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3.4 out of 5 stars717
3.4 out of 5 stars
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As a signed music producer and part time DJ, for the last 17 years I've travelled a lot playing all around the world; so I've had every type of personal music players there is - from cassette Walkmans bought in Hong Kong, to Discmans, to Minidisc players to Walkman phones and now MP3s etc. etc. etc... So I've been through my fair share of headphones.

I've honestly had loads,some good - some bad, and I can tell you these are 'fine' for personal stereos and perfectly up to the job. They do have their shortcoming, but they also have a lot of positives - especially, I think, considering the price. The main thing you want to know about of course though, is how they sound.

They aren't going to satisfy the hi-fi buff and music purists out there, but then again, neither is listening to the MP3's format anyway. Here in lies the problem. MP3, as a format is rubbish - and lacks any sort of depth or warmth to the sound anyway, so anything you listen to on a iPod, portable MP3 player or walkman phone is going to be lacking in quality and beep bass anyway - so why waste a fortune on headphones, when these do the job adequately.

I've never liked these sort of 'bud' type earpieces as I've always found they didn't fit in my ears and just fell out all the time when I walked - but I'm happy to say these ones, for some reason, stay put. Not only that, they're the 1st pair of sound nullifying or isolating headphones I've ever had that work. They do actually block out all the sound around me I've found - even on train journeys.

All in all, for the money, I'm very happy with these head phones. Some people say the rubbery leads catch on clothes and pull them put - again, I've never had a problem with this. The leads - or connection - did start to crackle a bit when I first got them, but they seem to have settled down now and I haven't had any problems. For what they are they do a good job.

From a technical pov, yeah the bass could be a bit richer, but you get what you pay for - and if that really is a concern of yours, you're not going to get that listening to stuff on MP3 anyway. And one final thought - they're available in a range of different colours too (which is a nice touch), from the Rasta red, gold & green ones to 'Emo' pinks, Goth black and everything in between - the thing is, different colours cost different prices. Look to pay anything from £8.99 to around £20, so if fashion isn't an issue - shop around.

If you found this review helpful please give it the thumbs up - if not, comment on why so I can do a better job for you next time. Thanks :-)
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on 8 June 2011
First I should point out that these types of headphones do have issues in terms of reliability, where one ear piece will eventually give way. This is a problem with many in-ear headphone products, I have not had a pair that do not have this issue (that has been many).
These Skullcandy products do tend to go a bit sooner than usual, however Skullcandy provide a 100% lifetime guarantee on all headphone products (check website), it couldn't be simpler, pop them in an envelope with a brief description of the issue and the original receipt, within no time you will have a brand new pair.

Aside from this issue I have personally found them to offer superb comfort and sound quality.
Before I get lambasted about the quality of sound produced I would like to point out one thing, these are going to be used on portable MP3 players, as such the quality of the file comes into play, if you are seriously into music you won't be listening to .MP3 files.
In comparison to other in-ear headphones I find them to be head and shoulders above the competition. They have a snug comfortable fit within 'my' ears. The quality of sound across the whole spectrum is excellent. Also, ignore expensive noise cancelling headphones, with these in your ears you really aren't going to hear much else.

All in all, for sub £[], listening on an MP3 player, you aren't going to get much better.
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on 27 February 2013
I really wanted to give this product zero stars, however that wasn't an option and this one star seems one to high.

These broke within the first week of ownership, after wrapping them around my phone and putting them into my work bag they were broken. An earbud came apart and when I put them back together zero sound was produced and felt like I was getting a little electric shock in my ear.

The plus, great sound quality but regret my purchase.
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on 14 July 2012
My review is about a purple pair that I bought here on Amazon, although I have a red pair too that I bought elsewhere, they are the best earphones I have used so far, I do not have a lot of luck with earphones, I have had many, many pair of Creative EP 830 which break within a month usually so anything that lasts longer than that is a hit with me. My earphones are in constant use, they are frequently wrapped around my iPod or mobile and shoved into a bag or a pocket, I am not easy-going on them. I have found Ink'd earphones to be perfect (so far).

I am sure there are many excellent alternatives out there (somewhere) but I have such terrible luck with them that I now refuse to pay more than £25 since I know I'm looking at buying at least 4 pairs a year!

It must be noted that they are noise isolating earphones, ie. They go IN the EAR. They come with medium size buds or an alternative small bud which may not be suitable for everybody. I can ONLY wear In-Ear Buds but my daughter can only wear the other type (not certain what they would be called) and having read some of the reviews on here I think this is an important point to note. My best description for you would be to avoid buying this type of Ear Bud if you LIKE the earphones that come with iPods and Blackberry or Sony mobiles as Ink'd will most likely not be of any use to you. If, like me, you cannot wear iPod/Blackberry/Sony earphones then Ink'd will probably be a good bet for you.
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on 8 June 2011
I received these earphones as a gift. I must say, I was very pleased with the sound they produced. As a drummer, these were the only earphones I'd had for ages that managed to compete with my drum kit's racket, meaning I could play along to my iPod.

However, less than a month later, the product's sound simply cut out, one earphone quickly after the other. I think it's something to do with jack going into the iPod because it produced sound when the jack was adjusted from it's original position and held at a certain angle, but of course it was silly to have to hold them in the same place all the time and completely unproductive, so I went out, thinking that my first pair of skullcandy's were a one off error, to buy myself some more. Of course these too broke after a month and a half or so. I suppose they may last if you don't use them very regularly, but as musician and a regular iPod listener, it's not worth the annoyance of having pairs break on you once a month. Excellent sound quality, as said in the title, but let down immensely by the shockingly bad build of the things. Not worth the extra cash of buying new ones.
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on 9 April 2011
These headphones are extremely comfortable and had great sound quality for my journey to school, with great noise cancelling abilities. The problem came after a month of use- the sound cut out in the right ear bud intermittently and then didn't work altogether. Not good, but I loved the sound and comfort. We asked for a replacement, thinking it was just a faulty one off. However when we got the replacement the time period was even quicker, probably about 2-3 weeks after receiving them and using them for the first time. A great sound quality can be found elsewhere, and reliability being extremely important as I use them for around 3 hours a day I think there are many other headphones that will last you longer without compromising sound quality. I would recommend you don't buy unless you want to go through the hassle of replacing them every month.
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on 28 January 2012
These headphones were good, loud, bassy and I enjoyed them for 2 weeks. Until the 17th of January when they broke whilst I were listening to some music. The music wasn't above recommended level of volume yet they still broke.
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on 3 April 2012
The pain:

I've used in-ear buds before for months without a problem, and decided to switch back after a while of not using them, this time opting for Skullcandy on the grounds that it was supposed to be a reputable brand. The buds come in 2 sizes - Much Too Big and Much Too Small. Unlike previous headphones, they insist on jamming in at a ridiculous angle, and are made of tough material. The tough material means 2 things. First, the seal breaks all the time and you constantly get outside noise creeping in. Second, they are painful to wear. And no, the problem isn't my head or ears. I have a wonderfully shaped head and ears, and have used many different kinds of in-ear buds and other headphones without trouble over the years.

The noise:

When I put these in my ears, and then connected them to my laptop, boy did I get a surprise - a droning hiss like the kind you hear on a police radio, just droning away constantly, and rather loud. I thought maybe it was just my laptop, but the effect is the same on my iPod and my mate's Mp3 player. Sometimes you get background noise on headphones (although only on cheap tat - never on something like Skullcandy or more expensive). But this isn't background noise - this is a loud hiss. HISSSS HISSSS HISSSSS HISSSS HISSSSS HISSSSSS HISSSSSS HISSSSSS HISSSSSS HISSSSSSS HISSSSSS HISSSSSSS

I have no idea how this brand sells such rubbish with such a good reputation. Maybe it has a cult following among people who like skulls and pain or something...
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on 14 September 2013
As the title states, don't waste your time. After my previous headphones had broken, I eagerly ordered these, having used Skullcandy products in the past, however, when the headphones arrived, I was bitterly disappointed. Upon arrival, initially the product appeared to be in good working condition, neatly packaged up, seemingly ready to go. However, when I unpackaged the headphones, and plugged them into my phone, I was appalled. For a start, the sound quality. I put my left headphone in, and was met with a sorely disappointing quality of music. Tinny, cheap quality sound, the kind that makes you want to shudder. Thinking that perhaps the quality would improve if I put the right headphone in, I did so, and my disappointment only grew greater. There was no sound. Not even a quiet hum. Not a single sound could be heard from that right headphone. To be sure it wasn't just me, I swapped my headphones around, and was met with the same disappointing result. The button located on the wire of the right headphone worked, however the headphone itself, did not. Words cannot express how bitterly disappointed I am with this product. Though I did not have to wait long for the product to arrive- a little over 24 hours- the fact that the product did not work strips the product of any praise I might have for it. Not to mention that the product did not come with all the accessories listed. Only 2 silicone gel tips, not 3. Could this product be any worse? Do not buy. Save your money and time.
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on 6 December 2011
I'm Seriously Impressed with these.

My Trusty Philips Earbuds went pop on my on Thursday so I (after a lot of deliberation) ordered these (the nice Green ones!) on Friday at 2pm(ish) I popped in the 3-5 day super saver delivery option, didn't fancy paying an extra £3 for next day, espessially as that was a Saturday!, Come Saturday morning and they plopped through my letterbox anyway!!..

Anyhew onto my review..

First off they don't look like the picture!.. well physicaly they do, but the Colour is Gloss not Matt as in the photo!!.. which makes them look even better to me!! :)

After fighting with the packaging, I left the Mid-Bud ear buds on and plugged them into my iPod (only an old Nano 3G, but its my baby!!), pressed play and Linkin Park "Thousand Suns" came on... I was only going to listen to a small excerpt of the album to test these... I ended up listening to the whole album then stuck the iPod on random!!..

The Sound is so rich!, Great Bass and the Treble is there too, I'm hearing things I never heard with my old Philips phones!!..

Okay the Earbuds are slightly different from the Philips ones and take a bit of getting used to (I've tried all three and gone back to the mid ones!!), I sort of 'Screw' them into my ear and try and 'Pop' the air pocket!, once thats done they're perfect!!

I'd heartely recommend these to anyone who wants a great sounding set of Ear-Bud Headphones but doesn't want to pay the earth!!.. At a £10enner you can't grumble!!..

Simp :)
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