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3.7 out of 5 stars19
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2011
This is a wonderful package at a more than reasonable price - this set was more than 40 quid a few weeks ago! The essays and notes explain the circumstances surrounding the recording session and I feel this truly enhances the experience of the music.

It's in chronological order, which means there are several back-back retakes, but I like it that way - you can hear the progression of the band as they get tighter from session to session.

I only partially agree with Mr Kleeg and the others about the packaging. Once I'd found the knack of removing the disks (I can now do it one-handed in the car ) I've come to admire the clever design. You have to push gently on the top of the disk towards the two plastic springs - they give enough to allow you to then lift the top of the disk over the two knob/pin-things. If you try to pull the disk straight out they are very determined to stay in (which in a way is a good thing).

I own a couple of the other, more expensive box-sets, and actually prefer the new pack as it's smaller and tidier and the book doesn't drop out when you open the box.

So, ten stars for the music, five for the packaging, zero stars for the user manual as I had to work it out for myself.
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on 24 June 2011
If I was in a desert island discs type scenario and could only choose ONE Jazz package,this would probably have to be it.Principally because this IS as good as Jazz gets,for repertoire and personnel(well in my opinion anyhow)......Miles' best small group line ups,Coltrane,Cannonball,Red Garland,Bill Evans,Wynton Kelly,Jimmy Cobb,Philly Joe Jones with Paul Chambers on Bass throughout.
If I had to try and introduce someone to Jazz as a potential listener,this box set would probably be my choice again.
Disc 4 has the complete 'Kind of Blue' studio sessions (still one of the best Jazz albums ever to my way of hearing) thankfully on one disc and not chopped up with some bits on one disc and the rest on another, and with a must have 'Love for Sale' on same disc.Miles' trumpet against Coltranes Tenor and Adderleys Alto is surely hard to match.
In a way it also documents the transition to the inclusion of modal Jazz and Blues with a great selection of tunes to demonstrate this.
Also includes a few captured words from the great man himself.
Discs 5/6 includes a very good representation of the above in 'Live' setting.With the beautiful 'Fran-Dance' and Monks' brilliant blues tune 'Straight No Chaser' included twice,(but I personally prefer the studio version (disc 3)and there should be better tunes included here e.g. a live 'So What', 'All Blues','On Green Dolphin St.'or 'All of You').
So the only big criticism with this particular box is the packaging.The booklet is wonderful,although with the usual print that is too hard to read in places except with magnifying glass. But the discs themselves being held in place by the crappiest 'spring' clips that will break within 6 months at best,....ooohh there goes one now.
Going by the price of this on Amazon its hardly a gamble,in fact its a steal ! so give it a try,if you don't like it,its no financial great loss and someone will be sure to like it as a gift.
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on 6 May 2011
The music is 5-star, the sound quality excellent, and the accompanying booklet is a real pleasure in itself, both visually and in terms of the information.

The reason I am writing a 1-star review is to let you know that the packaging can damage the discs, in my case rendering three (of the six) discs faulty, straight out of the box. The discs are shoehorned on top of each other (3 on each side) and held in place with protruding plastic 'clips'. This has caused two to be bent and the edges dented, and a third disc was severely scratched. They jump and skip and some players won't even read the bent ones at all. I have not previously encountered such poor packaging.

Given the popularity, and importance, of the Miles catalogue, I would hope and expect that the record label will in future rectify this packaging defect - even putting the discs into paper envelopes would be an improvement.
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on 7 May 2013
I bought this collection of CDs and had to return it as tracks on a few of the CDs wouldn't play properly on my CD players... trouble is the replacement set is no better. I can also see some marks on the CDs in the replacement set when I take them out of the case for the first time... and when I try to play these discs they cause me trouble too...

I'm not sure if the packaging or the pressing of these disks the problem, but this is very disappointing!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 December 2014
The first (numerically) in a giant series of Miles Davis themed box sets, this is everything recorded in studio and live under Miles' name with John Coltrane on Columbia, including many unreleased alternate takes, all in chronological recording order. The First Great Quintet feature heavily. This box is so rich it's like trying to overdose on Christmas pudding - six discs at a ridiculous price of just over £2 each for nearly 400 minutes of top notch music. Check out the later discs in the series to see what these go for however and you may consider grabbing this while you can.

Contained within, interspersed by the outtakes and in the order recorded are the classic albums Round About Midnight, Milestones, Kind Of Blue, and relevant tracks from Someday My Prince Will Come, Circle In The Round, Miles and Monk at Newport, and Jazz At The Plaza. A wonderful way to be introduced to some of the greatest jazz ever recorded for the beginner and a delight for serious collectors equally. An informative book set into the middle of the box guides you through the story expertly. Recommended core purchase for any jazz fan, New or old.
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on 16 September 2011
I already own 2 of these 'boxes' in their new packages. Although i am not a big fan of the other original 'metal bound' square type boxes as the books in them were hard to read and open with ease, this new design is a collectors nightmare. I am a designer myself and was able to figure out how to get the cds in and out of their 'cases' only after trial and error. It is obvious that this design was NOT done by someone who cares about the condition (or care) of cds. Probably done by some kid at Columbia who goes with an ipod all day long. The cds are placed one on top of the other so no matter how careful you are they are going to get scratched. In fact mine came with 3 of the cds already scratched (lightly but still). Get your act together SONY!
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on 1 May 2011
Unbelievable price!! Hours and hours of quality Miles for the price of 2 ok bottles of red!! Got to hand it to the record companies, at last they are seeing sense!! The packaging is the only down side, discs tend to fall out of the sleeves but at this price I'm not that bothered. The music?? Dont need me to say its stunning of course, buy it now!!
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on 17 April 2016
Sony are idiots when it comes to packaging! They screwed up Miles Complete Columbia box set with glue and unsealed covers and also this set with the most ludicrous way you'll ever see for holding CDs in place! Who designs this packaging? Sack them immediately!
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on 19 April 2014
Great music by one of the best jazz ensembles ever assembled, fronted by two performers of genius. Wonderful value for money. I disagree with others about the packaging. You just press the cd down and it pops out.
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on 4 February 2013
I like the idea of economizing CD packaging but when you stick 6 CDs where there's only really room for two you are looking at a lot of scratches. The only way to get these CDs out of the box is to bend them. Ouch! Great set nonetheless, along with a nice booklet with a lot of great pics from the greatest sextet in jazz history. Cannonball Adderley doesn't get the credit he deserves. Best to put the CDs in slipcases after you finally get them out of the box and store them separately. That way you can listen to them again.
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