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on 28 November 2011
this product arrived really quickly, lovely bottle and easy to use. I have been using it now for about 3 weeks on my face,neck, chest and hands. my skin feels amazing, i will never us moisturiser again!
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on 5 March 2012
I'm so impressed with this product - its amazing. I only use it for hair, but i really cant praise it enough in that department.
I have been dying my hair blonde for ten years and the damage really began to show. I used to have lovely hair!! It was so shiny and grew fast and dried quick just no damage at all and i was always complimented on it! Well i thought those days were long out the window..... I appear to have killed it.
I have tried everything and i mean EVERYTHING, i've spent hundreds of pounds on products that promised to make my hair nice, but to no avail, nothing worked and i thought i'd never have my naturally nice hair back again...well maybe i would if i stopped dying, drying, and generally making it look presentable for the next however many years. Who can do that really, i like to look nice so i couldnt possibly leave it natural for that long in the state it was in!! I was determined to find that magic product that would help me.
So anyway, i have tried everything over the years as i say, and spent an awful lot on false promises. I thought my next try would be a famous brand of oil that i wont mention the name of here, but after a browse around the internet for a while i realised you can get a more pure and natural version, and decided to go in that direction. Out of all the natural oils on here I tried Billy in the Tree purely because its got a nice bottle ...with a goat on it haha. Well, what can i say, i am blown away!! Liuid gold indeed!! I finally have my lovely, naturally soft, shiny, fast growing, fast drying, healthy inside and out hair back!!! After years of abuse and years of trying things that just didnt work!! Woohoo!
I can tell you that it does work a miracle - i brought this a few months ago (bottles lasts ages and ages by the way), so i'm not writing a review after a day or two, ive been using it for a few months now and the benefits dont fade away, there is no build up and your hair doesnt start to resist it after a while.
You can totally tell that its got no hidden nastys in the ingrediants, you can tell its just pure. Also you can tell that it is fixing my hair from within - as it doesnt not work if you havent used it for a week, the effect really has come from within my hair, if i dont use it for a while the healthiness of the hair that this oil has brought is still there, its not like a conditioner that makes your hair nice just when youve used it, its a permanant fix. Great!!
Just apply it all over your hair before you shower, i sometimes leave it for half an hour, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes directly before - it depends how much time i have really and i dont think it matters too much. I also put just one - two drops rubbed into my hand applied to the hair as a serum after drying, originally did this for frizzys but the more you use it the less ive need to do this as obviously there is alot less damage - so i harldy do it at all now. If you put too much on this way (as a serum) you will know about it and it may look greasy so just a tiny bit on the ends, but when putting it on before washing it doesnt matter if theres too much as it washes out a dream.
Oh one thing i will add too, my boyfriend asked me what i had done to my hair after day 3, he said it looked the nicest hes ever seen it....this is coming from a man who didnt notice when i dyed it a different shade haha! And also that was only day 3, i hadnt even really took notice of the effects myself yet, as i was a bit dubious.
Anyway its been a few months now, the effects seem to be a permenent fix for my damaged hair. Its fuller its shinier i have next to no split ends it doesnt break anymore it grows faster its just lovely i have a halo shine, first time since childhood.
If your reading this review then you are considering- stop now and buy it, you wont look back.
Oh one last thing, take a look at Billy in the Trees own website, it tells you about their business, its nice little site they seem like nice people - not a big faceless company, i like that :) x
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on 7 November 2012
I have sensitive skin, I break out or get rashes etc from most products. This applies equally to drugstore/pharmacy/supermarket budget brands as it does to expensive high-end brands. I never know what my skin is going to react to, it is often random and does not seem to follow a pattern between products. I bought this based on the reviews and some research I had done on Argan Oil as a treatment for my hair (which is damaged). I saw the reviews and information regarding using it for the skin and in all honesty I bought this on a complete whim while in the midst of an Amazon spending spree on things I do not need. What I have found is that I absolutely adore this stuff. I use it as a moisturiser most nights (occasionally swapping with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream when I feel like it) and it is amazing. It does what it says. I thought I would break out, because it is oil, and actually thought the claims that it is good for acne had to be rubbish. But instead, I find my skin absorbs it immediately, it has no smell and it has actually cleared up almost all my blemishes and the results were almost overnight (I'd say over three nights max). I still break out, but this is because I have a tendency to pick at my skin. If it werent for that bad habit, I would be entirely blemish-free. As the title suggests, I will never, EVER, buy another skin moisturiser again. I'm on this for life.
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on 8 March 2013
Since I have been using the argan oil my skin is so much softer, I don't break out as much. I use it all over my body, it's makes you feel good about your skin.... Thank you
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on 10 June 2011
Discovered this product from Billy in the Tree, which was the most competitively priced, on line and I have been using this every day both for face and hands. It's a wonderful all round product which I would certainly buy again.
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on 5 August 2011
Am so pleased to have found a company that are not asking over the odds for this gift of nature. Argan oil is the active ingredient in many over priced salon versions that stick in a bit of fragrance and charge almost three times the price at a massive mark up.
Had friendly reassuring response from Billy in the Tree to confirm my order, which arrived very promptly. Nicely yet not over packaged, this oil is a life saver for very dry coarse hair. This one comes with a dropper but am decanting into pump action spray bottle to mist my hair lightly with it after towel drying, as it makes it go further. It is better though to store the majority of it in the tinted bottle it came in to preserve it's shelf life, and you can always rub it into your hands then hair (conditioning the hands at the same time.
I leave this product in rather than rinsing, hence misting it, to keep it light, but i do have very dry thick long coarse n curly hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft, looking shinier as well as keeping the frizz at bay for a few days between washes.
Perhaps due to water repelling properties, I'm not sure how, but it definately does take much less time to dry my hair after using this too! If you're looking for a better value product than the Morroccan Oil from the salon, this ones worth atry for any frizz heads out there!
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on 12 October 2012
I got this product after trying a different brand of Argon oil, but wanting something cheaper. Unfortunately I really wanted it for my hair, and as I have very thin, straight hair I found it a bit too oily, and left my hair looking greasy rather than shiny. That being said though a friend of mine tried it in her very curly hair and thought it was great so I suppose it depends! What I did love was when I started using it on my face my skin was sooo soft! AND, which I was amazed at, my premature forehead wrinkles which I despise (im only 24!!) started to become less noticeable! Now I was told by a beautician that the wrinkles were a result of dry skin which I do have, however no amount of moisturising and drinking water ever seemed to help. After using it for only a few days (overnight and sometimes under make up) I started noticing my forehead looked a lot smoother. The lines are not gone completely, but they are way less noticeable!! Delighted! I also recommend (if your hair is like mine) using it as a leave in conditioner for a few hours before you shower and then washing it out, that way you get lovely smooth hair but none of the greasiness :)
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on 18 May 2011
As soon as I got this product, I tested it. I would say that this product is amazing! it absorbs very quickly and instantly makes your skin nice and soft. I get that moisture and my skin does not look very greasy and it does with coconut oil. This oil is definitely a keeper for me. I have ethnic skin and it has been very hard to also find a face moisturizer. This oil does not make you come out in any spots :). Good for use all over the body.
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on 29 May 2014
I bought this oil over a month ago and its the best beauty product I have got. I use it on my hair, my face, my hands & nails. I started using it on my hair 2-3 times a week leaving it in over night which works best for me. The first time I used it I could feel the difference, my hair is very thick it was very dry, frizzy, and damaged from all the hair colouring over the years. I now use it once a week my hair looks and feels so much better. I started using it on my face and neck and hands at night and my skin feels fantastic and smoother. I also noticed my hands looked better and my brittle nails not so brittle. I don't use night cream any more as this oil works so much better. I have told my friends and family this is a must have product and the price is value for money as you can use it for your hair and skin. I call it my little marvel
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on 1 February 2013
I have used this oil for my face , body, cuticles and hair. The results have been amazing and better then the £40+ face and body creams I have been purchasing. I have soft cuticles for the first time in my life! The lines around my eyes have diminished, my skin and hair are so soft. I am absolutely delighted with it.

In addition I have used it on my daughters dry skin condition and the results have been amazing.

I will be buying this in future and saving myself a fortune in creams and potions.

I also love that it is organic.
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