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Contrast to the previous year’s Survivor Series, this 2010 edition is an overall solid (if somewhat forgettable) event. The match quality varies between outstanding, very good and ‘meh’, but unlike the 2009 showing, the 2010 Survivor Series benefits from actual build-up invested in EVERY-single-bout, with the biggest story going into the main-event itself.

As I’m sure many will recall in 2010, John Cena was at war with the Nexus – the NXT rookies led by Season 1 winner, Wade Barrett. After being forced to join the Nexus, Cena was the humiliated puppet of Barrett, whilst taking turns to humiliate and thwart the faction in turn. Which led to Cena being the special guest referee in the WWE Championship Match with Wade challenging then-champion Randy Orton. If Wade won the title, Cena would be free of the Nexus, but if Orton retained, Cena would be ‘fired’.

As if…

Anyway, this Survivor Series is a pretty good outing. And worth checking out.

WWE United States Championship Match
Daniel Bryan (Champion) vs. Ted DiBiase (w/Maryse)
It’s a shame that the younger DiBiase didn’t have anywhere near the great career that his Million Dollar father did, as Ted Jr. REALLY was a great wrestler. In this highly-aggressive opener, DiBiase gives perhaps the greatest match of his life against the impeccable Daniel Bryan. Hard-fought, vicious and ripe with technical excellence, this is yet another hugely memorable chapter in Bryan’s successful United States title run. Kudos to Maryse for her mannerisms at ringside, and the aftermath featuring the Miz. Match of the night. (8/10)

John Morrison vs. Sheamus
In my view, this was an overlooked rivalry. Sheamus played the role of bully extremely well, and Morrison stood up to him convincingly. The resulting series of matches were very good indeed, with Morrison’s high-risk spectacular offence clashing well with Sheamus’ vicious brawling and wrestling skills. Not that memorable, but still a solid display. Morrison should’ve been a main-event player after this. (7/10)

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler (Champion w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Kaval
I REALLY think WWE missed the boat with Kaval (more famously known as Low Ki from his more-successful time in TNA), as the guy was a truly amazing in-ring performer. He certainly shows that against the Intercontinental Champion in what is a very good, if somewhat lacking match. More fantastic work from Dolph as the IC Champ…just a shame about the finish. (7/10)

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio (Captain), Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Chris Masters & MVP vs. Alberto Del Rio (Captain), Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes & Tyler Reks
These Survivor Series elimination bouts have always been great fun throughout the years, and this one’s no exception. The great feud between Mysterio and Del Rio led to them captaining opposing teams, and the result features great action and bags of entertainment all-round. EVERYONE works hard in this match, and the end-result satisfies. Fun outing. (8/10)

2-on-1 Handicap Divas’ Championship Match
LayCool (Co-Champions) vs. Natalya
All three of the talents involved here – Michelle McCool, Layla and Hart Dungeon graduate Natalya - had a good little program going. The talented, beautiful Natalya chasing after the title, guarded by the brilliantly heelish LayCool. But again, WWE Creative cares so little about the Divas’ division these days, which is why this bout is so ridiculously short. Barely over three-minutes long! Decent action, great outcome and an ace aftermath at the end(!)…just wish it was longer! (5/10)

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Kane (Champion) vs. Edge
After getting back to his monstrous best at Money in the Bank 2010, and concluding great programs with Rey Mysterio and the Undertaker, Kane was having a fantastic reign as World Heavyweight Champion. Then this stupid feud with Edge ruined everything. Really, the babyface Edge acted WAY too heelishly than he had a right to, and that completely undermined all the menace and grandeur that Kane had established as World Champ. It reflects in the match-quality here too. Unlike all those fun bouts they had back in 2005, THIS Kane-Edge bout borders on humdrum at times. Pretty poor indeed, with a stupid finish and aftermath. (4/10)

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (Champions) vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
Have to agree with other reviewers here. This is more of a TV bout instead of one we’d expect on pay-per-view. It’s unfortunate really as Santino’s antics are absolutely brilliant to behold. But at the end of the day, it’s barely longer than the Diva match and really rushed, when these guys should’ve been given more time to play. (5/10)

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (Champion) vs. Wade Barrett
Special Guest Referee: John Cena
The best word I’d use to sum up this match would be ‘intriguing’. The crowd is in absolute silence throughout the majority because they seem totally into the fate of John Cena. Orton and Barrett put on a good title bout, with Cena calling the action right-down-the-middle. There’s good psychology present, but all the attention seems to be on Cena here, which I think hurt the work put on by the champion & challenger. Nevertheless, this was a good main-event, with the outcome and aftermath being genuinely shocking and poignant. If only it had been used for the long-term scenario…(7/10)

While Survivor Series 2010 is hardly one of the ‘must-have!’ shows to purchase, there’s some quality action/entertainment here that’s worth the price. Particularly the DIAMOND of a special feature from the night after on Monday Night Raw, which sees the Miz FINALLY cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and become WWE Champion in one of the most shocking and surreal moments in Raw history. The reactions of the audience alone are priceless, and the moment itself is truly one-to-behold as we see the Miz take his rightful place (in my opinion) as the WWE’s kingpin. It’s a well-executed moment, very much deserved and a fantastic extra to this DVD.

Overall, worth the purchase.
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on 11 April 2011
survivor series 2010

united states championship
daniel bryan (c) vs ted dibiase w/ maryse
good little opener, i think bryan is gonna be a main eventer one day if he carries on with performances like this

john morrison vs sheamus
average match, but was good for morrison to show that he needs to be a main event star, finish was abit poor though

i c championship
dolph ziggler (c) vs kaval
great little match lots of high impact and quick reversals, watch for the kick ziggler takes to the face, very good match

survivior series elimination match
team mysterio (rey mysterio, big show, kofi kingston, chris masters and mvp) vs team del rio (alberto del rio, drew mcintyre, cody rhodes, jack swagger and tyler recks)
good elimination match, lots of action and tagging, think this match was abit over shadowed by the team raw vs team smackdown match the month before at bragging rights, still worth a watch though

handicap match for the divas championship
laycool (michelle mccool and layla) vs natalya
poor match like every other womans match skip skip skip!!

world heavyweight championship
kane (c) vs edge
nothing we havent seen a thousand times before, very bory back and forth match with not much happenin, avoid

unified tag team championship
the nexus (heath slater and justin gabriel) (c) vs santino marrela and vladimir kozlov
boring match, the tag team division is becoming a joke in wwe, with no strong teams and when you do get a good team thay are broken up, come on wwe tna can manage a good tag team division why cany you

wwe championship match with special guest ref john cena
randy orton (c) vs wade barret
nice match, wade will be a main eventer for sure in wwe, he can hold his own against a person who will one day surely be in the hall of fame, nice clean finish just wish cena had of actually lefty and not come back a week later

average event
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on 11 June 2015
WWE Survivor Series 2010 is one of those pay-per-views from 2010, that really delivered.

We kick things off with a very young Daniel Bryan defending the WWE United States Championship against Ted Dibiase. This match really delivered to be a great opening match to get the crowd going.

Sheamus took on John Morrison in a regular match which really delivered.

Kaval had an opportunity from an NXT background on challenging WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler. This match was off the charts and probably the best one on one match of the show.

Here we come to my favourite match on the card which is the five on five traditional Survivor Series elimination match with teams captained by Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio. A match that really proves that it is all just about survival.

Natalya realised her dream as she became WWE Divas champion by defeating Laycool in a decent divas match, along with the return of Beth Phoenix.

Edge battles Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship, which was a really good match, but ended in controversy.

Nexus members Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater pull off a basic filler of a WWE Tag Team Championship match against Santino and Vladimir Kozlov.

Randy Orton and Wade Barrett pull off a decent main event for the WWE Championship which sees a supposedly John Cena being fired from WWE which as we all know would never happen lol :).
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on 16 March 2011
survivor series 2010

1. WWE United States Championship- Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibease

*** This was a really nice match here good way to kick off the show

2. Sheamus vs John Morrison

*** Good match john morrison is a great performer needs a push i think

3.WWE Intercontinental Championship- Dolph Ziggler vs Kaval

** Quite psyical match here kaval hit some great moves and kicks

4. Survivor Series Elimination Match- Team Mysterio vs Team Del Rio

*** I love survivor series matches so was happy to watch this one and it didnt dissapoint

5. Diva's Championship Handicap Match- Natalya vs Laycool

* Standard womens match

6. World Heavyweight Championship- Edge vs Kane

** It was ok bit boring at times ending was alrite tho

7. WWE Tag Team Championship- Vladmir Koslov and Santino vs Nexus

* like a TV match really short and not that good

8. WWE Championship- Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett Special Ref: John Cena

** Interesting match here most peoples eyes were on cena to see what he would do more of a storyline really

Id give survivor series 7/10 strong 1st half of ppv and 2nd half wasnt that good apart from the wwe title match which was interesting
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on 20 July 2011

1.4/5 (Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibease for the WWE United States Championship)

Great match to kick off the 24th annual Survivor Series.

2.3/5 (John Morrison vs Sheamus)

Pretty good match between the two, though their Ladder match at TLC was more enjoyable.

3.4/5 (Dolph Ziggler vs Kaval for the WWE Intercontinental Championship)

A very exciting and enjoyable match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

4.4/5 (Team Mysterio vs Team Del Rio)

Great traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match.

5.2/5 (LayCool vs Natalya for the WWE Divas Championship)

A rather decent handicap match for the WWE Divas Championship.

6.3/5 (Kane vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship)

A pretty decent match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

7.2/5 (Slater & Gabriel vs Santino & Kozlov for the WWE Tag Team Championships)

Decent tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

8.4/5 (Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton with John Cena as Special Guest Referee for the WWE Championship)

A pretty good main event for the WWE Championship, with Cena doing a great job as special guest referee.
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on 25 July 2013
Unbelieveable Survivor Series 2010 event for the WWE title between Randy Orton & Wade Barrett {John Cena - Referee}

World title was not too bad but the WWE title was fantastic
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on 22 November 2013
bought this for my brother as a present, he absolutely loved it. great price a lot cheaper than high street, super fast delivery
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on 20 December 2014
Arrived earlier than expected. good fun entertainment. must have
pretty good
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on 10 July 2015
Ok but not best survivor series
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