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4.4 out of 5 stars324
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 27 September 2000
This is one of the most memorable historical mini-series. It is just a shame that this version is so heavily edited, with characters being introduced to just disapear immediately. The DVD version is about 15 minutes longer than the currently available VHS version, but at 4 and a half hours it has still lost 3 and a half hours of the original material. I would have paid £30 for 3 disks to get the whole series. The sound quality is not up to usual DVD standard, lacking surround sound and also I noticed the sound track is slightly out of sink with the pictures.
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on 30 April 2003
I own a set of this on video and always loved the majesty so imagine my delight to find this on DVD! I was, however, disppointed to discover that nearly 90 minutes have been cut out of the original.
One of the most known stories of Christ's life is that of His birth, and the quest to find room at the various inns of Bethlehem. This entire scene has been cust amongst others that, to my mind are integral to the story.
It is a multi disc set, and I, for one would gladly have paid a little extra to have had the entire original version. There are, also, no features on this set, which is a pity.
Still, the whole is still every bit as enjoyable as the original and I still feel that Robert Powell is powerful as Jesus. The all star cast is superb and the majesty of the whole is not totally lost and still has something to give to new viewers.
I WILL still enjoy the whole each time I view it but will regret the loss of the various bits that have been cut.
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on 21 February 2007
I too was very disappointed to find missing episodes from this powerful film. It had been advertised as 'full, un-edited version' portraying the death of Jesus. This is simply not the case as the second disc simply ended, missing out the crucial end episodes. I am furious at the misleading information, especially as the DVD is not cheap.
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on 6 November 2006
First of all, it should be pointed out that this film is a superb piece of television, beautifully crafted from a first-rate director, and marvellously performed by one of the best ensembles ever to grace our screens. In Franco Zeffirelli, this film benefited from a director of great vision who was sympathetic to the storyline, and Robert Powell's performance as Jesus is representative of both the compassionate grace of Christ, as well as demonstrating his strength of character (for instance, when challenging the Pharisees).

I have long awaited the full version of this film to be released on DVD in the UK; in between its last (dreadfully edited) video release and this current offering, I have acquired a Dutch DVD edition (fine for viewing, as the subtitles are removable), and even an Australian edition, of which the packaging actually echoes the original 80s video release, and therefore is of sentimental value. The reasons for the huge disappointment, however, are twofold: 2007 sees the 30th Anniversary of this film's first showing, and it would have been appropriate for this edition to have included either a booklet or DVD extras within the packaging. Neither exists, and as such is a wasted opportunity. More disturbing, however, is the blatant untruth of the presentation: it is labelled on the box as being "374 minutes approx."; how approximate do they wish to be? It is actually a mere 363 minutes, the remaining eleven having been omitted from episode 4, and producing a serious flaw in the plot line. We miss the fictitious (though dramatically necessary) scene where the priest Zerah persuades Judas to bring Jesus to the Sanhedrin; but more shockingly, we have also lost the essential scene that follows (this time based on the gospel narrative), from the early part of the Last Supper sequence, in which Jesus predicts Judas' betrayal and sends him out on his errand. The action on the DVD only resumes with Judas leaving the Upper Room, with anyone unfamiliar with the story (possibly young children watching for the first time) at a loss about what is now going on.

The blurb on the back of the DVD packaging announces for all the world to read that this is the "full, unedited version" of the film. It is NOT, and ITV DVD have made a heinous error in promoting it as such. Did they not realise there would be aficionados who would spot the omissions? Was the problem that the last two episodes couldn't be squeezed onto a single disc? I would have quite happily settled for the programme spread over four discs if necessary, if only to have had the full film. Surely there is a contravention of advertising standards here, and the distributors should be called to account. It is impossible to recommend this edition in the light of these factors, although people coming to the film for the first time may wonder why anyone is fussing. In my case, I grew up with this film. There has never been a production which I have watched so often (in spite of its length), no movie which I know quite as well by heart. Yet here I am, STILL waiting for a full UK release, despite the billing attached to this edition. Please, avoid buying, and contact ITV DVD to encourage them to re-release - maybe in time for the 30th Anniversary - an edition we can finally call, "complete".
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on 26 October 2006
First I was enthusiastic because of the picture quality, and the subtitles which are exatly the same as the actors say. BUT - I CANNOT RECOMMEND that you buy this one. I just complained about it. It is really a pity but what on earth made the producer of this brand new DVD set delete some of the most important scenes on this set? So, it is NOT the un-edited version at all! There is the Jesus announcement of the Judas betrayal which is deleted! And, before that scene, the very important scene where Master Zerah persuades Judas to do this, is also deleted. In case one see this movie for the first time, and if one does not know one's bible, he must believe that Judas betrayed Jesus from behind, and only by himself! I cannot understand for the life of me. That is one of the crucial scene, so that one can understand why Judas did so, and what was his inner fight! I was shocked, because I know the film, and even on the previous cut version, this scenes are included. Some of the most important scenes!! In my eyes, that decreases the value of the whole set. It must be a serial mistake! Producer, please check and repair this if you want to sell the set! Only 2 stars, although it is my favourite film of all times. Such a pity.
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on 12 November 2003
This is a great film and deserves all the praise it gets here. But don't buy the Carlton version on sale from the UK website. The've stolen the colour from it! The film looks as if it's been left in a bucket of bleach for a day. If your DVD player supports Region 1 Encoding, try to get the US version from Artisan (Fox video). Running length is also an issue: Carlton's runs 270 minutes, Artisan's 382 minutes--nearly 2 hours less! This is such a wonderful film, it's worth the effort to get it from Amazon US. The is also cheaper, might help offset the extra shipping cost!
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on 12 October 2008
I totally agree with the "5 stars for the movie but 1 star for the DVD product". In Italy (where the series is quite famous due to the Zeffirelli's touch) two versions have been released recently. One in 2007, the complete and un-edited TV version and one 4-disc edition in 2008 by Mondo Home Entertainment with the addition of never-before-seen scenes plus interviews and other special features (based on descriptions, I have not aquired it yet). Language is Italian and English 2.0. If you want to look for it you need to type "Gesu' di Nazareth".
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on 21 August 2010
My review here is for the region 1 NTSC DVD. 1 star

The picture quality of this DVD is of low quality; unfortunately the DVD is taken from a video tape used for playback from the TV studios. The problem of low definition and ghosting is distracting at best and frustrating to look at. It is also confounded by shoddy transfer technique used by Artisan. I have many DVD's that are studio tape transfers and although they are lesser quality this has to be the worst transfer of this particular media I have come across, I have seen bootlegs better looking. Saying all this, this is the only version available along with the pal, and better than none. If it is fully uncut I am not so sure, but it is the first version to contain most if not all the original film. It is watchable, and depending on your viewing equipment quality will vary slightly, but it will never be brilliant. As the film was filmed on 35mm it would be better if it had been transfer direct from this media, better still a full restoration of the master and transfer to DVD or blu-ray would be fully justifiable for this historic film. Maybe one day.

5 stars

Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth is arguably the greatest TV film ever made. Robert Powell's depiction of Jesus is unforgettable and will stir emotions even in the most harden. Fantastic soundtrack, haunting at times and really gives atmosphere to the whole film.

I do recommend this DVD as it is the only version to watch, but wish Artisan had put some thought and care into it.
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on 11 March 2002
Jesus of Nazareth is perhaps the most important televised version of the Gospels ever to be put on film, but this particular version is not the real thing. You need to look closely at the small print on the back of the video to realize that. The edited version misses out the Sermon on the Mount, one of the most important culture-changing statements of all time. Other vital pieces of the gospel narrative have also been excised to make room for the character narrative that the editor (was he Christian?) obviously thought more important. My advice is: try to obtain the full version if at all possible. It is worth the investment.
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on 18 January 2003
This made for television version of the life of Jesus has never been bettered. Indeed, it is said that 'Jesus of Nazareth' is Pope John Paul II's favourite version of the Gospel story, sticking closely as it does to the Roman Catholic viewpoint concerning the key events from the life of Christ. With an international cast headed by Britain's Robert Powell as Jesus of Nazareth, and directed by Franco Zefirelli, this epic film will lift your spirits and encourage you to want to find out more about the life of Jesus Christ.
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