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4.7 out of 5 stars54
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 December 2002
This really is my favourite album of all time. I have to disagree with the review below saying that the two later queens albums are better. They can't really be compared in this way because the first album is quite different in style. Yes, they have progressed as a band, but this album will always remain my favourite because of it's lo-fi, dry sound. Another thing i love about this album is Alfredo Hernandez's drumming. This was the only queens record he played on and he has a real hypnotic, bare sound. Josh Homme's guitar is mind blowing on this album, especially in some of the solo's - like at the end of "Avon" (my all time favourite queens songs, along with "You Would Know"). If you really like Songs for the Deaf but arent sure if this debut is worth picking up think again!
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on 2 January 2004
This is QOTSA album presents them at there rawest lo-fi best buy far. The best songs on the album are Regular John, How to handle a rope and You cant quit me baby. In a music scene full of teenie boping heart break lyric pop punk and crappy goth metal bands with speach impedements this is real rock and roll.
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on 25 June 2001
I'm basing this on the review before this one, where every single track is given a rating. Why? The album works because it works as a whole. Just like Kyuss's albums, the whole album is like one long, shape shifting song, and as such cannot be reviewed track by track. The basics are, this album rocks. Its bone crushingly heavy, surprisingly melodic and spookily hypnotic, and its difficult to choose between this album and 'Rated R' in terms of quality. I reckon buy them both, and buy anything else that Josh has had a hand in cos the guy is a bona fide genius.
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on 7 June 2000
Drawing from their Kyuss and most defintely Desert Sessions pieces, Josh Homme and Alfredo Hernandez have created a blend of music that is the aural equivalent of suddenly understanding why the Universe exists. The album is delivered in a minimalist way that belies its depth and heaviness. Gone are the mammoth riffs of Kyuss, replaced by melodies that carry another type of heaviness, one that tunes into your mind and takes it down beyond any mind trip you've had. Suddenly everything makes sense. The world of music is made complete and everything is understood. Genuinely an album that makes all other music obselete, and that includes the genre that Homme has already blessed us with. Queens of the Stone Age have shifted the boundaries and created a whole new experience, one that is so perfect that it seems like a natural progression. Genius.
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on 24 February 2005
This album cannot be faulted in any way. There is not a dull song on the album and the level of musical talent expressed by Homme in all of the tracks is astonishing. If you are at all inclined towards rock or alternative metal and you do not own this album, buy it. Rated R, Songs for the Deaf, Lullabies to paralyze, Dessert sessions vol9&10 and Kyuss's Sky Valley are also worth considering.
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on 5 June 2008
A true tour-de-force of an album which paved the way for what was to come from Qotsa whilst also separating itself from a Kyuss-carbon-copy.
1)Regular John- A soaring, fuzzy, hypnotic riff that combines to startlingly brilliant effect with Homme's soft voice. 9/10
2)Avon- Achingly contemporary, this is a standout for the best bit of Qotsa drumming to be heard until a certian Dave Grohl came on the scene 9/10
3)If Only- Almost pop-like with its catchy chorus but this is so much better than anything you'll hear in the charts. A song for summer. 8/10
4)A groovy yet gargantuan track that pounds into your head. Homme's lyrics are very sharp here. Only tailback is the repeated riff that goes on for the last 2 minutes 8/10
5)You Would Know-A slow, psychedelic number that takes a few listens to like. Excellent chorus and a very unique song. 8/10
6)How to Handle a Rope= When it comes to Qotsa's best riffs, this is a genuine contender. However, the drumming, basswork and vocals match the guitar's excellence throughout to produce a Queens classic. 9.5/10
7)Mexicola- When you hear the bass rumbling at the start you know your in for a lot of noise and when it comes it winds your way into your head and doesnt get out. Superb stuff. 9/10
8)Hispanic Impressions- An instrumental, that sounds lightweight considering whats come before. Quite repetitive also, but an example of Homme and co's musicianship nonetheless. 6/10
9)You Can;t Quit Me Baby- Possibly the best bassline of the last 10 years and the best song ever to be wrtitten about a psycho-stalker. Truly breathtaking, epic. 9/10
10)Give the Mule What He Wants- A song that flows and stutters in equal measure but somehow works. Instantly loveable. 9/10
11)I Was a Teenage Hand Model- An odd song that brings the album to a nice close. A hum-along tune that sticks in your head but perhaps doesn't leave a lasting impression like some of the other tracks. 7/10

Call it what genre you will, the fact is that QOTSA start off with a truly awesome album.
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on 7 March 2011
It's taken a while but finally Queens Of The stone age have reissued and remastered their self titled debut album. This album unless you bought it back in the day is very hard to find any where for a reseanoble price, i can still remember finding my copy back in 2002 (just after Songs For The Deaf came out) in an Traditional Irish Music shop!! strange but true. The album was released on an independent label back in 1998 by Loosegroove records in the US and Roadrunner Records in Europe and now get's the reissue treatment courtsey of Rekords Rekords. This was Josh Hommes first record since the end of Kyuss and and a brief stint in The Screaming Trees and while it sold okay it wasn't untill their next two albums Rated R and Songs For The Deaf broke the band to a wider audience that people wanted to go back and buy the debut record.

The album is almost entierly played by Josh Homme as he play guitar, bass(under an alias of carlos Von Sexton) and piano as well as all vocals, Alfredo Hernández(Kyuss, Brant Bjork) plays most of the drums on the album. Regular QOTSA contributors Dave Catching, Hutch and Chriss Goss also appear. Despite being included in the album artwork and appearing in a phone message on the end of the album Nick Oliveri does not play on the album.

The album itself has stood the test of time and is full of unforgettable riffs and songs that still get played live to this day. there's not many better album openers than "Regular John" which is still one of the finest songs Homme has ever writtten and when played live can usually go on for 10 minutes, second track Avon originally apperared on Desert Sessions' Volume 3: Set Coordinates For The White Dwarf!!! in a slightly different form. "If Only" originally apperared under the name "If Only Everything" on a split Queens Of The Stone Age/Kyuss cd. "You Would Know" shows the talent that Homme has for delivering quality riffs, How to handle a rope picks up the pace on the album with it's banging drums and once again a riff to die for. "Mexicola" starts of with a pounding bass that will have your bass speaker tested to the full, There is 3 unreleased tracks included on the album, "Spider and Vinegaroons"(familiar to anyone who has the Live dvd Over the years and Through the woods as it's used on the various title screens), "The Bronze" and "These Aren't the Droids Your Looking For" interestingly enough they are not just tacked on at the end instead they are spread out through the album giving them more of a feel that they belong on the album in the first place.

Another track that should be familiar to people who don't own the album is "You Can't Quit Me Baby" which has also been a live staple through the years, it features a great Homme riff as well as a deep bass sound that holds the song together for it's near seven minutes running time it has been featured on the live cd/dvd "Over The Years and Through The Woods" as well as the deluxe edition of "Rated R". "Hispanic Impressions" is an instrumental track that shows off what a fine muscian Homme is.

It's very hard to find fault with this record and it's great now that fans can know own a copy of this album as before "Rated R" and "Songs For The Deaf" there was this.
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on 16 March 2011
Big fan of Queens of the Stone Age for some years now and most of my friends have been ear bashing me about this album, which until recently, was incredibly hard to find. This reissue finally allows me to see what all my friends were on about.

I was worried it was all hype and no substance. Thankfully QOTSA are a class act and this album is amazing. Maybe even some of their best material. The tracks have a heavier sound than later/more recent QOTSA albums, but the killer riffs are there and the songs are amazing.
If you like Queens of the Stone Age and don't own this album buy it now, you won't be disappointed.
If you like good rock music, buy this album now.
If you like Justin Bieber, buy this album and learn what real music sounds like.
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on 31 October 2009
Josh spent many of his formative musical years living with coyotes and feeding on snake venom sucked through the quill of a porcupine. It was a sad day indeed for all Kyuss fans when he decided to vacate the desert and move to pastures new. No need to worry though because he took all those skills that he perfected in the 10,000 degree heat of Death Valley with him and used them to move his unbelievable talent on to the next stage, the birth of QotSA. There's something about a retrospective album review that allows you to consider where it stands regarding the bigger picture and what has become clear imo is that this album is still one of the finest albums that QotSA and Kyuss have made to date. It is thee hybrid. The album that defined the death of Kyuss and the birth of QotSA. This is not an album for the completist. It's an album for any self respecting fan of rock music of the highest quality. The production and mixing is absolutely perfect as well.
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on 28 March 2009
This is queens of the stone age's best record by far if you ask me.
Just the sound of the guitar's the drums the bass and everything fits perfectly, josh homme's vocals fit perfectly over the fuzzed up grooves!
Songs like "regular john" "if only" "how to handle a rope" and "mexicola" are stand outs, but the whole album in general is awesome!
I think i like this record more than any other queens records cause it sounds quite close to kyuss and im a HUGE kyuss fan...BUT at the same time it doesn't sound like kyuss!
Get this record it will not disapoint, this was realeased before queens of the stone age became mainstream darlings!
and before the TRENDY indulgent experementation of stuff like era vulgaris (WHICH SUCKS!!!)

For fans of:
The stooges
Black sabbath
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