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on 15 April 2012
Well i was looking forward to using my WG-1. To keep it short,, it let water in, and this was just in the hotel pool of 4 feet deep. First the lens had moisture on the inner side of the glass, this did dry out but would return now and again. Then the screen got white dots on it,, again water related. this would also dry out. Quality of night, or poor light photos are poor, my old 15 year old casio camera, beats it hands down. And for me at least, the screen is way too small. Real shame as i read all the good reviews,, the early underwater footage i did get was good,, even in the pool.. Hope i can find a better one.
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on 21 November 2011
If you're specifically looking for a waterproof camera then the WG-1 would come highly recommended by me.

The underwater picture quality is generally excellent and the robust nature of this device means that if you drop it,leave a little mark rather than leave a big £200 hole in your pocket.

There are some nifty little features on this camera, all controlled by a user friendly display. A favourite feature of mine would be the microscope, particularly good for taking close up pictures of minibeasts!

The automatic, point and shoot setting is suitable for most types of picture, my year 3 primary school class took it out to take some pictures of flowers and came back with some excellent results.

If I were to have one criticism it would be that this camera is not ideally suited for taking pictures at night. I find that the automatic setting is better than the night mode but many pictures often come out blurry. If you're planning to take lots of pictures at night then perhaps this isn't the camera for you.

All in all this is an excellent, user-friendly waterproof camera. Great value for money!
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on 2 July 2013
We bought this item in September 2012 to take on holiday in April 2013 to Mexico. It broke after two days! We sent it to Pentax official repairers (jpservice solutions) who said that the damage was caused by water!!!! Yet the camera is supposed to be a waterproof camera!! To get the camera repaired we have been quoted £236.00. The camera is not a year old and has been used about four times I will never buy from Pentax again and would advise others not to!
Thank you Amazon for agreeing a refund.
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on 28 May 2012
We bought this camera after reading the reviews and ahead of our holiday to the Maldives.

On first use the display screen filled with water, we couldnt see what we were taking pictures of but shot away in the hope that the images would still come through ok. Mostly they did.
We used again whilst on a snorkling boat trip, again not knowing what we were taking images of but dissapointingly this time the lens had fogged up so all the images were blurry. We swam with manta rays that day so would have loved to have photographs to look back at!!

We never used this camera at a depth of more than say 1 metre, so can't understand why it failed so much. Perhaps ours was just a defective one but a camera is used to capture memorable moments and this camera failed at that. It couldnt be relied upon so we bought (very expensive) disposable underwater cameras instead which was more sucessful!

Needless to say, we're returning this camera!
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on 26 September 2011
After much research, decided to buy the Pentax Optio underwater camera for our trip to the Maldives.
No leaks so impressed with water proofing.

No wrist strap for use underwater.
Only three quarters of screen used for view finder. Right hand qtr used to show symbols- a waste of space!
When zoomed, it can take two/three seconds to take a picture.
Some shots not clear, whilst others are perfect.

Might sell this on ebay...... and buy the Panasonic!
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on 30 December 2013
Pentax Optio WG-1 Digital Camera - Purple (14MP, 10m Water Proof, 1.5m Shock Proof, 5 x Wide Angle Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD (Electronics)
fantastic all round camera. i used this on an adventure holiday
to south of France
cannoing, climbing, swimming, caving and lots more
it performed faultlessly in and out of the water
the super macro is superb
and the scene stitching for extra wide landscapes works well
it does all you for adventure escapes and more
i well recommend this fantastic product
the only draw back if you can call it that is the limited zoom but that is to be expected with this type of camera(not what it was designed for)
fantastic fantastic fantastic camera
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on 10 November 2011
I bought this camera mainly cause i have a habit of breaking things... i take my cameras out on my downhill bike and when i go away with the army. it arrived sortly after i ordered it just before i deployed to afghan... having a day to play with it in the uk...

only test of the water proof was sucksessful tho havnt tried the video yet, the picture was clear enough concidering the river was murkey, still it will probs work better in clear water (what can you expect really)pictures were good, there are lots of modes to go with for gettin the right picture settin for the environment ie landscape, pets, text, the usual...dust proof works, tested in afghan and it gets everywhere but inside my camera, video is good but not perfect but then again if you want amazing videos buy a film camera still it works better than most digital ones i have used, and loud sounds dont relly hold their own through the recorder however i was on a helecopter to give you the idea of conditions. the panoramicc picture tool works however newer cameras have a better style where you pan the camera as if you were recording it as a video and it then creates it... this camera you take a pic then try and match the edge of the pic when you move the camera, little bit fidly and sometimes not perfect but it works. admitadly the wide picture mode isnt that great either. the self timer mode is great too. zoom wise, not great but it is a tough camera so you have to make sacrifices in places.

playback and display is great large screen is bright even in strong sunlight, and video playback is just as good and there is a speaker built in so you get audio playback too. btry is good, id recormend a seccond if your going out for a while and will be using it constantly, also a large card but thats just to ensure that you wont fill up.

i can promice this camera has taken some knocks in afghan and its still running strong, i used a screen protector on the back just to make sure. still looks as good as when it came out of the box.

oh and the carabeina attachment comes in usefull... doesnt look out of place on it, and lets u clip it onto ur belt loops if ur in a hurry or need both hands.

id recormend this product maybie the model up but ive not used that one or have no use for gps linked pics.
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on 12 September 2011
I wanted a camera to take snorkelling. I tried a Fuji Finepix XP30 but it let in the water so I swapped it for one of these.
Good points:-
Water-proof- I've only tried this to about 30cm, but the pictures seem quite good (considering the water).
Remote control (optional extra)- This an infra-red unit that has a shortish range (4m) & seems only to work from the front. Water-proof supposedly- I haven't put that to the test yet. I found it useful.
Controls - straight forward & reasonably intuitive. Buttons give good feedback.
Size & shape-Good feel in the hand. Nice shape ( Colour is cool too-I have a purple one).
Panorama mode - this works well.
Straps - choice of straps come with it - usual wrist strap + a thick strap with a carabiner (for underwater use?). Novel. Some may question usefulness.

Not so good points
Zoom - This doesn't work when recording in video mode ! Why?!?
Picture quality- I was disappointed. It's ok but the leaking Fuji XP30 I thought was better.
Settings - 28!! Too many especially as most seemed to be the same.
Picture/Video setting- The Fuji had separate buttons for these (A good idea, Mr Pentax). The Pentax was unnecessarily clumsy to flip between modes.
Shape - Difficult to get a good bag that fits it + spare batteries+ spare cards. Minor gripe.
Video format- Strangely only 30fps (NTSC) not 25fps(PAL-UK). Other cameras I owned with video capability were able to swap between these.
Camera mount - Strangely located at one end of the camera making using a tripod a little entertaining- If you're looking down, the camera can start to turn if using the remote so you end up with not quite the picture you wanted.

Overall a good everyday camera with video & remote control capability but the picture quality should be better.
I think if the Fuji XP30 could fix the leaks I would think hard about going back to it, but this seems like a rugged little number so I'll stick with it.
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on 6 November 2012
As a professional photographer I've been using this camera as one of my personal knock around / holiday / just for fun point and shoot camera. My kids play with it and use it and it have stood up to some substantial beatings in the last one and a half year of use.

Form factor is great, it's remarkably small, fits in the palm of your hand and goes in your pocket without a hitch. The attached string with a carabin style lock is extremely handy for quickly securing the camera to a bag, your belt or whatever.
I really like the rubberized surface, it helps protect both the camera and whatever piece of furniture it gets slammed into.

Weather sealing and waterproofing is perfect, I have used it a lot in seawater, pools, snow, dust, mud, whatever. Just remember to give it a good rinse in freshwater and let it dry before opening. Take good care of the gaskets, and there's no problems whatsover.

Picture quality is decent, as long as you crank up resolution and JPEG quality all the way. You may also want to fiddle with the sharpness, color and exposure settings.

The macro settings is one the fun and unique gems on this camera. I'm pretty amazed at the closed up distance and magnification. My kids love shooting bugs and flowers and seeing them magnified on the screen. It's actually a lot like running around with a microscope! Very impressive.

Video quality is one of the cameras shortcomings. My iPhone shoots better looking video. Do NOT under any circumstances shoot into the light ! It looks horrible.
If you shoot with the light, and have plenty of it, you can get away with some decent looking footage. But then again, with a camera like this, the main point is just to able to capture those moment that you couldn't otherwise. Audio quality is also not very good, but again, this is point and shoot, not a professional rig.

All in all, I really prefer the design and form of this camera above any other similar offerings, but if you want better quality, you should probably look at the Lumix series
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on 1 September 2012
Pathetic rubbish. For all the vaunted adventure proof nonsense, 10 minutes in a 1.5 m pool did for the thing: first odd white dots appeared on the LCD screen, then the screen itself flickered, died and the entire camera stopped working. A red light on the front stayed on, but no amount of coaxing could make the wretched thing work again. No troubleshooting help in the manual, and none on Pentax's website. Especially annoying on a tropical holiday of a lifetime, reduced to using disposable waterproof cameras and hoping the pictures come out ok. Save your money.
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