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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars571
4.5 out of 5 stars
Colour: RedChange
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on 11 November 2010
I bought this to replace my quick cup deluxe (the boiler broke after having it 11 and a half months!) and so far I am impressed.

I would say that it is a little faster than the quick cup and is far less noisey. Furthermore, it actually boils the water, where as the quick cup raises the temperature to only near boiling. That being said, there is no water filtering on the Meno.

The product comes in three parts, a base, a drip tray and the boiling unit itself. In order to fill with water you have to remove the whole boiling unit from the base, however there is a flip up handle which automatically opens the lid to make things easier.

One other feature is a little spotlight that comes on when boiling, not important but looks good.

All in all I would definitley recomend this product. The fact that it comes with a two year gaurantee is also a big draw for me.
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on 31 August 2010
There seems to be several makes of dispensers available from the likes of Tefal, Russell Hobbs and Breville, but reviews are mixed as to their reliability and whether the water is hot enough to make a decent cup of tea. I was about to purchase the Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup when I came across this Morphy Richards Meno. It was certainly more stylish than the rest, went better with our kitchen decor and seemed to fit the bill, so despite the lack of reviews I bought it. I am glad I did, and so is my partner, she loves it (brownie points here). It takes approx 45 secs to boil and dispense the water, (the water is boiling) and makes a decent cup of tea. The Meno can be filled by lifting it off the base, which opens the reservoir lid at the same time, and held under the tap, or you can just use a jug, for people who find full kettles too heavy. There is an adjustable sliding lever to set the variable cup size, from a small cup to a large mug, so you can find a setting thats just right for you, and the cup sits on a magnetic drip tray to catch any spills. Just press the button, it lights up and off it goes, after a cup is filled there is a popping sound, which takes you by surprise to start with but this is normal and is just the Meno resetting for the next cup. There is also a safety cutout, so it won't try to boil if there is insufficient water in the reservoir. I have also found that I can use it for cooking as well, because the drip tray is oval, you can easily sit a jug underneath to make gravy, just put the cup size to max and keep pressing the button until you have the quantity of water required, I have also been able to fit pans underneath to get instant hot water for my veggies! There is a 2 year guarantee when you register on the website and mine came with an offer of a free Brita Water Filter for the cost of P&P. I have had the Meno for about a month now, (it was priced at £46 then), it gets plenty of stick every day and has been reliable so far, on that basis it gets my definite thumbs up.
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on 22 August 2010
I was on the look for a new tea machine to replace my Tefal Quick cup Mark 2 as in my opinion was noisy and crude.
I saw this in my local currys liked the look of it very modern, its works in a different way to the tefal, it boils the water like an ordinary kettle but it takes 40 secs to bring to the boil so much faster. It's not loud at all, it's not as quick as the tefal but I much prefer it. All you do is fill it with water I use a jug press the button on the front, you have a button on the top so you can adjust the amount of water reguired between 150-300mls and it has 2 little lights which gives you illumimnation a really nice feature,it also has a removable drip tray so no spillages! also if you register it on the Morphy Richards website you get a 2 year guarantee which is good to know as both my tefals broke down just after the 1yr guarantee expired. Only thing I would say is it hasn't got a removeable water tank at the back, but thats not a problem just use a jug, also you don't need a claris water filter for it. I would recommend it.
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on 24 April 2012
I have a disability with my hands and cannot use a bog standard kettle but this wonderful gizmo has arrived in my kitchen and turned my life around totally. It does everything it claims to do and it looks pretty cool as a kitchen utensil. Thank you for designing and manufacturing this superb gadget.
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on 20 August 2011
Most People would say why on earth would you buy this meno when you can you get a normal kettle for half the price. Well the main reason is for me is I dont like waiting around and this meno doesnt hang around. It's fast and reliable .
With electricity prices always going up and most kettles usually using about 3kw heating up any water that your not going to use use is a waste of money. Now I hear you say why not just put the exact amount of water in your normal kettle. Well I rather just fill up this meno right up and not worry if I have put too much water in as I know it will give me the exact amount of water every time. Now Im not saying get rid of your kettle as it has many uses. But this product will save you time and money and of-course it looks great. I'm not saying that your kitchen is poorly lit kitchen but the L.E.D. light provides that bit of extra light needed to see clearly into your cup. For those who are worrying about your different sized cups there is a slide switch on top that adjusts to the your size cup.
I know there are other company's that make products like this one and that are cheaper but this looks and performs a lot better than the others and for you laddies this meno also comes in a few colours.
The only bad point I can tell is that it can be nosey but I will still recomend this product to my friends.
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on 24 April 2012
My kettle required replacing. Someone suggested a one cup. I was dubious. My doubt quickly dissapeared, it's brilliant, not just for coffee and tea, but also filling jugs and pans. The water is produced at a perfect temperature, and importantly in the quantity you require. As with other reviews, the quantity slider feels fragile, but is precise and works well.
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on 30 July 2010
Bought this to replace tefal quick cup. It is great. It looks very classy and expensive, dispenses boiling water and adjusts to cup size, highly recommend this product.Its quiet to.
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on 16 February 2011
A couple of years ago we tried the Tefal One-Cup, and it was so disappointing. We went back to a normal kettle. When that died, we looked again and found the Meno, and read good reviews...
3 months of daily use later, I add another 5* to the growing list.
While it does the essence of what a kettle does, i.e. boil water, do be aware that it only dispenses a certain amount at a time, so it is not ideal if you're making lots of coffees, or a large pot of tea. It is no more fiddly to fill than a kettle, but we do use a filter jug to transfer from the tap, and to cut down the limescale in London (I don't know how one can descale a Meno, so maybe this is a future flaw?). It's no more noisy than a quiet kettle, and yes, it does 'break wind' when it's done its thing. Other than, the only room I would suggest for improvement would be a more accurate means of adjusting the volume of water dispensed - the slider is loose and there is no scale or other means to set the volume. However, in practise, the smallest amount is good for our small coffee cups, the biggest is right for our big tea mugs, and the middle is about right for our 'normal' sized mugs. A pint is about a 'biggest and smallest'.
So, so far, so very good. You might want a kettle in the cupboard for when you need to boil a litre or more, and I don't know how to descale a Meno. But if it lasts the two years it is guaranteed for, then it has also saved some money...
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on 29 November 2012
Living alone, and not being a tea drinker, I have been a fan of One Cups since I bought a Tefal One Cup a long, long time ago. I have been using a Breville Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser for about 12 months, with no problems, but saw this Meno, on offer from Amazon EU, so bought it as a back-up. I have now decided to use this instead, and put the Breville away, as my back up, only because it affords more space on the plate for your mug, or whatever. I have a two mug cafetiere that I use and it fits well on the Meno plate, whereas I had to prop it up with a tin of something, with the Breville One Cup, to prevent it falling off. The difference being, the Breville plate is round, whereas the Meno is oval. A small but important point, if you want to use anything other than a standard mug or cup. The same applies for the whole unit, with the Meno taking up slighly less space.
Some people have commented on the 'bang' noise the Meno makes at the end of its delivery but, for me, it's a useful way of knowing my drink is ready! I am not a purist and haven't tested which is quicker in delivering the water - I would have done, had I noticed a major difference when testing the Meno, but both are certainly quicker than a kettle. I use a 1 litre plastic bottle to fill, which is easier than dismantling and taking to the tap. For those who are more refined, you could a measuring cup, perhaps? I shall de-scale by using a vinegar solution, as I did with the Breville, every couple of months, or so.
The water doesn't boil in either of them, but this is better for coffee, of course. I don't drink tea but do like cups of soup and the like, so end up 'finishing off' in the microwave for half a minute, or so, if needs be, to thicken the soup/sauce, etc.,
The 'stop' button is very effective in both of them, the Meno one has a lit up cross on it, so more noticeable than the Breville. The measuring slider is looser on the Meno, but both work effectively but the maximum amount is still only a mugful. I have to have two measures to fill my cafetiere, but this is not two measures of maximum. You have to play with the measure and this is where the stop button is useful!
Overall, I would not be without a One Cup, as I think is proven by my need for a back up! I have kept my kettle for use when I have lots of visitors, but when having one or two, the One Cup works well, pouring about 5 cups before needing a 'rest' for a minute, or so.
Suitable, in my opinion, for singles of any age, couples of any age, and (very) small offices.
Over two years on, and this machine is still going strong. I (now) always use filtered water to prevent a build up of lime scale - but I still de-scale using a mixture of vinegar and water about every six weeks. As I said in my original review, it doesn't boil water but is absolutely ideal for coffee. If I need the water to be boiling, I just put it into the microwave for a few seconds - still quicker than boiling a kettle. The other thing I have done is to remove the plate to enable me to use a bigger cafetiere. Simple! One of my best ever purchases.
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on 10 November 2011
Here's my thoughts.

I bought this for £41, which is in the mid to decent kettle price range.
And I like this for all that it does or doesn't do.
It's a little bigger, but not much, than a standard 1.8L kettle.
It looks pretty smart, is well put together and the gizmo light makes me smile each time it dispenses me a hot cup of tea/coffee/cup-a-soup etc.
It produces water too hot to drink straight away, even when dispensed into a cold cup/mug, which i find as a positive.
It boils what i need much quicker than my previous kettle did.
It boils only what i need, rather than too much, as was always the case with my previous kettle, that of course being down to my inability to judge how much i needed. That issue is removed with this device.
Yes it has, for a few days only, a plastic taste in the water. My two previous plastic kettles did that, so i'm hardly shocked, nor bothered by that. It goes away. Why wouldn't it?
Keep your old kettle for pasta etc. I drink more hot drinks than eat pasta so it's no big deal to keep the old kettle in the cupboard for its irregular use.
It's a doddle to fill up. I use a Brita water filter jug as i live in a hard water area. You only have to raise an arm to the rear of the machine to open a flap and just pour the water directly into it from the Brita jug like you would a normal kettle. Or if you like lift it off the base plate (similar design to other cordless kettles), do the same arm raising action, but fill direct from the tap.
Given it's 1.8L's it's not much heavier than a standard kettle once full, if weight is a concern.
It has mug markers on the side of the water jug area, so you can put in exactly what you want if that's easier. Me, i just fill it up with filtered water and it lasts roughly a couple of days. Given it only boils the water it draws you're not constantly boiling the same water, which obviously keeps the lime-scale down too.
Once a month or so i de-scale it. it's no different than doing a normal kettle. Chuck in a sachet of de-scaling product and run it through the machine, then run clean water through, then carry on using like normal. I think this is easier to do than a kettle, but there's not much in it.
And the days of carrying a kettle full of boiling water across the kitchen are over. This is ideal for kids, elderly, couples and smaller families, though i have read it dispenses 1.8L's of hot water quicker than the average kettle can boil it, so i guess it's suitable for all really.

Summary? Cracking item, does what you would hope it would do and looks really nice at a very nice price too.
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