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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 8 September 2011
The DVD opens the same way Monday Night Raw usually opens, with the music video and pyro, then Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduce the DVD from the announce table. There is a short highlight package at the beginning of each month showing highlights of that month.

-Bret Hart's return to Raw is shown, with the segment where he and Shawn Michaels bury the hatchet.

-Unified Tag Team Championship Match: D-Generation X vs. JeriShow - This was a good, fun tag team match where if Jericho lost he would have to go to Smackdown (He's a part of Smackdown's roster but kept appearing on Raw anyway). The match was entertaining and a good way to start the DVD

-John Cena vs. Sheamus-This match was mostly a brawl, it was very entertaining and both men used their power to their advantage. Sheamus dominated a lot of the match as he was able to counter and know what Cena was going to do next. Cena would still get in a decent amount of offense though, before Randy Orton, who was Sheamus' Royal Rumble opponent, made an appearance.

-Sheamus vs. Christian- This was a champion vs. champion match with the ECW champion(Christian) facing the WWE champion (Sheamus). This was a good match to start of Raw with, Sheamus used his power and strength but Christian was able to use his speed to his advantage to keep this from being a one sided match.

-Triple Threat Elimination match for the Unified Tag Team Championship: D-Generation X vs. CM Punk and Luke Gallows vs. ShowMiz - The rules to this match were like the old ECW's 3 way dance rules, where after one team is pinned the match isn't over, but that team is eliminated. This was a good match and everyone got some offence in, with the ending revolving around Shawn Michaels issues he was going through around Wrestlemania and the Undertaker

-The highlight video that was shown on Raw about Shawn Michaels' obsession with ending the streak is shown here, a really good video, unfortunately they changed the song that's played but it's still very good

-Shawn Michaels challenges The Undertaker to a match after costing him the World Heavyweight title

-A highlight video is played showing the rivalry between Batista and John Cena leading up to the next segment

-Batista and John Cena cut a promo where Batista says that he should be the face of the company and not Cena, also that he knows Cena can't beat him.

-Shawn Michaels vs. Kane- This match was under the same rules as Shawn's Wrestlemania match as it was win by pinfall or submission only. This would be Shawn's final match on Raw. Kane used his power over Shawn but Shawn got in some counters and went for some submissions too, I don't know if it was intentional but the submissions he used were the finishers of people who had beaten him before at Wrestlemania (The Ankle Lock and Crippler Crossface). Undertaker made an appearance in this match too.

- A video of Shawn Michaels' career is played with his farewell speech he made the Raw after Wrestlemania

-Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton- This was just after Swagger had become the new World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown so this was Swagger's last night on Raw. This was a good match and showed what Swagger could do as champion since he controlled a lot of the match.

-Diva's Championship match: Maryse vs. Eve-This match isn't really anything special, it's short and not much goes on, still worth a watch though, It's only about two minutes long.

-Unified Tag Team Championship match: ShowMiz vs. Hart Dynasty-Before the match Miz demands that Bret Hart announce them as the greatest tag team of all time, because that was the stipulation of a match the previous week. This was a decent tag team match, Big Show was dominant when in the ring but when Miz was in there he would get cocky and make a mistake. A pretty good match.

- Edge had speared Randy Orton the week before when he was drafted to Raw, so Orton was being invited on the Cutting Edge. It was a decent segment and worth a watch.

-Edge vs. Christian - This was a very good match, Christian started of getting the better of Edge but eventually they went to the outside and Edge took advantage, Edge would work over Christian's shoulder/arm while Christian would come back with counters to try and get momentum.

-The segment where Batista quits the WWE is shown, from the night after Over the Limit

-John Cena and Evan Bourne vs. Sheamus and Edge - Randy Orton was originally meant to be John's partner but was re-injured by Edge earlier in the night, so Cena chose Bourne as his replacement. Bourne was in the ring for most of this match and it was the match that made Bourne look credible as a wrestler.

-A highlight package is shown about the Nexus' original invasion of Raw

-John Cena calls out the Nexus, the Raw roster comes out to help him fight them off.

-Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne - This is a rematch from Fatal Four Way where Evan Bourne got the biggest win of his career, this was a good competitive match that made Evan look even more like he can compete on a main event level. A really good match.

-Randy Orton vs. Edge - This is a rematch from Over the Limit where the match was a draw, here they have a good back and forth match but the most memorable part of this was what happened after the match, where Evan Bourne tried to hit his Shooting Star Press on Orton who countered it into an RKO.

-Triple threat #1 Contender match: Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge - This is another great match, at the beginning Edge and Jericho work together to wear down Orton but that doesn't last too long, every one gets in a lot of offense in this one and there are a load of near falls.

-John Cena and Bret Hart vs. Chris Jericho and Edge- This is an okay match, it's not really that special, the best part os what happened after the match with team WWE vs. the Nexus. Nexus were lumberjacks for this one so Jericho and Edge kept throwing Cena outside so Nexus could attack him.

-Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett- This was a decent match, it was the night after team WWE had beaten Nexus at Summerslam and the Nexus would face members of team WWE in singles matches, Barrett had said if any member of Nexus loses they are out. It was a competitive match and a good showing for Wade Barrett.

-John Cena vs. The Miz - Miz was upset with John Cena for embarrassing him at Summerslam by choosing Daniel Bryan to join him instead of The Miz. This was a good match that saw Miz get quite a lot of offense in. Miz tried to leave the match but Daniel Bryan threw him back into the ring.

-CM Punk comes to the ring and looks back at things from Raw's past because it's the 900th episode, he talks about how bad Raw is. This is my favourite non wrestling segment on this dvd, good stuff.

-The Miz is in the ring and talks about how no one believed in him and now he's on the front of WWE magazine, then Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring.

-Falls Count Anywhere match: John Morrison vs. Sheamus - This matches stipulation was chosen by the Raw Roulette wheel, and if John Morrison won he would replace Chris Jericho in the Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions. This was a great match and they went all around the arena, with Sheamus brawling and using his power, and Morrison would use his speed, agility and parkour style. This was a really good match.

-Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho - Before this match Chris Jericho says he'll add Orton to the list of people that he's beaten, he goes on to list the people he has beaten in his career, when we come back from the advert break he is still listing off people, this was very entertaining and similar to him listing his 1004 holds in WCW. He match itself was very competitive with both men getting a lot of offense in. It doesn't get a clean ending but that doesn't stop this being a great match. This was Chris Jericho's last match as of right now.

-A highlight video was shown from after Cena had joined the Nexus where Barrett was taunting him.

-Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler - CM Punk did commentary on this match, which is always good. This was a rematch from their match at Bragging Rights the night before, that was a great match and this one would be too, it's very fast paced and doesn't really slow down before the ending, a great match here.

-Santino's `tea time' segment was shown where Sheamus was invited on but ended up having a match with him. The segment was pretty entertaining. I'm not sure if anyone in England has actually ever had a tea party in real life though...

-Piper's Pit with Randy Orton and John Cena- This was a good segment too, Piper wanted to tell Cena to do the right thing "Don't spit in my face Cena" in his upcoming match where Cena would be refereeing the title match, but if Wade Barrett lost he would fire Cena. That storyline never actually made complete sense but was entertaining.

-A highlight package is shown of Randy Orton's defence against Barrett on Raw and the Nexus attack that happened before the match, it then fades into real time and show's Miz cashing in his money in the bank case. They actually had a pretty good match because Miz cashed in while Orton was still standing , the match had me thinking The Miz might be the first person to lose his cash in match.

-King of The Ring Final: John Morrison vs. Sheamus - This was another good match between these two, John Morrison had fought two matches previous to this and Sheamus had fought one (Drew McIntyre and Ezekiel Jackson went to a double countout so he got straight into the final. The match was good and Sheamus really focused on John's arm which was injured earlier.

-Fatal Four way match for the Unified Tag Team championship: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs. Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu vs. The Usos vs. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel - A weird choice to end this DVD with, but it was quite good, it was held under elimination rules and is worth a watch.

Overall this was a good DVD that looked back over a year of Raw, lots of good matches and moments, I'd recommend this DVD.
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on 23 October 2013
I really like this dvd becuase it is not bad for when you go out on hoilday and you can also watch a lot of matches from wwe raw
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on 17 July 2014
my son loved this dvd collection 3 discs for £5 amazing value.
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on 8 July 2014
Brings back memory
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on 7 September 2014
Arrived within stated timescale. Bought this as an introduction to WWE as my son has recently started to get into it and he absolutely loves it. Well worth the money.
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on 17 October 2014
This was really fast getting to me great service, really happy with my buy!

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on 21 June 2015
Bought for my son, he likes all wrestling so he will like this
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on 29 June 2015
We will miss you shawn
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on 8 October 2014
As described Thankyou
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on 18 December 2014
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