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4.1 out of 5 stars105
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 22 January 2013
Easing into this game is difficult, byt eventually you get the jist of the game. This is a game I will never sell and will play over and over, it's something about killing orcs and goblins I just find enjoyable! The whole concept of the game is fantasic. Levelling up, skill points, buying armour are nice touches to polish off the game. My only problem with the game is that it's a little repeatative and you find yourself fighting the same opponent all the time, I just felt I needed another challenge to face. Eventually that did come, but the lack of enemies is disappointing. That aside, I love this game. Very nice to play on multi-player with a friend too.
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on 3 December 2011
I very much enjoyed playing this game. It's well balanced and true to the lore of Lord of the Rings. The graphics are very good, as good as any of the other current generation games (trudging through late night, rain soaked Bree is particularly satisfying). The combat is good - I find the system much better than, say, Dragon Age, and nicely gory. My only criticism is that it can be a little repetitive, and it takes a while to unlock combo attacks.

I haven't played this game co-operatively and don't much plan to, but the AI is fine. If you are down they will come and revive you quickly, and they are also quick to use their powers and special attacks, which is fine by me.

I haven't completed it yet but after playing for three hours the ending is nowhere near in sight. Looking at the map there are travel locations all over middle earth so there is the promise of visiting old and familiar locations, as well as braving the less-traveled areas to the north of the map.

The tech tree is varied and comprehensive; there are plenty of weapons choices and I have been quite impressed by the way in which you can match your 'loadouts' to your playing style. Whether you like sword and shield, two-handed swords, or dual wield, the game caters for all varieties (including bows and crossbows, axes and magic attacks).

As with all games it has its problems; thus far they have not been intrusive and I have only encountered one glitch (which was quickly remedied). The side quests can be absurdly easy, and as mentioned above, the combat is a little repetitive. Be prepared for a fair bit of button mashing.

That said it's a solid game and great fun to play - you will sink a lot of man hours into it whether you're a fan of LOTR or not.
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on 14 April 2013
Fight your way across the north of middle earth waging the campaign mentioned but never described in lord of the rings.
A black numenorean has taken command of an ancient citadel and summoned to him a giant army of orcs and ogres.Your job is to stop him and protect the free people of the north .Choose between a axe wielding dwarf a magical elf or a Dunedain ranger,but of course the choices dont stop there you can also choose where to spend your points, make the elf a offensive mage or a defensive healer,etc.The ranger can have stealth sword wielding or arrows skills or a combination there of .The type of combat you employ will be influenced by your character and in what direction you choose to evolve them.
The game is great with varied enemies, missions and prompts you to alter your tactics frequently as more deadly foes are suddenly unveiled.
The bad
American accents? in middle earth? REALLY? jars very badly when some of the voice actors have made the effort and others sound like there from the bronx version of middle earth.

Other than that its a quite involving if short romp through the hidden realms of lord of the rings
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on 4 December 2014
Okay, I bought it because the other reviews were mid-to-favorable.
I enjoy the lord of the rings franchise in general and having played the likes of Battle for middle Earth 2 (which is bloody fantastic) I thought this alleged RPG/Hack'n'slash treasure looter might be worth a punt. Well, let's clear a few things up to start with;
It's NOT an RPG in any sense of the term. You choose your character from a Ranger (good with bows), a Dwarf (good at melee combat) or an Elven babe (great at chucking spells around and zapping things with he magic staff). Once you choose your character you go straight into the game, and it is VERY VERY VERY much a linear 'start here, kill these dudes to advance, smash open barrels and collect the items' kind of slug fest. Some reviews claim there is strategy to this game... NOPE! It is very doable with good old button bashing providing you keep your other members leveled and skilled. This last aspect is a shower of s**t. The game does not allow you to swap out characters mid round and to allocate skill points to your other two members you need to exit the game after an auto save, load the game, select a different character, allocate skill points to them, sell off their booty that they've grabbed during their time, beef up their kit and weapons, and then save, exit, rinse and repeat for the others. It is a ball-ache and could have been much better thought out.
IF you like fantasy rpg's and like bows, arrows, magic and sword play then buy Oblivion or Skyrim game of the year editions. This is NOT an rpg.. It requires little thought so is fine for younger gamers, well, it would suit certain root vegetables on the thought required scale to be honest, and the 'gore' factor is nothing compared to gears of war or Fallout N.V. etc... so mummies needn't worry about their precious little darlings becoming corrupted dribbling savages because of it.
So, if you want something that takes you from A to B with a good old bit of sword swinging and a non-offensive story and dialogue then give it a go. I don't mind it for a bit of fun, but it's not the best of it's genre on the market.

*Update*:Having now played right through it there is one MASSIVE flaw. If you save at any point (which is only done by auto-save) and load your game at a later date, it is glitched in the sense that it loads either from where you left off (if you're lucky) or from a point miles back from where you were, meaning you have to re-do a shed load of the game again. It is the most annoying load of rubbish I have experienced in any game. The fact that you cannot do a manual save, and a save that actually remembers where you left off too, is frustrating and loses a further two stars from it's score. So.... if you don't mind being hugely angry about having to repeat most of your progress every time you load then buy it. If, like me, you prefer a game to remember where you were when it saved itself automatically then buy something else because it gets to be a drag after a while.
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on 6 January 2012
I played this game in split screen co-op and it was immense fun. It's an entertaining cross between a solid hack-and-slash and an RPG, with loads of weapons and loot to collect and a skill-tree upgrade system to give your character a bit of individuality and allow you to tailor his fighting style. The graphics are good and the combat meaty with sufficiently flexible skills taking the fights above the level of a routine button-bashing brawler. The Middle Earth locations and characters made for an involving gaming experience and conversations with Frodo and the Fellowship as your story crosses theirs are a real treat. The story also evolves nicely making you feel part of your own little saga.

The only real negative point of the game is that it is very linear. The map shows dozens of locations in Middle Earth but you can only visit about ten of these and only in the order the story unfolds. Each location is a linear pathway, albeit nicely designed and beautifully rendered, with invisible walls preventing you straying from the path and not much to do apart from fight your way along the defined route. It would have been nice to pick up side quests to the main story from the people you encounter along the way that give you access to other locations not directly relevant to the story. For example at one point I found myself looking across a shallow river at the hobbit burrows on the other side and really wanting to explore that area, only to be denied this by another invisible wall.

Without any side quests it also felt a little short; but in fairness that's probably because I was enjoying it so much I wanted more.
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on 17 January 2014
Firstly, with the low price tag I had low expectations for this game. These expectations were unwarranted as the game was thoroughly enjoyable!

Gameplay - There was a great mix of hack&slash gameplay whilst also tactical elements which the kept the game interesting throughout

Story - as a big Tolkien fan I was very impressed at the level of background references to other Tolkien works were scattered throughout the game. Although there was a lot of non-lore content I thought the main story was interesting and the characters well thought out.

Negative aspects - the voice acting was laughable at points with Farin (the dwarf) sounding like a strange mix of american, west country and an attempted scottish accent. (although I've put this as a negative it actually made the game more enjoyable laughing at it!). I was lucky not to have any technical issues with the game as well, but many reviewers seem to have had these.

Overall - if you like fun you will like this game. If you like LOTR you should love this game! Just don't expect it to be as well polished as more expensive titles
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on 1 August 2013
I bought this game to play with the girlfriend and we completed it recently. It’s a clean, fun couch co-op game, so I cannot vouch for how the single player plays out. It’s easy to access (for she’s an amateur gamer, and in fact by the end she was advising me!) with a compelling, but not too over the top, story. The action is fast and frequent, and only the boss fights drag on.

My only gripe with the game itself is, after completing the main story, being unable to go back to finish side quests waiting to be turned in. We were cut out of extra achievements for this. However there is replay value in playing through the story again with your old characters, allowing you to level up further and find better weapons and armour. There are extra maps and challenges to keep you entertained for a while at the highest levels.

As far as couch co-op games go, this is my favourite, albeit there is not much competition. I can imagine the single player being a little lack-lustre, but I have not tried it so that’s only an assumption.
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on 22 August 2013
I'll start off by saying that nobody should be handing over £30 odd for this game, because your money could be better spent on many other titles. However if you can pick this game up preowned for £15 at the maximum, it will not disappoint. The game has a mediocre storyline, focusing on three characters, waging war against a tyrant of the north who is allied with Sauron, therefore it will not cater to those looking for an experience related wholly to lord of the rings itself, this is rather a separate story which only occasionally links with the main epic we all love. That said, the characters of lord of the rings do feature within the game, offering helpful tips and giving side quests, but they will not ever engage in combat or come to your aid at any point.

If you can ignore this, in my opinion, minor detail, you'll have a fair few hours of storyline fun, in which whilst not the most wholesome experience for an offshoot of such an epic franchise, you will want to play on to discover the woes and victories that await our three companions and all whom they aid and are aided, by. As well as a somewhat engaging storyline, the real strength of this game is in its loot. You'll plow through hundreds, eventually I believe over 1000 enemies, and that's if you just take the straight road through the story, with no farming for level gains along the way. Whilst doing this you will amass more loot than you can shake a stick at, with some of it naturally being below par for your needs and thus readily available for selling to amass coins, to buy even more loot! It's guaranteed that throughout your play through, you'll be driven on and on by the chance of a new weapon with better stats or magical properties than your current one. Thus, for all loot whores, this game is a must and to top things off, once you're finished the story, you can start another play through, on a greater difficulty, with the chance for even better loot whilst keeping all of the weapons, armour and items you finished your first play through with.

Now, this game is not without its gripes. Unfortunately, it seems that blizzard developers became rather lazy whilst orchestrating this game, because the following hang ups could easily put players off, which is not my intention as this game is a lot of fun, but this wouldn't be a proper review if I weren't to make it balanced.

First and foremost, it has been said in many areas of the internet that the coop on this game has a tendency to crash, requiring a full restart of the game, which really is a big hang up for those of us who'd rather not play alone.

Secondly, as much as I've praised the loot system in this game, the option 'give to' one of your companions when deciding on the fate of an item becomes redundant, as the game does not always place this item in the companions inventory, for your use if you choose to switch to any of the three playable characters.

Thirdly, and this is really for any gamers who just plain aren't used to/don't like dungeon runner type games, there is a LOT of repetition, meaning waves and waves of enemies to kill is pretty much the whole basis of the game. However I would hope that even for those bored by repetitive gameplay like this, the boss battles, which are relatively frequent, offer some break from the monotony and keep them engaged.

Fourthly, the saving system in this game is really lazy of the developers, you can't choose to save on the go, and the only way you do know that your game is saved is the appearance of a little rotating gold ring at the bottom of the screen, which is easily missed.

Lastly, and this is not really a big complaint because of the type of game we have here, the game is extremely linear, allowing the companions to travel within set levels and not to stray out on their own. The only exploration choices you really have are the search for hidden secrets, which are really not that secret with the game being a linear experience.

In summary, if you're a loot whore, someone who doesn't mind just an okay, rather than mind blowing, storyline and as well somebody who enjoys plowing through hundreds of enemies to find the best gear, this game is for you. Do NOT however, pay more than £15 for this game as it does not warrant such a price tag for the content it holds.
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on 11 October 2012
Firstly I would like to say that it is clear the developers had good intentions for this game, however that alone does not make a game.

Yes the graphics are good in places but the game play is repetitive beyond belief, basic hack and slash game play where you start at a certain point and are unable to deviate to any degree and merely have to fight your way through to the end of level boss. After a while I found this very tiresome. If it were not for the different scenery you could be mistaken for thinking every level were the same.

Now I can forgive the above point as I knew this was the case before I bought the game, what I cannot forgive is the incredibly one-dimensional characters. This took me truly by surprise. All three have to be the most do-gooder type characters ever invented with the most pathetic personalities you could imagine. It's hard to describe just how naff they are. It wasn't long before I was skipping the cut scenes. And because of this I just couldn't get into the storyline, maybe it was also the fact that I knew this to be a non-canon story. This made it feel more like a chore to finish the game instead of the want to finish it.

All that said, there are far worse games to play; but let's be perfectly honest, this is no five star game. Five stars should be reserved for games like Skyrim, Arkham City etc. This is some way off those standards.
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on 11 February 2014
I bought this to play couch co-op with my boyfriend.
For an older game this is definitely good value for money and we got a good amount of play time from it! Like Diablo 3 you can replay the storyline and get better loot etc.
I'd definitely recommend it if you enjoyed games like Dungeon Siege, Diablo & Sacred 2.
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