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4.6 out of 5 stars201
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 February 2012
Turning the 'hillbilly killers' cliche on its head works well in this funny & surprisingly touching film. Two soft, lovable rednecks fall foul of a bizarre misunderstanding. It's gruesome but hilarious, and the scene with the chainsaw & the bees was outstanding. This is a very good film & well worth seeing.
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on 21 November 2011
I expected that this might be entertaining from the reviews but was I suprised! It is absolutely BLOODY (in every sense of the word) brilliant, laugh out loud funny and even sweet. With as many movies in the brain as I have it is rare that a movie has me at the edge of my seat after 30min because there are many possible ways it could end. What is stated on the back-cover is true (first time ever): It DOES for redneck splatter movies what Shaun of the Dead did for Zombie-movies. Credible and likeable main actors (the female lead is a bit weaker). Let's keep our fingers crossed that we will see more of this team soon. Btw. - I'm almost 40, female and a psychologist (great therapy spoof in this movie, too) - so it's not a "boys-only" movie.
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on 22 September 2014
WARNING: I came in fresh to this movie- this review contains spoliers that may ruin the movie's fantastic plot line.

Incredibly funny and at times gory movie about two beer drinking hillbillie's and a group of self centered students who after a huge misunderstanding take battle to the death in the forest. The plot is simple yet ingenuious. How about instead of making a 1,000th movie about students getting hacked to pieces by a killer in a forest you shake that down, turn it over and sprinkle humour over it? The students think the hillbillie's are crazed psychos, the hillbillie's think the students are out to commit mass suicide, and the film must rank as one of the greatest comedy horror movies of all time. The writing is fresh and good and the acting is of a great standard. Trust Canada to get it right when so many have failed miserably. The Canadians time and again have always been able to keep the horror genre fresh and interesting, it's as if they look down at their neighbours, tweek a little and get what needs fixed, fixed.

The two hillbillie's played by Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk have so much natural chemistry, that their lines never feel forced. There is a superb homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the gore crowd will be more than pleased with what is on offer. There are dashes of charm, social commentary on class and laugh after laugh. If you know someone that despises horror but loves comedy, this is still highly recommended. An absolute standout gem in a limp era for horror.
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on 23 April 2013
I didn't know whether to give this film 4 or 5 stars because as black comedies go there ain't a lot wrong with this movie. Quite frankly it scores in so many areas. The look and feel of the film, especially in the opening scenes is spot on. Eli Craig holds the handbrake on nice and gently and doesn't try to hard to show what this movie is all about.
I'm not a great lover of comedy horror because so many people mess it up. I think a lot of film makers think they can write a few funny scenes and just throw it together, but like any other genere it doesn't work like that. In fact perhaps even more so in black 'horror' comedy you need a great script, great actors and a director that can really pull the whole look anf feel of the film together.
This film has all that. It has a very well written script. To exceptional actors in Alan Tudyk and Tiler Labine that really gell well and bounce off each. They have a very natural repore together which brings the necessary believabilty into the film in order for it to work. This is especially the case with the naivety and innocence of Tyler Labine's character which he play's to almost perfection.
Eli Craig and his team really drive this film well though. The look is great and the visuals so well done at times. But most of all it's the characters, the great lines they have and the performances they give that really make this film stand out for me.
I was amazed that his film didn't perform in America, and I'm not sure what it says about the viewing American public when something like Ferris Beuller's Day can score so highly and yet this masterpiece barely registers at the box office!
In it's genere this is one of the very best films I've seen and in the long run I'm sure will become a cult classic just like The Blues Brothers did when it got shunned at the box office ! If you liked Zombie Land then buy this you won't be disappointed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 April 2013
I absolutely loved this very dark comedy and I found it even better than "Shaun of the dead". Below you will find more of my impressions, with some limited SPOILERS included.

Tucker and Dale are uneducated but very likeable, hard working blue-collar people living in a backward area of West Virginia. Best friends since always and best friends forever, they are nevertheless very different - Tucker is more assuming, better spoken, more handsome (or less ugly if you prefer) and somehow more succesful, when Dale is shy, complexed, overweight and in his own opinion a total loser.

The story begins the day when the two friends decide to go on holidays, to work on a "vacation home" Tucker just bought, which is situated in the wild woods, near a lake. The "vacation home" is in fact an abandoned, dilapidated ruin filled with old junk and surrounded on every side by a vegetation gone completely mad ("Well, what? It is a fixer-upper!").

But Tucker and Dale never feared hard work and they are very enthusiastic about the task which awaits them - and they also expect to spend some really good time drinking beer, fishing, drinking beer, playing board games and, of course, drinking even more beer. Even their meeting on the road with a somehow creepy old sheriff who warns them not to go to the lake will not deter them... After all, they have Dale's old, ugly, drooling bulldog Jangers with them to warn them about any dangers.

But there is also a second group of people who came to spend some summer time on the other shore of the lake - they are college students, six guys and three gorgeous girls. One girl in particular will play an important role - her name is Allison (Katrina Bowden) and she is an incredibly beautiful and sexy creature (think about young Denise Richards and you will have an idea). The college kids are there to smoke weed, drink beer, swim naked, drink beer, tell scary stories around a fire, drink beer, possibly have some sex, drink beer, smoke more weed, drink more beer, etc.

And then, as it is this kind of film, there is also, unavoidably, EVIL, which in this film comes mostly from misunderstandings, coincidences, prejudices, accidents and pure idiocy, but is greatly amplified by (initially discreet but slowly growing) insanity affecting one of the characters.

The confrontation between the two likeable hillbillies, the nine college kids and the EVIL produces a wonderful, albeit by moments very gory and pretty cruel comedy. This film is so filled with incredible dialogs, memorable one-liners, great slap-stick scenes and other delights, that at the end I could hardly believe that it lasted only 85 minutes! And from the first minutes to the very end I laughed so hard that tears were flowing from my eyes and my ribs were hurting. I was laughing like a hysterically drunk hyena who is fighting madness and loosing - in fact at one moment my wife and daughters panicked and came running to check on me because they thought I was dying!

Although it is not absolutely necessary to enjoy this film, it can be useful to remind yourself the (in)famous "Deliverance" movie. If you never saw it, try at least to read the synopsis and try to find on the web THE scene from the film, the one with Ned Beatty and the two hillbillies... You may also want to rewatch the first of "Friday the 13th" films and have at least a look at the trailer of the original "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" from 1974 (or even better, watch the first 30 minutes of it). But once again, those things are not absolutely necessary.

I loved this film, I am very happy that I bought it and this DVD is definitely a keeper. Enjoy!
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on 16 February 2012
I'm a pretty hardcore horror junkie and i stumbled onto the great reviews this film had. I read the summary of the film and later after consideration I decided to give it a try and it really exceeded my expectations. It was not only hilarious but it was different from the typical lame plot we usually get with "B" or even "A" level horror/comedic flicks. This is definitely one of the funniest "spoof" horror flicks I've seen in a while. At first, I expected this film to trod familiar ground, only in a comic way, but not only was it funny, it flew in the face of my expectations! I was pleasantly surprised to find that old situation and cliches reversed in a really funny way, and from that point on, the plot kept moving, and the pacing was suitable in the way that successful b- movies always are: laughs and suspense are succinctly blended.

The story sets on some hill billies getting their vacation house, moving in, having the time of their lives. Along the way, they cross paths with a group of college kids going camping in the woods. Unfortunately, though Dale tries to make conversation with some of the prettier girls in the group, the kids think the duo are crazed hillbilly psychopaths and run off. In retrospect, Dale should probably not have been carrying a huge scythe... Later that evening, Tucker and Dale are fishing on the nearby lake while the college kids have decided to go swimming on the same lake. As the duo watch, one of the college kids, Allison (Katrina Bowden), decides to climb onto a high rock to get in the water. She notices the duo watching them and inadvertently falls off the boulder into the lake.

When she doesn't come back up, Dale dives in and rescues her, convincing Tucker to take her back to the cabin and nurse her back to health. Unfortunately for them though, the other kids saw the duo rescue her... but thought they were taking her unconscious body away to do hideous, unspeakable things. Now, they're ready to put their lives on the line to "save" their friend, while Tucker and Dale are about to discover their vacation just got a whole lot more complicated. There is a moment, after Allison has woken up in the cabin, where she says a line that sums up Tucker and Dale vs Evil brilliantly. Paraphrased, it amounts to something like "I believe all our problems are rooted in a lack of communication".

This movie takes the concepts of mis-communication, mistaken identities, circumstance, coincidence, and luck and wrings every ounce of comedy possible out of them. It's almost impossible to fully describe how great this movie is because of just how many different kinds of movie it pulls off near-effortlessly. It easily ranks among the best horror-comedies of the last few decades due to a smart script, lovable characters, believable and logical love story, and just pure, unmitigated, hilarious insanity. Overall, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is outstanding because it starts from believable, interesting main characters and a script smart to genre tropes. It then builds on that foundation with quality physical effects and hilarious one-liners and situations, ending up something not necessarily scary but still truly special.
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on 29 November 2011
In a horror film I sometimes feel sorry for the killer. They are minding their own business, when a group of annoying teenagers start making a noise and disturbing their nice psychopathic peace. Who in their wrong mind wouldn't get the old cleaver out and go chop happy? But are they actually killers? If `Goonies' taught us anything, just because someone looks like a monster does not make them a monster. `Tucker and Dale vs. Evil' strikes a similar note; just because they are hicks, does not mean they are going to murder you and/or make you squeal like a pig. Perhaps they just want to say hello?

`Tucker' is a one note film, but pulls it off brilliantly by great casting and some funny scenes. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine play Tucker and Dale, a chalk and cheese duo of rednecks who plan to renovate their recently bought holiday home situated near a remote lake. When a group of students stumble across the gap toothed hillbillies they succumb to the stereotypes portrayed in decade's worth of horror films and assume the worst. Can Tucker and Dale convince the group that they are actually pretty nice blokes before the kids end up hurting themselves?

Playing on the horror cliché of the killer hick is a brilliant foundation for the film and for any fan of horror, the story in `Tucker' will make sense. Tudyk and Labine do a great job and work really well together to create some funny moments in the film. The cast of students is less successful, especially Jesse Moss as the manic Chad. He is a little over done, even for a comedy film. The central joke also starts to wear a little thin before the end as director/writer Eli Craig runs out of steam. However, this does not stop the first hour or so from being a funny take on the horror genre.

The Blu-ray print is a good one and the woodland setting benefits from the HD, however, the slightly lower budget special effects do not. The extras on the disc provide an interesting making of featurette, that is a little publicity heavy, but worth watching for fans of the film.
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on 20 July 2012
I wasn't sure what to expect of this film when I bought it as I'm not a massive comedy/horror film fan, however after reading the other reviews I thought I'd give it a go. I cannot believe how little publicity it recieved as it's brilliant! I was in hysterics all the way through, and from the very start you can't help but love Tucker & Dale. The storyline takes all the cliches from most American horror films, but turns them around to give a highly amusing film that will have you in stitches the whole way through. Buy this film - you will not be disappointed!
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VINE VOICEon 29 February 2012
Tucker and Dale vs Evil, the film ****
Blu Ray : ***

Tucker and Dale is a fabulous horror film spoof/satire, but thankfully a spoof played straight and not another tired example of the "Scary Movie" sub-sub-Airplane genre. It has an original killer idea: a group of college kids are far too aware of horror film plots and mistake two amiable, but clueless, rednecks for serial murderers resulting in a series of self-inflicted, gory outcomes. The plot is well written, the situations and dialogue are spot on and the lead actors Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine have genuine chemistry. Hopefully the slow burning success of Tucker vs Evil and Dale may lead to another outing for the less than dynamic duo down the line.

The Blu ray has an excellent picture quality from the original digitally-shot source, with great depth and detail. Sound quality is also first class. The problems emerge with the extras: the US release has a commentary track, out-takes and an alternative view of the film from the college kids perspective, all slashed and missing from the region B version. Given there is no set of alternative European language tracks or other multi-country content taking up space on the disc, the fact the extras are missing is odd and disappointing.

Overall: recommended for the film itself, just a shame that investing in the Blu Ray isn't worth it in terms of the additional content available on other editions.
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2011
This film has instant cult classic written all over it as the standard hillbilly survival horror is turned on its head. Two lovable bumpkins have to fight for their lives when a set of misguided teens think the well meaning duo are out to kill them in Texas Chainsaw / Deliverance style. You can't help but root for the hapless pair but also groan in enjoyable frustration as the teens start to drop dead in lots of extremely gory accidents. A total joy from start to finish. Sequel now please!
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