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4.2 out of 5 stars149
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2011
A neat 'n' nice bit of kit, which would appeal to gadget fans as it tells you how much battery if left. Not used the conferencing capability yet, just got this to listen to music. Not sure about the audio live software jury still out on that aspect, can't see the point of it and does it really do what it is supposed to do? If anything it is overpriced for what it is, a pair of speakers to help boost the speakers that come with the iPhone. Not a 5 star kit box then. Be nice if you could control the song lists when playing instead of having to use your phone to select songs....
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on 14 February 2013
I did a fair ammount of research before I bought this.....How much was hype ?
And how could you judge you tube reviews when the sound was coming through 2 desk speakers and a sub.

The only thing to do was to take my Blackberry playbook into a retail outlet and see how it sounded against the opposition.

To cut a long story sounds warm and right . Bigger boxes sounded good ..perhaps better.........but when you see just how small this little chap is..the sound it puts out is superb.

Warm .........solid.....and relaxing. I used to be a hi- fi nutter ( spending thousands..but in the end not enjoying my music any more)...but eventually cured myself. I know what decent sound is. Not over bassy...descriptive and relaxing. its plenty loud enough for my personal it with my 64 gig playbook ( A great device)

In my study its great for music and the radio.....its going to make my laptop sound great when Im away........and perhaps more than anything else.........its such a beauty. Lovely small no frills classic design.Everything else looks over designed or fussy.

The only thing I am reluctant to do is update the software...there are loads of threads on forums that say this is a backwards step.
I like it just as it is no bells and whistles for me.I'll leave it just as it is.
(Anyone else please advise me on this )

Very pleased I bought it.

Can now be bought for under £100.dont pay more.
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on 21 June 2012
These speakers are really impressive, especially for the size. Although thy are a bit pricey, they are well worth treating yourself.

Sound quality is excellent over Bluetooth or the 3.5mm headphone cables, the Bluetooth connects incredibly fast.

I especially liked the customizable sounds it makes when you turn it on or off and connect and the ability to change the voice of the speakers when it tells you information (battery level, etc. Programming them is all a doddle as when you first connect to a PC it will simply update the software then present you with a number of options on the official jawbone website. Wasn't something i knew about beforehand but it made for a nice surprise.

The build quality is very high, the rubberized surfaces on the top and bottom feel high-quality and the metal has no give to it. All in all a very sturdy little thing.

The battery is very impressive. I bought this about two weeks before writing this review and have only and to charge it once when I got it out of the box. Overall I've listened to it for about 11 hours so far and it still says 'About half-full' battery. Amazing.

For personal use (kitchen speakers or listening to music in the shower and such)this speaker excels. However, for parties this would be pretty useless as it's not quite loud enough to be heard over a din. Small gatherings would be OK but nothing bigger.

In conclusion, great speakers if you want truly portable, durable set of speakers then definitely consider these but don't expect them to be something they're not - party speakers.
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on 31 August 2012
After an extended trip to the US and watching Pacific on my MacBook using the built in speakers I decided that I needed a better speaker solution, enter the Jambox. The things that attracted me to the Jambox were it had wired and Bluetooth connectivity, it allowed pairing of two devices simultaneously and could be used as a handsfree unit for conference calls.

This was a no brainer, I scoured the net for further reviews and best prices and amazon there it was in grey at a fab price. The Jambox with the connectivity options, sound quality, size and battery life I ordered it and put it to work. Pairing was easy, charging was easy and sound quality was great given its dimensions. So why the but... Well when using it with my MacBook the second time over Bluetooth watching some videos streamed the sound stopped and it wouldn't pair again without rebooting the MacBook. Now I am not blaming the Jambox for this issue as I suspect it is more than likely to be the MacBook, but it is good to know that it can be a little temperamental at times.

If you want a compact speaker to travel with I recommend the Jambox, it has a carrier case, it is not too bulky or heavy, it is robust and it is great for listening to music from the Mac, iPhone or iPad plus is works a treat to stream the sound from videos, DVDs, concalls and podcasts. A recommended travel companion for those road warriors that want quality sound....
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on 17 October 2011
I bought one of these on the weekend. Let me state for the record and at the outset, this is not a wise purchase. When you see the size of this thing you will wonder how it can cost so much or why there are not two units in the box (that's what the assistant at John Lewis wondered aloud when demoing it to me anyway). But when you take into account that I could still hear the thing clearly when I went over to look at the specs on screen 6 metres away, in a packed John Lewis on a Saturday, you get the idea that there is something very special about this unwise purchase. It sounds great. It is simplicity itself: it took less than 10 minutes to pair it with my living room mac mini, my iphone, blackberry and work laptop.

My mate came round and could not believe that the sound coming from it originated from the Blackberry in my kitchen or that I had been guiding him to my house via the speaker phone in the device.

At this price, I simply can not give it 5 stars. As I said, it was not a wise purchase, but it is a fun one. It's a guilty pleasure, a treat, and a caprice. It looks great on my IKEA bookcase, gives me multi-room audio for my living room media centre and sounds great.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Just because it is unwise, does not mean you'll regret it.
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on 26 March 2012
This is only the second time I've purchased something worth shouting out loud just how good it is. The 1st one was SONOS. If you need a portable speaker for the garden, bedroom or on holiday that sounds great and easy to use, look no further. It's pricey yes....but once you hear it in your house, you'll be pleased you did spend that bit extra. The quality is excellent with a well rounded sound, not thin with no bass or depth like other travel type speakers I've had. OK, they were 20 quid and this isn't, but this is so worth it. The bluetooth range is also great, just try and keep line of sight between the jambox and your iphone/ipad or whatever you pair up. Friends have been well impressed when they hear the Chemical Brothers blastin in the garden from such a small (very well made) box

As for volume?'s plenty loud when sitting relaxing at home, but if you are expecting to rock the house and throwin a party - you'll need SONOS or Bose Soundlink to hit that kind of volume level. Also if you have the jambox maxed out - I get around 4.5hrs out the battery. Still pretty good, but at lower volumes, get near the 10 hr quoted.


PS: Dont forget to go to the jambox site and update firmware and get the live audio app etc. Pretty cool
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on 21 April 2012
Good for its portability..handy to bring oouside for a spontaneous BBQ. But sound quality comes and goes with Bluetooth and not really up to the job for an inside party....
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on 16 May 2012
Ok so I bought this lovely little device a couple of days and haven't stopped playing around with it (well once I had it out of the packaging!)

First impressions is that the build quality is excellent and looks great. It has rubberised top and bottom and then a metallic front and back. It is heavier than it looks. I dont know if this is just perception, but the weight gives it a feel of quality.
The sound from just a small device is awesome. OK so it is not going to compare to a proper Hi-Fi unit but for its size the bass is rich and the mid tones are clear. It has been playing my old hip hop tunes just fine over bluetooth.

Connected the Jambox to my ipad and iphone was really straight forward, which is not the same I can say for connecting to my PC. Turns out that my laptop needed a later version of the Bluetooth driver which is provided by Broadcomm [...] I seriously recommend you install these drivers on your computer (windows) before you pair the Jambox. Once I had the updated drivers installed I was able to use the Jambox as a speaker to play Itunes or spotify over Bluetooth.

I still haven't managed to get the Skype mic working on it yet but apparently it should work.

Thoroughly recommend the Jambox.
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on 16 February 2012
Was toying with the idea of buying this product for ages for two main reasons

1) I spend some time away with work and my laptop speakers are terrible so I wanted something to make watching movies etc a better experience
2) I wanted something that I could play music off my mobile phone when at home or if I was heaidng to a party.

I liked the idea that it can act as a conference phone too. This was an extra feature to persuade me. I was reluctant to buy it at that price and had read a lot of reviews on it plus reviewed competitors products. The bose unit got great reviews but was twice the price with no bluetooth phone conference feature so that was two big reasons not to buy that one. I got a chance to listen to the quality and volume of sound produced from the device in the last year and that sold it to me. It has an amazing minimalist cool design that would fit in in any techies house/office and the sound quality is incredible.

All in all an amazing purchase. Very happy with it. I use the Jawbone headsets for the car and kowing their quality I knew they would produce something good in the Jambox. Great product in my view but I big ask if you're tight on money!
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on 9 July 2012
I don't write reviews. This is my first ever. But as I sit listening to the radio through my Jambox I felt I ought to tell people how good this device is.

I thought it was somewhat costly but swallowed hard and bought a blue one. It arrived within days; it took about two minutes to get it out of the fiddly packaging but only 30 seconds to connect to my Android tablet. Instantly, I could listen to my Spotify playlists and streams. I then found that I could also use it to listen to the radio - which is extremely helpful as the reception in our house is hopeless: now I can listen to the radio via the internet without being attached to my headphones.

Then my daughter came home and discovered she could play the music from her HTC phone. I don't care much for her taste but at least I don't have to listen via a tinny phone speaker!

My son came in and linked the iPad. Easy, even for a nine year old.

The sound is very good - extraordinary in fact for something so small and portable.

The only problem will be three of us competing to use it during the summer holidays!
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