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on 29 September 2011
The unit is easy to install, and will quickly show you how much apparent power your house is using, but unfortunately that's not what you're billed for in the UK.

The included software is terrible, and the statistical aggregation on the unit doesn't allow for Generation, so it's not terribly useful for solar either (though it will at least log it as an appliance, appearing as usage rather than generation).

Because of power factor issues, it will accumulate usage that simply does not exist. For instance, my solar inverter appears to use 80W at night, and there's no way to exclude this. The unit streams data out on a data cable, which is good, and dumps it's history on every odd hour of the day. However, it does include the phantom current.

The samples in the unit are timestamped, but there is no date, and the clock stops when you are in any setup menus, or downloading on demand.

Individual appliance monitors report real power instead of apparent power, which lets you get a measure of how much it's really costing for an appliance, but the whole house reading is always too high (unless everything in your house has a power factor of 1.0, which it won't).

Take the results with a pinch of salt. This and most other clamp meters will behave the same way. For example, dimming lights on a standard dimmer switch makes your meter move slower, but this unit will not show any significant decrease power consumption when you do so.

That said, the unit does let you see when someone's left their hair straighteners or PC on, so it may save you some money in the long run.

In addition, compared to the Bluetooth unit for my solar PV inverter, the entire system (this, 1 appliance unit, and 3 clamps) is still cheaper than that option.
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on 16 May 2011
This was a very easy to setup product. And gave some great information on the display. I used to use the Owl Monitor and grew to hate that as the adapter would not work with my Windows 7 PC. I also got the matching adapter and within 10 mins was uploading my power information both to the Current Cost website as well as Google Powermeter. After battling with the Owl Meter this was such a breeze. Also the Current Cost website is beautifully clean and well design.
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on 8 September 2011
After 3 weeks of frustration and a change of a duff data cable. The hardware works but the data on screen is of very limited use, you see the temperature (wow) and instant watts and cost (but allows only a single tariff). Firstly tech support is fairly good, it needs to be as the software around from different suppliers is just rubbish. Badly thought through, poorly written and buggy. Expect to spend many frustrating days trying to get any sense out of the EnviR device with any of the available software. I'd not recommend any of the 4 recommended software packages - disappointly poor quality.
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on 22 September 2012
This is OK but has turned into a bit of a disappointment. I wanted this one because it is advertised as being able to sync your data online so you can see how much electricity you are using over time. This is not really true. There is no software from the company or any other company that offers this. The software available when plugged into a computer only takes the current data and not the data stored on the device for the last 2 years as it describes it keeps the data for 2 years? Huge disappointment

It is also VERY big. It looks small in the picture but it isn't.

The data on the monitor is good but only tells you in real time. It doesn't tell you over the last week what you have used except in kWhr which is confusing. Why just say how many kWatts were used?

Thinking of buying another monitor instead.
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on 2 November 2012
It really makes you aware of how your electricity usage varies as you switch on and off devices. I'm often puzzled, where I am using all that electricity. The device doesn't help me to find out, I have to go and look. Data can be downloaded to a PC and viewed in some useful ways. Each transmitter can have 3 jaws attached to display 3 circuits, but the jaw is so big, you can't really put them inside a domestic dist board. A set of small individual clamps or rings, which could be strung on individual circuit wires, would allow much great control of usage. The display device has about 10 channels, so up to 10 circuits can be monitored. So to me the next step forward are small ring type CT's rather than clamps which can be strung on individual circuits as well as the total usage clamp.
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on 24 July 2011
I previously had an 'efergy' monitor (still do!) which is hopelessly inaccurate and the supplied software is terrible. But the Current Cost EnviR is *hugely* better. The hardware is clearly of a better quality and the unit is more user friendly by far.

I bought it with the intention of using it with Google PowerMeter. Then only days after I got the EnviR Google announced that it is closing down 'PowerMeter'. This is a great shame because the software/monitoring and analysis softeware and services that remain are less than impressive. I've tried them all and none of them come close to Google PowerMeter in terms of features, usability, or reliability.

If there was good software/online service to back up the EnviR I'd give it 5 star - but there isn't so it gets 4!!
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on 14 April 2012
I got one of these when Google Power Meter was still going. That was an excellent service, but has now been retired. There is no equal alternative.

Enio has a terrible interface and only a basic display that doesn't scale properly for kWh (unless you use industrial quantities). Pachube isn't free (the basic account deletes your data after a year) and isn't private enough. There are several other services like PlotWatt but they are all US based and don't even support £. Current Cost's own web site is an absolute joke, providing nothing more than a daily graph.

Basically what was a good product is now complete rubbish due to a lack of good software. Current Cost seem to have no interest in fixing it. There are cheaper and better alternatives.
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on 15 July 2011
Great little product, but it was purchased with the specific intent of using it with Googles power metering software, which they have just discontinued... Still works OK...
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on 9 August 2011
1 star for the support.

I have the ENVIR and the bridge

> The display is not showing up the metering information. I have contacted the support department so they accept to change to device. Even with a new display it is not working properly. Basically the device is not pairing constantly with the transmitter. (It might be due to interference)

> The bridge is posting data roughly 80% of the time on the website (many empty data on google power meter and current cost dashboard)

the display is useless for me. I am looking at my consumption through google power meter and there are many empty slot.
Although the concept of measuring power consumption in live is nice, I don't recommend any of these products.
(product are not finalized and many users complain in the company's forum)
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on 19 October 2013
I received this unit a few days ago and was happily installing it until I opened the power adaptor. It is covered in mould and looks like it has been kicked around a floor as it is very scuffed. This was not what I was expecting and I will be returning the monitor. I will not risk a replacement as I take electrical safety seriously. Utterly shocked by this!
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