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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 April 2012
The Fujii x100 has great low light capability so the use of flash is not always necessary. However, as a fill-in flash this little gun is great. The inbuilt flash is ok, but you get shadow cast when you have the lens hood mounted. The TTL function if the EF-20 is smooth and you really do not need to cut back the power much when trying to get a balance between background (available light) and foreground (flash fill exposure). The flash is a small neat and compact gun and by first thought when I took it out of the box was 'cute little flash'. It sits perfectly blanched on top of the x100, it does not turn the camera into something cumbersome, like some flashes can do.
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on 14 November 2012
I bought this little flashgun to use with my Fujifilm Finepix SL240 bridge camera and it compliments the camera perfectly with a matt black rubberised finish, much like that on the camera itself. Small and compact, but nevertheless giving a big improvement on the flash output available from the camera's own built in flash, the flashgun provides TTL metering via the camera through the dedicated circuitry and features a vertical bounce head to give softer lighting when bounced off a convenient low ceiling.

Apparently a re-badged Sunpak, this is a remarkably well designed unit with a foot that folds into the flash body, when not in use, making it even more compact and small enough to fit into a shirt pocket - honestly!

The unit is well balanced on the camera and even features a fold out wide-angle diffuser and ev compensation via a dedicated on flash button (simply press and cycle through up to two stops either side of correct exposure). Power is provided by two user provided AA batteries (I use Ni-MH rechargeable).

If you have Fujifilm Finepix camera with built in hot shoe, such as the SL series, the Fujifilm EF-20 is a highly recommended little gem of an accessory that will add versatility to your compact Fujifilm Finepix camera.
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This small compact flashgun is a re-brand of the Sunpak RD 2000, the concept is a good one even more so with many of the Fuji models being smaller a larger weighty flash isn't ideal when used on a compact or small ILC body.

The flash is a dedicated TTL flash and will work with all the Fuji models out there which have a hot shoe including the HS series super zooms, the X compacts, X-S1 and the SL series too, all of the Fuji X mount models have hot shoes and this is compatible with them.
Operation is simple with a rear panel with 3 buttons the first to power on/off the flash, the second cycles through the EV adjustment range (-1EV to +1 EV in half stops) giving quick access to flash exposure compensation, the last is the flash test button.

A plastic shoe mount is present with a screw section to tighten it up to the hot shoe,. The design allows you to position the main flash head Vertical up to 90° for bounce effect. The mount can also be tucked back into itself to reduce the size when not being used.
On the top section is a wide angle diffuser this allows the use of wider angle lenses (16mm) The flash is powered by 2 x AA batteries very much a "similar" flash to the well known Nikon SB-400 unit (bar the bounce design which is different)

In terms of exposure the flash is quite consistent and at GN20 offers a decent bit more power than a normal built in flash as well as the advantage of being able to bounce off a ceiling. It doesn't have the power of a full size flash but the small size means it's very easy to carry around taking up next to no space.

For me what let's the flash down is the re-cycle times Fuji quote 4 seconds, but even with Eneloop's I'm getting times of over 4.5 seconds at full power if not a bit longer. If you're not flashing at full strength the cycle times are far more bearable. But I'd expect better times by at least a second or so, whilst the time doesn't seem long on paper it certainly does when you are taking photos. For me this spoils the appeal of the flash, and the price is a little on the high side considering it's a Sunpak re-branding exercise.

Build quality is acceptable though nothing special and whilst it doesn't feel fragile the plastics are of average quality I'd prefer a metal shoe myself.

Do note most of the Fuji cameras I use tend to be good at balancing flash with ambient exposures this means if you're not using a fast lens the cameras will increase the ISO to do that (if you let them) if you limit the ISO to lower levels this will increase the flash power and you'll run into the longer charge times it's worth experimenting a bit here to see how it pans out. The flash is powerful enough to bounce off of normal ceilings don't too much from it for very high ones.

Worth a look but make sure you're fine with the re-cycle times that is the one weaker aspect of this flash
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on 27 August 2012
This flash is, as far as I can tell, basically a re-branded Sunpak, programmed for Fuji cameras. I bought it as I wanted the bounce facility, something the massively overpriced but cuter-looking EF-X20 flash doesn't have. The flash itself is a nice little unit, just the right size for the XP1 and quite powerful, with reasonable battery life and recycling time. It's decently made with a wide angle diffuser, and EV +/-1 controls.

In the X-pro 1's manual it states this flash is compatible, but I can only really use it in manual mode. The camera fires the flash, but they don't seem to talk to each other to set appropriate auto exposure settings. With the latest 1.11 firmware on the camera, the flash menu setting is blanked out so you have to experiment in manual mode to get correct exposure. Some people on forums have said their XP1 works fine with the EF20, but a lot seem to be having the problem I am. So a firmware fix from Mr Fuji would be nice please.
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on 18 November 2015
This is a brilliant flash, compact, light and, most importantly, excellent. TTL flash with the xPro1 is uniformly spot on and, ergonomically, it fits in just fine.
However, I WAS on the verge of returning my purchase as I couldn't get it to work. Lots of head scratching, not feeding the cat, ignoring the 'you're quiet tonight, anything wrong?' conversation openers and cussing didn't help so I consulted the xPro 1 manual (I SHOULD have done this first, of course!). To cut a very very long story short, the flash will not fire if you have set the set the camera to silent mode (pg. 54 footnote). As I enjoy the relative silence of the camera, this goes against my better instincts. But, I still believe that I've chosen the best of the Fuji flash units. The EF 42 is too big and aesthetically daft sitting on top of the xPro and the smaller and more expensive metal EF X20 does nothing that the EF20 can do better( It is VERY beautiful though!).
In terms of price, the EF20 is smack dab in the middle and is a great little piece of kit.
I've just spent a month coming to this decision: I hope this little review helps.
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on 11 April 2015
...Fujifilm are extremely slow in developing dedicated flash guns for the X-range of cameras.

Fortunately flashes designed for other cameras in the Fujifilm range work with the X-series electronics and this neat little unit does not look out of place sitting on top of the X-E2. In fact it packs enough power to adequately light items in the middle distance (3-5m) even with the 'wide angle' flag in place the output is not compromised too much. At the price point it is about right to learn more about the use of flash to enhance your photography.

Once connected to my X-E2 the camera can signal on/off and other settings via the hot shoe contacts which was nice to discover as this was not clear in either the camera or flash instructions, it may be that the instructions are written for Version 1.0 software and the latest releases have moved the game on into areas that were not a feature of the original.

The power button allows the photographer to vary the output to stop subjects from 'burning out' or to dial in a little more punch for items that have been under exposed.

I picked up a Pixel FC-311/s E-TTL, to allow me to use the flash off camera. [I'd like to see the other leads made by Pixel on Amazon as they would further enhance the camera's abilities further.] This lead is designed to suit Canon Cameras BUT the 'pin-outs' suit those of Fujifilm cameras this does not mean that Canon flashes will work with Fuji cameras just that the pin-out's are 1-1 with Fuji so the Fujifilm flashes can be worked off camera. It gives a little more flexibility to those wanting to get the best from their combination of flash and camera.

All in all it was £80 well spent and not so expensive that the hobbyist photographer does not have to think twice about the purchase to increase his photographic toybox.
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on 27 August 2012
Having recently purchased the Fuji X10 I descided to splash out on a complementary flash to go with the camera. The Fuji EF-20 fits the bill perfectly being small and compact, easily fitting in a pocket. The flash works exceedingly well and provides a much needed boost over the in built flash, which whilst being fine for infill etc. can't match the abilities and power of the flashgun.
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on 27 November 2014
Don't get carried away thinking this is a great product from Fuji because of the cute and portable nature of this flash simply because there are so few other options from Fuji - it's very lacking and unreliable.

Power output is fine, it just takes a Looooonnnng long time to recycle meaning for me it's close to unusable. Options are rudimentary at best limiting this unit to some basic on camera work. It can be used off camera but it's very hard to judge the output.
It's better than the EF-X20 in that it takes AA batteries (instead of the Ef-X20's AAAs) and can be pointed upwards to bounce, though this is limited to one movement making bounce flash unavailable in portrait orientation.

It has a habit of turning itself off, even if you haven't managed to already accidentally do that whilst trying to adjust the 'settings', and when it comes back on it doesn't remember what your last settings were.

It's OK as an absolute last resort, but the "I might, I might not" attitude of this flash makes it an unreliable and therefore unusable bit of kit taking up valuable space in my camera bag. There are better options for Fuji Cameras now so it's impossible to justify owning the EF-20

The size is perhaps it's only redeeming feature, but at the expense of true usability.
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on 27 May 2011
This flash unit is rather better than I expected.

It runs on two AA size batteries - the instructions do not mention rechargeable cells and recommends Lithium cells.

The hot shoe folds away when out of use - making it very pocketable, the same hinge allows it to swivel up for bounce use - there is no sideways swivel.

The light coverage appears good but can be expanded by a flip over diffuser - presumably for other cameras.

Power output is sufficient for my purposes - there is a more powerful and feature rich gun if you need it, but it looks a lot less pocketable.

The final 'goody' is a simple push button power adjuster on the back - this can be used to boost power output in half stop intervals - say when bouncing flash off a ceiling, or it can cut power for subtle fill in effects. the setting is shown by a LED - easier to see than the usual lcd display which this unit does not have.

In all other respects it is a typical moden gun with a positive clamping action onto the camera shoe.

One final benefit - for those who use a lens hood, unlike the built in flash on the camera body this gun fires over it without any obstruction.

N.B. Don't be put off by the instruction manual - it has quite small print and manages to make the operation of this flashgun seem less clear - in practice it is pretty intuitive.
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on 4 January 2013
I bought this Flashgun to work with my Fujifilm X10 camera - I wanted a compact external flash as a full size flash gun would dwarf the camera.

It works very well on the X10, but I also found that it is compatible with other TTL cameras, such as my Nikon D300 DSLR.

You have a vertical tilt available - useful for bouncing flask of celings, but no horizontal tilt. There's also a flip down diffuser that can soften the flash and is also used at wide angles to even the flash across the captured image.

One feature I wish it had is remote triggering - the ability to place the flashgun off camera and have the on-camera flash fire it off. This would add a lot more creative lighting options.

the hotshoe attachment folds into the flash gun when now in use, making it a good shape for stowing in a pocket or camera bag.
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