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on 24 May 2012
The vacuum itself is a useful little item, although suction is very poor its no worse that other similar machines, the recharge time of up to 24 hrs is frustrating for just a 20 min usage time.

The big complaint however, is the customer service when it goes wrong. It took 5 attempts to get anywhere, they simply keep telling you its your fault, you must be doing something wrong. After just 3 months the battery life had dropped to as low as 3-5 mins after a 24 hr charge, so, on the 5th phone call, after telling me that it is probably my fault, i must have let the battery go flat (which i had'nt anyway) they finally agreed to collect it.

They called me back after about 2 weeks, and told me that the machine was charging just fine and nothing was wrong and that i must have been doing something wrong. After i pointed out that the machine had always charged and the battery life was the problem they agreed to test it again for battery life.

Shock horror, after another 2 weeks the called back, all was fine, it was my fault, i must have had the machine running whist i was charging it 'honestly, you think i never noticed the noise whilst it was plugged in' ? ? i asked, 'possibly' was the response from the woman on the other end.

As i am not a senile 90 year old who cannot hear the vacuum running whilst on charge and a steadily diminishing battery life is not something that you can confuse with the machine not charging, either . .
A. This is intentional fraud or B. They are using someone elses vacuum.

Either way, no way in hell am i paying £20 for the privilege of being conned by Morphy Richards and the return of my vacuum.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 February 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This vacuum cleaner has a lot going for it. It is sturdily built, has a relatively large capacity - up to 2 litres - and is easy to carry either by hand or with the shoulder strap. It has space for carrying the second cleaning head in its base, and when not in use the hose is held neatly in place by a retaining clamp so it is easy to store away. It is very easy to use cleaning for example the stairs or the car.

While it cannot be described as quite, is not too noisy in use. But its big disappointment is its suction power. For its relative size I would have expected much more power. It works of course, but it is not very probing in what it picks up. On the other hand it does well sucking up liquids; with water spilt on the smooth kitchen floor it left the surface almost dry.

Emptying the cannister is very easy, it simply unclips from the main unit so that the contents can be tippeed out. It is recommended that the filter be washed after each use, that is easy enough to do other than removing and refitting it, I found that rather fiddly.

It comes with two attachments, a nozzle and a brush head. The nozzle has a short extension, but I'm not sure for what purpose - it extends just a couple of centimetres and the end of the extended nozzle has a thick flange so it is no smaller than when not extended; the brushes on the brush head are very stiff and the tufts widely spaced. It strikes me that with its relatively low suction power it would be ideal for cleaning delicate items, but it does not have an attachment that is really suitable for that - a head with a very soft brush or one with a very small nozzle would make it ideal for this, but there is none.

It is said to run for 15 mins on a single charge, which does not seem very long considering the charge time, and it can be charged either from the mains or via the car's cigar lighter, although it is recommended in the case of the latter that you do so with the car engine running so as not to drain the car battery. It is also recommended that the unit always be kept charged so as to prolong the battery's life. I notice that the battery unit is removable for safe disposal when it reaches the end of its useful life, but I cannot find anything about obtaining a replacement if and when such should occur (maybe a call to the JCB service department - the number is boldly displayed on the cleaner - might answer that?)

One thing I soon learned is that it is best left to dry out thoroughly after using for liquids otherwise if then used for dry matter that will stick to the wet insides of the hose.

This machine will certainly have its uses, especially for liquid spills, and will be ideal for emergency use. But I would have been happier if it had somewhat more suction power.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It had a lot of potential. Good capacity. Feels sturdy in hand and came with some nice little extra's like the shoulder strap and car charger.

It's not overly noisey for a handheld but for me the biggest dissappointment was the suction power. It just felt underpowered. It handled some loose crumbs and a minor spill fine. I then tried it on some dirt whcih had gotten into the carpet and this is where it struggled.

I wanted to really like this but I also own a Dyson handheld and the two couldn't be furtehr worlds apart in terms of design, power and performance. But then the dyson is 3x the price and I have yet to find a handheld vacuum cleaner which doesn't conform to the old 'you only get what you pay for'.

The included car adaptor is handy as you could use it in the car (keep engine running to save battery)or perhaps a caravan or boat where you wouldn't necessarily have access to a full size mains vacuum.

Ideal for small quick hits or portability but could/should have stronger suction. To me it is worth spending the difference to get the dyson handheld if using just for dry stuff. Their performance/support and warranty are second to none.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 February 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Although not particularly attractive it is very functional. Morphy Richards have spent no wasteful money on needless flashing neon lights that waste electricity. Simply use the provided charger (similar to a mobile phone charger) and plug this into the unit to charge and a simple LED light shows it's charging (it will go out when fully charged). Accompanying the main unit and wire charger there is a flexible (accordion style) hose which is about a metre long, a long narrow nozzle, a wide head attachment with bristles on (the bristles can be removed) and a strap. You'll need a screw driver to screw in the strap to the main unit and at it's longest length it will reach my hip (I'm about 5ft 11). It is really nice to have a strap so that I don't have to carry the main unit which isn't heavy but I find when I'm switching between standing and bending down to vacuum, the main unit does tend to bash against things (especially me) a lot. Despite this it is very useful for vacuuming spillages after showers in the bathroom, kitchen etc and is flexible enough to clean the car. I could see it being useful to clean carpets if you use shampoos but I don't currently. It's basic overall and noisy but all vacuums are. Handy and quite light with no bags to allow you safe and convenient wet vacuuming and disposal.
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on 16 June 2015
I suppose it isn't fair to expect much from a 12volt cleaner........but I did hope for a little more robustness in both build and suction ....for £32: you can get some pretty good mains wet and dry vacuums for that. But then you wouldn't be looking at handhelds???
It's ok, just not £32 worth .......£20 perhaps. It works, just a bit too gently

As it includes both mains and car chargers (a bonus!) it would have been good if it could have worked whilst plugged in (ie off the mains) and that would have given it more power......but it cant, so it doesn't.....have more power I mean!
Storage of the hose is pretty useless.
Actually after 1 season....don't bother, hardly sucks breath. Throwing it away.......... A year later, I hadn't, but I had acquired another mains charger from its replacement "hoover". This charger has given this one some wallop and sustained suction wallop to boot. If this is maintained and doesn't suddenly burn out, it is a genuinely useable device, sucking up dirt, water, and it my case, bilge water really well.
Is it a case of the charger supplied as standard being rubbish?
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on 22 July 2012
I have charged the unit as per instructions and it worked fine for the first time.The suction went down and then was put onto charge with the indicator light on and on and on.I contacted JCB who did not want to know and said contact Amazon, of which I am doing through their replacement,even that is not easy through their "Easy Steps" to have a label created for arranging another unit.Anybody help?? PS,the unit is still on charge after 24 hours.
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on 22 February 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using this around the house and car for picking up small spills and little bits of dirt that don't quite warrant a full clean.

It's a solid little cleaner (though not so solid that it's too heavy to carry on a strap). It copes well enough with most of what I've given it to do (which is little bits of dust and dirt and one (admittedly small) spill. Of course, the suction power isn't quite so good as my mains cleaner, but this does its job well. Also has a handy car charger.

At the price, recommended.
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on 7 October 2014
This vacuum cleaner has no vacuum, it is pining for the Fjords, it would be an ex vacuum if it had ever functioned as one....

Having sent back the first example, as it wouldn't even turn on, the second unit arrived but was not fit for purpose as it would not suck up water or even moisture.

It could have been made by Fisher Price and had a JCB label stuck on it as the effect of it in action is less than that of a person sucking on a straw.

Please do not buy one of these as you will need to send it back unless it is for a child to play with......
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on 9 April 2013
I have purchased one of these,and i must have drawn the short straw, for it must be duff,for the suction is to be frank ,quite pathetic. Its a complete waste of money ! i thought that i was buying a quality item,its very disappointing. i cannot recommend this to anybody,but as its got good reviews from others,then like i said,perhaps mine is a duff one !
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on 16 August 2012
I wanted a product that can be used cordless and chargeable via mains and car socket. This does that. Build quality is good. What let's it down is that after a full charge it does not have anywhere near enough suction do a fast and a easy job. Plus side is that you could use it for wet suction, for which I haven't used it yet. Over all thinking about it, because of the suction issue I would go for a unit which runs on the direct power from the car lighter socket which tends to have more power.
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