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4.0 out of 5 stars305
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Limited|Change
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on 9 November 2011
Having recently purchased both Battlefield and Modern Warfare 3, I have to say Battlefield 3 is far superior. I am primarily reviewing the multiplayer experience as that's where the real experience lies. MW3 has 16 multiplayer maps compared to Battlefield's 9, but the problem with MW3 is the constant spawn/die repetition which makes for a game which is basically running around in circles being killed every ten seconds. There may be 16 maps but they all amount to the same headache inducing experience. Battlefield got it right, every battle is different and you don't have to get the most kills to make a real contribution to a match. The sprawling maps are truly awesome, vehicles are easy to use (though I still struggle flying jets) and the gameplay superb. I am running the game through my home cinema and the sound is the most immersive I have ever experienced. Playing this game I have genuinely had punch the air moments. If you only buy one of these games make it Battlefield, you will not be dissapointed.
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on 17 November 2011
Sorry for the fail play on 300.... o.O

....Having played the game since release and completed both the SP and COOP on hard as well as gaining substantial ground on the MP, I feel it only right to chuck my own review to the pot - Even if its not all that good ;-D.

So to get things off to a rolling start *unsure* ....

It has always been a known fact that the Battlefield series has generally just concentrated on Multplayer for its core gameplay. This is true all the way back to BFs predecessor `Codename Eagle' and Battlefield 1942 and then all the games in between. Whilst a Single player option has been available - Never has it been a focus and usually just contained random noob bots and an extremely (if any) loose story line which was left to your own imagination OR past facts.
The big exception is of course the Bad Company spin-off.

So with BF3 it's a slight break in the chain. But unsurprisingly the Single player has some bite to it, however, in my opinion has just been added to give those that enjoy backstory something to chew on as well as competing with other large FPS franchises vying for the same chunk of the market share.


Some will argue that; It's too short. It's boring and It's not cinematic enough. Some may even say that it's too `hard'...
Whilst I can't genuinely argue against these opinions for everyone is entitled to them, I do find it a tad suspect of people to make these claims.... Is that a contradiction?
Well anyway. It took me around 7 hours to complete the campaign on hard (and it was actually pretty hard), and whilst I can't speak for easy or normal, hard kept me occupied and captivated all the way through (over a number of sittings).
It was a tad frustrating and challenging at times. But overall provided an excellent example of how a real FPS can look and feel. I say real as some other games on offer feel very arcade like. :(
And whilst the story wasn't as blown out of proportion as MW3, it did offer some fictional off spins to possible eventualities in our own timeline. (No spoilers though :P )

I really enjoyed it, the graphics and attention to detail were great and the sound was the best I have ever encountered in a game - Well worth a play through for that alone!

Be warned though - It isn't exaggerated, it isn't Michal Bay and it isn't run and gun with scenery changes. Its tactical, hard core and most of all (... and importantly) great fun!

8/10 - Short fall because of a few echoes of frustration and ever so slight confusing story moments - Which are fixed if you pay more attention lols


The Co-Op sort of carries on from the SP on some missions and/ or skirts to an alternate version played from other aspects or different situations by previously unplayable characters in the SP. All 6 are technically unconnected, but definitely offer an excellent experience especially if you are able to play along side a real life friend (and better still if you have a mic of course).
Again, there are moments of frustration especially if you are completion'ist or trophy hunter - But you get by. And as said, if you get the opportunity to play with a friend, the experience gained is very memorable.

7/10 - Again, minor issues, 1 thing that you do lose out on however is the lack of split screen, which for some is a real drawback. And if you are unfortunate enough to not have any friends (who play the game :P ) then playing Coop with random's is not fun at all :(


The real action, however, does indeed lie with the Multiplayer - And in my own opinion, I think it's very wrong of anyone to just judge the game based only on the single player experience (or just 1/3 of the game). Battlefields original and unparalleled uniqueness, bundled with a varied range of both weapons and vehicles available is unrivaled and can't really be compared to any other game (MAG tried to compete, but failed imo). The experience that you encounter on the Battlefield is so overwhelmingly awesome that it's almost unimaginable! I rarely speak this way about virtual entertainment, but I feel that it is fact with Battlefield, and Battlefield alone :)

If you are able to squad with a group of friends, the tactical offerings are dramatically rewarding. And generally in a game with out friends, there are many people on the mic's tactically organizing or calling out enemies and or suggested take over plans.
Even with out this the game remains incredibly atmospheric, sounds, lighting and all other visuals are just plain epic and all of this combined makes for the best Battlefield experience ever and quite possible the best FPS, or even best game on the market today!

10/10 - Aside from small issues which are in the process of being patched... The game is ruddy excellent!


And before you jump at me for being a `fanboi' - I pumped over 3 years in COD2 and MW1 on PC, and those were my favorite games of all time, and those memories will NEVER be superseded. But given the time that has passed, the Call of Duty series has been stepped on by the epic and evolutionary masterpiece that is Battlefield 3!
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VINE VOICEon 1 November 2011
I didn't want to review on first impressions as I must admit I did get sucked in by the hype a little bit.
The graphics are absolutely fine - but not stunning. Textures pop in, character models are - fine. It's all fine. Some effects stand out - like wind blowing through trees - but get too close to a texture and it's smeared like a five year old's art lesson. I was also underwhelmed by the campaign - I never played Black Ops but apparently it's a shameless rip off. However it does feel very CoD overall and I abandoned it. Online was a bit chaotic at first but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. And yes - I 'm reminded of something that I'd forgotten since EA let BF2142 die - it's not all about graphics - it's about gameplay. It does feel like battlefield and I'm having fun in vehicles and chasing unlocks. Kills aren't easy online (guns recoil and feel heavy) so it's very satisfying. Only reason I can't give this 5 stars is because I personally think BF2142 was better - even without a headset squad play was more central - as a squad leader you could select an abjective by aiming and clicking, so squaddies knew they'd get extra points for taking that position and consequently the squad worked together. In this game - happy to be proved wrong - looks like the idea is that everyone will have headsets, but at 70+ quid for the sony stereo set it's a toy I can live without. However so far really good - maps are well built for purpose - although some are definately a snipers paradise : Tried jets a couple of times - not hooked, very difficult.
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on 2 November 2011
This game is so great. iv always been a COD fan myself but this game is so much better. the picture, sound and game play is awesome.I recommend this game to all people who like fps
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on 8 November 2011
As someone who enjoyed the COD series up until the misbegotten stillbirth that was Black Ops with it's ridiculously sloppy hit detection and obvious creation as a no-brainer, low quality cash cow (which let's face it was as ugly as sin if you eliminate the 3D element). The 'No Brain' part being fulfilled exquisitely by Treyarch as usual. i was pleasantly surprised by the simply excellent Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and it's happened again with Battlefield 3. except with the addition of the new Frostbite 2 engine. Fan-dabby-dozie, that's all i can say.

Get it. Money well spent.
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on 8 November 2011
What can i say, after playing MW3 most of the night after its release, i soon became bored and have reverted back to playing BF3. Please ignore the idiots who are giving this game. Bad reviews. This is a unique experience in my eyes so buy it and make the most of it is what i'd say.
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on 17 November 2011
I wasn't sure whether to get this or MW3, but based on my enjoyment so far and the user reviews of MW3 I'd say I probably made the right choice.
The single player is not particularly exciting in Battlefield 3, but to be honest I didn't buy it for that and I doubt many other people did either. After all, if the multiplayer is good you're likely to play 100 times as many hours on that part.

And my thoughts are that the multiplayer IS good. Not 5 star, but definitely worth a go to see if it suits you or not. Having played so much MW2 I missed some things immediately like a fun kill streak reward or my favourite weapons, but having stuck at it I've found that part of that was just the frustration of being a noob again rather than being in my MW2 comfort zone.

I died a lot, I couldn't find any weapons I liked, the recoil was too intense, the suppression fire blurring effect annoyed me, everything was so loud, the vehicles were hard to control, etc etc.

But once I got into it I found that actually there are good weapons, the suppression effect is great and makes for better team play, the recoil is realistic and just needs patience to master, the vehicles get easier to use in time (except the evil jets!) and actually... the loudness of the game is brilliant! You really feel like you're in a warzone when you put the volume up.

Plus, and this is a big plus, there seems to be very few snipers compared to MW2 and you also don't have to contend with the unfair and annoying kill streak system that allows some players to annihilate everyone. This game is much fairer and you feel like you've got as good a chance to make an impact as anyone else does when a map kicks off. And the points system that gives you almost as generous points for healing, kill assists or capturing flags gives you a much better incentive to try and be a team player if you want and not be penalised for it. Even if you have less kills, you'll still be placed higher in the scoreboard at the end of the match if you dedicate some of your efforts to some of these things. Excellent game design decision in my opinion.

I think a lot of the negative reviews by users are from people who either didn't like the changes from Battlefield 2 or haven't had the patience to overcome their initial frustrations and get good at the game. Seeing as I never played BF2 and actually have given the new game enough time to get over my initial difficulties I can say that it's great fun actually.

If the single player was more interesting, the multiplayer had more maps and the jets and helicopters a little more user-friendly then I'd probably have given it a five, but as it is I'm happy to award it four stars! See you on the Battlefield!
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on 2 January 2012
The worst thing about this game is that is sadly overlooked by many for MW3. Most people I speak to are like 'Battle-what-now?' Having played both series, in my opinion, Battlefield 3 blows any fps multiplayer out of the water. The new engine is really nice to witness, and the destruction is enough (too much and we'd be on plain bare landscape). The sound effects from the explosions and gunshots whizzing overhead really submerses you into a realistic experience. To excel at the game in MP, you need to play tactically, as in, not just run and gun into a killzone like CoD, or you'll get nowhere. Think smart, flank the enemy, resupply teammates etc. That being said, any CoD players that are thinking of switching over, carry on as you are, you'll make easy pickings for me ;) Single player I haven't played much, but the jet mission was really something, even though you don't control much, it was fantastic. If anything, buy this game for the MP, it's simply the best there is at the moment. Unfortunately for the devs, I don't think sales will beat MW3. To CoD players.....unplug yourselves from the Matrix and come witness the world of the real!
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on 2 December 2011
I was a big fan of BF:BC2, I was a staunch supporter and would cus down anyone who preferred C.O.D. and my reasons for this were:
1) The multiplayer maps and gameplay were awesome and required teamwork and communication in order to dominate unlike C.O.D. which i consider to be too fast paced (I must be getting old) and open to abuse (hackers and extremely load teenagers screaming every time they get a kill).
2) You could take your time with it as you often spawned miles away from the action giving you a chance to get your bearings (or a tank) and plan what you were going to do.
3) Almost every building was destructible which meant although you could camp as soon as your spotted your cover can be blown apart. This in my eyes made the maps very varied as different aspects of the environment can be destroyed leaving you with unusual hiding places.

Environment destruction and many vehicles where what made this game different for me and I'm sad to say that they have both been toned down in this game. I know that they have added jets and more helicopters but they don't seem to be in as many maps and the jet are so hard to control that they are nearly impossible to do anything with (especially now some people have levelled up and spend almost the entire round tearing up anything that goes in the air). There one saving grace is that they are crap at taking out ground units and seem to be there just as air support and makes helicopters almost useless as you get shot down almost before you've taken off.
Many of the buildings CANNOT be touched let alone destroyed, this causes many bottle necks to form on the maps and the rounds just boil down to a war of attrition as you repeatedly run to and die in the same spot over and over again with no ability to flank.
Going prone is nice in idea but allows too much camping in bushes, the spot assist is infuriating and only seems to spot people within 20 ft of you otherwise it just makes an annoying beeping noise, single player is dull as dish water and just repeats the same levels I've done 100 times before (stealth mission followed by escape through town followed by driving tanks), basically every change they have made is for the worse in my humble opinion. They seem to be just following modern warfare by going for quick kills rather than being different (albeit only slightly).
I will not be keeping this game and that saddens me because I loved bad company 2.......theres always Skyrim!!!
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on 16 November 2011
Having preordered and anticipated this game for a while, Battlefield 3 had a lot to live up to. In my opinion, Dice have completely delivered. I'm sure you've already read through a lot of the comments and reviews bashing the single player campaign and in some cases the multiplayer. I myself played through two or three of the single player missions before heading onto the online section of the game. The single player as I experienced it was neither terrible or great fun, but in all honesty if Dice had made Battlefield 3 online only (like MAG) and completely cut out a single player mode i'd have still given this game 5 stars. The reasoning for this is the absolutely solid multiplayer. I've had minimal troubles with getting online and playing in games - so far its been as smooth as anything. The only issue was when I tried to connect to games; sometimes it would come up with an error explaining I couldn't connect to the server. This didn't stop me playing however as after a few tries I would always get in. While some would attack Dice for this, glitches and issues in fairly new games are to be expected for a while.

But onto the multiplayer itself. In my opinion, a lot of the negative reviews and comments i've heard about this game are partly from people who are more used to the Call of Duty series. No, this isn't the classic "COD fan boys will never appreciate BF3" argument. Battlefield is a different game. I've seen complaints that the online is "complex" and "uncompleted". Its just different, thats all. It won't appeal to everyone but in my opinion the BF3 has set a new standard, raising the bar. The maps are huge, class building is diverse and there are a range of vehicles. If you've never played a battlefield game before, it won't be easy. You're not likely to jump into the game and get a highly positive kill death ratio. In my opinion, this is one of the main differences when contrasting COD to BF. Call of Duty, you can just pick up a controller and play a fairly solid game. Getting good at Battlefield takes a bit more time and effort. Its more realistic. Whether this appeals to you or not is completely a matter of preference. Another bonus of BF3 are the dedicated servers. You're not likely to get this on many other games (especially any call of duty) unless you game on the pc. Dedicated servers reduce lag massively. Naturally, if your internet is quite slow its not going to matter much but I certainly noticed a difference. Having played all the call of duties from 3 to mw3, my opinion is that Battlefield 3 tops them all. Not in the single player aspect, but most definitely in the multiplayer. If you're not too sure, just wait until the price goes down. Maybe have a quick look on youtube, find some gameplay - theres a lot of it. Either way, I strongly recommend this to you.
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