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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars138
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 11 September 2011
I never write reviews but felt compelled to in the case of this game as the title has received such mixed reviews. Be in no doubt that this game is brilliant! If you're into the whole Call of Duty Black Ops style zombie action game then this may not be your cup of tea. The developers have clearly tried to make this title as true to life as possible (well as real to life as you can for a zombie game) i.e what would you do to survive if you really were in this situation? There wouldn't be 101 different types of gun lying round every corner. You would have to think on your feet, look for any weapon you could, and not run head long into fighting situations without thinking first. That is where the genius lies in this game. You actually feel on edge whilst playing. You feel that you are fighting for your life and start to think accordingly. After playing this game for a few hours all this became apparent as I realised I had been taking time to park my vehicle in a position for a quick escape when stopping to look in buildings etc.

I am a massive zombie genre fan. George Romero is a legend and I've always preferred his old school style of filming that aims for atmosphere over special effects and head shots. If, like me, you love zombie films for the sense of hopelessness and atmosphere they evoke then this is the game you've been waiting for. If you just like to run around blowing stuff up you might get bored. Therein lies the reason for the mixed reviews.
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on 7 May 2012
I almost didn't buy this game because i'm a fool that sometimes believes in other people bad reviews, that's why! Bought it for 19 pounds here at and i'm very happy with this purchase. I would have paid paid the full price for it and i would have bought it day one only if i paid less attention to others. I will not review it; it's a fps with rpg elements in an open world with lot's of quests and side quests.Last time i was so delighted with a game in this generation, it was with the first uncharted (with a campaign). It's not about inovation or about some game flaws (tell me a game without flaws); it's about fun and this game is all about it. If you like zombies, gore, fps, this game is for you! Well, i have to go kill some more zombies...
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on 11 September 2011
I pre ordered this item & got it on Saturday 9th September 2011. I write this review on Sunday 11th September 2011:

Graphics & Sound:
When I first switched this game on I was knocked flat by the amazing graphics! The environments really give that tranquil, pacific island feel. The water looks like you can jump straight in; even the pool's look great. The constant sound of lapping waves & sea birds while at the beach; the russle of leaves, chatter of insects & chirping of birds while inland, all add to the environments grip on your senses. You even start to feel trepidation when you hear the sound of thunder in the distance and looming black clouds coming off the ocean: "A storm's a comin". I must stress that your view is in 1st person (Call Of Duty). Though the back of the case can make it appear like 3rd person (Dead Space). So don't be confused. Though this doesn't affect the game for me anyway.

Storyline & Gameplay:
You get to choose from 4 characters, each with their own weapons skills, be they throwing, blunt objects or even guns etc. You awake in your hotel room after an all night bender to chaos unleashed. People dead, blood everywhere & zombies marauding around. As the only person seemingly immune to the virus that's transforming others you soon become the champion for a band of rag tag survivors desperately struggling to survive. As well as surviving yourself you can take jobs from other people to earn XP points to boost your skill set, or Cash to buy/ modify new weapons. The enemies range from slow to fast, big to small. The first time you hear the crazed scream of the "infected" in the near distance before two or three of them sprint at you at alarming pace your heart meets your mouth; no kidding! With blunt weapons you can break limbs to slow enemies down and reduce their ability to attack. This really helps against huge enemies or against groups.

I haven't been online with Dead Island yet. But from first looks it seems like you play with three other people on a co-op mode. I could see how this would be great fun. I've played COD World At War's Zombie Nazi's with other people & that's fantastic. I would have thought you'd best play with people you know won't jack out at a seconds notice though. You won't survive alone!

I like this game a lot. My initial hesitation from minor niggles soon evaporated & I jumped straight in. I love that it taps into an almost "primal" instinctual fear. The fact that you have the entire island to discover -(many Lost references)- not knowing when or if help will come is fantastic. Also the mystery of what exactly happened is constantly kept in mind when you periodically find recordings of someone investigating things prior to the outbreak. All this keeps you hooked for more & more. If you don't like 1st person games - (lack of peripheral vision etc.) - this won't convince you otherwise. It's a basic shooter setup with melee weapons thrown in. My only issue is the motion control system. Turning left & right feels slightly jerky. If you've played Call Of Juarez (also Techland) you'll know what I mean (hence the 4 stars). Other than that all zombie fans will adore this game!
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on 26 February 2012
Dead Island was released for the Irish market in early September 2011, and had one of the slickest trailers I have ever seen for any game. However the combination of zombie horror and gaming isn't exactly new ground, so how did this title stack up against its myriad of predecessors?

The game is set on the fictional island of Banoi which is supposed to be near to Papua New Guinea. As the main character (you select one of four at the start), you wake up in your hotel room, seemingly hungover. You then stagger through the hotel, finding it deserted before finding yourself in a spot of bother.

The game plays from a first person perspective. It is set in a pretty large, free roaming environment and has a strong emphasis on melee combat. You can certainly see that the game is heavily influenced by successful epic RPG titles such as Fallout 3, and borrows heavily from them in its general way that it plays.

The melee combat is the main strong point of the game. You can wield a variety of weapons, ranging from a broomstick (not really ideal when faced with hordes of brain hungry United fans errr I mean zombies) through to an automatic rifle (not as much fun, but certainly more useful). The zombies satisfyingly splatter nicely if you catch them right, so its certainly not for the squeamish. In fact the game itself is rather atmospheric, the background noises for example add the odd chill to the spine. However its looks don't quite live up to the billing of the trailer. It's not awful by any means, I just expected a higher standard from the title. The cut scenes in particular seemed clunky and wooden.

The difficulty curve is a little odd too, it starts out far too easy, then becomes really difficult, then easy then difficult, and so on throughout the game. The story is a little, well, hackneyed and the missions pretty repetitive. More annoyingly occasionally the collision detection seems off, so it can be hard to time your swings when using melee weapons. Its not massively off, but you will be annoyed by it occasionally.

Well so much for the bad points, despite those it is still an enjoyable game. Especially when you exit the holiday resort and go into the City, I enjoyed that section far more and found it both more challenging and more atmospheric. You will soon learn to ration your ammunition making every shot count and keep your weapons in good working order. I do recommend this title to those who like a bit of zombie action, if the Walking Dead is your thing, or if you simply like decapitating a zombie with a hat stand you should get a kick out of this title.


I liked the theme, atmosphere and setting of the game
Nice sized world to explore
The melee combat is gory but great
The online co-op mode is pretty enjoyable


It isn't as slick looking and moving as I'd hoped from the trailers.
Fairly repetitive
The story isn't that well put together, a problem in the rather dull cutscenes.

I quite like the game. It's certainly far from a classic, and it won't be a game I return to again and again, but it certainly had its moments. It's had some serious criticism from other reviewers, some of it justified, but I feel that if you give it a proper go you will get something out of this game. It's just a pity it hasn't been polished to the level that it should have reached. A little more slickness in the game and a little less slickness in the trailer might have done more justice to the title.
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on 22 September 2011
Okay! So you start off Dead Island waking up in an island resort and your basically in the middle of a zombie apocalypse but somehow you and your 3 other mates (that seem to let you carry on alone and only turn up for cut scenes) are immune to it which means other people that are not immune will be sending you off into the island to do their dirty work. You can choose from 4 characters that are their own weapons specialist - Even though the characters have their own backgrounds and stories they are not particularly likeable but they do their job fine and the NPC's you will find dotted around the maps are not too interesting either - basically they are there just to hand out quests and again they do their job well. The voice acting is decent but please don't expect Uncharted and Heavy Rain quality - No matter.. you'll be too busy slicing and kicking zombies to notice anything odd. The RPG elements of the game are great! You advance in level by gaining xp from quests and levels grant you to go up one of your three skill trees with a good variety of ways to better yourself in combat, survival and fury mode.

I got Dead Island on release date and I will tell you this - it is rather buggy. My game froze numerous times, the frame rate is sometimes rather dodgy (even when just walking) and sometimes when me and my friend found a 'short cut' it was a sneaky gateway into an unplayable area... and yet I can easily say that it is the most fun game I have played this year (asides from Portal 2). I easily sank a good 20 hours into the first week and that was the game completed but there are a lot of side quests - not as many as fallout though. To me this game should and has to be played in CO-OP. You and your buddie(s) surviving the zombie apocalypse together.. yes it is as fun as it sounds! There are a good variety of zombies you'll encounter. You'll mostly encounter the normal generic zombie and then run into other types like the Suicider,butcher,Ram.. a couple that remind me of left for dead but I was not complaining :)

The Story itself is not too shabby. Not award winning stuff but it's enough to progress at a good pace. The story missions are of a good variety and are very fun (much like the game itself) and are just other excellent reasons to go zombie hunting :) Although the in-game sound in this game deserves a special mention.. especially the beach sections with the water rolling on top of the sand and the off squawk of a gull - And in ACT II, how in the sewers its dark, ominous and quiet. All you hear are the sounds of your characters footsteps and then suddenly the blood thirsty groan of a zombie that keeps you on your toes - Its just excellent!

NOW ... the game has its bugs but I guarantee that you will soon not care about them and just appreciate the game for what it is - and that is a highly enjoyable zombie gorefest to be best enjoyed with a friend(s). Do not take the game seriously though - my friend and I mostly laughed our way through many a cut scene and 'protection' mission while tying to violently club our 'protectee'.. but sadly NO FRIENDLY FIRE ): Soon the bugs will hopefully be patched up and the game will be more polished but honestly I love this game so much - if you love zombie games GET IT :)
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on 29 April 2015
I thought I'd try something different and hence Dead Island. You can play one of 5 characters, the first has more of a traditional first-person-shooter feel, the other characters require you to kill a whole bunch of zombies - communicating with various characters in the game causes it to progress as you go off to perform missions. You have weapons - which are predominately melee weapons as opposed to shooting weapons.
In terms of graphics - the game is fine, sound - the game is fine. The actual game play - things get mundane and repetitive quite quickly and the game looses it's appeal.
I personally didn't like it - because I prefer shooters, it was a nice enough that is was different, but it wasn't great!
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on 11 March 2012
got this game for 17 pound and it is the best 17 pound i have paid for a game in so long im still playing this game alot as there is so much to do on it,there is side missions and main plot missions to keep you going all the time and searching for items is constant.the plot is nothing new to a game like this but its very fun and if you play co op online its even better with 2 to 4 players,the weapons can be upgraded and if you find the mods can make some very good weapons even better and more deadly also there is alot of guns and rifles to pick up along the way.when the map packs come out for this i will be getting them so i can keep this game fresh and i think people will play this game for a long time to come.
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on 9 December 2013
We'll this game is really good, but beware that the game had terrible glitches, sound issues and picture frame overlapping. So far I am at13% of the game and I have been playing it for eight hours with a two forty five minute breaks. But what I don't like about there are far to many walkers to kill. The good thing though it has very enjoyable structure to it. For people who like survival horror games this is not your average survival horror it's good points and bad points like all games do. I would suggest people who like Killzone And FEAR would like these games.
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on 30 April 2012
it has a strong begining but goes down hill quest got boring after a while, cant be bothered to finish it because of this . good co op probably my fouverite co op
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on 11 September 2011
heard a few bad reviews, i really dont know what game they were playing because this is absolutely amazing . reminds me of bioshock with zombies . loads to do with upgrades and exploring . best game i have played this year.
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