in a car which makes it rather hard to navigate certain turns by car or just to run over zombies this loses a star for me otherwise it's awesome.
Customising weapons to create new monstrosities is a great way to make gameplay interesting.
The island itself is amazing just what you would expect from a resort for a few seconds you forget about the zombies only to be attacked from behind lol.
This game is fun fun fun I recommend to anyone and everyone.
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on 29 June 2013
When a good friend of mine (a PC gamer) had a trailer that I apparently needed to watch, I had a general feeling of "this better be good". Fully expecting some first person shooter with a new standard for graphics, a real time strategy game full of nerds arguing or a pricey subscription based massive multiplayer online game. To my relief, it was easily one of the best advertisements I had ever seen. If you want to see a classy, cinematic trailer for a game, look no further than the one for Dead Island. Of course there was some scepticism to take away from this - the main issue being that it only sold the premise - a zombie outbreak on a holiday resort island. No gameplay, character insight or even in game footage. There was a reason...

The beginning is fairly straightforward - you witness the nights events during which the zombie outbreak begins to manifest. You don't know why or how, but its full of bravado and extremes. Instead of being the happy family resort the trailer highlighter, it was more of a sex, drugs and awful rap disco. Regardless, it sets the scene plus I really like the barron menu music :P then you get to choose your preferred player and traverse the tropical terrain of the island... Characters are a mixed bag, mostly cliche stereotypes that are irrelevant to the story and are generally annoying. They do however offer different advantages and statistics such as health, speed and stamina. There's Logan, an ex-professional (american) football player who hit rock bottom when indulging in the luxuries of the rich, (drugs, drink and fast cars) he ended the life of his passengers in a car accident as well as his career. Next is Purna, a sadistic, Aboriginal, feminist, ex-policewoman who's only plus is her ability to handle firearms. Xian, a chinese desk clerk lady with a knife who's actually a government spy... real original... and finally Sam B, the hench black rapper whose predictable strength lies in his use of blunt weaponry.

Dead Island
After the initial tutorial of busting out of a burning hotel, the player finds themselves staggering around paradise. White sand, palm trees and swimming pools litter this place. It's pretty to say the least and makes for unsettling scenery when faced with the task of finishing off countless zombs. Unfortunately, these scenes dont get much more interesting, unless of course, you venture into a darkened hotel room where there may be survivors or brutal zombies just waiting to be let loose. The graphics are quite decent (clearly better on PC) but a bit exaggerated among some gamers. You'll find various things scattered about the place, like food and drink.. and several home made weapons.

There are only so many times you can kill a zombie before growing bored with the whole process. This is the games biggest shortcoming. Realistically, the zombies are everywhere, but unrealistically, they re-spawn. Even worse, the way in which you dispatch said undead, is extremely drawn out and tiring. Whether this is to make it more realistic is irrelevant, because a zombie apocalypse is heavily fictional making it gore for the sake of it. Sure you can use a wide range of weapons, even modify them to make them even more devastating. But in the end, the outcome is the same and the speed in which to do so, barely changed. That's not to say the game doesn't offer some more realism - weapons break and get blunt, knives cut and baseball bats bludgeon.

There isn't one. You literally wander around a blood smeared island, doing as you're told by bossy so n so's, giving water to ill people, wiping out all enemies and building safe houses. The more tasks you do, the more money and skill points you get, plus even more terrain to roam. The plot isn't what makes this game long, its the tedious tasks and non stop grinding that make it so painstakingly endless.

If you are into caving in the skulls of the dead with an array of crude tools to the soundtrack of bones breaking then you'll likely enjoy this because it's pretty much all you do. If however you have the slightest of standards, you'll be very disappointed with something that could've been so much more then a generic beat em up in the haze of the idyllic sunshine.
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on 12 November 2011
OOOOOOOOOOOk. I was looking forward to this after the trailer with the little girl. After reading the reviews and completing the main story, I will give a fair reveiw.
First off, don't try and play with one player because at some point into the game you will get to a point where you just can't win. Seriously.
So my reveiw is based on multiplayer. It's fun with 4 of you. You will need atleast two of you to complete certain points because you both respawn and have a go each time. Some points, like on other reveiws about the shaman guy bit, you will need 4 players because this is HARD.
I didn't think the graphics were that great. The story was non existent, some missions were pathetic, like a girl wanting me to risk my life to go and fetch her necklace from her hotel room. Wow, cheeky git.
Most story based missions are just boring here and back missions. Repetative. Combat is hit and hope, can't see what you're fighting, just swinging that damn bat. Like others state, as you level up and get stronger, so do the damn zombies and I mean I knocked a chick down and smashed her head in over and over and over again, having to switch between breaking weapons and she wouldn't die, so I started stamping her face in. My god she was tough, they all are at level 30+. In fact some zombies are just plain impossible to beat alone, like the rams, these things are tough, especially when I'm surrounded by super fast, usain bolt fast running zombies. Then theres exploding zombies, instant death. My god.
The final part of the game was so hard, all 4 of us just ran past everything to get to the end. Its tough.
There are also many bugs. Freezing, respawning and then istantly dying, complete Xbox freezing, AI are just plain daft, one girl I had to follow only had to cross a bridge, my god, she was running up the side of it, then over the top, fell off and dissapeared. Man it was daft.
All in all a mental game, I had fun though playing it through with 4 players and it lasted a few days, but once completed I'd had enough and it ended there.
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on 13 October 2011
I couldn't wait for Dead Island to come out from the minute that I saw the incredible trailer for it months before hand.

On release day I couldn't buy it anywhere I drove over 40 miles going from shop to shop to find it. Eventually I got it and proceeded to play it and have not been disapointed. I have since purchased the novel, 2 t shirts, the walkthrough guide and can not wait for the movie! - Perhaps a little over the top but this game is 100% in my top 3 games of all time.

I have read so many negative reviews speaking of bugs, glitches, freezes and corrupt save games and I can safely say after 50+ hours of game-play I have experienced none whatsoever. I am currently on my third play through and my friends and I have no complaints whatsoever.

Onto the game itself...

Graphically I think this game is incredible, the cut scenes are great and I really got into the story. Set on the fictional island of Banoi the back drop is superior to any game I have ever played. A beautiful setting for such a gruesome storyline. I am a huge fan of fallout 3, borderlands and zombie genre games such as left for dead and the dead rising series. Dead island incorporates all of these games into a smooth sleek gripping game that certainly makes you jump from time to time!

Although quite a liner storyline where there is a main quest that usually involves going out into the island, getting food for survivors, helping families in need and trying to help all people you come across. There are lots of great side quests that you can do if you fancie a break from the main story including collecting things like insulin for a diabetic, inhalers for a young asthmatic girl as well as putting infected family members of survivors out of their misery. You can also just wonder around the huge levels exploring, picking up items to add to your inventory which may help you later in the game.

The controls are really easy to use and with the ability to create and upgrade weapons throughout the game no hour of game-play is ever too similar to the last. You certainly need a range of weapons as some of the zombies are a lot stronger than others.

I also love the online drop-in drop-out mode that the game has. As you play a pop up box states that someone else on Xbox live is nearby and you can join there game with up to 2 other people and help with their story. You can set it to so others can join your game at any point throughout your game. I have a few friends who have this game and its great to invite them in if you get a bit stuck or help them out if they need hand.

So why not a straight out 5 star game?

My reasoning for not giving it the full 5 stars may seem trivial but there are a few things that have made the experience a little disappointing.

1 of these is the driving. The driving in this game is very poor. It has only one available view and that view is an in car view, similar to the one on the original Gran Turismo game you would never ever use! This linked with the lack of rear view option makes the driving very disappointing.

Another irritating issue I have had is with some of the cut scenes. When playing alone, when you get to a cut scene all of a sudden all 4 characters are in the sequence. In my view it should have been made where like left for dead where the other characters are AI when playing alone and changed to human players when playing on-line or the cut scenes should have been created for individual characters.

In conclusion my recommendation to you is to buy this game and I hope you will have just a fraction of the fun I have had playing it. The pros completely outweigh the relatively minor cons of this game it is brilliant I am so impressed and I am really excited about the downloadable content and extra missions that are available next month.
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on 6 October 2011
I love this game, visually it is beautiful, the gameplay is immersive and there are so many weapons and mods this is the first game I've played where I felt every weapon I use is truly unique.

Having said that I am on the verge of destroying the disc out of sheer frustration. I am playing as a knife thrower and it is way too easy to lose your weapons (see the 'useful glitch section below' section).

Only Things I wish they'd fix:

The worst thing about combat as a thrower is getting your weapons back mid-fight. If I've just thrown my last machete and I'm diving for the short sword sticking out of a dead zombie's chest you can be pretty sure that the game mechanic will kick in and interpret this as an insane attempt to loot the 31 bucks in his shirt pocket instead. This triggers a long string of expletives as the zombie I would have countered quite cinematically drains most of my health.

About 50% of the time you'll find a dead zombie has pitched forwards onto your thrown blade which in game terms puts it below ground level. Getting it back is usually easy but if the ground is uneven you have to spend a bit of time kicking the zombie around before the cursor comes up. Esp annoying in multi-player when everyone has to wait for you to shuffle a zombie away from a wall...

Useful glitch:

Finally, there is a cheat on consoles to create duplicate weapons (hold left trigger to start a throw then hold right trigger and Y together), USE THIS! It will let you create backups that you can leave with Jin (your semi-portable storage in the game) so that when you lose your best weapons you don't feel like giving up on the game! In the middle of a fight in the streets I threw three of my weapons and paused to pick one of them out of an injured zombie. She shifted slightly and my action button went through her and hit a manhole cover... loading another section of the game and leaving my weapons behind.

Another example? There is one (small) section of the game where you get charged by infinitely spawning infected (they are fast and in numbers give you no time to recover weapons). After killing around 30 of them my weapons were scattered among a pile of corpses and I had lost the will to play a bit because I never had time to pick them up again, so I switched off the console expecting it to load my last checkpoint just before the mission. Somewhere along the line it had auto-saved right after a battle but before I had had a chance to pick my weapons up; it spawned me holding only my most mediocre machete and some Molotovs...

By all means play this game, it is brilliant, but learn from the mistakes I've made and back up your weapons once you start to mod at a higher level. This goes double if you play online or want to throw a lot of weapons around!
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on 6 October 2011
After reading a lot of reviews from amazon buyers and from various gaming sites I bought this game and was not disappointed at all.
I wouldn't say im scared of zombies as I regularly watch zombie movies/tv programs with much enjoyment, but this game definitely makes me jump and has me on edge!
Most reviews were pretty spot on about the slight delay in graphics loading when you fast travel but this is more than acceptable when you see just how detailed the game is. A negative of this is that there are items which, in other games of this style can move when walked past (eg: beach balls, chairs, bottles, etc.) are all rigid in this game, for example a beach ball floating in a pool will not move when you run into it, infact it forces you to either jump over it or run past it. To be honest this is probably the biggest complaint I have and it's hardly a big one, in fact after about 10 minutes of panicing about zombies attacking from every side you soon forget about it!
I like the way that the level of the zombies also increases with your characters level so this does not make the game too easy. This will stop people going to the typical 'easy area' with these sort of games and levelling up loads before actually taking on the rest of the game.
The actual game play is massive, I have been playing the game for nearly 2 weeks (about 1-2hrs every other day) and have only reached the city (saying that I am the sort of gamer who completes all side quests first in the area before tackling the main quest!)
Although it is a survival game, there is no real progression in time (what i mean is it is never nighttime.) and you are unable to recover or 'rest' in a safe house to recover your health. I think these genre of games would benefit greatly from the addition of finding shelter and arranging defenses for when you are resting in these safe houses. Or occassionally they get attacked while you try to rest.

Overall this is an extremely enjoyable game with lots of unique qualities, if you are looking for a great zombie game then look no further! This is the game for you. And if you are a
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Since the "family" advert to the game I've been more than interested in this title from Deep Silver. As such when the letter box slammed shut with an unearthly clatter, I knew that it had arrived. So, after ripping open the packaging like a zombie at an all you can eat brain buffet. I decided to have a swift training montage to get myself fully in the mood. So after a few Romero's, a zombie story or two and of course "Thriller"ing (and no I categorically refused to Pan's People around the front room to Boris and the Crypt-kickers) I was ready to roll.

Let's get things straight from the start, Dead Island is not big on story, it's a game where you run around the island of Banoi, immune to zombie infection, battering, kicking as well as running the rotting undead over in various cars, doing missions for other survivors in order to help achieve everyone's escape. It's fun, it has some great effects and the character that you choose at the beginning effects your style of gameplay. Add to this the clever level up (where you can add various skills to your character in order to give them one up on the undead) and it's a game that has all sorts of potential and differing options for each player's personal style of play.

The other thing that you have to add to this game is that it's a massive free roaming environment, so at times if you're not making careful use of the map, you can find yourself all over only to kick yourself at having explored too far and have to slog your way back through hordes to get back to the proper location.

Whilst I've said that it's not big on plot, the game play angle is quite wide and varied with a zombie level of the same as the character which will increase from one or two attacking you at the beginning to larger numbers the further you progress as well as hardened bully boys that will give you a little trouble until you learn a good few tricks. (Personally I'm a huge fan of the trumped up Sickle for lopping off arms and heads, although a good wrench is also a solid back up for caving in some undead skulls.)

Finally add to the whole thing, various weapons with upgrade options, as well as the chance to make your own weapons from bits and pieces found around the island, and you know that the player will have a whale of a time in this zombie, blood, guts and brain smashing mash up which will last upwards of 30 hours (around 50 if you complete all the side missions.) Although if you're looking for a complex plot such as Resident Evil you will be disappointed. Personally I'd say that this game will appeal to film fans of Dario Argento as well as George Romero and book fans of David Moody as well as Jonathan Maberry especially if you want lots of action and a good amount of splatter. A nice bit of fun all in and a title that I'll be playing through a number of times to see the other characters skills in action.
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