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4.3 out of 5 stars101
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2012
I bought these and a pair of the SHE3580/10 headphones at the same time. I had already tried the SHE3580/10 ones before in the past and enjoyed them but thought I'd splash out a little more and keep those as backups. Surprisingly it has gone the other way.

My music taste is quite eclectic, ranging from House to Hip-hop, Jazz to Classical. Therefore I want good headphones which retain the clarity of sound. Sadly to say, these have fallen to the Beats by Dre misjudged generation who believe that bassier is always better and push the mid-bass to the expense of the treble (which makes everything sound very muddy). They're okay to listen to some Electronic music to, but most other things are just distorted and sometimes even difficult to listen to.

I'd personally recommend giving these a miss.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
For a mid-range price headphone these are spot on.

The sound is excellent.
Obviously some of that will come from the device youre listening with - but I tried them on my Archos mp3 player, samsung galaxy phone, pc and psp and was very pleased with the sound from all of them: its a great, rich sound at both low and high volumes, and not at all basey or tinny. I also noticed very minimal "sound leak" compared to my other pair; when I asked a friend to use them, sitting next to him I couldnt hear the usual "tss tss" of second-hand music at all - which would mean you annoy less people on the bus!

In terms of design -
Theyre very small and tidy, and a very sleek, neat design with high quality finish. I particularly like that the left earphone has discrete "braile-like" bobbles on it, so if youre fumbling or rushing or its dark, you can easily and quickly tell which is the left and right bud.
Theyre also remarkably comfortable to wear and a great snug-but-not-too-tight fit (ensured by the three size option interchangable buds, though thats something you would expect to get these days), you really do 'forget' that theyre in - apart from the sound of course!!
And strangely Ive found theyre less prone to tangling than my last pair - whether thats by design or chance I dont know!
On that note, the connection cord is a strange fabric material, which I was a little unsettled by being used to the usual plastic on standard phones - you get used to it quickly though, and it feels much more robust than the plastic type too.

Overall VERY impressed and will certainly be using these as my "main" headphones from now on!

So - devastated; I managed to dip my headphones in my tea. Don't ask. Point is they died. Based on how great I found these though for the 2 years I had them, I ordered some more to replace the dead ones.
Now: a really nice touch with this "new" edition is that they are EXACTLY the same headphones, but now instead of just the different sized interchangeable buds, they also come with a memory-foam pair - and these are both far more comfortable than the plastic ones, and also somehow enhance the sound too. I would've "highly recommended" these before: I wouldn't be without them now.
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on 6 December 2011
I purchased these headphones to replace my broken Sennheiser ear canal headphones, I've gone through four (4) sets of Sennheiser headphones including CX-300, CX-300II and CX-400. Although the sound quality was superb, I lost 99% of sound output in either one or the other earbud after anything from 3 weeks to 6 months. Possibly down to using them in the gym and exposing them to the additional rough & tumble of gym bags and treadmills!

Anyway, on to these Philips headphones. They really are a great looking set (in my eyes) and the sound quality is just as good as my old Sennheisers. As soon as these arrived, I had them out of the packaging and in my ears. I've been running a few times and they have been excellent, BUT only after experimenting with the various ear caps included in the packaging. The standard ear caps had a habit of working their way loose after a few minutes running, but then I tried the "Comply" foam tips supplied in the pack and these are streets ahead (sorry, terrible pun) in terms of fit and comfort!!

So, bottom line: great price (I bought them during a promotion), great looks, excellent sound (including very decent bass reproduction) and - once using the Comply ear caps - very comfortable indeed!

Finally, I've given four stars in my review, but if the headphones last the distance and are still working in a few months time, I'll add a fifth star for durability...
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I loved these little bud earphones.

Firstly, they look expensive, the matt black colour and the different texture of the leads as well as the overall delicacy make them a very cool accessory for my ipod. The product delivers on the promise as the leads don't tangle under normal use.

The sound is of brilliant quality, with no leakage that I could detect. They're great to use when travelling and very comfortable, I don't usually get on with "in-ear" things, but these fit very neatly and are easy to forget about. The long length of the connection cord is also a plus.

These are my main headphones now and I will be buying another set to keep at work.
Highly recommended.
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on 17 November 2011
I have been an owner of Philips for a few years and I must say that every time I buy a new set of earphones, it leaves me even more amazed! These earphones are perfect in every way and I really like my music to be playing at the best of quality! The foam earphones are a shocking delight since they feel even more comfortable in the ear than the plastic ones. Although I will be using the plastic ones since I find that they are more practical, they are highly recommended! The cable is not plastic but some kind of fabric which makes it tangle less. Now sound wise, I havent noticed much difference from the cheaper Philips earphones which I have been using upto now which means that they deliver a high quality. I believe the extra money goes to the design! I would higly recommend these earphones to anyone. Dont even go to Sennheiser!
I got them 2 days after I placed the order, which was 2 days before the expected delivery date, and so this seller is recommended as well! A very happy buy for me then!
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VINE VOICEon 14 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Superb sound quality on these little headphones, so much so that I got a little carried away listening to music and neglected this review.

You don't need high volume when you've got decent sound quality and Philips have definitely concentrated on getting the latter as good as possible. There is a great range of tone to be heard, from the most delicate, tentative and gentle to the bold, raucous and bassy. Supplementing the technical task of good sound reproduction is the attention to how the headphones fit with your ear. A range of interchangeable tips, of varying sizes, is provided. With a little bit of trial-and-error you should be able to find a suitable fit for your ear, from the three sizes of rubber and one of memory foam. I, however, found the memory foam to be too loose in my ear, so I'm using the middle size rubber tips, which may mean that those whose ears take the largest rubber tip will also find the foam too small.

With the spoken word, you are able to pick up on each and every inflection in the speaker's voice. This engenders the kind of intimacy that works really well in audio books and documentaries. I'm the kind of person who likes to listen to podcasts on the bus, which is usually a noisy crowded affair; these are great for blocking out the unpleasant surroundings and aiding emmersion into whatever I've chosen to listen to.

The anti-tangle features are a bonus, a tangle can still happen, but if you remember to move up the slider, combined with the fabric sleeved section, they don't happen as often and are less severe when they do.

Philips have put a good amount of thought into the design and execution of these 'phones.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These earphones are great for anyone who struggles to find in-earphones that fit perfectly. There are two types of earphone cover to choose from, firstly, there are the three sets of differently sized silicon caps in small medium and large sizes, which are wonderfully pliable and should allow you to find your fit; however, if you don't get on with these, there is a failsafe - a single set of memory foam earphone cushions and only one size is needed as these literally take on the exact shape of your ear. Both types of ear cap/cushion work very effectively to block out any noises around you, but in my experience the memory foam cushions are more effective as they allow no gaps whatsoever and don't slip out as can happen with even the best silicon cap.

The quality of the noise isolation means that you can have your volume down really low and still hear it loud and clear. I was amazed at how effectively this works. Even at low volumes, the music or speech is delivered crisply and cleanly whilst also cutting out the background drone.
I am now able to listen to podcasts on public transport, or when walking along busy roads and be able to hear the words clearly without having to turn the volume up to max.

For music the bass is fantastic and the treble is not too bad - depending on the type of music you like, this will either suit you down to the ground, or irritate you slightly.

I found the "material" cable to be slightly odd to touch (it is rather like the cable you get on a sleeping bag to the touch), but it does work and this, together with the cable separating device, over the year will save me many hours of irritation trying to untangle the cable as I walk along the street!

These in-earphones are clearly well designed and have been built to last.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I`ve been using a pair of Sony groove shaped earphones -which give a good balanced sound across a wide range of music - for about 7 years now and decided to try these out as replacements.
I hadn't used this type of in-ear design before; the cap or cushion you choose is not just a matter of comfort - the seal formed by the silicone in your ear canal will have a bearing on the degree of noise insulation and how powerful the bass response will be, so its important to try out all the sizes supplied. In addition to the 3 different silicone caps a pair of foam caps are included - the idea with these is to squeeze them lightly before insertion and they will form a soft comfortable seal as they expand back into shape.
These are quite powerful phones with a good strong bass; the first adjustment I had to make on my MP3 player was to turn the bass-boost off and tweak the EQ controls - turning the bass frequencies down and putting the mids and highs up - after making these alterations the phones delivered a fairly well-balanced sound across the range. I settled on the mid-sized silicone caps which I felt gave a fairly realistic acoustic; the foam caps were comfortable and certainly provided good insulation, but I felt they dampened the bass somewhat.
They performed well with a wide range of music; their bass-driven nature of course works well with rock/pop/dance etc., but jazz and chamber music also fared well with good definition in the mid and treble range, likewise orchestral music which benefited from the expanded lower frequencies.
Philips own rating on the packaging: Bass 4 ½, Treble 4, Comfort 5.
The cable is symmetrical with a useful little slider to keep them from tangling. The phones themselves feel sturdy and substantial but lightweight in use.
Earphone choice is a very personal thing, same as the music you listen to - I found these very comfortable to wear and they stay put when I move; the treble is a little weak but as long as you can make adjustments on your listening device, a good level of general sound can be obtained from them.
This is a very good quality set of earphones, more powerful than my old Sonys as I expected, certainly adding a wider dimension on the lower sound scale as befits a product in this price range; certainly worthy of your consideration.
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VINE VOICEon 29 May 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We all have varying appreciation of what is a "good sound". I listen mostly to Jazz and Classical music, so I need a product that has good dynamic range. These seem particularly good for me in the mid-range. There is almost an analogue quality to them, which is something of a paradox in this digital age. Each instrument seems particularly separate, so the sound field seems wider, almost 3-Dimensional at times. I rank these highly, almost as good as my BoseBose QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones.
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am truly blown away by these. I am no Philips fan when it comes to headphones or buds but sent for these as they promised a more comfortable fit blah blah blah.

Never being one to accept the blurb I intended to put these through there paces,and I have believe me and they are absolutely worth every pennny.

Sound quality amazing as good as my Sennheiser I am stunned. The build quality is excellent. The design is another plus easy on the ears with sponge ear things allowing no noise bleed either in or out and being so comfortable that you dont know your wearing them.

The cable has a covering which promised anti tangle and appears for the short time I have used them to offer this. They also have a slider which stops the buds themselves from tangling.

They are ergonomic to handle being easily inserted and sitting nicely in the ear without you having to over insert to maximize sound quality. The lead length is good as well its not over long that your tripping over it nor over short that you pop them out of your ears when you turn your head.

In a nut shell I am blown away with these ear buds highly recommend them to all being a very serious contender for quality and design to very expensive brands which I own. Buy them you really wont be disappointed.
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