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4.8 out of 5 stars129
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 February 2012
Highly addictive Fun! With a capital 'F'.

Time flies when I play this...who would have thought that managing an army of zombie fighting plants could be so absorbing and exciting?

I usually stick to the adventure point and click, and HOG (hidden object) games, however this arcade style game makes a nice change. You've got pea shooters, mushrooms (varying personalities), heavy bottomed squashes, sunflowers that create sunshine whilst they boogie, walnuts, tall nuts and a simpleton who is plain nuts...selling amo from the boot of his car. Then there's the zombies: pole vaulting, tractor driving, bucket-on-head and disco dancing zombies (to name but a few).

Plants vs Zombies is ideal for all ages and gets the full set of 5 stars from me.
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on 2 June 2011
Gameplay: Plant vs Zombies was a fun game to play but now the game of the year edition is out, it's even better. The main aim of the game is to defend your house against a zombie invasion but with four different modes to play the game in, you never get bored.

Adventure Mode makes up the main bulk of the game as you battle through 50 different levels with up to 49 different plants against 26 different types of zombies. The levels are all based around the outside of your house and have you battling the zombies in the day, night, fog, swimming pool and rooftop.

Throughout the game, you unlock the different plants with each having their own abilities and before you start each level, you have to choose which ones you want to play with. Choose carefully because different plants prefer different settings to defend in. Although you only start with being able to take 6 into the level, you can buy extra slots if needed.

Although the game gets harder as you go along, everything is introduced slowly so you are never overloaded with information. If you mess up at all, you only need to restart the level again and try a different tactic.

As you work your way through adventure mode, you unlock extra bits you can access from the main menu. These are...
20 mini games based on the game which includes games like zombie bowling. Some of these you get to have a go at while playing through the main game but extra games have been added too.
Puzzle mode which like the name implies, make you think a little harder about your zombie killing ways. There are two different games to play and each requires a bit of skill and thought to get right. They are vase breaking and the chance to play the zombies yourself and try to take over a garden.
Survival mode which again like the name implies has you battling against the zombies in different places outside of the house.

Not only do you have the all those to choose from, but there is also the option to build your own zen garden, create your own zombie, read about the different plants and zombies in the almanac and buy items from the shop to help you with just about everything.

Graphics: From the plants to the zombies, everything has been done in a cartoon style making it a colourful game to play. From the title, it may sound a bit on the scary side but with only a 12 rating, anyone from adults to kids could get some sort of enjoyment from playing this.

Sound: The music that plays in the background does get a tad annoying at times but I couldn't help but love the random shouts of BRAAAIIINNSS!! from the zombies.

Lifespan: The adventure mode of Plants vs Zombies took me around the 6 hour mark and messing around with the other modes added another couple of hours onto the game.

I could see a lot of people going back to this though because there are so many different things you can do. You never play a same game twice and if you're into that sort of thing, there are achievements to be collected throughout the game.

Overall: A great puzzle game that can be enjoyed by anyone and for once a game in the genre that you don't have to give up on when you're reaching towards the end due to difficulty.
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on 14 May 2013
I wish they'd do something similar not using zombies though, cos my husband doesn't want it in the house so I had to chuck it...great playability, very addictive and quite difficult at the harder levels. I found it difficult choosing which plants to use in my game cos there are so many great ones, and actually found my adrenaline levels rising when the zombies got quite close to my house. It's scary in a silly way, not that you'd have nightmares, but enough to make you breathe faster as the game progresses - especially when you get a final wave of zombies all coming at once, but hopefully by that point you've enough plants in your garden to fend them off!
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on 30 August 2012
This game has to be one of my fav's for its simplcity and humour. as others have said its a simple idea of defending your house from a swarm of different zombies with different types of plants. There is so much in this game that its impossible to review it wouldnt be a surprise then.

i personaly love the fact that in one of the puzzle modes you can play as the zombie and try and get past the plants chomping your way through the sunflowers. there is a zen garden too which lets you collect plants (from daves car and during games too). when you grow them to full size you are able to sell them. with enough cash you can upgrade on some of the weapons and they can be serious fun to play around with. one is the cob cannon is expensive but blows up anything within 3 squares.... hee hee thats fun.

i urge you to buy this game and discover the rest of this insane fun for yourself....brains!

oh and by the way dont expect to have any sort of social life while playing this.
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on 8 May 2011
I love this game. not the sort of thing I usually go for but totally addictive. Both the zombies and the plants get funnier and funnier as the game progresses. THE ZOMBIES ATE MY BRAINS!!!
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on 9 April 2011
Having been gaming for around 28 years I have to say that this is one of the funniest and most charming games on the market. It is extremely simple to play and very easy to grasp the concept of.

The idea of this game is to defend the owner of the house (which is you) from having his brains eaten by a swarm of Zombies. To achieve this you get to pick from a selection of plants to use in your garden as a frontline defence. As you progress through the game you get to use and open up new plants with different abilities to tackle new swarms of Zombies, also with different abilities.

This game has 50 adventure levels (some trickier than others, but if your an average gamer a couple of attempts on the trickier levels will see you through), 20 Mini-games, and Puzzle and Survival modes. It also contains a Zen garden where you get to nuture plants (which provide you with money to spend in the shop to buy fertilizer etc). You can also create your own Zombie albeit being basic in concept.

All in all this game is simple, fun, colourful, addictive and cheap, and if your looking for a simple fun game to while away the time then this is it. One of the best simple games I have ever played. Adults and kids alike will love this. BUY, BUY, BUY :)
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on 14 March 2012
What can I say? Plants vs Zombies is a wonderful, addictive game from Popcap. For the price it's well worth picking up for hours of zombie killing fun! The music will stick in your head forever! It's also very memorable- the disco zombie especially makes me laugh every time.

Definitely get!
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on 24 November 2011
If you're looking for a casual game, which you can easily play for 5 minutes or 5 hours, stop. This is the one.

I was really surprised this game had no manual. I found out later a manual wasn't needed because the controls are so simple!

The adventure mode of this game features five different areas. As you get through them, you will unlock amazing extras: 20 mini games, Puzzle Mode, a Zen Garden and Survival Mode. It also features achievements, some of them exclusive from this edition that will keep you hooked for much time. This game also has a slight sense of humor which everyone will enjoy.

It's cheap, addictive and fun for both children and grown-ups. What else can we expect? Just buy it!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 September 2011
An excellent game well designed to maintain prolonged interest as the game tends to evolve rather than get repetitive (as most games do). Good educational content particularly for the young ones as the game by its very nature compels players to work out strategies, e.g., which plants to plant to keep zombies at bay as each plant has cost and capability (of what it does), as well as making decisions that will affect future prospects (e.g., saving money to buy garden tools). One of the very few games I enjoyed with my kids, the other notable one being Bookworm (PC).
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on 11 September 2011
This fun PC game does exactly what it says on the box - has plant life fighting the undead!

Set in a house garden (with some later levels on the roof), the concept is relatively simple but highly addictive. Zombies relentlessly advance from right to left across the lawn, which is divided into several lanes, and the player must place plants in their path to destroy them.

The start of each level sees the player choosing a limited selection of plants to use from those currently available after seeing which types of zombies will be assaulting the house. Early levels have few plants to use but as they are progressed then more are unlocked - but so too are greater, more powerful and versatile zombies. This allows for good strategic thinking and a bad selection of plants can effectively doom a level before it has even begun.

Of primary importance are the sunflowers. These periodically create suns, which can be collected and are automatically exchanged for money, which in turn is needed to place more plants on the lawn. The more money earned and the more plants available but garden space is limited so care should be taken to avoid expensive (and time consuming) digging up and replanting.

Other items can be used too. These include spikeweed to damage zombies, mines to blow them up and magnets which attract metal such as the helmets and doors with which some of the undead come equipped.

There are 26 zombie types to face and numerous tactics are needed to defeat them. Bungee zombies fall from the sky and steal plants, pogo and pole vaulting varieties jump over obstacles and ladder carriers simply climb over them. The disco dancing zombie creates reinforcements while balloon holders fly over the lawn and are immune to virtually everything except the sharp cactus plant.

If a zombie reaches the house before the end of the level, they win and the game is over.

Later levels become more complex. Gardens soon have pools, allowing newer plants and zombies, and on the roof plant pots must be placed before anything else. After placing an object it needs time to recharge so, once again, care must be taken over where and when to plant.

The final level has an encounter with Dr Zomboss and reminded me somewhat of the battle with the Mekon in the old Commodore 64 hit, DAN DARE!

Once the Adventure has been completed, there are the Mini-Game, Puzzle and Survival modes to plough through. Money collected can be used to purchase upgrades or new equipment as well as stocking a bonus Zen Garden.

Despite being simple in concept, PLANTS VERSUS ZOMBIES is great fun to play. The graphics are big, colourful and cartoon like and while sound is minimal, there is still a cracking strategy game here as well!
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